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Full Version: Grey's Anatomy.. Bad Medicine We're Addicted To
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I know this is cold, cold, cold, especially since I love George and really did like his dad, but I was glad that Grey's finally included some death action. It's been episodes since someone died, and plot-wise, the show really needed it. It was becoming almost unwatchable for me this season, so I was glad to finally get a good episode!

As to IRL Grey's drama...what did you all think of Isaiah Washington's little "I never called T.R. the f-word" moment of stupidity at the Golden Globes. Dude needs to keep his mouth shut.
I had to watch the show in re-runs, bc of all things after I waited and waited I missed both original airings.

I LOVE Izzy. can't get me enough of her. she's so human. so .. real. her character is making me laugh and cry in the same segments.

der & mer, eyy, they're finally together and it's predicitable, but maybe it's ok for them to be actually happy and let that plot line rest awhile.

georgie's dad dying.. I think this gave him a chance to really grow up in the eyes of his family and his father left such an amazing legacy of love, it was the good and best thing in a lot of ways.

as for isaiah washington and that whole debacle, as much as I love him as burke, honest and trully I think they need to let him go. I haven't wanted to feel that way but he himself doesn't seem able to let it die and you don't see tr knight jumping to his defence and it's just bullshit and crap that he said it so here's the door and here's your hat.
he's such a beautiful looking man on the outside, what a disappointment.

Hi faerie!

I get what you are saying. As much as I love George and thought his dad was adorable it would'nt have been believable had they let him live.

As for Isaiah's verbal diarrhea, feh on him. He's just made it worse, not better. STFU and just stick to acting before I start to hate Dr. Burke (even though I adore him!) because all I can see is a bigoted moron who doesn't know when to quit.

Washington could have just let that ride and it would have blown over. Time would have eventually healed things as best as it could. But he had to rip the scab off for no reason except to try to save face. And poor TR Knight on Ellen! He was so stunned at the denial, as was the rest of the cast. I agree with everyone...he should go. I can't imagine the stress on the set, especially given George and Burke's have to play so many scenes together must be killing TR. It gives tremendous credit to his acting, though. I do love Burke, but I have to constantly remind myself that Burke isn't real and Washington is. What a crying shame. Can you imagine how he would feel is someone made a horrid racial slur and then denied it? Why is it that people are so much more tolerant of abuse of homosexuals? If it had been the other way around, they would have crucified Knight.
Exactly! I thought about it all last night after I posted and I came to the conclusion that no, I wil not be able to enjoy him as Dr. Burke any longer. He's ruined it, because when I think of Dr. Burke, I get annoyed because I know he is really a homophobic prick. If it had been racially motivated the offender would have been immediately booted because nobody there would want the egg on their face of being caught sweeping that under the rug. So yes, I too think he should get a big steel toed boot in the arse. Don't let the door hit'cha where the good lawd split'cha, ya bigot.
It's all so sad sad.gif, I hate tension on shows.

If he does go it's going to effective immediately so it's going to fuck up the show (and the scenes they've filmed for sweeps). I think they should replace him (it works for soaps!), when this first came out was eriq la salle not rumoured to take over?
eriq lasalle is a good actor yes, but he's so obvious a choice, don't you think?

and wasn't he in ER? seems he may carry some cross-over fans from there but also some confusion as well.

I don't know... you're right, if they were going to dx him, it should have happened right away bc if tr had said something racial it would be totally different. racism of ANY kind should be a point-zero no-go.

it's kind of ironic this should happen to a cast that prided themselves on their diversity.

poor shonda!
Well, on the one hand, diversity's always problematic; nobody wants to ever deal with the fact that there's hatred going on on all kinds of levels, even in those who've been made to suffer from hatred in the past. Media is just happy to create a pretty picture where everyone's valued as a person no matter who or what they are, as if it's just a fait accompli that results from fair hiring practices everywhere. This whole debacle just proves how much more complex and deep seated the whole situation actually is, in reality.

But honestly I think it's past the point where the producers should force Washington to just shut up about it. I can't see how they could keep Washington on, unless they successfully silence him and just keep plugging at the show until this all blows over. Even so, who would want that kind of negative publicity threatening a project for so long? I saw a clip of him leaning over to interrupt Shonda Rhimes as she spoke into a microphone at the Golden Globes, for chrissake, only to stick his head in front of her to yell out his stupid "denial" again. He made her look like an ass. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to cut him out of the show for good right then and there with one of those instant but extremely certain, irrevocably final decisions. It's like he can't understand that he's putting his own discomfort about himself at centre stage at all times, and it's overruling everything else about the show. That should never happen.

I still think that picking Eriq La Salle as his replacement is a great example of typecasting. Surely someone else could replace Burke, or his character can be killed off/shipped off to accomodate a new story line. I bet there are other black actors out there...I just know it.
i can't stand washington and i can't stand burke the character. i hope his tremors come back and he has to leave. i REALLY don't think that eriq lasalle should replace him.....they look NOTHING alike, and it would cause too much confusion. i mean, if we're arguing that the audience isn't going to notice that it's a different actor, then how come they're expecting us to realize that burke and the cheif are two different people? "but but, they're both black! it's so hard to tell!" i think that assumption of "well, he's black, and he's played a doctor, therefore he's perfect for the part!" is disgusting. i hope it's just a rumor. honestly, that's like replacing sandra oh with lucy liu and thinking we won't notice. or replacing mcdreamy with oh i dunno, jake gyllenhaal.

I would be disgusted if anyone actually thinks we wouldn't notice the difference; we're not blind. My point, however, is that they are not going to have chance to write him out over time but it will simply be "Washington/Burke" is gone; that is going to be detrimental to the show, they will have to come up with emergency storylines/arcs (Burke has huge storyline coming up during sweeps) and the quality of the show is going to suffer, as a result. Yes, that may only be short-term rather than long-term prejudice against Washington/the show/the network if he remains but it is going to affect the show we love.

By no means am I suggesting that black actors are interchangeable, but I think they will need to replace Burke (a black surgeon) with another actor for the show's sake. I personally love the character but even if I didn't I can recognise that the show is going to lose something if he is suddenly cut out.
oh i know, of course they'll have to replace him, but i don't think eriq la salle should be it. lasalle is much heftier than burke, his voice sounds totally different, his face is rounder, his lips are much is sturdy and rounded; washington is lanky and angular, which goes with his character much better imho. they could find a different equally capable actor with a much closer physical resemblance without looking too hard.
True, and, as chacha pointed out, he'll be thought of as Dr Peter Benton, the black surgeon, and the characters are very, very different. I think a show with such a dedication to diversity should be able to respnsibly recast Burke, it's just unfortunate that they have to (and that Washington is a bigmouthed ass).

and you know, i wouldn't be suprised if it were a rumour and they recast well, since grey's anatomy has kind of been a groundbreaker in having a really diverse cast without making a big deal out of it--i think they're respectful enough of that aspect of the show to do it justice. i hope, at least.
from an article in "PEOPLE" :

Fallout from the turmoil has sparked talk of everything from hasty script rewrites of an impending onscreen fight scene (not true, says show creator Shonda Rhimes) to rumors that Washington would be fired, possibly to be replaced by former ER star Eriq La Salle.

"I found (those rumors) not only ridiculous but offensive that we would consider replacing a member of our family," Rhimes tells PEOPLE. "And also the (idea) that one black man was interchangeable with another seemed disturbing to me."

I read that quote way back with the first utterance, Shonda Rhimes may feel differently about replacing a member of the family with the second; or, they wash his mouth out with carbolic soap, I'm sure McDreamy will oblige.

I'm only at the end of season two (the finale still to watch) and that is some fantastic TV, the last two episodes where Burke is shot and the Izzy and Denny stuff has been amazing. Oh, and the scene between McDreamy and Addison where she says I could go sleep with the vet but you wouldn't care because I'm not Meredith and they look down and everyone is there is so emotionally charged and heartwrenching (the only people who don't know Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith). I love this show.
I watched the season 2 finale last night and cried like a baby. From reading this thread I knew that Denny died and that it left off with Mer having to choose between McDreamy and McVet (I know that she chooses McDreamy) but the finale wasn't spoiled for me. I LOVED deep Alex when he was the one who lifted and consoled Izzy, that broke my heart. I loved it too when the prom is over and they're wondering where Izzy is and she appears with the other interns (except Cristina) and when she owns up to being the one who cut Denny's elvad (?) wire. The beginning of the episode was so funny when they are all in the chief's office standing by Izzy and when Bailey (who is definitely my favourite) decides the colours for the prom and when they are having individual inteviews with the chief (although emotionally charged). Izzy looked stunning. LOVE Callie and the look she gave McDreamy and fixing Mer's dress. The looks of McDreamy - wow, you can really feel the intensity and Mer's frustration. He has been McDick though. Now I need to catch up on season 3!
bunnyb this is so cute to read as you are discovering all this.. it's kinda like being back in hs as a Sr and watching the in-coming Jr's as they acclimate to certain things.

the show certainly gets in your gut, but I still feel it overshadowed by The' Incident.

I'm glad that isiah washington met w/ GLADD and is "in treatment" and all, but how do they "treat" bigotry?
I mean, can they psycho-suck that out of one's brain?

Education. That's the only sure-fire way to treat it. I don't think punishment works and exiling Washington from people he will learn the most from. He also needs counselling (he admitted in statement to it being psychological).
Beauty & her Bass
Ok, real life drama aside...

HOW CAN THEY LEAVE US LIKE THIS?!?! I'm biting my nails until next

What's everyones thoughts? Who's going to say 'yes'?
QUOTE(Beauty & her Bass @ Jan 26 2007, 12:13 AM) *

What's everyones thoughts? Who's going to say 'yes'?

I think Callie will say yes but regret it and Christina will say no and it'll be an instant replay of the "move in with me" drama where she eventually caves.


Hm. I really wish there was a more annoyed-looking eyeroll smilie. dry.gif
The show is really annoying me now. Especially Derrick. He's such an ass.

ETA: though I must say, DAMN the chief got it rough!
I think christina will say yes. I dont know about callie. It seemed like a bad movie. They didn't even have a "next week on grey's anatomy" thingy here. So not even a clue!
Beauty & her Bass
Next week...something happens in the OR and everyone passes out. It sort of reminds me of old ER episodes, but it will still be nice to have a little shake-up that's not sex/lust related.

By the way, as corny as this free clinic thing is/Izzy funding makes me like Bailey just a little bit more now.
I missed the What's Happening Next Week trailer, bc I was lettin' my dog out, but last night,,,, , ,

I mean, it was a Good episode, to me they're pretty much ALL Good Episodes, (basing it on the scientific laugh-cry ratio tongue.gif ) but in the end w/ the duel proposals, that part felt contrived to me. forced even.

and bailey. I luv bailey. but her character seems altered for some reason, like there's a diminsion to her that's missing right now. her facial expressions were 'pissed off' and ' Really pissed off/exasperated' last night but yet her fire wasn't there behind it all. and how is it that as busy as bailey already is supervising all of them, operating, AND being a new Mom, she even has Time to put together the free clinic? good of her yes, but not realistic.
.. is any of that what you were talking about too faerie, about it being annoying?
Beauty & her Bass
It does seem like Bailey has been supervising less and less lately. Ever since the Christina/Burke thing with her being taken out of surgeries...I feel like they put her on the back burner and have focused more on the love/sex aspect of everyone else.

and did anyone else just feel weird when Christina started to talk to Burke? That moment just didn't feel right to me.
WHAAAAAAAAAAT????? now we're NEVER going to get rid of burke.....i think they're writing themselves into a corner.....blech. CALLIE DON'T MARRY GEORGE! i don't trust him. he was such a fucking pussy the first time around.
I LOVE George! I think the writers are fine as long as they stay character-focused, which is really the main draw of the show, to me. I don't care about their silly flings and such. I just watch to see the growth, or lack thereof.
I'm so delighted that Chandra Wilson won the SAG award!
George- TR Knight- might Quit!!!!!!! ohmy.gif ( totally not what I expected and truthfully, I'd rather lose isiaha than t r. I really hope this isn't true. )

Actor T.R. Knight to Leave 'Grey's Anatomy'?
NEW YORK (Jan. 29) -

According to reports surfacing on the Internet, T.R. Knight is planning to leave "Grey's Anatomy" over the scandal that has erupted around the homosexual slur directed at him by fellow cast member Isaiah Washington.'s The Scoop reported that Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley on the show, is upset over the way the incident was handled after Washington used the slur in October.

According to The Scoop, Knight was told to keep quiet about the incident. Washington, who plays Dr. Preston Burke, denied using the word about the openly-gay Knight at the Golden Globe awards, prompting outrage from the cast. Knight later appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and said that Washington absolutely used the word.

"He (Knight) kept his word, but then the whole thing blew up again at the Golden Globes, and when he was asked about it, he basically called Isaiah a liar," a source told The Scoop. "He feels that the atmosphere there is so toxic and unhealthy. I suppose things could change and we would stay, but for now, he's planning to leave the show."

After much backlash, including an online petition for ABC to fire Washington, he entered counseling to deal with his behavior. At the Screen Actors' Guild awards last night, co-star Chandra Wilson thanked all "10 cast members" when she gave her acceptance speech for female actor in a drama series. She also added "and the other one in rehab."

The cast of "Grey's Anatomy" won for best ensemble in a drama series, and they all appeared to enjoy Wilson's joke.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reported that former coworkers have said that Washington isn't a homophobe, but merely a hot-head.

While staring with Washington in August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Fences," actress Madeline McCray witnessed him punch a fellow actor who was straight and African-American, a source told the paper.

"It's that his anger leads him to say and do things he wishes he hadn't — to everybody. He's always had a lack of control over his temper," the source said. "I worked with Isaiah, and there were some difficulties. He lost his temper and had a physical altercation with one of the other male actors backstage. The actor missed his cue a couple of times, and Isaiah couldn't control himself.

"Isaiah wants it to be perfect. He is a professional, and he expects everybody else to be on their mark, too. But when we're adults, we can't just allow our anger to get the best of us. He's got to get a handle on it. He's jeopardizing the incredible opportunity he's been given — a distinguished role in a hit show created by an African-American woman."

The Daily News also reported that Washington had a meltdown in 2000 against his "Soul Food" co-star, director and producer Tracey Edmonds. He also lost a job on "High Incident" in 1997 after a fight with crew member, which was severe enough to prompt someone to call the police.

McCray told the Daily News that she is "just really happy that he's going to stand up and take responsibility and fix this."
I don't care what anyone thinks, I LOVE George and I would be absolutely furious if TR left because someone else was a raging dickhead and didn't get punished properly. I can't say I blame him for wanting to leave a toxic situation, but I LOVE George. *stamps foot and pouts*
I agree, kelkello, I LOVE george!!!!! I don't want him to go!
Read that T. R. Knight definitely isn't quitting smile.gif.

HURRAH!! thanks bunnyb!
fabulous! and it's on tonite! hooray!
tonight totally redeemed any and everything I've said to the negative the last weeks........ I Don't want isiaha to go (damnit, bc I am still really angry about what he said & hate being such a wishy-washy jerk but he is just so Good in that part!) and I also just thought tonight was one of the best episodes in a long time.

this show always makes me cry and is like an emotional watershed for me.. it's been a rough week and I needed the damn breaker.
Callie O'Malley. I love it.
Oh, but "Calliope Iphigenia Torres" is SO much better. Kick ass, George.
i hate both of these marriages.

that callie can MARRY george after how he shied away from her and treated her to begin with, and that christina can unconditionally forgive burke for being such an incredibly childish selfish ass throughout the whole tremor me seems to go against both their characters, hardcore.

also, izzy and bailey whining about not having patients--are you kidding me? it's the first day!! have they done ANY advertising or anything to let people know that there IS a free clinic??? also, is it just me, or does 8 mil seem kind of paltry to keep a free clinic going indefinitely? where are they going to get the rest of the money to run it?

and is derek really going to turn against meredith because of her mother? wtf.

regardless, i love this show tongue.gif
So, this time last year it was a bomb that was going to blow the hospital to smithereens. Now a ferry accident. Okay, I'll bite. Hmmm...trouble in paradise already for George and Callie. Gee, whoda thunk it? Karev is slowly but surely finding his soul (and in the form of terrible face trauma lady). Chief's hair: har! Psycho-happy Sydney...someone needs to muzzle that wench. Izzie and Meredith working away out there, not quite sure of themselves. The little girl with Meredith...seemed a little too transparent. Hate and love a cliffhanger.
Beauty & her Bass
Does anyone else feel like this show is turning in to ER? By the way, Christina really needs to re-think this engagement stuff. She's not ready.
I aggree w/ both of you.

once again, I'm feeling things to be forced and it's insulting to the characters we love.

and with christina & burke & meredith & derrick- how old are they? " well you can't tell __ til *I* tell __ first or she'll be Mad At Me" and whine whine whine. if that's the kind of relationship you ms SUper Strong SURGEON have w/ her- maybe I'd be rethinking that too!

frankly I'm both a little disgusted and disappointed and the chief and his hair? didn't he JUST suffer the blow of discovering adele really Had moved on? the true love of his life of over 30 years? the one he assumed would Always be there? no, way too soon for him to be doing this year. where is his griefe?

and crushed face (looked a lot like mare winninghame to me, but she's already been on as mer's father's wife?) Jane Doe pregnanant woman: if she can hold alex's hand and reach out for him, why can't they put paper and pen and let her write her name? even in the non-writing hand you ought to be able to get something.

I just didn't think this episode lived up to the big hype of it being a 3 parter.
I don't usually pop in here much...don't know why, since this is my fave show on tv at the moment....but last night PISSED ME OFF. Totally an ER plotline there....gah. And I just keep thinking "meredith will survive...she's the title character." But then...I read the blog, and frankly, I'm not so sure.

And yeah, Christina is SO not ready for engagement...she wants to be, but she's not quite there yet. But at the same time, of all the couples on the show, I think Yang and Burke are the most likely to work it through together.
Was anybody else wondering if that little girl who was following Meredith around was Izzy's daughter that she had given up for adoption? Or am I just crazy thinking that? There was something about her that kept making me think of Izzy, but I don't know if the ages would be right....

Yeah the whining about who told who was rather annoying wink.gif But I still watched every minute of it!
wow turbo, I actually hadn't read that yet and yah, I get it a little better now.

but truthfully.. shonda is just cat & mousing with us right now.. right?
YEp, I think shonda is definitely gaming us here, but once again, I think they say, "hey, let's see if we can make the Broken Girl more broken!" I mean, really, hasn't Mer endured enough, can't she just deal with her grief over her mom in a quiet, sane way, without being dumped in the Sound? *sheesh*

Alls, I know is...I'd never want to work at Seattle Grace - where tradgedy strikes daily for staff and patients alike!
UGHHHHHHHHH!!!! The show's only halfway through and I'm already pissed. Meredith better die or be severely brain damaged, or it's over between us.

And can I just say that I hate the stupid little demon girl?
Yeah I seriously want to knock that kid's block off - the silence thing is just too obnoxious, please use your words with your inside voice.
WTF??????? I'm going to have hurt someone. A fucking three week episode? And what the hell is Izzie's problem? Does she think she's God now? Meredith is dying,and she's still harping on George about Callie. I hate her right now.
Double WTF!!!! How can they actually think we'll believe that Meredith is dead?!!! The show's named after her. I feel so toyed with right now, and that's half problem, I know we're being toyed with. I'm so glad I'm usually busy Thursday night's so I don't have to deal with this addictive annoying crap that for some reason I keep returning to because it makes me laugh as hard as it does cry, whcih is oh so what I need right now. Okay, I'll stop with the sarcastic rant now.
This show HURTS me like no other....drowning Meredith? Dirty. BUT, I have to say, I wouldn't put it past the writers to let her die. They like it dark and twisty. And I suppose when I think about all of the characters on the show....I find Meredith the least compelling, and I find that I think I like her because McDreamy does...and I love any scene that McDreamy is in. And seeing Denny and Kyle Chandler at the bittersweet. I do love both of those boys, and if Meredith has to float off, it may as well be with him. smile.gif

Can't wait to see what happens next week!
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