In our old Lounge software, new posts always showed up at the beginning of threads. That was helpful, because jumping to the end of threads was not an easy task. However, the new Lounge software makes it very easy to jump right to where the latest threads are. It might be easier to format this board the way most other bulletin boards are formatted; with the newest posts coming at the end, rather than at the beginning, of threads. In fact, the new software can take you directly to the newest post since the last time you viewed the thread . The "Fast Reply" box can also be reconfigured so that it shows up right underneath the very last post in a thread (rather than at the top of the thread, as it does now). Please vote on whether you'd rather see the Bust Lounge maintain it's quirk of keeping new posts at the beginning of the threads, or, given the new software, that we conform to the more standard (and perhaps more intuitive) bulletin board confiiguration of putting new posts at the end of a thread.