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Full Version: Pip Pip Old Chap! It's The Uk Bustie Thread.
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So, should I come in March or April??? I guess I should check the fares first.

whichever suits/costs less. I'll pop down on the train and mornington will hopefully be around as no lambing! The only weekend I can't do is Sat 31st march/Sun 1st april as it's my own birthday and the boy will be up.

I say early march or late april. so i can definitely be there... that said, I can always arrange my animal husbandry so I can be around (me and my priorities) so whenever is cheapest. smile.gif

bunny - there are ice rinks all over the place in the winter; there's one at marble arch, and one at the natural history museum and I think there's one at kew which is meant to be brilliant. They'll be on the internets somewhere in a few months, but you have to buy tickets in advance (they sell them on ticketmaster)... check the natural history museum website, they had a link there last time. There's also a fair outside the natural history museum which is rather good. Um... selfridges window is always worth a gawp (as are most of the big shop windows on oxford/regent street). I think I need to find a christmas fair or something... I know there are loads on...

I'm coming home for Christmas! Hurrah for surprisingly cheap flights!

Dec 20 to Jan 4 in the UK, Dec 23 to Jan 2 in Scotland, Glasgow for Christmas, Edinburgh for Hogmanay...

Oh my god, it's going to be freezing. smile.gif
yay for cheap flights, maryjo!

did a bit of research and thinking it will be ice skating at dusk at natural history museum (they also have a christmas market) and the frost fair at the globe if we have time. Obviously Oxford Street is a must and the food halls with their festive food ... mmmm.

hopefully i will have found a winter coat by then, I am not inspired.
*peeks in*

hi everyone, i have a bit of a weird question......i work as a graphic designer for an apparel company that sells to delia's, urban outfitters, forever 21 and the like and apparently the popular thing right now is "british" themed apparel--t shirts with union jacks on them and whatnot. i'm looking for a good, simple phrase that makes you think of england or london, etc. there are a lot of things out there already that say "god save the queen" but my boss thinks we'd better not mention god. i don't want to use something totally corny like "pip pip old chap", but if you have any suggestions, i'd love to hear them.

Off the top of my head: "more tea, vicar?"
"lie back and think of England"

For inspiration I would look at anything to do with the Stones, Queen and The Beatles? (although I'm not sure if that's getting into copyright issues).

Red buses make me think of London and I have a purse from Covent Garden market with one on it. Also, the tube map (there's a painting in the Tate Modern and I can't remember who the artist is but it's the tube map schematic with figures from art, literature and philosophy repalcing the station names).

Oh and London Bridge is falling down, the Plague, the Great Fire of London, Shakespeare, Dickens and Sherlock Holmes.
Royal mail postage stamps with the queen's head on (I think I've seen t-shirts like that).

/off to think some more.
the painting is called The Great Bear, I think. I heart it. Also the musical tube map of london... must go to covent garden and purchase that.

"mind the gap"
"oh I say"
"just not cricket"
"and there's a pidgeon on the pitch" (obscure cricket reference)
"mornington crescent" (yes, I know...) & other tube stations.
"sticky wicket"

... I'll think of some decent ones when I'm not so hungover
I love it (y'see any postcards of it you know who to send them to wink.gif)

"going to tea with the queen".

My fair lady quotes.

Wicked is getting great reviews and I can't wait to see it in December! My friend is going in November and her tickets were a third of the price of mine!

I may have found a winter coat.
The tube map painting is The Great Bear by Simom Patterson, bunnyb. I have a poster of it on my wall.

Hey, mouse! US Anglophilia is a weird thing, but of course it cuts both ways – Top Shop and H&M in the UK sell shirts with 'San Francisco' and various other American things on them. I'm trying to think of a good phrase... I like 'More tea, vicar?' but it might be a bit too culturally specific!

Something involving the word 'mate'? Or the very Cockney-stereotype 'guv'nor'? "Alright, guvnor?"

The name of a county cricket team?

Oh! "We are not amused"!
Hello everyone! I've not been around lately because ...... I moved to london a week ago! And I'm still in the confused, lost stage.

Jumping on (or rather running after the departing bandwagon) - Things I'm looking forward to this winter-
- Tights (I've already bought some)
- Hats
-Fingerless gloves
-Ice skating
-Sitting on the roof of my building, with hot chocolate, enjoying the view down oxford street as the christmas lights are turned on... Yeah, you know you're all jealous.

On a different note, does anyone know where I can find a knee length denim skirt?

I want to go ice skating outside the natural history museum! ooh, how's freshers? last day for me tomorrow... "beerdrinking" rolleyes.gif

Have you tried m&s? or camden market? /not especially helpful

decent tv
winter-weight duvets
hot alcoholic drinks
I'm really looking forward to ice skating outside the natural history museum, my weekend is going to be fab and romantic.

punkerplus, Cath Kidston does one.

Bought my winter coat today! has anyone seen mustard gloves anywhere? I need them to go with my chunky mustard scarf and not finding any.

I have- coat, scarf, hats
- 15 tog duvet
- ideas for Christmas gifts (at least I haven't bought any)
- festive outings planned
- It's a Wonderful Life on dvd

I'm looking forward to - starbucks' festive drinks
mulled wine
mince pies
More to add:

Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, I'm really looking forward to that.

New, cosy pjs (hell, it doesn't have to be the darker seasons for me to be excited about those).

Thick tights (punkerplus, I've invested in a few pairs alreasy myself and resisted lovely chunky knit grey ones in marks cos they were £10 and an't justify that, especially when the sun is occasionally peeking through).

not looking forward to chapped lips and red nose although do like cold-induced rosy cheeks.
I keep wearing my new autumnal knitwear only to find myself sweltering by lunchtime.


I too have a fab winter duvet, a duck down one from BHS. And felt sheets, present from US rellies.

Other things: drinking red wine by the fire with the mister.
Decent films in the cinema.
A city (relatively) devoid of clueless, crane-necked tourists.
And ditto on the satsumas.

Punkerplus, your view sounds superb!
thanks for the suggestions ladies!
It is officially winter. Well, maybe not officially but I'm calling it out, last night was COLD *brrrr*. Not quite winter coat and accessories wearing weather yet but definitely big wooly jumpers, boots and hot chocolate drinking weather. Speaking of which: I had a yummy butternut fudge hot chocolate yesterday, mmmm. This week I need to stock up on soup and satsumas for my vit C fix (to ward off nasty winter cold). I also started my Christmas shopping ohmy.gif .
Hey Bunny, just wanted to let you know the party that was to be this weekend in Glasgow is off- am going to a ceilidh here instead- so I'm not ignoring you, just not going to be around after all!
hey finabambina! no kvetching? I wondered what was going on... hopefully you'll come through soon! Have fun at the ceilidh!

so, the boy and I will be in London to see Wicked the first weekend of December and I'm thinking of staying on an extra day, if some London BUSTies wanna meet up? I was thinking maybe the Sunday night (the 3rd) we could go to that Soho mexican that was recommended?
It's chilly here in the morning... I'm thinking of getting the gloves out tomorrow. New gloves... mm, mitteny goodness.

aaaaaaaand... I know this should go in abfab in all likelihood... but it's a london happening...

IPB Image

If you've got no plans, pitch up, say hi, follow bunny's lead asnd start christmas shopping in october! /shameless whoring.

me bunny, me, me!
Hello laydeez,

Just a quick note to say that technically I'm currently not a UK BUSTie sad.gif because I've Spain!! Woot! Yes, I finally made it.

Hope you're all well!

And my contribution to the expressions is anything Dick Van Dyke says in "Mary Poppins", ha ha ;-)
I'm in Spain too! How funny, we might pass each other in the street.
Nothing else to contribute. Feeling rough.
Just stopping by to wish you all a happy Bonfire Night!
thanks rose. bloody fireworks vex me.
it's like a sodding war zone round here. luckily the hound isn't bothered (or at least shouldn't be with several ml of rescue remedy down his throat). dry.gif
QUOTE(margot @ Oct 29 2006, 08:46 PM) *

I'm in Spain too! How funny, we might pass each other in the street.
Nothing else to contribute. Feeling rough.

What city are you in, Margot? I'm in Madrid.
Ha Ha! SNAP!

Shall I pm you? (-yes, I probably will)

Are you enjoying it? I love it, but am just starting to feel a little homesick. I've been here about 9 months.
angela, always
hellooooo everyone!

just wondering if anyone knows of any vegan grocery stores online or off in the uk?
i'm in the south of england, but if it's online, it doesn't matter where i am i suppose.

i've been trying to find something, and i just can't find anything.

looking for something along the lines of food fight! groceries, or vegan essentials.

let me know! thanks!
vegan store

vegan village (lists vegan shops, restaurants and accomodation UK-wide)

The veganstore is online. I'm not a vegan, I simply googled and came up with these resources, but maybe maryjo will pop by this thread soon as she'll know.

oh, and welcome smile.gif.
I don't know, actually – I always got my vegan supplies from the nearest health food shop. The best health food shop I know in the south of England is Infinity Foods in Brighton, but if you're in Brighton you'll probably know that already...

Ordering 'health food' online always seemed really expensive when I looked into it – but Abel and Cole do organic veg delivery in London and I'm not sure where else and they are very good and reasonable.
Aah, my beloved Brighton! -Making me homesick....
Angelalways, try It's a veggie/vegan store and restaurant locator. I hope it's of some help
angela, always
thanks very much.

unfortunately i'm not in brighton... YET.

p.s. vegan store is EXACTLY what i was looking for.

there is a health food shop where i have been doing my shopping but there are a few specialty items i couldn't find.

pip pip ladies,
i'm pretty new around here and thought i'd introduce myself (I already did on the newbies thread). I live in Manchester, is there anyone else here in the area?
continuing on the looking forward to winter thing, I'm currently enjoying the cold weather as an excuse to:
  • wear my hella cool new tape measure scarf
  • bake cakes for presents
  • cuddle my cats
  • and drink lots of mulled wine and spiced cider at the christmas markets
hi sophia, good to see another uk bustie. I'm in london (but from chester really), but we're all pretty spread out... I'm not entirely sure.

I must make some mulled wine this christmas.
In Manchester we have great christmas markets where you can get so many different flavours of mulled wine, its amazing! I'm totally addicted to the cherry one.
hi sophia, I'm in Glasgow but my boyfriend is currently working and living in Manchester so I'm down every few weekends or so. Won't be down again until after Christmas, unfortunate as the markets sound great!
are london busties ok?! tornado hit.
I used to live in Glasgow! Its such a lovely city, I still visit all the time.
As well as the markets there's an outside skating rink in Picadilly Gardens, I really want to go, but am scared I'll make a big fool of myself and fall all over the place! I used to have lessons when I was a wee gal, but that was a v long time ago!
I got the new Bust today!! was going to be all restrained and save it for the train tomorrow (got a 3 hour journey to Newcastle) but instead I spent all afternoon curled up with a giant mug of hot chocolate reading! It was good
angela, always
hey everyone!
hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays.

just wondering, if any of you uk busties have an international subscription? if so, do you have any problems with it?
angela, always, I have a UK subscription and have done for maybe 2 years and haven't had any problems... sorry sad.gif.
angela, always
bunnyb- thanks for the quick reply... hopefully it'll be sorted out soon!
To the UK Eddie Izzard fans (mornington, I'm looking at you): Eddie's new 2 part drama Kitchen is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm and concludes tomorrow.

is anyone else coming out of the woodwork to meet star, bunny and zoya (and me, obviously tongue.gif ) at the start of next month?
I would love to. Unfortunately I am confined to a conference in sunny Lincoln. I was thisclose (as zoya can testify) to meeting up, but I am super broke so am unable... will be back again, maybe even while ms z is still in london!
*wanders in*

*wanders back out*
I'm coming to Glasgow, I'm coming to Glasgow! I looked into the prices this morning, not too bad. Straight from Denver it looks like a sixteen hour flight, but I can handle it. It should be a good precursor to Australia. Scotsmen watch out! AP is comin' to town, kickin' ass & kissin' boys!

Well, not so much kissin', but you know what I mean!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am so excited! AP's coming to my city, AP's coming to my city... *does snoopy dance*

what dates?

morn, are you making that visit then? syb, what about you? fina, are you out there?


who cares about scotsmen, let's drink! wink.gif

ETA: ... and kick ass.
color me jealous! i wanna come too!
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