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Full Version: Grey's Anatomy.. Bad Medicine We're Addicted To
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I'm getting a little McBored with this season.
Me too. Very Mcbored.
What the mcfuck is up with this season? I was watching season 2 the other night on DVD, and thinking it was so much better!!
ok,I was just as into last nights epi as all the other's before it, but then, my standards are low and gilmore girls is sucking this year and top model is crack to me anyway so....

did no one catch what mc d & burke were saying about not having any Guy Friends?
mcdreamy Had a Guy Friend, it was Mark, and he totally damaged him.

this just stuck out in my mind.

bailey's character is too 2-d right now though, she's usually better written.
The only part I liked (although it was interesting the gay story line with the bartender, considering George is gay in real life) was the end where mc d and mere start over. Although, I agree that bailey is very 2 d right now. However, next week's may be better.

Also agree that gg is sucking this season. Guess that's for another thread.
I think the story line with Addison and Callie was heartbreakingly good. The
I thought that story line was good too--but there were parts of the character exposition in it that really bugged me. I can't believe Addison would keep the information about the baby's death a secret, and allow that woman to go through such a painful arm setting procedure without painkillers--that's cruel. And Callie let it happen and "played" along!

I got that both of them didn't want to take away the "happiness" the couple was sharing, but I can't see any couple being anything but furiously angry at having that information withheld. A noble sentiment, sure, but a really bad idea in the context they were portraying.

And that was the worst depiction of camping I've ever seen--I don't think men camp like that (or, could it be possible that that's what they do when they're alone?) I've never seen women camp like that. And a slap fight (a slap fight that ends in a concussion)? Sure.

(Though, if I did have to endure camping again, I'd want to do it with a nice picnic basket lunch packed at the hotel, featuring pate, silverware, and tasty sandwiches and wine. It'd probably get in the way of a portage, but it'd be worth it).
i don't was it a bad depiction of camping??

is it an apt coincidence that they showed the "gay issue" episode right after all the brouhaha with washington?

and i think the thing about addison having so much difficulty with the baby's death was to show that she's sort of breaking down-slash-becoming more human.

i wasn't sure how much i liked the trans storyline. not sure at all about that one.
I don't understand about the camping complaints either...

I thought that maybe they held off on telling the mother because they didn't want her to do further injury to her arm. But I dunno...

Slooooow season.
Well, that depiction of camping just seemed unlike any experience I've had of camping in my lifetime, limited as that is. From what many men friends tell me, camping's all about lighting huge bonfires, eating and eating and eating all kinds of meat, fish, and junk food, and beerdrinking. And smoking (of various types of burning leaves--cigars, dubes, punks if you're desperate...). Sure, I get the fishing--that can be a big part of the trip--but the scenes they showed us depicted none of the bonding that has to take place.

But then I guess it was supposed to be an unsuccessful camping trip anyway, with everyone just packing up and going home asap.

I got that Addison was processing the death of her relationship with what's his name, her ex-husband, now that the divorce has become final. And I understood that she saw the sadness in the couple's lives that was looming (how happy they were before they would find out about their dead child, the freak accident of that baby's death, the way everything looked perfect between them but this hovering ugliness was just about to break their relationship in a way that could never allow it to be repaired). I know that was a direct illustration of how she perceived her own relationship with her ex-husband as having had a similar, decisive moment that would change them both forever.

But she still did a terrible thing by not telling those parents their child was dead. I guess I'm unhappy about seeing what should be a very professional doctor being such a failure in her job (she's just being written badly). Callie looks bad too, for the same reasons.

Still, I'm glad to see the two of them becoming friends. They are both such lonely characters. As for the trans story line? It made Mc Steamy look creepy. Even in the context of what Meredith was supposed to "learn" from it.
i think that was the point--nobody bonded, they didn't even sleep there.

what the hell is a punk?

how did the trans storyline make mcsteamy look creepy? i meant that it seemed like there would have been a lot more options than become a woman and die, or stay a man and live. it seemed very unrealistic.
A punk is one of those fake cigarettes you make when you're a kid, using things like scrap paper, pine needles, and matches. It's truly a dumb idea but one a kid would do when camping (out of constant adult scrutiny) and convinced that smoking was a grown up thing to do.

I thought McSteamy's eye contact (I guess this was supposed to stand for his sincerity?) with his patient was more than off-putting. Just my .o2 cents. And I don't think the patient had such a black and white choice--realistically, the pt. was on hormones for over 2 years in the story line so many of the changes will not "revert", but be permanent even if the hormone use stops for a while. Another example where I understood the writers were trying to create a character who has to make an impossible choice, but they could have at least been more realistic about it. As they presented it I don't think the patient would have had to put off the surgery or die--she could have gone ahead with the surgery and then, if the kind of cancer treatment being offered at SG were her choice, she'd be free to treat the cancer after undergoing the surgery with pretty much the same risk or chance of success. I agree with you, mouse, I do think that storyline was not true to life.

So, I'm just saying that the writers seem to be slacking a bit, and if you're gonna write characters that are doctors, you have to have plausible character development and scenarios which reflect what they'd be expected to know and do.
i've just recently gotten into grey's anatomy. but, i was a little teary eyed at last night's episode.
I thought last night's episode was better than previous ones this season, feels like the season is actually getting started now.
Agreed w/ stargazer & erinjane - I loved seeing Izzie and Alex together again! And having the whole situation between the two of them be low-drama, instead of angsty.
Anybody think Addison is pregnant? One of my friends brought up that theory.
Could be why her rings were so tight she had such difficulty removing them. And also why she's been a little more emotionally vulnerable than she is used to being.
Yeah, I've definitely been picking up pregger vibes from her.

I also agree that this week's ep was better than most so far this season, but not by much, imho. All my friends are pretty annoyed at how this season has been shaping up. I've been way more into Desperate Housewives this season, even though I HATED that show last season. It's still pretty horrific, but the writing has been better than Grey's this season. That cannot be a good thing!
I hope she's not, but if she is I hope it's not Derek's because that would just be a little too much drama for me.
I wasn't thinking pregnant, but I just watched the last epi online, and it could be. I would really hate if it were Derek's. Sloan' that would be interesting. This epi was better than the rest of this season. Miranda singing to her baby brought me to tears.
Wow, I'm the first to post about last night's episode? I thought it was crazy, and it actually caused a mini-argument between my mother (who I watched it with) and I. I mean, was Christina right in telling the chief? Was Meredith right not to tell Derek? I actually think I'm going to watch it again alone.

Ok, the one light point of the episode...what's up with Alex and Addison? Were they flirting? I am finding him pretty amazing lately, so he may be good enough for her...I don't know. Oh, and George was mean to Izzy and that pissed me off. Yes, he's under pressure and all, but he was pretty harsh. Ok, I'm's someone else's turn.
I'm actually pretty damn pissed at Christina. Yes Burke was kind of being an ass, yes she may have been stressed, but I don't feel like she told the chief because her conscience was getting the best of her. I think she told him because Burke told her to step off and wouldn't let her assist him.

I was definitely getting flirt vibe-age from Addison toward Alex.
I didn't really like the christina/burke storyline...well, i guess it was okay until she started freaking out and then i thought it was silly and over dramatic.

I definatly think Addison is pregnant now with sloan's kid because of that little exchange while they were working on the pregnant girl.
"Everyone has a father"
"Not if she doesn't tell him."
Then they looked at eachother in that weird 'somethings-going-on' way.

I thought George was horrible. I was mad at him. But I'm really glad Meredith and Derek are back together.
George was being mean to everyone. Really. My mom and I were surprised at how he was acting. BUT, Izzy had no right to tell his folks what she did. She needs to keep her mouth shut. That's how she got in trouble in the first place.

Christina. She was/is annoying to me. I was getting tired of her controlling Burke. I was glad he told her to step off. She had no boundaries. I think Christina was being selfish and looking after her own ass. As Burke said...their secret would not only affect his career, but her career too. She was trying to save herself. She's pretty cold.

I don't think Meredith had to tell Derek anything. In the beginning, she didn't know what was going on. She finally figured it out. It really wasn't her place to say anything. She made the right decision.

Addison and Alex. Yeah, what's up with that? that's an interesting storyline...

um, how come no one mentioned the "almost fight" in the locker room between Grey and Torres? that was such a hilarious scene.
Oh yeah! I forgot about the fight. And then Izzy called Callie a "cage fighter". She is like twice the size of Meredith.

Addison and Alex should definitely be interesting. No one can stay single long in this hospital, huh?
Crazy delurking, but i just watched this week's ep. I think it's the strongest one so far this season. Great because it highlighted all the ambiguity in the characters - no one is the good guy or the bad guy, everyone is flawed.
Loved the scene between Preston & Christina when he confronts her about her "emotional shortcomings". And her reaction where instead of storming off she flops down on the bed and goes absent. I think her telling the Chief could be seen in 2 ways - either she is pissed at Preston for not letting her be the hero/martyr anymore, or she got really freaked out that he could lose a patient if she didn't tell. I go for the latter cause i heart Christina, but both seem possible.
Also loved Callie's (over)reaction to George knowing about her & McSteamy. She is not over him! But cool that he told her he couldn't deal with it at the moment. I don't know, i feel that Callie & George are an oddly-matched couple, but i'm totally cheering for them (also wishing that Callie had slapped Meredith a little bit, just for being annoying.
I agree that Callie isn't over George...I mean, come on, cat fight in the locker room? It was like watching my middle schoolers go at it in the hallway over rumors. For crying out loud, Callie is a surgeon at a major metropolitan hospital and she wants to start scrappin' in the locker room? Yeah, Meredith's annoying as all hell, but let's use some common sense. It did make for a fun drama, though. George was being over the top, but it shows that fierce George loyalty. Family first. He's not playing around; I think he's the most honest character on the show. It's also good to see that Alex is evolving. He was the character who had the most room for growth since the first day. It could go in so many directions, but I'd hate to see him end up evil-spawn like McSteamy. Yeah, Steamy's hot, but he needs more of a soul. Alex is young...he can still be molded out of that. I think it's a bit late for Steamy. He's too set in his ways. Christina and Burke...that's a tough call. I don't think she did it to get back at him, but I think she wanted to save her own ass. She was concerned for the patient, but she's said again again that she has to look out for herself. She won't get to be the best is she only looks out for Burke. Burke will come out of this in the end; his reputation has been stellar. Christina is still trying to prove herself.
Izzy needs to STFU. Seriously, I was glad George ripped into her, though harshly. She needs to be reminded as to what her role is in her PROFESSION, this is not the freaking play ground, nor are they sitting around a kitchen table. She was seriously annoying me.

I am not really getting a flirtage between Addison and Alex, but more of a "See, I knew you had a soul" from her, re: when he first started with her he was such a pig.

I am over Christina and the awful, "I am screwed" face she makes. Seriously, that face. Bugs. Me.

I don't know if it was to spite or save her ass, but it was time for that crazy behaviour of the BOTH of them to stop.

Meredith and McYawny.
Ooo yes. Ditto to the Izzy stuff. I have no sympathy (ok, i did when she was wearing a pretty dress and crying, but now it is over. get up. stop acting like a limp dishrag) One tiny thing redeemed her a bit this week - when she said that George couldn't apologize yet, and then went and sat next to him and started eating his spaghetti. That was kind of normal/cute and showed that they will be ok. A nice move away from too much melodrama by the writers, maybe.
And also ditto to the McYawny. I never understood why he was so frickin' Dreamy in the first place, but now he is Tedium Personified.
Grey's Anatomy is nominated for a People's Choice Award! They are up against CSI and House. Go vote for Grey's at ! I already voted!
I'm sorry, Grey's does not get my vote. This season has steadily managed to annoy the crap out of me. It's such a letdown!

This week's epi was the final straw. UGH, I was so mad!
I actually liked this week's. I was glad izzy stood up to sloan, even though it looks like they're trying to set up a romance. I wasn't happy with the beginning of this season, it feels like it's still just getting started.

I don't like george's character still. I think they are dragging that part out too long.
Yeah, I got the Izzy/Sloane vibe too. Yuck. He is really pretty creepy to me. About the show, I don't know, I still love it. This week, I liked when the chief got mad and yelled at Burke, and the end with Meredith and her mother. Of course I watched the premiere of Scrubs instead on Thursday, and only watched this the next day on DVR, so I guess I'm not that loyal. You know what I think really pulls me in to this show though? Every once in a while Alex does something really amazing. Such as when he held Izzy after Denny died, when he saved that baby's life by doing the emergency c-section, when he saved the baby's life in the emergency room and they didn't know who the mother was. That character just gets to me so much. The McDreamy, McVet, McSteamy stuff is just filler to me.
I actually liked this week's episode. It seemed to have the theme of "healing old wounds." Everyone was dealing with damaged relationships and trying to move on. Even the McBoys had a laugh together when separating the twins. I agree with Erinjane that it finally feels like it is getting started. I haven't been overly impressed this season, but I am still an addict and I have high hopes.
george was really irritating me.

why do think melinda put christina in with george's dad? do you think it really was to get her away from her? i'm glad she went back with burke in the elevator.

yeah, i feel this episode was just a building block for things to come this season.
tonight IS a new epi, yes?

<<said to Bump us up>>
It's says it's a repeat on my TV guide. sad.gif
Are they on a hiatus until next year? sad.gif
Maybe...according to imdb next weeks is another repeat.
Beauty & her Bass
You've got to be kidding! Maybe they'll start again after the holidays.
oh my gosh I thought the dingo had eaten this thread for a second!!

= whew!==

ok, this week Should be a new epi yes? I know, I'm like the doddering old auntie (twiggy who?) who gets so easily confused and needs constant reassurance, sorry!

commercial teasers from some tv rag keeps showing clips of the full cast and then alluding to a "Major Cast Change" of some sort, that ONE of them is leaving?
it's dreadfully upsetting to me bc as I play through who is expendable, maybe the Chief?
I like him, but wasn't he on his way out anyway? and personality wise, he had the least impact to me as to the personal quality he brought to the show; seems like a lot of different actors/actress'es could have done just as good a job in the role.
both Mer & Izzy in real life got engaged recently I think I saw.. but Not One of THEM!?
McD's real life wife is due to have twins any second I think I saw too, but surely not would it affect him there.

le sigh, guess we will just have to wait!
According to IMDB this week's will be old again, but the 11th should be a new episode. Finally.
Yes, I saw a promo last night, and it said the next new episode will be the 11th. It was an interesting commercial, George was pissed. Maybe they have it on You Tube...
it's on it's on it's FINALLY on tonight !!!!!!

They're back! Seattle's hottest docs return with an emotional episode. George's dad has his cancer surgery and Meredith's father shows up at Seattle Grace to meet his new grandkid.
Izzie's big step: Izzie may finally cash Denny's check. Can she get through it without having a breakdown at the bank? -- Sandy Deane

but what do they mean Finally cashes Denny's check?
where they left it before she had not had it all that long.
I hate when the timeline gets so skewed, bc as Interns they haven't been there near long enough to be knowing and doing all the uber complicated surgeries and procedures that christina has been doing to help burke- hence her mad cramming and research of meds books on how to do them, but then they turn around and want us to believe that izzy has had denny's check for what- months and months and months?
heck that kind of scratch and it's only Wise to hold onto it that long before being sure what you want to do with it in the first place.


it's on it's on it's on tonight!!! biggrin.gif
About fucking time.
Okay, so this is the episode where things finally start to pick up. A little transparent at times, but finally, a little action. We all knew the Addison and Karev thing was going to happen, but it still made my heart leap a little. Karev actually has a heart in that shriveled up little cavity of his. Addison is still going for inappropriate men. I'm glad to see George and Callie making strides; the Christina and Burke thing is absolutely perfect. Meredith and McDreamy...snore. Meredith and her daddy issues...semi-snore. And of course, we know where Izzie's money is gonna go. The Isabel Stevens fund for people who can't afford life changing surgeries. That scene in the bank was priceless!
I love that the Karev and Addison tension finally came to a head, but I hope they don't actually get together. I don't wanna see Addison with another inappropriate man...

Good episode, can't wait for next Thu.
I kept thinking of so many things I wanted to say while watching last nights episode. However, they all vanished like a puff of smoke during the last few moments of the show when Christina was welcoming George to the "Dead Dads Club". I had a similar conversation, only it was about the "Dead Moms Club", with my bff in Oct. when her mom passed. So that hit me rather hard and I sobbed like a baby. I mean yes, it was sad to see Georgies dad go and to watch the family and all that but man, it was that last scene that got me. That episode kicked my ass.
One of my roommates mother just died about two weeks ago. So, I was sobbing like a baby at the end when Christina was talking about the "Dead Dad's Club." I'm glad that Addison and Karev got together, but I don't want to get it too serious...
Beauty & her Bass
I had a scare like this with my dad...he came through thank god...but I felt all those emotions again when the family was in the hospital. Oh god. What an episode.
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