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hey ap, i don't live in nashville anymore, but i grew up there so if you've got any questions, give a holler! it is a really fun town, not so small that there is nothing to do and not so big that you feel lost out there. i will say, however, that the death moll sounded for country music when they moved the CMA awards from Nashville to New York City. not that i have anything against NYC, but the CMA's do not belong there.

ANYWAY, that was a random rant. my favorite neighborhood is the belmont area. belmont runs pretty much parallel to 21st/hillsboro road once you get into green hills. there are alot of funky old houses and it's a very hip, young-professional artsy crowd. plus that's where one of my favorite restaraunts, P.M. is. it's asian-fusion, but it has decent sushi and i like the atmosphere. right across the street is the international market where they have thai, which is cafeteria style but to die for! my favorite thing to do in nashville (when i have the money) is to see a show at the ryman. the acoustics are amazing and the building is really cool and historic. try to get seats on the balcony, which is way better than being on the ground level because you can see better and you are seated on old wooden church pews. that's my overview, let me know if you are curious about anything else!

p.s. when you say, just south of nashville, where do you mean? i actually grew up in Franklin, TN which is about half an hour away, southwest, but i know alot of the surrounding areas as well.
Anyone here from Louisville? I'm trying to go to a conference there in a few weeks, and I need some advice.
So, I'm (finally) moving to Asheville in May. I am absolutely in love with Asheville. Any NC busties out there?
TankGirl, there aren't any Busties in Asheville as far as I know. It's a fabulous little town, though! You'll love it there!
I live in NC... never been to Asheville though. I hear its beautiful up there.
tank girl:

although there are no busties in asheville per se that i know of, there is one awesome lady on el jay that i MET as a bustie (i don't believe that she posts anymore here, unless it is in the perfume thread), and another rocking mamma ex-bustie who lives in or right outside asheville. so there is a lot of potential there!

asheville ROCKS.

and although i am currently living in africa, my yummy hubby mr. hotbuns is still living at our home in Cary, part of the Research Triangle Park that roseviolet mentions.
Yah Asheville rules pretty hard. Everything I could ever look for in a city is there. Art, music, foliage, mountains, and of course a mix of new englanders and southerners.
tankgirl, give us an update when you get there! i miss asheville so much. i went to college at app state in boone (about an hour away). my bff lives in asheville now with her soon to be husband. she's a potter and a jewelry maker and super-chill.
countdown... 3 days till I officially live in Asheville (YES!) and I finally found a place to live with other environmentalist peeps, FUCK YEAH.
Congrats, Tankgirl! Welcome to NC!
bump for crino <3
Queen Bull
GAH. i had no idea this was here. hello fellow southern busties!
yay! thanks!
we got any virginia busties in here? i'm in the VA for a month and am looking for some insider tips...
nc busties: is anyone else here doing anything to get ready for the stormS?
I know Hanna is supposed to maybe only brush Wilmington, but who knows about Ike & Josephine yet?
our town got really nailed by Fran back in '96 (the 1 year we were away & came back after) so people take it pretty seriously as we're only about 80 mls inland.
I went to wal mart (ugh) & the shelves were pretty ransacked but was still able to get what I needed & are probably as ready as we can be.
it'd nice if frecklette could get at least 1 Hurricane Day off school, sinse she gets screwed by never a real winter for a Snow day.
minus all the potential for damage, I luv hurricanes and have always wanted one named after me; it's a primal, elemental sort of connection I feel with them.

cocl: don't know enough about VA to advise, only that I love VA muchly.
the mr went to school there (VMI near Lex) & frecklette & I spent the night at a base near Bush Gardens last year; it's a lovely state and I hope you enjoy your time there.
I'm not in nc, but my family lives on the water in the Gulf Coast, so we always do preparation this time of year. We have permanent hurricane shutters that we close (we got sick of putting up plywood every year). Then we try to get as much as we can out of the flood zone. Something you might want to do is gather any important papers and put them in a safe place on high ground, but where you can get to them if you need to evacuate.
Does your family have an evacuation plan?
We were hit pretty bad by Ivan and then Katrina, so a lot more people are evacuating nowadays than used to.

(((getting through the storm vibes)))
Freckleface, I'm a couple hours inland so the people here aren't doing too much to prepare. One of my neighbors owns a lawn & gardening business and she said a few people have asked her to cut down dead trees before the storms hit just to be on the safe side. I plan on getting some more candles in case the power goes out for a while, but that's about it.

That reminds me, Freck. I have family coming into town next week. If the weather cooperates, my mom wants to run down to Wilmington for the day. Do you know of any restaurants that are right on the beach? Something with a good view of the water? It can be on Wrightsville Beach or even down near Fort Fisher. Just looking for ideas. Thanks!
rv: there's a place down at the end of Carolina/Kure/before Fisher beach.. Big Dady's Crab Shack maybe?
it's across from the pier.. am trying to remember, we ate there the time we vacationed w/ our friends & the food was super good. will have to call our friends & see if they remember the name bc they liked it more than us ( I'm not a seafood kinda gal).
not positive about the view either, again, will have to ask & see what they remember.
we stayed at a Mom/Pop hotel called the 'Sea Witch' which my friend & I loved -- we were like " look! they named a hotel after us! laugh.gif " and we drive by & pay homage each time we are there.

are you planning on taking your Mom to the Cotton Exchange? (& go to the ice cream & fudge shop right off the river for me please?smile.gif )
love it!
Freck, I honestly don't know where I'm going to take her in that area other than to the beach itself. I'd love more suggestions! Mom loves the ocean but she lives in a land-locked state so it means a lot to her to see the water.

I wish we had more than one day to spend at the beach, but we're spending the rest of the week near the mountains instead. We're going to check out a ton of waterfalls! So the good thing about the storms & the rain is that those waterfalls should be looking much nicer while we're there.
hmm, are you meaning Carolina Beach?
that's always my vote, but besides Kure & Fisher (all one long beach to me anyway) I don't know of any other's there in town.
love love love that area.

the Cotton Exchange in off the riverfront, across from where the battleship is anchored.
it's bunches of shops in a converted multi-story brick warehouse, but also for several streets all around it downtown there are oodles of interesting shops & eateries. there are at least 2 really good vintage clothing stores (1 is regular vintage, the other more antique type clothing) there as well as and the farmer's markets on Sat's (?) too. I wish you had more time, but maybe you & mr rv can go back explore together?
it's the perfect day trip to us just to wander around.

there'a a fantastic kit shop, Celt Import store, German Rest & I can't remember what all else in the Cotton Exchange alone, but if you're planning the beach 1st, it's too much for 1 day alone.

- have you considered taking your Mom to Myrtle?

where in the mountains?
the mr & I love Blowing Rock.
we went to a marriage retreat there last year and ohhhh yah, 'mountain time baby.' tongue.gif

didn't mean to overwhelm you with info here, we just hate fay & try to get away as often as we can, lol.
yack- hanna has shifted and is now headed right for the county I live in - they're even opening emergency shelters which I will not take us too, but geesh.
have everything in/down/secured from outside that I can get (even the big trash/recyc bins bungee'd to the fence) & have our emegency kits & leashes for the pupper's & our sherpa carrier for Airy & if need be we'll all go into the tiny downstairs 1/2 bath (about the size of a postage stamp- so me, frecklette, 2 Huge wild puppys & Airy our cat in the carrier she *hates* all in there. try not to envy too much, lol) and I cannot think of what else I have forgotten but I'm sure there is lots.

hate trying to do this alone. stoopid war. <kicks floor>
has started raining and wind is picking up, but I'm the only moron in my neighborhood rushing around outside getting stuff in- clearly I'm over-reacting?

southern busties please be safe in the next 3 storms and if I loose power & am mia for awhile know I am thinkin' about everyone & hoping for your saftey ~
oxoxo , freckle
wait, your bath is on the first floor? Are y'all out of the flood zone? If not, make sure to keep an ax in your attic (we just started doing this prep after Ivan), in case you need to get to higher ground fast. Other than that, just stay away from windows.

((((getting through storm vibes))))
Freck, I don't think you're over-reacting. You're just being prepared. I'm not even on the coast but I plan on securing our deck chairs & such today just to be on the safe side. It can't hurt, so why not?

Thanks again for the detailed info. I truly appreciate it! We won't be staying in the mountains themselves (we'll be at Lake Lure), but close enough to drive over if we wish. We'll be about 4 hours from home so we can easily come back if need be. I'm just not sure what to do about our cat. Should we take her with us to Lake Lure just in case? I guess we'll just wait & see.
crin- we're not in a flood zone and are in fact, somewhat higher up in our neighborhood so while it's somewhat remotely possible we could get watered in, we won't flood. <said w/ fingers crossed & knocking on wood>
frecklette's ceiling leaking badly or heaven help us doing worse I refuse to think more about as I've already put bowls & towles down & can't climb to the roof.
thank you for your concern, and the ax is a good idea too.

rv, depending on what Ike & Joesphine do, if you are able to go, I'd probly leave your cat at home w/ extra food/water & litter. have you done that before? I don't know about your baby but it might be too stressful to put her thru a temp situation like that, and then have to worry about her getting out/lost & then returning home again.
Airy is older and *hates* the vet & goes on hungers strikes when we try to board her so we store stuff up at home & even leave a faucet dripping (bc who are we kidding?smile.gif ) & it's always been fine.
protect anything you think she might be vengful towards and even leave a soft radio or tv on for her & I'll betcha she does great.
that's just us though and you know your baby better.

I hope you have a super Wonderful visit with you Mom & that she has a great time in nc too. smile.gif
all is ok.
a little flooding in the way back yard but not near the house so no threat.
no damage that I can see looking out our windows and the power flickered some but never went out.
verrrrrrrry sleepy & feeling silly but worrying so much for what turned out to be not much.

Rose, I got this video in an email from HSUS today with some advice about what to do with animals during a hurricane. Hopefully that link works- I couldn't find that video on their regular video page, just embedded in their fundraising page.
Hanna was very minor here. Just gentle showers. We didn't even get thunder or lightening! Thank goodness for that.

Freck, we were planning on leaving the cat at the house while we are out of town, but a friend of ours offered to come over & hang out with her (this friend is in college & she'd love to have a quiet place all to herself to study. Pkus she loves our cat so it all works out perfectly. However, I don't want to leave that friend wondering what to do with the cat. So. That's where it gets uncertain.

It looks like Ike may avoid the Carolinas afterall, so it won't really be a problem for me. I hat to see another hurricane heading towards Florida, though. This season has not been kind to them.
I'm glad everything turned out well for you freckle!
Well, the family is all gone now. They had a fabulous time!

Freckleface, thank you so so much for the suggestions for Wilmington. My brother and my dad really enjoyed the battleship. Originally they were planning on staying at home & just letting me & mom head to the beach, but then I told them about the battleship and all of that changed. They spent 4 hours touring it! My mom and I went to the Cotton Exchange which was very very cute & had free parking! Woo hoo! Mom and I wandered around downtown, then played on Wrightsville Beach for about an hour. After we picked up the guys we had dinner at the Oceanic restaurant right there on the beach. It was really nice to have dinner while watching the surfers on the waves. Loved it. So thank you, Freck! Our day was much more fun because of you!

Just so you know, we also spent a few days in the western half of NC hunting down waterfalls. I found a really fabulous book about waterfalls in NC, complete with rankings for the difficulty of the walking trails to each waterfall & a "beauty rating" to help you determine if it was worth the hike. We ended up seeing 10 or 11 waterfalls. It was so beautiful! And there are hundreds more waterfalls to see, so we might head back there sometime. For those of you in the Asheville area, you should definitely spend a weekend this fall looking for waterfalls.
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