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Full Version: Grey's Anatomy.. Bad Medicine We're Addicted To
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See, I must have missed something somewhere...I couldn't place Kyle Chandler. Who was he?

And, no, I don't think they're gonna kill merideth. Guess I could be wrong though.

Yes, what is the big problem with Izzie and Callie? I mean, catty.I'm really not liking Izzie lately, either.
Izzy is a woman who tells it like it is, no matter how offending the comment, and she and Callie seem to have that in common, and they share George with a fierce loyalty...yeah its catty, but I've definitely seen that sort of thing play out in RL too.

Kyle Chandler was the bomb squad guy from last year's ER-like cataclysmic 2-part epi...he got blown up carrying the homeade artillery shell down the hall, after Meredith helped by holding onto it inside the guys chest for hours and hours.

Really, I could do without all the grand disasters - I know they happen, but seems a little more frequent on medical shows.
treehugger, kyle chandler='s pink mist.. remember now? (those words just stayed w/ me in a creepy way)

and yah, I agree, that would never be a hospital I'd ever want to go to, even w/ all the good looking dr's and all, bc terrible things happen to the dr's as often as the patients!

I understand they are trying to do "something different" but Come ON.

mere is o k, she gets on my nerves occassionally but I find izzy & christina more deminsional sometimes.
I still totally <heart> georgie, but have found burke a bit of a drag lately too.. all of a sudden he is just 1000% a- ok ? after All THAT?? no last nagging niggling doubts..not even about the severe gravity of what he {tried to} pulled off and the ethical implications of having christina involved in it all too?
he's no superhero anymore in my book due to that.

I still love callie. callie o'malley. I think (hope) there are many more layers to her we haven't begun to see yet. she is strong, which george needs, but I think it's her vulnerability that will harken george's own.

as for part 2 of 3, I am ready for it to be over now bc I really don't see the need for it Right Now.
sweeps time yah maybe, but now? so early into the season?

and I think the camera should have focused first on Denny before kyle, but that's just me.
denny denny denny!!!
i think they focused on dyland because meredith had more of a connection with him. denny is izzy's...dylan helped meredith through a horrible situation that she made it out of but he didn't.

there's no way they could kill of the titular character. i mean, i kind of hate meredith so i'd be thrilled if they took that risk, but ultimately i feel like it would be the end of the series, and from what the blog is saying i think they want meredith to hit rock bottom before she can start healing. honestly, though, i don't buy the "dark and twisty" crap. i think she needs to get over herself, seriously. i mean, i'm sorry you had a terrible childhood and i'm sorry your mother's a bitch, but for chrissakes, by your mid-twenties you should be able to be your own damn person, especially if you're a top intern at a top hospital and have a mcdreamy in love with you. she pisses me off.

honestly, i'm not liking any of the characters on the show right now, except maybe addison (and i think the alex/addison thing seems a leetle contrived, and they're going very heavy handed on the "omg alex loves babiez!" thing. i kind of thought it was out of character for izzy to tell george she thought callie was a big mistake. the one thing that keeps me from liking callie is her inability to stay away from george, but i want to see her liked by the rest of them.

crazy though--i still love the show! ha!
Even if they do really pile on the wounds on Meredith, its really that quality that does attract me to her. I had a somewhat shitty childhood, and my momma got really sick just when my angsty teen years peaked, and death after death in my family...I accept whole-heartedly the mess that is her emotional life, and her need for fantasy and escape. I get that....bigtime. And really, it wasn't until my late twenties that I really got my shit together emotionally, so I don't really have a big problem with that. But the overly-dramatic drowning....yeah, that's a BIT much. dry.gif

Still, I am *fascinated* to see how both McDreamy and Yang handle this, and find what healing they need to really move forward, without Meredith there to support them.
I just think Izzy's timing was so wrong with her statement to George. She had her rockstar moment in the field, and kudos for that, but everyone is terrified Meredith will die and she decides to wax poetic and then throw a metaphorical bomb at George who is already grieving his father and fearing for the life of his friend. His marriage to Callie might very well be a mistake, but Izzy needs to let it go. She can't control everything, and I think it's killing her that George isn't turning to her.

As for Meredith, I don't quite get the broken girl thing. I understand what a shit childhood is like, and I won't bore you with the horrid details, but really, it's hard to muster *that* much sympathy for her. They won't kill her, but they want *this*. They know the chat boards are ablaze right now, and so this little epidsode is serving its purpose. It is weird timing, though, I'll agree with that. I guess it's nice that a show will pull out all the stops even when it isn't sweeps week.
Does anyone know if they played the new one yesterday√Č They usually replay thursdays episode on friday but when i flipped past in my hotel it was old.
no, ejane...I noticed that the one they played yesterday (friday) was from a year ago, the big bomb explosion one.
i am very excited to see where this next episode goes. i listen to the podcast (yes, i am a dork) and they have been talking about meredith as though she's going to continue on her journey so i'm thinking they're not going to kill her off. but i do wonder what it'll do to her relationships.
Dammit. Now i'm going to be out of the loop. sad.gif
Erin - if you're in the US, you can also watch the full epis online at usually re-watch them on there before the next new epi...I am such a dork. blink.gif
I watch them online friday morning at work. Who's the dork?
None for me, I'm in Canada. I'll see if my brother can DL the episode. I wonder if they showed the old episode on Friday to remind people who the bomb dude was (as i gather he appeared in the episode from what I read here).
Over the last few days I've watched the last ten episodes. Jam-packed with intensity as always and I think they needed a disaster, death on a large scale which was affecting people but not affecting them like one individual they loved dying; they haven't had a civilian disaster before, the bomb was localised in the OR.

Anyway, Mer is dead but they're going to bring her back - the next ep is called "Some Kind of Miracle" and it concerns Seattle Grace being affected by someone's fight to live. Saying that, it would be an amazing shock and risk if they did kill her off and I'd respect it. I do, however, like Meredith - she's completely self-obsessed but she's real. I'm interested too in how they all deal with it and McDreamy was heartbreaking, I was glad Sloane was there for him. There is supposed to be a big death, though, and I'm thinking it's going to be Meredith's mother as she's having the op and it would be final nail in coffin for alive Meredith if she wakes up from drowning, dying, being brought back to life and her mother is dead.

Izzy was great with the rockstar moment but a bitch to George, it was so not the time for that. She's incredibly jealous and doesn't want to lose George so soon after losing Denny (oh yeah, loved his and Dylan's appearance and the order was correct in Meredith's eyes) but she needs to get a grip and accept Callie. I want Calliope Iphigenia O'Malley to be accepted into the group as she is the true rockstar.

Love AdKarev and Alex has been in my heart since he lifted Izzy up from Denny's bed.
all very very true bunnyb! you're so smart smile.gif I like your idea of who dies in that too; would makes sense and be satisfying and move the plot along perfectly, bc it's more than mer emotionally connected and involved w/ her mother... the chief as well as christina (who idolizes her like a rock star) and don't they all have mother/parental issues anyway?

the actor who plays alex was in that j-lo movie The Wedding Planner, as her obnoxious but good hearted wanna be suitor, and he -is-adorable. frecklette & I were watching that the other weekend and were eating up the screen to see him on there and kept yelling " alex, Oh Alex!" bc I let freckklette stay up & watch last week's epi w/ me and now she is hooked too. altho, don't know if it's a show totally suitable all the time for her.
that and I'm not sure I want to share!

tonight, we learn her fate tonight~~~~ !
bunnyb: you're the shazam for being right.

what an episode.

who else cried like a baby almost every time they showed Denny? and then Denny & Izzy at the very end?! he was the Perfect vehical for all meredith had to go through, such total tenderness and .. you know?
and I have to say, I'm not all that upset that her mom is gone. I realise she was playing a role, but I never felt her and don't think she's a huge cast-loss.

this show really is an addiction for me.
Oh, God, I cried like a baby at the end of that show, the scene with Cristina. And then the looks on everyone's faces when they were looking in at her at the end...that really got me.
Oh, dear, that one was a WEEPER!!! And *Denny,* my heart...that man is so soft, and beautiful, he was truly perfect in his role for Meredith....Of course, I wish we'd seen more of Kyle Chandler too, but I thought his last statement that he'd fulfilled his contract by saving Meredith...*chills.* Dayum...that was a great epi, even if I don't believe that Mer would wake up and start chattering away.

But, this crisis should play out with some good stuff in the next epis...but looks like we get a rerun next week? *sobs*
Loved how both George and Callie called Izzy on her shit.

I sort of giggled to myself wondering how they put Kyle Chandler back together so well after they blew him up - when I saw that scene again I thought, how on earth did they do that effect? it looked so real.

Anyone else wonder how much Ellis understood of what Derek said to her about Meredith?
I am good biggrin.gif .
bunnyb-you are good!!

i'm SOOO glad izzy was called on her shit too! i was kinda hoping her and dr. torres were gonna tumble and rumble during their argument. rats.

it ain't over though.

my mom who is a nurse said the show did a good job of making meredith look dead. i asked her if they would really take that much time to revive someone. she said it would depend on the doctor and the patient (i.e. age, overall health) but, i'm still sure it was drawn out too. i wouldn't expect her to wake up talking either.

will meredith be less whiny now?? she really isn't my fav character and the show is named after her.
ok.. what was the name of the song at the end... sounds like my ending marriage... "you tell me that you love me, but you never want to see me again". I googled, but all I can find out is Unkle Bob. can anyone find the entire lyrics?
Jami, go to itunes and type in grey's anatomy. They will list them usually by episode. If not, check the ABC website.
found it on youtube... it's a two kleenex moment.
lyrics are on myspace.
itunes will be in two weeks.
thanks all.
oh SNAP, bunny!

you are GOOD. tho i'm pretty good too--the second ellis started to die while mere was still in "heaven" or wherever she was supposed to be, i thought "oh i bet they're going to have her and meredith have a weepy closure moment in heaven together". and lo, they did!

i don't understand why denny and whatever the stomach injury girl's name was had to stay in the hospital/limbo while dylan was "fulfilled" and could leave.....what had they not completed? were they trying to say that some deaths aren't supposed to happen? and why did stomach injury girl keep reliving her injury? i don't get it.....meh.

SO glad callie and george called izzy on her shit. i LOVE callie, and i love izzy, i want them to reconcile.

does anyone else think maybe izzy is lashing out subconsciously since george got married and her fiancee died? "i'm the pretty one, he's the dork, that should be ME!" and george is kind of izzy's constant "man", even though it's not romantic, now that denny isn't there...and now she's lost that too.

why isn't meredith brain-damaged??? is she going to be back performing surgeries or whatnot next episode?? yeesh.....for a "broken" girl she gets off pretty damn easy.

ETA: i like how so many of the deaths aren't faultless. denny kind of killed izzy, ellis kind of killed meredith, derek kind of killed ellis. i guess dylan's was faultless, unless you think it was meredith or christina "jack skellington" ricci's fault.

who else thinks smashed-face is going to end up being someone they know, somehow?
I'm telling you, smash-faced girl looks like the actress mere winngham, but she's already been on the show as meredith's father's new wife, and as such was about to become a grandmother and alex had said our jane doe was about 34? was I the only one picking up on some sort of vibe between jane doe & alex there or is it just he seems to have so much emotionally invested sinse he literally pulled her out of the water?

I didn't get stomach injury girl bleeding like that either and in fact, don't remember her at all.
was she maybe from season 1? (still haven't watched it tho do own it now- thanks mr!)

meredith was, essentially, in a coma that whole time they were working on her yes? (sorry for all the ?'s)
so it was something close to maybe an hour or so? hard to believe she could then just be ok, tho I did laugh when christina was so poignantly leaning over her, begging her to speak, and she says after a very Dramatic Pause...................... "Ouch."

izzy is coming across as very jealous, and yah, I think you're right mouse, bc gerorge has always been in that way, Her Man. get over it. love him, accept her.

with ellis's death, and the chief still assumedly committed to retiring (which means he ought to be leaving the show), this opens the door for a reconciliation for him with his wife. he can now really and fully re commit to her in a way he was never really able to do so before bc ellis was still looming in the background.

also, did anyone else notice the sweetness of addison w/ derek while they worked on meredith? and maybe the smallest flicker of hope flash & crash when she realised that he never looked at her like that? it was sad.
freck, looks like smashed-face is played by elizabeth reaser, but i still think she's got too much screen time to just be another casualty. unless she's a metaphor for "alex luvz babiez", which is what i've determined is his new plot twist. maybe he'll get addison preggers!! there's definitely something there with smashed-face (i should probably call her jane doe, huh?) and alex but like you said, it may just be the investment. him falling in love with her would be terribly hackneyed, even for grey's.....i think.
Bonnie with the gut bleed was the girl who got speared through the middle to a complete stranger in the train crash last season...I picked that up when I re-watched the epi this morning.

I like Karev more and more...its nice to see his character taking a much softer turn.

And Sloane going celebate for a few weeks should provide some comedy for the show. smile.gif
uh, the chief's wife didn't want him back. he said he was too late.

i don't think the smashed up girl's face was anything big. just a spot to show some vulnerability in alex.

my take on the other 2 people meredith met...i think to show how meredith didn't fight for herself. how these people tried to fight, took risks, yada yada yada. also, the reason why meredith's mom said what she said when she was lucid. meredith doesn't fight for herself and what she wants. she plays naive and innocent letting not taking much direction in her life and career. it will be interesting to see how this change affects meredith as a doctor.
mouse, thanks for the link to elizabeth reaser .funny, I thought she looked like mare winningham, too, till they said the age part of jane doe.
did you busties hear that there's a Grey's spinnoff in the works? Addison
Yep, Jami, I did hear about the Grey's spinoff, and it makes me sad that Addison will be leaving the show, but I know she originally wasn't written to be a cast member anyway, its just that Kate Walsh is so freakinmg AMAZING -- they created a larger story arc for her. I do think that Derek is really committed to Meredith, and so the Addison story arc seems to be winding down....spinoffs usually take more than one cast member, so I wonder if Sloane will go with her. Taye Diggs is also rumored to be in the two hour pilot....I could definitely watch a good show with him in it...I adore Taye, and that daybreak show he was in this season just seemed destined to be cancelled. The pilot should be airing in May...
Not happy with the prospect of a spin-off - what about Addison and Alex?

Cristina in the 99 cents store was equal parts tragic and comic. It was so good to see emotional/human Cristina.
It's good to know that even Christina has a breaking point. Her going on and on about buying "furniture" for 99 cents was tragi-comic. It was also interesting to find out more about the death of her father....she watched him bleed to death in a car accident when she was nine? No wonder she is hell bent on being the most amazing surgeon on the planet, even if it means being a machine, which she clearly is not, but is probably the closest thing Seattle Grace has to one.

The bleeding girl, I think stargazer is right. Here's this girl who so wanted to live and couldn't. She bled everytime it looked like Meredith wasn't going to fight. Like Meredith's refusal to see how she shouldn't give up physically hurt her.

As for Mere waking up and talking...certainly seems unfeasible (think I'm spelling that wrong), but the whole time there was the voice over and talk of medical miracles. That's how they will worm their way out of reality on this one..."Medical Miracle! Case Closed!"
QUOTE(kelkello @ Feb 25 2007, 03:40 PM) *
As for Mere waking up and talking...certainly seems unfeasible (think I'm spelling that wrong), but the whole time there was the voice over and talk of medical miracles.

I dunno, every winter you hear of at least one instance of a kid falling into freezing water and being brought back from the dead as good as new because their brain was protected by the cold - it's always a kid, tho', and I don't know if that's just because kids are more resilient or more likely to end up doing something stupid like trying to walk on ice that isn't thick enough.
some suff about the spin-off possibility: Apparently they are going to run the "pilot" as a two hour episode of grey's where Addison is considering leaving the hospital. If it's well received she will move, but if it's not she will stay. I think it's a neat way of testing a spin-off.
neat way but NO, NO, NO I don't want her to leave (that's why they are postponing Addisex too as Alex not moving - thank cod).

Jane Doe is featuring for ten episodes.
Ten??? Holy crap. That's a lot of episodes for one "guest." Any information on what her role will be?
bunnyb where are you finding out all this good stuff about the show?

and 10 is good, bc I already really like jane doe.

as to how they are going to run the pilot for addi's potential show.. interesting idea yes, but of Course it will be well recieved, or at least have high viewer ratings, bc it's IN the regular show. how will they tell the wheat from chafe so to speak? are they going to rely just on say, a poll or the blog responses or what or am I missing something obvious here?

is tomorrow a new episode? bc antm kicks off w/ a 2 hour season premier and y'all know how I loves me my crack tv!
I read it was a repeat tomorrow but then I'm not in the States so I could be entirely wrong!

The stuff I've read has been on Eonline (Kristin's gossip) as the stuff there is usually spot-on (saying that, there's a GA storyline no longer happening because she reported it). One of the things she has said is that Callie has a big secret, something that she has in common with Paris Hilton so I'm thinking her family is uber rich?

7 more episodes for Jane Doe and I've no idea what they're going to do with the storyline... seeing it out until the baby is born and her family is found?
Which Grey's female are you? I'm Callie - I tell it like I see it and I'm an all or nothing person with a big heart (so true tongue.gif!)
I'm a Callie too! smile.gif
and sinse there was a Gardasil add on the same page (yah for responsible add placement) my dr's office has finally starting carrying Gardasil but were out at that moment so I have to call next week.
yah! frecklette will be better protected smile.gif

thanks bunnyb, that was fun!
I got Miranda, I was pleased with that - at least I'm not all "dark and twisty" or lie catatonic on the bathroom floor in a formal gown wink.gif

Yes, thank you bunnyb!
Speaking of ads on grey's anatomy, has anyone noticed how there's always at least one scene every episode with a nuvaring poster? I've noticed this on scrubs too.
Ooh! I'm Addison! (and the summary was pretty damn accurate.)
Miranda here too....its sort of accurate, I guess, but not really. The question about how you feel about children really annoyed me, with being forced to answer "I don't have time for children" - couldn't there just have been a "no, thank you" answer? I guess I'm just pretty sensitive to that one...
aunt agonist
i'm either Callie or Izzy (i took it twice). the children one bugged me out too. i just didn't like the assumptions it made.
first time i took it i was izzie. the second time i was addison. guess i'm somewhere in the middle.
I was peeved by the children Q too, and it's not even a subject I feel that strongly about but the options were limiting.

No Cristinas or Merediths yet?
I'm Miranda! I love her, so that works for me!
I got Meredith the first time. Boooooooo...I think I just got that b/c I said I'd be "by the bar" at a big gathering...

But then I retook it and got Miranda, which is funny, because are there two more different characters on the show?
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