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Full Version: Pip Pip Old Chap! It's The Uk Bustie Thread.
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Hello there! checking in too! I'm a Britisher who's been on Bust fors years, sometimes more active than others. I live in Berlin at the moment. Nice to see that Bust is getting more international!
i have big news!

dogstar on coldharbour lane in brixton has very tasty mexican food. huge burritos for a 5er and tacos and nachos and nice mole sauce. the breakfasts looked really nice too.
Surly! What's shaking, my former Chicagogo neighbor?

Good mole in England?? Incredible, this modern age we live in...
QUOTE(tart @ Aug 7 2006, 02:26 PM) *

Surly! What's shaking, my former Chicagogo neighbor?

Good mole in England?? Incredible, this modern age we live in...

yes, tart, it is a small world after all, tacos and burritos can be found almost anywhere it appears. i don't know how much i'd trust them in, say russia, but i bet they're there too in some capacity.

Mmmm.....My husband's cooking me a curry RIGHT NOW!
We haven't found a decent take-away, and this is the main food I miss. Along with Quorn pieces, and decent veggie sausages. Or, in fact ANY vegetarian food at all!
I'm in Spain, and they keep trying to trick me. I've cottoned on now though.
I went back to England last week, and drooled all over Tesco's. My case was heavy with mango chutney and lime pickle.

Is there any good telly on at the moment?

re: MI5 programme -Sorry Tart, I watched one or 2, couple years ago, but no idea who won.
margot i know of a really good veg restaurant in barcelona called sesamo, but i don't know how useful that would be to you.
angela, always
Well! Hello everyone.
I am obviously a newbie, but was very kindly directed here by mornington!
Thanks love.

I've just spent the last 17 years of my life in Canada, only coming to England to visit once in a while, after being born here and living some glorious childhood years here. NOW I'M BACK!

Please please please darlings, I am alllll the way in the south, but let me know if anything exciting will be going on! I'll be attending uni in Farnham after September start, so whereever, whether it be vegan food fairs, craft fairs, tattoo conventions, book fairs, craft shows, art shows, ANYTHING! let me know!

I just don't know where to begin looking! unsure.gif

Hullo there,
Special shout out to my scottish busties.
No offence to the rest of you but lets face it you'll never be quite as awesome ... kidding!!
Thanks to mornington for pointing me in the direction of this thread. Have given it a read over whilst trying to warm up in this FREEZING office. Not so good to hear all you English chicks are getting such amazing weather. The summer seems to have passed already this far up north. I swear it went past in like a week.
I suppose it's probably my own fault for cursing the sweat that it left me in.
Look at me moaning about the weather. How very british.
Big Love.
I know of a craft fair in london town... I will be there, manning a stall. Incidentally, I'm now open to suggestions as to what to actually call my... whatever it is. Earrings.

But otherwise, a good place to start is the craftermath forum (it's an offshoot of craftster for uk types) as they have a big list of exciting things going on.

And it's cloudy. grr.

surly, I'm going to have to hunt down a burrito. thanks for those places!
{{{UK Busties}}}

Hope all this terror hoo-ha isnt affecting any of you directly. I myself am a bit freaked
cuz my Brit Boy is sceduled to leave London on Sunday.

Put out yer best Bustie vibes!!
Thanks greenbean. I'm just thankful that they managed to stop it this time and nobody got hurt. Its horrendous to think of what could have been.

My stepdad arrived at heathrow from china last night and didn't really notice much different to usual, apart from a bit more security. He wasn't delayed at all.

However it has not helped my fear of flying at all unsure.gif and I'm going on holiday in a few weeks. Still at least none of them are from my town this time smile.gif (one of the 7/7 bombers lived a 3 minute walk from my boyfriends house - I still see his wife on occasion).

What really pisses me off is how Bush uses every terrorist attack/attempted terrorist attack to support his position in the middle east. Its as if he isn't that bothered so long as it gives him an excuse to keep going.
I hate the way Tony Blair uses it as an excuse to broadcast his support of the US government in some HUGE attempt to suck up. For why? He's like a mewing cat looking for a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears. He makes me SO MAD!
I was listening to PM on radio four (my goodness, I'm old before my time) and all I can say is: Bush is a twunt. And Tone is as worse. But I did like the "did they leave it so long because it would make Reid look shiny" idea.

Thanks Greenbean! I hope Brit Boy gets out ok - he should do. They're giving out lots of instructions about what they need to do and how much time they need to leave. Fingers crossed all the same, much vibing and all that.

Argh! Punker, the dresden dolls are coming to town! argh! I... must... get... the courage... to go into the devonshire arms.... the scariest goth pub on earth. unsure.gif . Maybe I should wait for the roundhouse gig instead.
If there is any humor in the situation its that I heard on the BBC "Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is on holiday..." I couldn't help but laugh, because EVERY time something serious happens over here the news is all, "President Bush, who is vacationing on his ranch..." gawd, I guess our boy Dubya has really rubbed off on yer boy. What turds.

Jesus Punker, you know a bombers' wife?!? Thats nuts.
Good luck on yer flight! I'm sure youll be fine. If anything things are safer now.

Brit Boy feels confident everything is safe, its the delays that are worrysome, because he has a connecting flight that if he misses things may get stressful. He'll get here eventually, I'm just so impatient!

So mornington, I'm curious, whats so scary about this goth pub? Sounds intriguing!
QUOTE(surly @ Aug 6 2006, 04:13 PM) *

i have big news!

dogstar on coldharbour lane in brixton has very tasty mexican food. huge burritos for a 5er and tacos and nachos and nice mole sauce. the breakfasts looked really nice too.

How many times was I in Brixton when I lived in England and I didn't know this?

I have eaten SO much Mexican food since I got back to the Pacific Northwest. My mother used to bring care packages of corn tortillas, chiles, refried beans, etc, when my parents visited. I understand what a big deal this is.

Surly, if you havn't yet, check out the Ritzy theatre in Brixton--very cool! And they've had movie/knit nights, too.

Oh, by the way, I hate John Reid even more than I did before, if such a thing is possible.
hehe, greenbean. Tony's always on holiday. I might be wrong, but parliament might be on thier summer break (they close for so long in the summer).

the dev is scary because, well, I'm not goth. This is a goth pub, in that you aren't alowed in if you're not dressed goth enough. You know like some places say "no trainers" - this place won't let you in unless you're in head-to-toe black, big goth boots and a scary expression. I like camden goths - most of them are lovely, too - but I am terrified of the devonshire arms. It's so... aggressively goth. I love it at the same time, though, it's such a landmark.
Ha! Thats so cute, mornington. When I *move to London* we'll raid the second hand stores of everything black and we'll go there. I'll protect my little brit sister! I'm American yo, from the streets of Oakland no less! (not that I'm at all intimidating but I can pretend to be)

So as long as the flight isnt too delayed, I'll have Brit Boy here tomorrow night.(fingers crossed)
Poor thing is gonna have a hellish day. Hope hes not too exhausted when he gets here...
I'm not friends with her or anything, I just know who she is and she her every now and again. I do feel sorry for her though, because she claims she had no idea of his intentions, and if thats true she had to deal with losing her husband, finding out he is a terrorist, becoming a single mother, having abuse thrown at her and an arson attack on her house.

We can all go! And take pictures and put them on here to scare off the bible loving ones who names we do not mention, because everyone knows that goth kids worship the devil.

Combine Mr Bliar who is always on holiday, Prescott who we don't trust with a tiny little department and yet allow to run the country when Tone is on his aforementioned hols, and John "Give up your freedoms" Reid and you end up with..... something really really bad.

Yup, ran out of steam a little bit with that one.

*good travel vibes for Brit Boy*

Saying brit boy for some reason reminded me of the phrase "cool britannia" and then I was sick a little bit in my mouth.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Aug 12 2006, 07:01 PM) *

Saying brit boy for some reason reminded me of the phrase "cool britannia" and then I was sick a little bit in my mouth.

Mwah ha ha! That cracked me up.

*~*~*~*Yes, safe and not too tiring journey vibes for britboy (I've been lurking over in LTAS wink.gif)~*~*~*~

are you going to introduce him to authentic burritos?
oh anoushh i know the ritzy! it's my favorite cinema in london even if i did get my bag stolen at the pub across the street after seeing cock and bull story there
Random piece of trivia: the memorial service for Angela Carter (British novelist I am writing dissertation on) was held at the Ritzy as was her favourite too.
Wow punker, thats sad about that woman. At least she is free tho, I'm surprised they didnt jail her for being an accessory,..I wonder how she proved that she didnt know anything.

Whats the 'cool britannia' ref? I wanna know!

Good vibes are working, BB is in flight right now...
Yes I'm going to introduce him to authentic Mexican food! In fact tonite I'm
gonna make my grandma's famous potato and beef fried tacos.
Its one of the only things I can cook!
yay greenbean! *crosses fingers* let us know.

We are so going on an adventure to the dev, punker. and you, gb. *goes to practice scary face in the mirror*.

cool britannia was the idiot phrase tone and his cronies came up with when he was first elected. They schmooze with noel gallagher (ooh) and other people... it's slightly sickening and reminds me of the millenium dome.

Gah, where did summer go. I'm so coooooold.
Is it really sad that I identify the new season of The X-factor starting as the onset of Winter?

Wait, don't answer that.
BunnyB - that's cool about Angela Carter. I'm an enormous fan too, and I used to live in SW9 and go to the Ritzy. I've read and re-read Shaking a Leg SO many times. There's a great piece on the old cinemas in South London.
Oooh another Carter fan! Shaking a Leg has so many great pieces in it on fashion, food, the Sixties, family ... I love the article on Colette.
Whoever was talking about guacamole - you put the pit back into the guac and clingfilm it, to also help prevent oxidation.

Though most of youse know me, I'll reintroduce - US expat, living in Scotland for coming up on seven years, PhD student.


slightly OT: best burritos in berlin

i thought someone in this thread was now living in berlin.
'Cool Britannia' makes me think of Geri Halliwell 'escaping' from her union jack mini dress. I may have to bleach my brain in order to re-cleanse it of that particular image.

Indiechick - thank you! I'm on the borders of Mitte as we speak! Only the other day I was joking with some ex-pat friends and fantasising that the quest for Mexican food in Berlin was endless. None of us had found any good stuff, but people kept mentioning some fabled place in Prenzelberg or Charlottenburg or... I will inform folk! Am here and blogging if you're on line in Berlin too!

BunnyB - yup - notice the Brooksie avatar! I keep meaning to copy the piece on Colette for a friend who loves her... I was gutted to miss the South Bank celebrations, did you go to any?
The Carter celebrations at the South Bank in June? Yes, went to the full day and maryjo kindly joined me (another fan!) It was really good to see so many people enthusing about her work.
I still haven't seen the Neil Jordan film. Maybe that's what i should go rent tonight? I'm feeling wolfish.
If you're feeling woolfish then it's definitely one to watch!
I was in London in 1996, got drunk, craved Mexican food and COULD NOT FIND ANY. I was staying in Chelsea and went around town a lot.

Glad there is some now. Is that a fairly recent development?

The only Mexican food I ever found in London was at The Texas Embassy. Certainly not the best Tex-Mex in the world, but when you're dying for fajitas, it'll work. They serve iced tea, too! All you can drink! wink.gif

My friend and I came from Boston -- a place that was too prissy to have good Mexican food except in a few very obscure places. Then, it became a trend, easier to find and we developed CRAVINGS, the way some people do for Chinese food.

We found just one or two places in London or Paris or Italy and they were lame -- but THESE GUYS are talking about chorizo, guacamole and other good stuff and sound like they know what they're talking about!

Yeah, once you decide you like it, you just really, really like it. Once it becomes introduced it just gets a hold and really TAKES OFF.

I had great food in the UK though -- and great tea, and didn't bother with most of the tourist stuff but spent most of my time in Camden, Neal's Yard and the British Museum.
Offense removed. Very sorry, truly. The friend that sent it to me is British, and I just immediately thought of this thread when I received it. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone. I wasn't thinking.
Um... that was a little offensive.

</humourless drive-by>
More than a bit offensive, in fact.
Yeah (sigh) it's the kind of thing my (British) brother sends me. I think I'm right in pointing out that more French people died in WW1 and 2 than Americans, and hello, resistance? Anyone? The other week I visited the Berlin-baed museum which marks resistance movements by Germans to the Nazis. It was very humbling - room after room of people who gave up their lives - and often lost their families – to fight the terror. National stereotypes are redundant in the face of that evidence.
Coming to UK in hopefully in March or April for a late bday present to myself! I haven't been back since 1998... (I lived there for a while for school). I've missed it so! smile.gif
only five days left till i'll be leaving for london. i am all excited. rolleyes.gif it's been eight years since my last stay there.

we'll be staying in a hotel close to the aldgate tube stop which my map claims is somewhere between spitalfields and whitechapel. i get the impression that that is a pure business-like area. is this true? is there any cool place we could walk from there to waste money on british beer?

do you have any recommendations for must-sees that are not in the everyday tourist guide? i know how it is around my hometown (berlin): some areas are just so clogged with tourists because the stupid guide books say that's the place to be whereas we berliners hang out somewhere else. cool.gif

if anyone of you will be coming to berlin, i'll be glad to throw out suggestions for non-touristy stuff.

ETA: will a tube ticket for zones 1 and 2 be sufficient for just the touristy things?
Zone 1 and 2 is fine. I'm just going out, but I'll try and think of some good places to go! You don't want the equivalent of some of those places in Mitte tongue.gif
you won't be far from brick lane and the shoreditch area, it is hipster central with lots of good clubs and pubs and restaurants, totally walking distance or just a short bus ride from where you will be.

there's a neat place calle bistrot walluc on redchurch st near lots of little galeries where you can get very tasty fondue. cafe kick on shoreditch high street has tapas and good drinks.

the S&M cafe near spitalfields is all sausage and mash (with veg options) and is really really good, there's another one up in angel as well.
Indie, I say go to The Black Friar pub, right across the street from Blackfriars tube stop, it is the most beautiful pub I have ever been in. The cloudy cider kicked my ass, but then it was my own fault for having 5 pints of it. Try to get a table in the back room where the mosaics are.

Also the Harrod's food hall is impressive. When was the last time you saw a two foot long lobster carved out of butter?
The Harrod's Food Hall(s) is out of this world!
Indie, I suggest you walk north to Kingsland Road and check out Passing Clouds - it's an arts club with regular happenings featuring classic films and odd catering. They recently had an evening of Georgian cuisine.

Check out a page at

Call 07951 98 98 97 for info when you get into town.

I was at the post-Cannes party and at the opening party. You're bound to meet interesting people at one of their screenings.
thanks, y'all. keep the good stuff coming... where's mornington by the way? i am a little bit surprised that she hasn't already posted a gazillion of suggestions. laugh.gif

@godslioness: do you think harrod's food court is the same as the KaDeWe's delikatessen section? ;-)

you called? I've been "busy" tongue.gif

Camden camden camden... clogged as hell but it always is. and brick lane and spitalfields market. St James Park is nice for a stroll (they have pellicans!) in the evening. I don't know east london all that brilliantly though. I must be having a brainless moment unsure.gif .

I've been trying to hunt down the most painfully hip coffeeshop in london. So I can order tea in it... any suggestions?
IndieChick - KaDeWe is wayyyyyyy too classy! Harrods a la Al Fayed is really a sight to behold. I'm surprised they stopped with the lobsters - why not a whole sea scape plus pirate ship made out of butter? laugh.gif
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