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Full Version: Pip Pip Old Chap! It's The Uk Bustie Thread.
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could anyone help me out please? I was doing a similar quiz earlier and number 92 gave me the strongest sense of de ja vu and I'm desperate to find out what the cartoon was called, anyone know?

eta: it's quiz #1
Could you tell us the question so we don't have to download the quiz and get sucked into a huge vortex of procrastination? smile.gif
I loved Borough Market and the surrounding area (including Neal's Yard Dairy, which may be my favorite place in the entire country. Ok, not favorite, but close.) And I love the whole Arts and Crafts era, so Liberty was fantastic, just for the Tudor Hall if nothing else. Gorgeous.

Some other small, less well known things I liked were Sir John Soane's museum (free), John Keats' House, Brixton Market, Leighton House Museum (with the gorgeous arab hall that I'd always wanted to see in person) , and I don't care if it's touristy, it's worth going to the Tower of London. The Globe was fun, too. And the V&A.

I still can't believe I never made it to Blackfriar's Pub.

As these are things to my peculiar tastes, they might not be for you, but they were things I enjoyed.

MaryJo - I am so impressed by your will power! I wouldn't have even thought to ask that, and it would have been a procrastination black hole...
I'm sorry, I can't cos it's a photo from a show... It's distracting me no end! But I'll live wink.gif.

Two mice, mama and son and mama hanging washing and pins son up on washing line (indoors) by his ears. I'm not sure if it's false memory but I think I remember the pic from a book... The image itself is what's familiar as opposed to the characters.
I actually went and looked at it (because I am that intent on procrastinating) and after all that I'm sorry to say I have no clue bunnyb! I probably don't have the cultural references.
@mornington: thanks for coming to the rescue! smile.gif camden, camden, camden... as in going to the market and buying doc martens with flowers on them? that's what i did last time. what else is there to do up there?

wow, just two days left...
Camden is a good place to start walking along the Regent's Canal.

Going west takes you to Church Street Market (after passing by London Zoo and the London Mosque), if you press on a few streets above ground as the canal goes into a tunnel, you'll find the canal popping up again in Little Venice.

If you go east, you'll eventually find yourself in The Angel. If you keep going east, you'll find yourself on Kingsland Road, not too far from where you are staying.

Weekday walks along the canal are very quiet: they take you through many random parts of inner London and there are plenty of places to leave the towpath and explore local streets.
The Ratties! Phew.
I remember that!!

thanks for all your suggestions! i'll be back on monday to report what we actually did. just five more hours... smile.gif
Indiechick, yer in Berlin, right? Is it pretty cheap to live there? Is it a vibrant art scene like I've heard?
Do people ride bikes a lot?
Sorry I'm asking this in the Brit thread, but I want to live in Europe for awhile and I'm
afraid London is too expensive (and Britboy isnt ready to have me live with him, which is cool, not
sure I'm ready either)
Anyway I've heard cool things about Berlin,..maybe its a match for me (?)
Kingsland Road=good, cheap ethnic restaurants.
Green Bean - you can PM me if you fancy. I'm a Brit who moved from London to Berlin for pretty much all those reasons (the bike paths were a factor wink.gif ). It's great here!
One of my coolest, most laidback friends adores Berlin and has a lot of friends who live there.
It would be so much easier -and cheaeper- for you to conduct a LDR from Europe than from the States greenbean!
Thanks guys!
I moved my question to 'On the Road..' if anyone else has insights.

So I hear you UK Busties lost the summer (?) Does it come back or are y'all destined to wear
coats until Spring?
ha ha hmph. Not quite coat weather but almost ... it's definitely Autumn (I'm not really complaining, I LOVE this time of year, moving into winter and the lead up to the holidays). I'm resisting buying a chunky scarf I'm lusting after (well, two) as it's not cold enough ... yet.
Bunnyb, I'm with you. This is the best time of year. I can't wait to get back into my duffle coat and chunky knitwear. I always associate this time of year with new beginnings and fresh starts, although that could be because I've been in higher education waaay too long.
(you should buy the lusted after scarves. Knitwear protects against germs. Scientific fact.)

Green Bean - one of my bestest friends lived in Berlin and is absolutely in love with the place. OK, that's not particularly helpful, but it is a great city (apparently - never been myself).

Woohoo - first post! Better hightail it to the newbies thread.

Oh btw, I live in Scotland and I drink too much tea. Hello everyone!
Whereabouts in Scotland, rednettles? (you can PM me if you prefer). There's only a few of us about and I'm in that dear green place Glasgow.

Hmmm, now I have my health to justify the scarf buying... thanks! New beginnings is right, I associate it with winter wardrobe/uni clothes (i.e. clothes) buying and any type of shopping excites me!
You guys are making me miss autumn! It hasn't rained here since I arrived, which doesn't really seem right.

*looks out of window at neverending perfect California sunshine*
And you may even have a sunny Christmas!

Oh, and enjoy your Fall complete with winter coat buying, soup drinking and falling leaves wink.gif.
i'm back! really really tired but happy. rolleyes.gif

we went to camden (where i bought shoes at the aldo sales shop for 10 instead of 40 pounds... go me!), the british museum (the roof is incredible!), tate new modern, covent garden (last time i was there it wasn't such a tourist trap as it is now - i was quite disappointed), the spitalfields market, brick lane market, had awesome food at a bengali restaurant, lots of beer and cidre at salisbury pub, freud (somewhere close to neal's yard), and the black friar's pub. wow. i am feeling the need to sleep for two days straight.

and to my disappointment, the office sales shop is gone. so just one pair of shoes for me. but they are still cute.

thanks to all the people who came up with suggestions. i bet there's more to add to the list what we actually did and saw but my mind is being crushed with all the impressions right now. thanks again.

ETA: if you take a look at the first two pages of my photo stream, you can see some of my london impressions.
So, I'm anticipating winter in a BIG way: I bought a 15 tog duvet today! I'll be toasty this winter.

I'm also going to go buy that scarf tomorrow (and maybe the other Cath Kidston one later in the year).
I made it through last winter in a duvet of a coat and some fake UGGs (no, I don't care if they aren't cool any more, it was minus 20 some days!). I loved the winter though, and the cosiness of it.

Indie Chick - glad you had a great time in London!
I don't mind winter as long as interiors are heated sufficiently. I always feel that the interiors are warmer in continental Europe than in the British isles. I don't want to put on an 'extra jumper' in my own home!

Then again, I feel the cold to a silly degree and hate layering, so I'm probably not helping...
So Blair is stepping down, huh?

(oh, and thanks again to Godslioness and Indiechick for yer PMs. I'll keep you posted when I know more about if/when I'll make the trek!)
It's the summers that are hell in the UK--no screens on windows, hardly any AC, buildings designed for colder climes and thus to retain heat, and global warming all over the place.
Summer was also the only time I was glad I didn't live in London (not counting the subway bombings, of course--that's another scale entirely) as public transport in the summer = hell.

Also, happy birthday to Maryjo!

No matter how much pressure Bliar gets his ego and sense of self-importance is so fucking huge he won't go until he's literally (physically nearly) forced out. Instead of crying like Maggie I picture him at the end with a totally stunned look saying something like "but don't you know who I am? I've got the moral case for prime minister-ship. Obey me!"
Yes, even though it's much hotter here in LA, I actually feel cooler a lot of the time than I did when I lived in London because the city is built for the heat.

I'm told that I can expect to feel surprisingly cold in what passes for winter here, as nowhere has any insulation... my apartment does feel oddly flimsy sometimes.

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes!
Maryjo, you may get cold in LA!
I'm in California and I have friends who come from snowy, colder climates and they still manage to feel the cold here!
Winter is definitely on the way - while walking home a couple of nights ago I had my first teeth-chattering of the season. But then again I am a wimp.

Bunnyb - glad to hear you bought that scarf, but you should probably buy the Cath Kidston one too, just to be on the safe side.
Well, my sweaters (packed around my books, my books, my lovely books) are arriving tomorrow, so I'll be prepared. I wish it would rain though, it seems very unnatural to go six weeks with no rain.

Whereabouts in CA are you, greenbean?
rednettles, I may just do that ... the CK one is far lighter than the chunky knitted one I bought so will be required for milder days wink.gif.

glad your books are arriving maryjo! that must be a relief.

do any uk busties know whether walkers sensations still produce slow roasted lamb and mint flavoured crisps? there have been a couple of requests for this info elsewhere on the board and I'm not sure.
My books are here, my books are here!

*Does book-having dance and looks up several random French and English words in the dictionary to celbrate*
ah, the ignore tool is such a wonderful invention!

I know this may be a long shot, but since we're all UK busties.... Does anyone in here know of anyone going to the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival in December of this year? Who might, by any chance have a spare ticket? I'm desparate to go and it just sold out, boohoooo! Gutted! Please let me know if you do know of anyone.

I'm in San Francisco, Maryjo!
I have also lived in southern California.
I have a lot of friends who have moved here from Michigan who bundle up for winter, and I'm like, "You had to shovel snow out of yer driveways for years and a little fog is bothering you?"
Its all relative, I guess!
Hi, just been browsing for a while, My name is Nicola, and I live in Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've also just tried to book for ATP... missed a text from a friend telling me there were only a couple of chalets left... bah!
for those who love books as much as i do: library thing .

by the way, i decided to hang out in this thread. the british isles are a little closer to my home than the us so since my european thread disappeared, i am now a voluntary uk bustie.
hmm... anyone going on the reclaim the night march in november? London busties?
Oh, I love San Francisco, greenbean... I spent a year in Berkeley 5 years ago, and I think a sizeable portion of my heart has been there ever since.
Things I love about the inpending season:

winter coat shopping
autumnal/wintery colours (wardrobe and scenery)
christmas shopping (yes, I'm commercial but I love it so, I enjoy people's faces lighting up when they open a well-thought out -and bought with love- gift)
the red cups coming (starbucks seasonal cups and beverages, *see above about commercialism but it makes me warm and fuzzy)
decorating the christmas tree with my mum
winter wardrobe - is it bad that I have outfits planned for when the weather becomes milder?
soup, the warming food of choice over the coming months
on the downside... I went into sainsburys yesterday and they're already selling santa-shaped chocolate. It's september and we haven't got halloween out the way yet.

I have a knitwear problem... mm, winter shopping. Also, the underwear all becomes nicer - I think there's something about winter that makes people think "yes, we must sell knickers in black and hot pink".

I am also planning to eat a lot of soup. Leek and potato especially.

Mulled wine.

as in, you have a dislike for knitwear or an obsession? I bought a beautiful knitted swing cardy yesterday.

Mmmm, nice underwear, not a thermal to be seen.

Cuddling up in duvet or throw with book whilst the rain pounds against the window or a mug of cocoa and a dvd.
I love knitwear and I'm loving the return of black opaques. Zara's got some great basic knit tops in grey and black btw...

I actually like the dark nights; I sleep so well in winter.

Not having to dither over what jacket to wear as I've a boxy black winter coat I can wear with anything.

Not having to use a foot file twice a week.

Abandoning all efforts to get a tan and embracing pale skin.

Oh no, I loooove knitwear. M&S has some really good stuff - I know the cheap jumpers are acrylic, but the colours are wonderful.


The return of my velvet coat.


An excuse to buy the knitted peacoat from gap.

Conkers. I no longer play but I love seeing them on the ground.

Swanning around in all my pasty pale glory is brilliant


the dash between the steamy hot bathroom and the bedroom to get dressed in the morning when it's absolutely fucking freezing in the kitchen.

hot water bottles

(thought: it's twenty-something degrees outside...)

Oh stop showing off!
It's no-where near cold weather yet, and I can't wait to get new boots and a coat.
But no. People are still wandering round in shorts here!

Never mind. I was feeling homesick, so I'm going to make myself my sister's favourite 'dog turd soup'. It's peanut butter, tomatoes and lentils. Mmm...

My poor little girl's ill today, so we're cosying up together. Hurrah for X-factor and Finding Nemo!
I'm thinking of making an impromptou visit to London next weekend. A change of scenery and a Krispy Kreme or two would be lovely.
*plots to kidnap bunny*

come see meeeeee.

Today it wasn't especially cold, but I wore my boots and a jumper anyway. I feel suitably autumnal as the leaves have started falling in the park.

I just wanted to pop in here and say I've got an Eddie Izzard VHS tape that is BPAL, and of course I can't play it here in the US. If anyone has a VHS player and would like the tape, let me know and I'll be happy to mail it to you. It's not doing me any good here, and Eddie's too good not to share! It's his Live at the Ambassadors tape.
London BUSTies: can you recommend a nice, romantic, outdoor ice rink for the boy and I to go to the first week in December please? also, are there any christmas fairs we should go to? any decorations/trees/lights we should go see, particular shops to visit during the festive season? We've never been in London around that time before.
Thinking of possibily coming to London in Springtime for 30th bday celebration. My bday is in Feb, but I wanted to plan a trip like in March or April. I haven't been in so long. And I'm dying to go shoe shopping and hit some plays.... smile.gif

And meeting all my lovely UK busties as well!

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