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anna k
I posted this in the travel thread, but I didn't get any response.

I'm planning to visit Charleston, SC later this summer. I am in college in NYC, and have been burned out on the city and the competitiveness as a journalism major. I'd like to work for local magazines or newspapers in Charleston. What papers can I check out there? What can I do with a journalism degree down there?

What local hangouts and activites do you recommend?

How is the transportation? I prefer walking and taking buses to driving, since I'm not a good driver.

Rents looked affordable from the craigslist site, about $500 for shared apartments. I could do that, so I could meet more people and be integrated into the community.
I live about 3 hours away in GA. I've been to Charleston for a quick visit, but that was it. It's a really cute city though. Sorry I don't have a whole lot of information on it, but some friends of mine are from there, so I can ask around. What kinds of places do you normally like to hang out at? They get a decent amount of small shows there, and in Columbia.
anna k
I usually like local rock/blues shows, photographable areas, zine shops, and small cafes.
You should check out They have a great forum which has tons of info about Charleston. I planned a trip a while back, but switched jobs and never ended up going. Charleston's known for being really walkable, friendly, and having the best food in the South. I hope you go and have fun.
anna k
I'm in Charleston now. I only have an hour on the library computer, so I'll save the long posts for when I get home.

I like the city. Funky, easy to get around, good bus systems. A bit touristy in the historic parts of town (lots of 1800s/Civil War stuff). I walk from my hotel and get into town in about 15-20 minutes. I didn't get any responses from people about introductory interviews at the papers. Rats. But this looks like a good place to settle down, so I'll try again in the spring.

The train ride was 14 hours, and half the time a very overweight girl sat next to me, slumped in her seat and she would be leaning on my seat while she slept. She was a nice girl, but I felt sorry for her being so big. I read Poppy Z. Brite's Liqour (about two cooks in New Orleans) and listened to music. So far I've bought a $20 shirt at Urban Outfitters (cheap for their standards), and hung out all over town. I went to the Aquarium today and oohed and aahed with the children over the fish and turtles and snakes and alligators. I took a photo of a plaque that identified the name of a fish as a "Slippery Dick." It was too good to miss.

People are very nice and polite, calling me "ma'am." Some creeps bothered me, either hitting on me or asking me for change. I was feeling lonely yesterday, and those types soured my mood. Today I'm a lot better.

I'll be back Tuesday evening, and Wednesday I'll have lots of pictures and more stories to tell. Ciao!
Anna, I live in GA. I should be heading to Charleston during Labor Day weekend. I haven't been there in forever. It seems like a cool city. I just don't know if they have a decent transit system.

Hope you're having fun!
anna k
They have buses and trollies, but I don't know if they're always on time. I see them around a lot, and got a bus map so I can use it more. It's a convenience for a hop across town, but may not always be on time.
Next time you plan on going to Charleston, see if you can catch a performance of Cabaret Kiki. I was able to see some of their show when they visited Asheville a couple months ago & really liked it. Live original music and dance with a lovely, fun, & naughty southern-burlesque feel. I've considered going down to Charleston just to catch their full-length show.
anna k
Thanks for the tip, Roseviolet! They'll be coming in a couple of days after I leave anyhow.
my parents were in charleston once and love it. well they loved everything except the people who were rude once they found out my parents were new yorkers and one who told my mom (who was wearing fake fur) that she better be glad shes not in nyc bc they throw paint on people who wear stuff like that.

really just epitomizes why i like visiting the south but would never, ever move there.

apparently though, it was a really really beautiful, old city. the pictures made it look so charming and elegant.
anna k
It is a beautiful city. Sometimes I felt like I was in 1790s New Orleans.

I haven't had any rudeness except for beggars and dudes hitting on me in a skeezy way. Other than that they've been polite and cordial to me. Probably because I look like an outsider. smile.gif
anna k
My sternum is sunburned and pink from the walks from my hotel to the town under the hot sun (lucky for shady-tree neighborhoods). I'm waiting for the dead skin to peel off.

I bought some cheap but cute shirts at Urban Outfitters today. One says Kate Heidi Gisele Carmen in block letters. Very rock'n'roll.

I also found a flippy plaid skirt for $14 in a vintage store. I feel like a Catholic schoolgirl sneaking out of school to flirt with shady older men. I can't wear it outside, if the wind blows up or I lean over my ass is exposed. I still like lounging in it.

At the vintage store Granny's Goodies there are a man and a woman who run the place. The hippie man talks in a Mickey Mouse high voice and the hippie woman talks in a smoker's old man-like voice. Both creep me out and I imagine what sex between them would be like.

The Chocolate Elvis shakes at Planet Smoothie are thick and delicious. It's made of chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and frozen yogurt. Mmmmmm.

Tonight I'm going to a show at a coffeehouse, where people will read poetry and play music. It's free and I haven't seen a show yet, and it's my last night here before a loooong day on the train tomorrow.
anna k
Last night, I hung out at the East Bay Coffee House where a woman with a baby strapped in front of her chest was the emcee, and college-aged kids came up and performed. One kid did a satire on the Jews ruining everything, and spoke in a rap-poetry Def Comedy Jam style. Usually I hate that style (pretentious and more about cramming rhyming words in one breath), but it was cool when he did it. Some acoustic-guitar players, which I zoned out to as I drank black tea sugared up.

I got home after a 15-hour long train ride from 9 in the morning to after midnight. I just read and listened to music, as well as listening to kids chattering and old people chattering. I sat next to a dreadlocked guy who looked like Sway from MTV, and he had his two daughters sitting in the aisle across from him. They were quiet and seemed sweet. Other kids were very talkative, and when the mother of two told hers to shut up, they immediately started crying. Another girl kept turning around in her seat to look at me, trying to snap her fingers and staring at me. She watched a movie on her plastic DVD player, some cartoon movie where it sounded like Chris Rock and Kevin James' voices, but I didn't know the movie. Someone earlier was watching scenes from Ray, mostly the musical scenes, and Ray Charles' music has a chugging sound, perfect for the train.
Should be in Charleston on Labor Day weekend.... smile.gif Tell me some cool spots to hit Annak....
anna k
I liked hanging out at the South Carolina Aquarium, checking out fish and snakes and turtles and frogs and watching the little kids get excited about everything.

For food, I went to Sushi Hiro, The King Street Grille, Planet Smoothie, and Juanita Greenberg's for cheap quesadillas.

For shopping I liked Urban Outfitters for their sales on $15 funky shirts, the store that sold J.Crew clothes for cheap, and Grannies' Goodies for cheap vintage.

Here's some cool photos I took of my trip:

IPB Image[/img]

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
I just got back from an amazing Labor Day Weekend in Gulf Shores Alabama and the Florida pan handle coastline cities, over to Destin.
I live in Nashville, and I'm from Louisiana, so I guess those things qualify me as Southern, and since I wasn't sure if there was a travel thread, I've been away from the lounge awhile, I thought this looked like a good thread to tell about my trip.
The beaches were beautiful. We couldn't get a hotel room to save our lives, so when we arrived at 5 AM Friday morning, we hit the local WalMart, found an awsome clearance deal on a family tent set, which included a 5 man tent, 2 chairs, a camp stove, a soft cooler, drink coozies(WHO in the world thought up that name????), 2 sleeping bags, a light...... ALL THAT FOR $80.00 ON CLEARANCE! I did the "I'm saving money" dance and went to check in at the Gulf State Park, right across the street from the peir and beach. Do you have any idea what a hotel room in that same location and proximity to the beach costs?????? Well, I got my site for $23.00 a night!!!!!!! and was right next to the loo and shower room. It just doesn't get better than that, does it??????
We hung out at Gulf Shores Friday and the water was loaded with GIANT crabs and rays...... you couldn't take 2 steps without running into a ray. They were small and so cool and we caught one in our explorer net and looked at it then let it go. I was laying in the water also and one came right up on my arm. It was crazy.
The next day we went over to Pensacola Florida and the water was way cool. It was so shallow, so far out, near the peir and there were all these jelly fish and long skinny, pencil looking fish with long long skinny snouts. And GIANT crabs. The water was so so clear and beautiful.
The next day we went down the coast line through all the little towns until we ended up in Destin Florida. That was even more beautiful. The water was like beautiful crystal and there were all these boats and we saw dolphins and people out on sand bars.
We saw a shark in Gulf Shores about 4 feet off shore but we didn't realize what it was, we just thought it was a BIG fish until about 10 minutes later someone came up the beach, from the direction the BIG fish swam and alerted everyone that a 5 to 6 foot shark had been spotted right off shore. Silly us, we were just excited to see something big in the water, never occured to us that it was a SHARK! ha ha ha!
Well, I didn't want to come home at all and now I'm home and it sucks big time. So depressing. I really am thinking to move to the beach when my kids finish school this year. The beach is just so relaxing and peaceful and pretty.
Oh well, I need to go cook dinner.........
Nice to meet everyone here.......... maybe I'll see you all around later.
anna k
I'll be going to Raleigh in a few weeks, and checking out Asheville, N.C. for a couple of days. Any local recommendations?
Hey Anna k! I love Asheville. I will actually be moving to a TN town about an hour away from Asheville in 3 mths. It's absolutely charming. Lots of cute lil' stores, some decent looking record stores, restaurants restaurants restaurants. Try to find the British double decker bus (street name escapes me) for some organic fair-trade coffee. It's adorable.
It can get a little hippie in parts.. sometimes with kinda hippie street musicians, but it's still kinda cool for atmosphere. You should be able to find well-enough to do around there.
Try to hit the mountains for the waterfalls and what not.

Food: Last time I chose this N'orleans kinda place with a cute lil' courtyard out back. Forget the name, but it says beignets and cafe late on the window. Moderately priced and yummy drink specials if you like spicy shrimp and grits or jambalaya. OH and there's this SUPER Cute diner like place (again forget the dang name) that looks kinda fifties red and white checkers meets kid-art or something. They close early, but I really want to hit that place when I visit again.

I'm excited that I will be living around so much nature after having lived in the concrete jungle that is nyc for two years... and the smoggy bank-centric piedmont of my current city. And what's better is that Asheville and surrounding college towns get better music come thru anyways!

I'll be a 1/2 hr away from friggin' Dollywood and Gatilinburg!!!! Love me some South, y'all!

As for Raleigh... I know Chapel Hill. Another college town with lots of music and lil' vintage stores.... not nearly as much natural beauty by far, but you shouldn't be at a loss. Look into what's playing at Cat's Cradle if you what a show.

Not much help, sorry. I like Asheville way better.

Hope to go to Charleston again come the end of August with my chocolate crush of cuteness!
Wow, I totally forgot that this thread existed!

Anna, I live in Durham (located right next to Raleigh). What sort of thing do you want to do while you're in town? smile.gif

As for Ashville, I looooove that town. The downtown area is very walkable & has plenty of charming shops to check out. And of course, you could always spend a day or so exploring the Biltmore Estate.
Hey... Roseviolet. You're not that far from me! I'm so relieved to know that there are some southern busties around here!

I had considered moving up to Durham with some friends, but decided on Knoxville, cause it's closer to my family who live in East Tennessee.

Biltmore Estate is just awesome. I wouldn't mind getting over there for another weekend trip soon, especially before the flowers and what not are still out.
Hey... Roseviolet. You're not that far from me! I'm so relieved to know that there are some southern busties around here!

I had considered moving up to Durham with some friends, but decided on Knoxville, cause it's closer to my family who live in East Tennessee.

Biltmore Estate is just awesome. I wouldn't mind getting over there for another weekend trip soon, especially before the flowers and what not are still out.
Hey... Roseviolet. You're not that far from me! I'm so relieved to know that there are some southern busties around here!

I had considered moving up to Durham with some friends, but decided on Knoxville, cause it's closer to my family who live in East Tennessee.

Biltmore Estate is just awesome. I wouldn't mind getting over there for another weekend trip soon, especially before the flowers and what not are still out.
anna k
Thank you so much for your replies. I had been to Raleigh last year and liked it a lot, and I'm looking forward to Asheville too. I'll be there with my family for a day and a half, and hopefully I can walk around for a bit with my siblings to check out the downtown scene, like the music clubs.
sorry for the triple post! My computer was acting mighty weird yesterday!
anna k
I got back from Asheville today. It was a good trip. I went to a little nook called Mayfel's for breakfast, hung around the downtown area and the Biltmore section (Lexington Ave. is the best for shopping, as well as the intersections at College St. and Battery Park Ave.) I liked Karmasonics record store and Downtown Books and News, as well as this Cuban restaurant. I hiked at Chimney Rock, where the waterfall was meager due to a drought in NC. My dad had heard that The Last of the Mohicans was shot there, and wants to rent the movie to check it out. I also had a fine dinner at the Grove Park Inn, overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I felt like I was in Dirty Dancing.

The Asheville area is a little hippie, with grungy-looking guys hanging out in the park and lots of hippie clothing stores and smoke shops and record stores. I've seen the same at Chapel Hill, New Paltz, and Burlington.

My brother and my dad went to the restaurant Ham's to see the blues singer Chuck Beattie, and hung out with him, they said he was a nice guy and really knew North Carolina. My parents have been in Raleigh for about ten months and, due to so much land development, my dad wants to live in the mountains in a few years. Which is funny that he's griping about the development, because they moved to an area where new houses were being built and that were less expensive than Long Island homes.

I'll post pictures when I get them developed.
Oh dear, Anna. Sounds like your parents were part of the flood of people who moved to the Raleigh area from Long Island. It's a well-know joke here that the town of Cary got its name for being a "Containment Area for Relocated Yankees". rolleyes.gif
YAY, a thread where you guys are talking about Ashville! I'm visiting Ashville in November and I'm (probably) moving there next year, as in Jan or Feb from Mass. We only have a few days to work with when we go visit, but boy wants me to get a good feel about what its like there, because I have never been. He has, and has a lot of friends who live in the area.

For those who are familiar with the area, is it a walkable/bikable place to live? Because neither of us have a car and we arent planning on getting one for a few years. Also, I heard its much cheaper living down there, anyone have any idea about how the job market is?

I'm SO excited to go, probably because I havent been on a "vacation" since I was in middle school, and haven't ever had a break from working since I got my first job in high school lol.
woohoo! i didn't even know this thread existed! i am most definetly a southern lady, born and raised in nashville, i went to college in Boone (just an hour from Asheville), NC and now i live in New Orleans. doesn't get much better than that i suppose. anywho, i absolutely love asheville, it is such a fun town and the perfect combination of progressive hippies and southern charm.

tankgirl, i'm not sure about the public transportation system there, but there are definetly areas downtown where everything you need will be within biking or walking distance. that being said, some of the coolest things about living in asheville necesitate a car, i.e. going to the biltmore or hiking, camping, skiing etc. if your moving from mass it will be WAY cheaper. i don't know about the job market, but the economy is booming there and the city continues to grow (which has its ups and downs). have fun! you will love it! they have a pretty big underground hiphop scene, if you can believe it and alot of great local artists-painters, potters, weavers, photographers. there is alot of culture to be enjoyed. i hope you like it!

i would love to live in western nc, it is the perfect combination of things for me. however, i've never lived anywhere but the south, so part of me thinks i need to expand my horizons. i've traveled all over the place, but i've never put down roots anywhere above the mason-dixon line.
thanks for the info dj

we are really sick of new england prices, people and most of all winters. just one more winter to get through till i dont have to worry about being snowed in from everything. i know ill like it, and i know it will be a huge change, but def a good one.

im an artist and where i live, the art scene is pretty boring. you either paint boats, fish or landscapes or youre not an artist around here. also, finding a job if youre not a graphic designer is impossible, im not expecting to go down there and find something in my feild right away, but i know ill be more inspired to be the artist i am.
Hello! I just moved to Dunwoody GA from New England. I love the area but I am finding that most people are not friendly. And it cracks me up that most of the people in my neighborhood are from New Jersey..

Is there anyone in here around me?
I'm here! Living in Decatur, but it's close to Dunwoody... smile.gif
that's hilarious bettie! as a southerner, born and raised, i've found there's been a huge influx of yankees (that is NOT a term of derision, i promise) to our little corner of the nation in the last 15-20 years. case in point, most of middle and south florida. it surprises me that people haven't been very friendly to you and it makes me sad. it's always been something the south has taken pride in, that is, our hospitality towards strangers.

i'm living in new orleans now, and even in the city people are constantly stopping to chat with strangers on the street. it's almost rude to just pass some one by and not say, 'how ya doing?' any mundane phone call i make to get directions or pricing or instructions, you name it, turns into a long conversation. admittedly, this can be exhausting. i hope that people start to warm up to you.
i am starting to get used to the rhythem of things and also i am starting to tell who is going to be friendly or not just by their reaction if we happen to make eye contact. I have met a few very nice people(mainly through work) but I am bored on my days off......very bored! i need to find some fun cheap stuff to do to entertain myself, I spend a lot of time at bookstores reading and drinking way too much caffiene. Sassygrrl, have you done any of the touristy things? is there anything i should absolutly see? Dj-bizmonkey, i really was expecting something totally different when i moved down here. I expected to move to a much slower paced friendlier place(not that Rhode Island wasnt friendly). Southern Hospitality is legendary and I guess that i wanted to feel it right away, but whatever! I still like it here.
Yeah, I'd say on the streets of New Orleans most people will speak. I certainly do on my proud block of Jackson Avenue. DJ Biz, I posted in your New Orleans thread....hope you're enjoying the town. Which neighborhood are you in?
Beattieblank, what is in Dunnwilly?
It'll take a while for some people...not everyone in the south is happy with northerners moving down. I experienced a lot of it in North Carolina (Raleigh). Most people up north moved down because land was cheaper. There has been a huge influx. Regarding the pace of things...most areas understand they need to keep up. It isn't the south of the early 1900's anymore...we've all got internet;)
Besides, if you're anywhere near Atlanta then your out of luck when it comes to finding the true south you seek. Go to Natchez, Mississippi sometime.
Resurecting thread for question:
Any thoughts on Baton Rouge vs. Raleigh, as far as a cool place to live for a potential design grad student from california?
Little background, I'm thinking of applying to all the typical places in New England, but i'm not sure if I like the cold climate and agro pace of those cities. A friend of mine from Oklahoma thinks I would love New Orleans,..but alas there are no schools with good design grad programs there. But it got me thinking of the South being an option, and after some research it seems LSU and NCSU have good programs (and way cheaper!)--altho my folks will probably disown me if I move to a red state :/
Whats important to me in a place to live: bike-friendly, sunny, quaint/has history, at least one place that sells vinyl records, indie coffee houses, good food, smart boys, at least one art house theater, reasonable amount of diversity.

Anyway, just gathering info for now. Most of my friends think its crazy to pick a southern school over new england..but I do want to study abroad as well, its not like I'd be married to the south...but the idea seems so exotic to me right now its almost more appealing than another big expensive city. Thoughts please!
Am I considered Southern?... I am always confused by that.... I'm from Texas
That's tricky sandee, some people where I live may not consider a Texan a true "southerner", but I'm in the heart of Dixie. You are southern though, for sure. I say be whatever you want to be.

greenbean- I'm sorry to hear that your friends have such unfortunate prejudices against the south. I'm sure if they ever came down here they would be pleasantly surprised.
As for schools, I can't speak for Raleigh, but I like Baton Rouge. If you like New Orleans for the people, many people moved up to Baton Rouge after Katrina and never went back. My aunt used to teach at LSU, and it's a good school.
One beautiful city that meets all of your specifications is Savannah, GA. SCAD has a good graduate design program. My home town also meets your requirements, but we don't have an "art school", just two universities and one college.
Sorry I don't have anything more specific to offer. Good luck!
Thanks Crin! I had SCAD recommended to me by two other people the weekend, so I deffo want to check it out! Does anyone else out there have an opinion on Raleigh?
Hey there, Greenbean. I live in Durham which is right next to Raleigh. I think Raleigh meets most if not all of your requirements.

People around here refer to this area as the Triangle (short for "Research Triangle) because of the big universities in 3 of our towns: UNC in Chapel Hill, Duke in Durham, & NCSU in Raleigh. Connect the dots & you've got a triangle. Isn't that special? There are some smaller universities in the area, too, such as Central in Durham.

There are a lot of greenways & trails here, so biking & cycling is popular. I don't know what the trails are in Raleigh, but I'm sure you can find some with a quick search. There are a number of cycling clubs in the area that could help you get started. Generally, though, you'll need a car to get around here.

Weather wise: It's very sunny. Winters are quite mild (it rarely dips far below freezing during the day), but it can get quite hot in the summer (hovering around 100F in much of August).

There's some history to be found around, most of it related to the civil war, but some older. There are a few small towns around here that are extremely historic & quaint (Hillsborough is my favorite). Chapel Hill & Carrboro have a walkable downtown that is a bit more eclectic (and really popular with UNC students). I think the NCSU kids hang around Glenwood South and parts of Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. There's bound to be some coffee shops & music stores in those areas. My favorite coffee shop in the whole area is in Chapel Hill, though, so I'm not much help there!

There are a few arthouse movie theaters around, including one in Cary that is always showing at least one Bollywood film. The Carolina Theater in Durham hosts a couple of film festivals during the year, including the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival & a big Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

The area is fairly racially diverse, as is most of the south. I think Raleigh's population is about 70% white & Durham's is closer to 55%. And luckily, there are a LOT of liberals to be found here. Granted, you'll find more of them on the western side of the Triangle (Durham, Chapel Hill [home of John Edwards], Carrboro [who's last mayor was an openly gay man]). But there are plenty of liberals in Raleigh - especially around the college campus. I think of this area as a blue puddle in the middle of a red state.

Food can be pretty good or bad depending on what you're looking for. There are some restaurants in the area - especially in Durham and Chapel Hill - that are adored by the big foodie magazines like Gourmet, but as you can imagine, they're expensive ($50+ per person). I hear that good Chinese is hard to find, but it's getting better. There's BBQ & southern food, of course. There are also some really great Indian restaurants (especially in Cary). Oddly enough I suddenly started to enjoy cooking (crazy, I know) so we haven't eaten out much since we moved here. One important thing to keep in mind: when you order tea here, they will assume you mean iced sweet tea. If you want your tea unsweetened or hot, you'll have to tell your server. This isn't the story in coffee shops, but it's certainly the case at most restaurants.

As for boys? Well, I can't help you there, but at least there are multiple universities in the area that are chock full of young people, so if you can't find somebody it's your own fault! wink.gif

The weekly free press paper for the area is The Indy. If you play with the calendar of events you can get a good idea of what's happening.
Just keep in mind that the activities for the local universities do not appear there. For instance, Okay Go performed at Duke University this week, but the concert was only advertised on campus.

There are a ton of transplants living in this area. It can be hard to meet a native NCer, to tell the truth. It seems that tons of people from New England have moved to the Triangle in the past decade. I know quite a few people from Boston. Many others come from Long Island. So don't for a moment think that this area is full of a bunch of backwoods southerners. wink.gif The Triangle is home to some major technology and pharmaceutical companies which is part of the draw. Plus it is covered in oodles of tall pine trees. It's very green & quite pretty.

Come for a visit just to check it out & decide from there. Good luck!
I think I want to be a southerner wink.gif
Well then, you are one!
Come on over, we can drink mint juleps on mah porch!
That sounds devine wink.gif
Hah, I wanna mint julip too!
Thanks for all the info Roseviolet,..I cant wait to visit!
sandy, i always thought of texas as its own version of the south, but i'd say you count for sure.

mmmmm, mint julips, white linen havannah suits, straw hats. i'm in heaven.

greenbean, the south, despite all its prejudice and dark, nasty history is a fabulous place to live! i went to school in NC, thought i'm a bigger fan of western NC than the piedmont. roseviolet gave you some awesome info about raleigh so i won't go on and on about that, except to say that my best friend's mom was just elected to city council there as an independent and i think its a pretty progressive city for the south. have you looked into asheville schools at all?

SCAD and savannah are FANTASTIC. i live in new olreans now, but the two cities are fairly similar, big, sweeping live oaks covered in spanish moss. historic architecture, funky underground art scenes and no open container laws (at least on the streets). i love savannah because it is full of mini-parks (one on every other block is some places) and it isn't a far trip to the beach. i was surprised there wasn't a program for you in new orleans, however. i'm a grad student at tulane and i know our architecture department is pretty good, there is also loyola and the university of new orleans and xavier (one of the most prestigious traditonally black colleges in the u.s.) maybe none of them have the kind of program you want. baton rouge is a fun town as well, great music and food and it isn't a far commute to nola if you want to enjoy festivals etc. i really love all of southern louisiana. i hope you can find a place you really love as well!
dj biz- the reason I love Savannah and NO so much is that they remind me of home, with all of the gorgeous live oaks and historical architecture. I was so sad to go home (on the coast) and to NO, after Katrina, to find most of the spanish moss washed away! I know it's coming back, but it used to be draped like fabric across the branches.

Another point to make about Savannah is that if you enjoy art theater, they actually have their own annual film festival there.

mmmmm, mint julips, white linen havannah suits, straw hats. i'm in heaven.
Haha, you just described a family evening for me. Add lazy fans overhead and antique patio furniture on the porch and you've got it!
oooo crinoline! i want to come over for family dinner! i was born and raised in TN and it is quite different, try jack daniels, cut-off jean shorts and t-shirts, plenty of lazy fans though. among the many things that broke my heart post-katrina were all the fallen live oaks, especially ones that must have been there for hundreds of years. luckily, alot of the strong ones survived.
My parents would be glad to have you!
Edited for TM boring I.
Speaking of live oaks, I did see that many of them survived against all odds, but really, a hurricane is nothing new to them! I believe we lost more trees to Ivan than we did to Katrina because Ivan was all wind damage where Katrina was (mostly) water.
DJ, did you go to school in Asheville? I absolutely love that town! I think the downtown area is great & I love the way it's nestled in amongst the hills. Biltmore is nice, too, but lordy is it ever expensive.

Oh, how I would love to visit Savannah. It sounds like the perfect little southern town! Sheff and I haven't made it down there yet. Whenever he gets a few days off we tend to head over to the outer banks. We're only 2 hours from Wilmington so we could go more often, but it's nicer to stay in a quaint little B&B and spend a couple lazy days in one of those little beach towns, ya know?

Now I'm really looking forward to summer. biggrin.gif
i went to appalachian state for undergrad which is in boone, but ashevilles only an hour away. i absolutely love it too, tucked away in the mountains, just big enough to get cool music and events and just small enough to still be able to escape into nature. yeah, biltmore is totally overpriced. i LOVE black mountain too, pretty much all of western nc rocks. i actually really like wilmington and at carolina beach (which isn't far) you can camp out on the beach. we used to disassemble and then reassemble our trampoline and take it on beach trips to carolina beach. fantastic. but you should definetly visit savannah if you've never been there before. i just love wandering the streets and hanging out on the riverside. tybee island is great for hanging at the beach too.
Are there any Nashville Busties? I mean to be in Nashville, (Well just south of Nashville.) soon.

And my cod, Savannah is one of the top five most beautiful American cities.
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