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Full Version: Grey's Anatomy.. Bad Medicine We're Addicted To
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i got meredith??? really??? ew.

and yeah, those questions all mostly suck.
i got meredith??? really??? ew.

and yeah, those questions all mostly suck.
It's funny how the character the show is named after is also the most universally loathed. She gets on my nerves all the damned time. It's also funny how I talk about her like I really know her. *goes out to get a life...comes back and turns on the TV....sigh*
In a way, I actually think that's one of the best things about Grey's Anatomy, that they're not afraid to have their namesake character be fairly unlikeable. Say what you will about some of the silly plots, but I keep watching because the characters are really human (and pretty...)

And I did think that one of the reasons the last ep was so good was that Meredith was actually confronted with some of the things that make her so annoying: he whininess, her self-pity. I actually liked her for the first time.

I do wish she'd eat a few Big Macs though.
Yes, Mere is sort of the Ally McBeal of the surgery world, skinny legs and all (to quote Tom Robbins). Whiny, neurotic, flawed, needs to eat a few burgers. You are right lunasol...the flawed characters make the show so great. And right now Izzie is getting on my nerves way more than Meredith.
i just took the grey's quiz. i'm callie. ah, a latina matching up with a latina character. awesome.
I got Callie too...

i have to say that i don't find meredith that annoying. izzie bugs me WAAAAY more (caveat: have not had tv for two months, have not seen show in that time). i hate, hate, hated that episode where she just stood outside the hospital all day. and i hate how weepily self-righteous she is. meredith is flawed, but part of her charm is that she knows she's flawed, and she is what you might call a "highly sensitive person" in a way that's improbable but, i think, touching.

and i got miranda, whom i don't especially like. she's ok; i have sympathy for her job struggles. but i think she's a terrible parent and kind of shitty to her family in general (which she would probably not dispute). or maybe it's just that her character is drawn in such a way that it creates this really simplistic work vs. home conundrum and she doesn't deal with it gracefully.

What the hell is wrong with the people on this show???
I'm with grenadine, and I thought it was fucking stupid to have izzy and george hook up. I hate izzys character. She's self-centered, bitchy, and immature. I mean, good for using the money to start the clinic, but I think she's a horrible catty character.

sign me too.. I am greatly disappointed that they took the show in that direction w/ them... so cliche'.

I thought they were better than this?
It was very disappointing and more or less a repeat of George and Meredith. I have lost respect for George: he has been married for a few weeks and he's cheated on his wife with his bf. I hope Callie doesn't forgive him and claws Izzy's eyes out. I don't want to get on my soapbox but Grey's doesn't seem to have any respect for the sanctity of marriage and every marriage portrayed has had an affair in it (McDreamy and Addison/The Chief and Adele/Ellis Grey and Meredith's father) and now Callie and George. You can't put this down to a drunken mistake, there are going to be far-reaching consequences. There is a REASON Callie is insecure. Grrrr, it hurt me when George was so bloody insensitive to her feelings and saying how stunning Izzy was and how someone like that wouldn't want him - I'd take Callie over Izzie any day. George and Izzy laughing at her was extremely disloyal and a betrayal in itself. I would have been happier with the PTB if they had left it with George and Izzy having a moment and then them both struggling with that and what it means for their friendship.

I would like to point out that further down I guessed that Callie's family was rich! hee.

Don't know what to make of Cristina and her last mentor and what it means for her and Burke.

LOVED that Alex has moved in! Also, that he wasn't going on date but seeing Jane Doe.

I think the Chief is going to withdraw his resignation and that's what he meant when speaking to Miranda.

Limited Addison was obviously intentional to show us what it would be like without her. Disappointing is what it is; when she did appear she was her fiery self and the chemistry with her and Sloane is goooood (although wish Addisex had reached potential; her and Alex would be good together).

i got cristina. seems like a fit based on their description, but i don't follow the show religiously enough to know for sure....

and freck, the george/izzy thing was very cliche. yawn.
i love cristina. i didn't think this episode was that bad, actually, and i loved it when cristina said to izzy, "how many times have i talked to you about my sex life? exactly."

i could actually do without the whole george/izzy/callie thing. i think callie is boring, histrionic, and predictable. i like sara ramirez, but that character just annoys me. and she's so self-absorbed it's unreal. i can't see how george could ever be attracted to both meredith and callie. i can't see how george didn't get kicked out in season one, actually, except that he's meredith's anti-cristina.

i thought burke's little tantrum was hilarious. when he gets all "I am Preston Burke!" i'm glad cristina doesn't suck up to him. i did wonder if they were paving the way for isaiah washington to leave the show, which would be too bad despite his massive homophobic stupidity (a better punishment would be to write in a series of homoerotic dreams starring george)...
Grey's Anatomy doc Patrick Dempsey is working out like a fiend at Easton gym on Beverly Blvd. He's been seen sweating with his trainer doing cardio and serious weights for two or three hours EVERY afternoon. This is the same no frills old-time gym that Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire work out at and nobody pays any attention. Observers say Dr McDreamy has doubled his workouts and we figure that means he's getting ready for some kind of skin revealing scene on the show. A hot love scene with Meredith, perhaps?
ooooooooh. looking forward to it.
Dear Izzy,

Why do you insist on falling for people who are emotionally unavailable, dying, or married? Do you have some deep-seated issue where you need to find the most difficult situation possible and thrust yourself into it and then be bitterly disappointed when it doesn't work out? Is this your way of constantly maintaining your co-dependency problem that drives you to fix other people while ignoring your own issues? Darling, you need to get a hobby. Screwing a married man, even when you hate his wife, and then thinking "everything is falling into place" is seriously fucked up. Stop being a selfish hussy and find a man who can give you more than a death rattle or a night of drunken sex. You are getting on everyone's nerves.
Um, was today a new show? Because this season has been seriously pissing me off to the point where I don't give a damn anymore, and after the Izzy/George crap last week I think I gave up. I used to really like Katherine Heigl, too. But now she's irreparably connected to Izzy, whom I despise.

The only characters I mildly care about now are Addison and the Alex/Mashed-Potato-Face-Girl thing. And even then, I don't really care.

It's a big difference from last year when I was glued to the show.
wait....i have missed half the show.....when was izzy screwing the married man? what happened?
also - the redhead female character on house is the same way - gets involved with guys who 'need saving'
p176, Izzy screwed GEORGE!!!!!! And he's married to Callie! I hate Izzy right now. I hate George right now. All of these characters are sucking, except, as Faerie said, Alex and Addie. It's a sad world when Alex Karev is one of the only redeemable characters on the show.
aunt agonist
i still like the show, but seriously- fuck izzy and her codependant vortex of issues that she sucks other people into. fuck george for screwing over the cool girl that is callie. i get that he apparently really does love her, but it really is pony up or go home time and he needs to start acting like it or get the fuck out of her life. this show is mirroring some relationship issues that i have had though, so i am getting more worked up than usual mad.gif
saw the last half last night. what happened?? izzy's daughter has cancer and does not want to meet izzy. izzy needs to get over that, like, rightnow. as an adopted person, if my biological parents waltzed in to try to meet me, i'd tell them f*ck off too. because, really, they're not people.
and, what is izzy doing with george?? why is george such a wuss? his character has lots of great attributes but he's certainly not my definition of a strong man.
however, i'm glad that meredith seems to be getting over some of her family related demons. even if derek is being an idiot right now.
I totally agree that Izzie's character is really fucked up this season. And it's also pissing me off that George - my former favourite character - is all mental this year! AND! I used to passionately hate Addison and now I adore her.

But still, this show kills me. My sister and I watch it together (and since we're pretty much total carbon copies of one another in our personalities) we sit there and freak out over it. It still has really good writing even if it's a bit . . . . mixed up this season.


p_ - I see your point about Izzy's feelings, *however,* that portion of the show really pissed me off for another reason. I've worked at an adoption agency for seven years, with birthparents and adoptive parents, and I felt terrible for Izzy...she didn't ASK for the adoptive parents to come to the hospital they knew she works at. They acted entitled to Izzy's bone marrow with no thought as to how seeing them suddenly, or knowing her daughter was in the hospital would make her feel...just asked for what they needed, offering nothing in return, no offer to ensure that they would warm their daughter up to meeting her. How could Izzy have even possibly responded better to that situation? She gave her marrow and was sad and a little broken, but she did not force the issue of meeting her daughter, respecting the family's boundaries, where they did not have the same consideration for her.

Her feelings were a real enough reflections of the birthparents I have come to know and admire, and a reflection of what we try most to educate adoptive parents about - the need for healthy boundaries and clear communication in open adoption. P, from birthparents I know, they are the *highest* elevation of our species - they make the hardest decision a mother can make, wishing a different life for their children, hoping for their dreams to come true with a family that is ready to parent...I know everyone in the adoption circle has their own experience, and their own lens to view adoption through, but honestly, birthparents will always have my respect.

*Sorry for getting up on my soap box there, but tv portrayals of adoption just make me want to write Op-Eds until the cows come home.*
tj, thanks for that professional insight. I felt for Izzy, I really did - she has gone through so much emotional shit this season (melodrama or not) and to have this thrown on her was huge and I thought she dealt with it better than she has anything else. I love Callie but Izzy and George have a connection, whether it's just as best friends or not.

I have a feeling they are going to kill off Meredith's step-mom.

I really enjoyed this episode but then I haven't been too disillusioned this season. The sacrifices you make for the ones you love is a theme that deeply resonated with me; sometimes that sacrifice is a little bit of yourself. McDreamy will be a dick of the highest order though if he breaks up with Meredith for the position of Chief; it was only a month ago when he was destroyed over her dying.

I will miss Addison.

Is it just me or did everyone look like hell in this episode? okay, Callie was supposed to look like she hadn't slept for two days and Izzy looked in pain (physical and emotional) but Mer and McDreamy looked hellish.

On the other hand, Ava/no-face woman looked fab.
turbojenn - i i see your point also - i've attempted to do research on adoptive families and how everyone adjusts and grows over the years, and there are virtually no books that i have been able to find (i have not had time to search in academic libraries) are recent and actually do am empirical study. so, everything is still pretty black and white on that subject, which is pretty frustrating. since there are so many kids that have been adopted, especially since the 1970s, you'd think there would be more information. is being adopted still taboo? (like the problem child movies)?
I've got a bunch of books I could certainly recommend - PM me with the kinds of topics you're looking for, and I'll send a list over. Adoption certainly isn't taboo, there's 6 million + adopted persons in this country, so we're all touched by the last 10 years, there's been an explosion in the publishing industry to explore all corners of the subject - from memoirs to studies, to parenting books...there's some pretty great stuff out there today.
Wow, I'm never the first one to comment after an episode...

There was so much going on, I'm not sure what I think about what was going on at Seattle Grace.

I just want to say that I'm [------------------------------- THIS excited! ---------------------------]
about Addison's new spin-off show! Love the cast (Taye Diggs!! Two people from Alias!), love the scenario, love the plotlines they've set up! And I think Kate Walsh could really carry this show. Is the spin-off a sure thing? Does anyone know?
I think a spinoff was fine, but I was pissed that pretty much the entire 2 hours was filled with that. I thought it was a stupid move to kill of thatcher's wife. I know this show is pretty melodramatic, but I felt like that was going overboard. I'm happy for Cristina and Burke, but I don't care at all about george and izzy. And nothing really happened with alex.
Yeah... killing Thatcher's wife was a bit much.

I wish Callie would just put herself out of her misery and divorce George.
flanker, I think the first "real" epi of the spinoff is supposed to be next week, and I too am WAY excited about the new show...Taye Diggs AND Tim Daly....YUMMY! And I definitely think Addison can hold her own show...if they keep it backed up to Grey's, I'm sure the ratings will be fine.

Yeah, killing Thatcher's wife was totally stupid. Can we PLEASE just let Meredith breathe for one stinking episode? Please? Its quite frankly a miracle that meredith can function at all after all the craziness they've put her through.

I don't care much whether George goes for Callie or Izzy, I just don't want him to leave the show!!! Anybody got any scoop on that?
Ooh, the spin-off's right after Grey's? Perfect! Thanks turbo! I went to ABC's website to find out about this, but then I got distracted by something else and forgot. Oops.

I wish I knew the scoop on George...
What do you all think of this? I must say, Grey's has been a BIG disappointment for me this season, and a lot of the stuff the article mentions is a big reason why.
hmmm. george and izzy and callie are all annoying. callie because she's supposed to be this strong woman, and thus far, she's been ignoring the problem not dealing it - but i think next week she'll start kicking izzy's ass. izzy just needs to be happy for george and not ruin it!
killing the stepmom - maybe i'm not emotional enough, but i just simply thought, oh i guess her guest contract is up. i thought also it was a way to bring out the true colors of thatcher - that he was really a jerk like ellis said......
christina and burke - speaking as someone who is relatively like christina when it comes to relationships, i'm glad to see her maturing in her dealings with burke - she's more able to bend and be open than she was before.
spinoff - i thought it was pretty much the same idea - a bunch of doctors who work and sleep together. it was nice that they added some dimensions, like marriage and kids (how that's affected by divorce), making life choices, and the acupuncture. i was not overly impressed yet but will watch it again next week if i am not working...
also, i just read that ny times article - must definitely agree. but not sure how to resolve the issue, since it seems to be coming back into our culture lately - for example, i've definitely noticed that in the dating world, the guy has to make the first move; it's inappropriate for the girl to make the first move. :-/
I totally agree with the article, I feel like that's where a lot of my disappointment comes from. It's funny because last week I was thinking how in control and strong the character of Addison was when she first appeared, but she kinda seems like...well...a loser now.
i am waiting for callie to smack the shit out of izzie!
you just know that it's all going to kick off at Burke and Cristina's wedding and they'll cat-fight in their bridesmaid dresses.
Callie would so kick Izzie's ass. And please, please, let there be a gratuitious "landing on the cake and knocking it over" scene. I love those.
Delurking to express how disappointed I am following the season finale. I was a latecomer watching the first 2 seasons on DVD. I'm unbelievably annoyed with Meredith and well everybody else, particularly the writers. My friends who I watch with say that they can't wait to see what happens but I am seriously considering not watching.

I agree with the article linked earlier, really helped to put my finger on some issues I was having with the show.
spoilers please!! what happened? i have to work all weekend so can't see even the repeat.
Pretty much everyone I know was disappointed with the finale last night.

I am also considering giving up on the show next season, amazonprincess. It seems so stupid and soap opera-y. Don't the writers know that whatever they were doing during the first two seasons was working just fine? Most everyone I know that was a rabid Grey's fan pre-season 3 now thinks the show is just gone to hell in a handbasket.

Now there's almost no shows I like on TV anymore. =(
I hate this season and want to kick it in the groin.
I am def not going to watch the spin off either. it looks lame.

at last season's finale' I was almost physically mourning that they'd be on hiatus for so long and I'd have to go w/out;
this year not so much.

what a letdown.
I some how didn't realize that it was the season finale last night and only set my VCR to tape for 1/2 hour. And for some reason ABC isn't airing it again tonight like they usually (sometimes) do, and only viewers in the US can watch the episodes online. But I read the recaplet on TVWP and I think I got the gist. I didn't really enjoy what I saw and I doubt I missed much. I think Izzy is my least favourite character. I find her so annoying, immature, and selfish, I really don't think there's any part of her I like. I was never nuts about her in the first place though. As for the rest of it, I'll comment after I read the full recap.
erinjane, I *totally* agree with you on Izzie! I can't STAND her! If George *really* was her best friend she wouldn't be acting the way she was. She would just be in love with him quietly. He's MARRIED!!! There is nothing I hate more than a woman who is actively trying to fuck up a marriage (because it happened to my parents) and I think the writers putting that into the show are just stupid for doing it. I mean, obviously Izzie has a lot of character flaws but at least in the beginning of the show she was somewhat tolerable. Now, not so much.

I'm kind of interested to see where the show will go next season, but I'm not anticipating the premiere like I was last season.

Good Lord. I wish I was though.
Oh Alex sad.gif. Why are you so sure you are not a decent man?

I was disappointed that the finale was so bleak and left so many things unanswered (as cliffhangers are prone to do) but I'm eager to see new season; I want to know if Burke comes back (has Washington been asked to leave? is this the best kept secret in TV?) and what about George? Burke leaving and George failing definitely shocked me - I wasn't expecting either.

Also, is Lexi -the new intern and Derek's interest- Thatcher's daughter who was at medical school? I can't remember her name. I think it is as they drew attention to her surname being Grey and it would definitely make for an interesting triangle.

Without Addison, the next season is shaping up to be depressing; all the characters are heartbroken and far from optimistic and hopeful.
I think it was the bleakness that really got to me.
did derek and meredith break up? that would really suck - they spent all that time getting them together and then it does not work out? talk about the chase being better than that catch. where is burke going? how did george fail? did callie beat izzie?
I definitely agree with the gist of what everyone here seems to be saying--the season finale was just so me it didn't even feel like a season finale, just like a really sad episode, where the teaser for next week shows everyone contemplating suicide.

I read an article where Shonda Rimes (sp?) pointed out that the season started with Meredith helping Izzy out of her prom dress and ended with Meredith helping Cristina out of her wedding gown, which I think is nice symmetry, but it only makes me long for the heartbreak of season 2 (and early season 3). I know a lot of people got sick of the Izzy-mourns-Denny plotline, but man--I was so connected to that story that I sobbed (body-wracking, shaking, etc.) when Denny died.

It's almost like season 3 was Grey's sophomore slump--I don't think I could have been impressed with very much at all after the huge investment I had in Denny and Izzy.

I hope the characters get a little more happiness for season 4.
I just bought the second season on DVD this weekend (I've watched about half of it so far) and I want to die because it is so good! I can't wait to watch the Season Two finale because the whole Denny dying thing (although it was tragic) was just amazing. It was such a good finale. I thought I was going to die when I watched it, seriously. Mr. Arc thought I was insane.

I hope that season four is able to redeem itself . . . .
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