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Full Version: Pip Pip Old Chap! It's The Uk Bustie Thread.
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In the changeover I noticed that scottish busties had gone the way of the dodo and so I thought I'd start it up again, but with a different name because I never really wanted to post in there, because I'm not scottish (even though I knew it was for all UK busties).

So here we are. Now I'm off to direct some newbies!
bwah-ha-ha! I love the title laugh.gif !

/doesn't have anything important to say
punkerplus, you've made the point "I never really wanted to post in there, because I'm not scottish (even though I knew it was for all UK busties)" twice (the first time in the community forum) and both times I've found it offensive. It comes across as if you objected to a UK busties thread being classed as Scottish and protested by not posting there (even though you knew it was for UK busties - that suggests that you didn't want anyone thinking you were Scottish.)

I presume the thread was started by one of the Scotland resident busties to find local busties and then derived into a UK thread as it was needless waste of threads to have both.

I think the title of this thread is very English and it's not something I identify with but it won't stop me posting here as there are many UK Busties (UK by birth or resident in UK) who I want to communicate with.
Woo, and we're starting out with a nice example of inter-UK-country politics! Anglophile Americans take note, it's not all tea and crumpets over here you know. Sometimes it's oatcakes and fighting. wink.gif

I'm a Scottish-by-birth bustie who frequented the old thread while living in Berkeley, Edinburgh, Brighton and London. I have to admit I always enjoyed having Scotland be the default of UK-ness since it's usually England... but I don't mind England getting a wee turn either.

I'm not on the boards so much any more, but I do keep up with three or four threads - I shall make this one of my regulars. Though I'm moving to Los Angeles a week tomorrow (aaaargh!), to dop my PhD, so I shall be a UK bustie by nationality only.
Woah, way to blow things out of proportion bunnyb! My only point was that when I first joined I didn't realised it was for all UK busties. I had been here for at least a year, if not longer before somebody told me, and by that time I didn't feel comfortable going into a well established thread with no particular topic. Is my not posting in the NYC thread a "protest" and a sign that I would be insulted if someone thought I was american? Or that I don't want to communicate with any busties from NYC? No. I personally wouldn't find it appropriate. I also thought that if it had UK in the title then it might be easier for newbies to find their way here. The only reason I mentioned it in here and in the community forum was because I didn't want people wondering why i'd changed the named. I did ask if anyone had any name suggestions but as no one replied I took it upon myself to make one. I thought it to be a light hearted look at the way we are often portrayed and didn't mean anything serious by it.

So can I make it clear that this thread is for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh (and ex-pat!) busties and any American, Canadian, European, Asian or Australian busties who just want to chat with us.

Puts oatcakes back in basket and pulls out freshly buttered crumpets and a punnet of strawberries.

What are you doing your PhD on maryjo? I remember you mentioning it before but I've never known.
hey hey, british busties! so is it all about the virtual cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches, or...? my main question is still: how does this all work, how do you get conversations going (how do you get a profile and a picture, i must look like the most boring person ever to have landed here) and things along those lines... i'm so new at this and pretty technophobic, so it's a wonder that i got this far! if people have advice i would be v v happy to hear it! hope everyone is having fun in the sun - if no-one else has mentioned it yet i'd like to say HOORAY for a british summer that actually involves some sunshine, following the non-event of last year when there were about four hours of niceness. what does anyone else think? is it too much? a lot of people i work with seem to resent the loveliness entirely, and stay in the shade all the time. either that or they already have a funny kind of tan from those moisturising things you get these days. come on, people! this kind of glory doesn't last forever! and yes, you need to take care of your skin and it is quite nice being pale and interesting if you are generally surrounded by the orange folk of johnson's summer skin and similar, but even so... i find something disturbing about a nation that manages to complain when it rains and complain when it shines, so i just wanted to say 'hooray'. and now i have. rant over, and sorry if i scared everyone away.
i'm off to italy for nine days so that i can compare our sunshine with theirs, but... hope to have some replies and some advice when i get back, if that's not too cheeky a thing to write, and hope you are all sunning yourselves in sensible ways.
ps mary jo, i finally joined... and it has nothing to do with having to stay late at work, i swear... so, yeah, even though you're heading off to the US (grrr i'm going to miss you!) you're still gonna keep stalking people here, eh? happy to hear it!
pps punkerplus, thanks for the special attention! :-)
Hello there shebangs! (Does shebangs sound a bit funny? Hmm, we'll work on that) Thats alright, and I'm glad you saw it as special attention rather than harrassment!

I am loving this summer, although I have had heatstroke once already this summer - oops. That wasn't entirely my fault though! And I do get annoyed when I can't get to sleep, but I'm one of those stupid people who has to have at least a leg under the covers, otherwise I feel unprotected....because a quilt can stop a knife obviously. And I would go for the cucumber sandwiches but Mornington has got curry into my head. Grrr.

Where in Italy are you going?

Do we have any North England busties here? Or welsh or irish busties? I was wondering that after my post earlier.
bwah-ha-ha! I am the curry monster. I want curry myself, but had to be content with pesto. I need to do some food shopping. Mmm, maybe I'll make aloo ghobi tomorrow.

I can, if you like fulfil the requirements of being a northern and welsh bustie. I have a scouse accent occassionally (usually when pissed or around other scousers) and the grandparents are welsh. I can say "fanny" in welsh. It's an achievement.

shebangs (you've now got ricky martin lodged in my tiny brain) if you go to "my controls", and then look on the left, there's a column of links... go down to "personal profile" & "edit profile information" etc. You can play around there as much as possible. Pictures are under "edit avatar setting"

maryjo, good luck with your move! don't forget to let us all know how it goes. (memo to self: get livejournal)

I'm dying in this humidity. I can cope with the heat - hell, I've done hotter - but I always wilt a little when it's humid indoors. A friend of mine - the farmer I did my lambing with - was saying they've had to start combining already 'cos the crops are so dry. I like the sunshine plenty, but I miss the rain. One of the things I love about the uk is the greenery. Regent's park is like a freaking wasteland. And the bunbun hates the heat, she's lying on her side so that her belly can cool off.

*flings self at bunny* dahling, how are you? I saw books today and though of you. I felt I needed a reward for handing in my lambing report. Now I just have to procrastinate over revising.
My paternal grandmother is welsh and I was born near liverpool where all of my family are from. We just moved down south when I was really young (so I don't have the accent any more). Hows that for odd coincidences?
the maternal grandmother is scouse - gramps comes from portsmouth - but they've lived in north wales for more than thirty-five years. I was born in australia.

My accent is pretty fluid, but it settles somewhere in the public-school snob range - it just varies with who I'm speaking to, and how much I've had to drink at the time. Case in point: my ex - I go very posh. My ex's flatmate - I go scouse. My flatmate - I head for northamptonshire.
Maryjo, are you really leaving next week already? Whoa! Good luck pumpkin!

I'm a Canadian living in Scotland. I am loving the summer, it feels like a proper summer! Although I know that for it to get nice and warm up here it is likely wretched and muggy in London. Sorry. I'm still grateful and will lap up every ray possible. It helps that it still cools down nicely at night here so I always get a good sleep.

Bunny, I'm hoping to go to Scotland's Secret Bunker on sunday!!
I know, Fina, I can't believe I'm off so soon! It's quite surreal.

Punker, my PhD is in English - my area of interest is gender/queer studies and contemporary American subcultural writing, or something less or more pretentious depending on who I'm speaking to. I've done a lot of work on science fiction.

Shebangs, I have been sitting here going 'I know her, who is she, who is she?' and I even found all your posts and saw which city you live in and your age and thought 'who do I know who's that age in that city' - and then it suddenly dawned on me in a blaze of light and I quite literally slapped my head against my forehead in comedy fashion. Welcome to my internet world, Ms XXX! It's great to have you here, will definitely ease my missing of you out there in the offline world.

The Bust Lounge software has changed recently so no one really knows what to do with it, so you'll be in good company with the figuring-out (I can't make a picture upload either, for some reason). I will own up and say I find it's not as intellectually stimulating in these parts as it was a couple of years ago, but you can still find some good conversations around.

I passed my UK driving test today. Go me! In an automatic so it was a bit of a copout, but most people drive auto in the US anyway...
punky, I don't think I was blowing things out of proportion but I can see that it could come across that way. I was honestly offended by your post and wasn't sure why it got to me so much, first time I let it go but second time I just couldn't, y'know? As you've said, it was completely innocent so cool.

fina, and Scotland's secret bunker would be ...? (remember my knowledge of Scotland isn't that good for a Scottish lassie!)

*flings self back at mornington* I am so tickled that you saw books and thought of me! what did you buy? Couple more months and then I too can read for purely pleasure.

marjo - how exciting!!! Did you pass your drinving test(s)? I'm booking my theory and then hopefully practical for end of September and beginning of October. eta: CONGRATS!!!

I too am loving the weather; in London I found it very mediterrean-esque and easy to shop whilst drinking a frappacino (or sit in the shade whilst drinking one) but not conducive to doing anything which actually involved effort - so nice place to holiday but wouldn't want to work there. As an aside (mornington), the boy finally finds out where his first year's placement will be this week so I'm hoping I will be in your city once a month! (If he's placed elsewhere we're going down for another long weekend in September and see Wicked! the musical biggrin.gif )

Here it is humid and unbearable at night but I do not miss the rain (we do get it a lot more!) I am also being eaten alive by midgies and my SAS approved Avon Skin So Soft was nabbed by the boy's sis for her great Canadian trek.

My grandparents are both Irish so that makes me a quarter (is my maths right?)

shebang! welcome wink.gif
bunny, I got salaam brick lane, the almond, the abortionists daughter, this historian and female chauvenists pigs. oh, and the virgin suicides. I am just glad my new house has shelves! ***fingers crossed for the boy***. You will definitely have to come visit lots, especially if he's going to be down here.

yay! maryjo!
OOH! None of which I have -apart from The Virgin Suicides which is great- so now I'm suffering from book envy! The Almond has been in my Amazon basket for an AGE and Female Chauvinist pigs certainly seems popular around these parts recently!

I plan to visit lots even if the boy's not down there (although obviously more frequently if he is) as I had such a fun and relaxed time this visit. I really needed a break and even in the hustle and bustle it was soothing with a lot of fun activities/BUSTies/and some quality me time and shopping.
waterstones. the answer to everything. especially when they're doing 3 for 2. biggrin.gif

salaam brick lane is good; I've wanted FCP for ages but it's only come out in paperback recently... I have such a problem.
I am sorry bunnyb, I guess I should think about my words more carefully.

Abortionists Daughter I'm reading at the moment. It is good, but not page turningly good, and at the moment it seems very predictable but I'm hoping there will be a big twist. You need to tell me what you think.

And Female Chauvinist Pigs - its not often I say this about a book, but it did make me challenge some of my views and wonder if some of my ideas of sexuality were more societal than...!

That sounds perfect maryjo - sigh. Are you excited? Or just terrified?
Both, punker in oscillating quantities depending on the time of day! smile.gif
Erm, just thought I'd pop in to say hello!

I am originally from Cumbria, but now living in Liverpool.

That's all for now really!
Hi all!

I am originally from Canada but have been living in England for the last 5 years, lately in South Bucks.

I have just finished reading Female Chauvinist Pigs and found it v interesting...some of the points it makes had kind of occured to me (ish) before, but in the book they are presented in a very coherent way so that you are looking at a phenomenon in its entirety (more or less). It amazes me how much things seem to have changed in what seems to me anyway to be such a short span of time.

Anyway, I really just wanted to stop by and introduce myself, I am.

Morning all! I'm originally from Northern Ireland, but have been living in London for the last 6 years. Am I the only Irish Bustie in here? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Big kisses and love to everyone! XXXXX
everyone who called me 'shebangs' - ok, i guess i asked for that! i don't even mind that it reminds people of ricky martin, because ricky martin reminds me of popbitch and that can't be so awful. on second thoughts... hmm.

maryjo - well done on passing yr driving test! and for figuring out who i am... what took you so long? :-)

so, um, i'm not really from the north OR the south... i was born in manchester and have lived in north wales, yorkshire, buckinghamshire, northamptonshire and oxfordshire (i'm going for all the shires, eventually)... had a slightly strange nomadic upbringing which means that i'm almost accentless, and no county will claim me. but i feel slight affinities with a lot of different places. and my favourite place is not actually in the UK... favourite place on earth is definitely the bay area. lived there for a bit too.

maryjo - i know you'll be in LA, and it's not quite the same, but even so - am very, very jealous!

i think i will have to fiddle with the controls (uh-oh) when i get back from italy (punkerplus - i'm going to rome, bits of the amalfi coast and sicily. more importantly i'm going to chill)... hope everyone is still having good times in the sunshine, & i look forward to speaking to you again soon!


Hey y'all!
I'm not British but I have been turning into quite the Anglophile.
I have a question: Are there any burrito shops in the UK?
greenb, burritos are mexican, yes? There are a goodly few mexican places dotted around, but I can't off the top of my head think of somewhere that specifically does burritos. if you google burritos + london you get, which gives a list of restaurants by cuisine. (hehe, greenbean's an anglophile... I feel I should make a joke involving one englishman rather than the species, but can't think of one tongue.gif )

shebangs... it wasn't intended to be rude. it just... *promises to call you thedrums from now on*. That and bloody ricky m gets lodged in my brain remarkably easily.

pointybird - between me and bunny, there is another half an irish person in here. (paternal grandfather). Can we count?

there is a new burrito place in soho that just opened like two weeks ago. as an american expat i make it my business to know where to find mexican food! i haven't been yet but my young man has and found the food to be quite good. it's run by an expat from san diego. sadly, i cannot remember the name.

there's also taqueria in notting hill, which is good but pricy.
mestizo (i think) in bloomsbury-ish area, which is good but mild spice-wise even when you ask them to make it spicy.

and green and red in shoreditch, but i haven't been there yet and find the notion of charging THAT much for tequila somewhat offensive

oh and there is the vile texas embassy where they serve you guacamole that will make you hate avocados it's so vile.

we're going to be back in the states this autumn (look i didn't even say fall!) and i plan on eating loads of tacos and burritos to make up for the lack here in london
Bunny, I am tempted to say that it's a secret, but really it is nearish St Andrews. It looks like a really neat place to visit.

Chibi, where in Canada are you from? I'm from Victoria but have lived in Van and Guelph before coming here.
Ha! Come on mornington, I'm sure you can think up something!

So yeah. I may just move to London but the honest to gawd first thing I think of is: "how can I live without burritos?!" I have an american friend in Paris who says thats what she misses the most,.. and when I was last in the San Francisco airport I befriended a German with a shitload of tortillas in tow, claiming he couldnt get them at its a fear of mine...
I'm mexican decent and if I had any biz savvy I'd start my own joint out there...funny how attached we can get to certain foods...

But anyways, I adore UK folk. You are all so witty and on. love it.
Something Surly didn't mention is that, while there are a few burrito-selling places, the burritos there will be exponentially more expensive than you'll expect burritos to be!

I'm a British California-phile, and I looove burritos. Can't wait to be able to buy 'em cheap again...
but greenbean, I can't remember what the latin (or is it greek) for lust is.... seriously, you're thinking of moving over. woo-ee!

maryjo is right... burritos are going to be expensive. I make what I think are burritos myself. I'm fairly certain they're not actually burritos, tbh. Tesco sell tortilas though. I wanna know where that place in soho is! *goes off to google*
Did you find out the name of place in soho, mornington? I must go, the mexican places in Glasgow are not so good and I will go ANYWHERE there is good guacamole. Burritos I've never had (if our road trip comes about, mornington, then I think quality mexican food will be staple of our diet when there!) but a great fan of tacos, nachos, chilli and quesedillas (sp?)

The boy will find out in the first or second week of August where his placement is; there's a delay on the IT placement because of restructuring within the bank. The majority of management placements for IT are in London but he doesn't want to get his hopes up yet.
I'm a US expat and burritos are near the top of the list of the things I miss living t'other side of the Atlantic. They do sell the El Paso stuff at Tesco and other supermarkets, but it's not the same. I think the secret to guacamole may be lime juice... when we were in Mexico lime juice seemed to be in everything. Maybe greenbean can confirm this?

Glad to see this thread so busy!
I can remember putting lime juice in guacamole... but I don't make it that often. I have to admit, I like the el paso refried beans though.

Bunny, there are a couple of places that come up. I'm just hoping surly comes back in and has remembered (is it "break for the border"?) And then I think a trip will be on... (first london, then the world... mwah-ha-ha)
A trip is definitely in order!

I like to add to my guacamole to taste but when I'm being lazy or busy or both I can't resist M&S guacamole which is to die for - such chunky bits of tomato.

Oooh, may have to go buy some...

OMG, how could I forget fajitas?! Fajitas are my favourite - chicken - and the supermarket (tesco or otherwise) is good to get the staples although I prefer Discovery to El Paso.
you have to put lime or lemon juice into guacamole or otherwise the avocado will turn into a yucky brownish-greenish mess very shortly. the lemon juice keeps it from oxidating (?).

i'll be in london for four days by the end of august. i guess i will spend most of my time shoe-shopping while the boy does the touristy stuff. are there any sale / outlet stores for shelly's and / or irregular choice shoes?

by the way, i am german and living in germany, so i will mostly lurk in this thread. if i weren't living in berlin, it would have to be london. damn, i love that city!
Hi indiechick!

I LUUUURVE irregular choice but I don't know of any outlet stores for them - if there are any I would be very happy! mornington will probably know, I'm pretty sure she's a fan too. Schuh has a good selection of Irregular choice and ebay is always good to pick some up.

The birkenstock shop in convent garden is a must-visit if you're a fan. I bought a pair there in June (on sale!) and am sending the boy to pick up another pair (papillios!) next week. There's a good selection of shoe shops on same street.
thanks for your reply, bunnyb, but i have very weird feet (short, narrow, and flat) so i will always have to try on shoes in person and can't order online. otherwise, they won't fit.

and thanks for the birkenstocks suggestions but they are german-made so there is no way that i will buy them in london when i could get them here cheaper if i really wanted to. thanks anyways.
D'oh! *slaps head* of course they are! Ah well, the street is still good and give Schuh a visit to try the irregular choice on as I know how funnily made they are.
indie, office sell irregular choice - the office sale store is on st martin's lane - between covent garden and traf square, near the noel coward theater (where they're doing avenue q). It's the best - and cheapest - place I can think off, but it's pot-luck what you'll find.

I think I need to change "advanced member" to "gobby know-it-all" tongue.gif *wanders off to find doodle*
Duh! Break for the Border! It's on Argyll St just off of Oxford Circus. I say 'duh' because I used to work there many moons ago. They had burritos, fajitas, pitchers of margaritas and 'shooter girls' selling shots of tequila. As I remember they played Def Leppard, but that was a while ago.
Yes, ya'll, lime is a key ingredient in guac!

As for moving to London, thats just a 'hmmmm, what if?' thought right now.
My Brit boy is coming to see me in three weeks (his first trip to the states!) and he asked if things go
brilliantly would I move to London (seeing as how he has a good job and I dont...)

But you know, when he shows up we may realize we got ahead of ourselves and nix the idea,.. and I'll stay here with my beloved burrito shops smile.gif
Oooh, I'm so glad that there's a UK Busties thread again, and that it's so busy. Thanks for starting it Punkerplus (who I still think of as Miss Jane)! I also love that we're talking about the weather.
Anybody else got a cracking storm going on? biggrin.gif I love storms, especially ones which might break the heat!

And thats alright funnybird, I shall keep my past usernames close (epecially ones that weren't snatched by dingoes!)
we had lightning. and then it pissed it down. it's stopped now, and it's cooler. Sort-of.
found the name!

the beach burrito cafe on berwick st. jeremy says the burritos are about 4.50 each, i'm guessing that's for the veg burrito and meat ones are probably more, but he also says the salsas and other sauces taste right and aren't all watered down.
Thanks surly! read a review of it online and it sound good. May try my first burrito when I'm next down. A Chiquito has opened here but it's very chain-like and was not impressed by the food, except for their guacamole.

eta: I am having real issues with the lounge today, must be a sign that I should go do some work.
'Ello, 'ello!
Can I squeeze in here?
I'm from dahn sarf, but I live in sunny Spain this year.
Ooh, this is nice! I shall look forward to peeking in here, and seeing what's going on in dear old Blighty.
Right, ladies, I appeal to your BBC-watching prowess to provide what ye olde Internet cannot...

We had a BBC3 import air here in the States a year or two ago - Spy. It was an elimination-style competition, taking ordinary volunteers & putting them through the paces of MI5 spy training. Tartman & I were glued to the first 5 episodes, then for god knows what reason didn't watch the rest of the series.

I thought about it again today, and am damned if I can find any information on who actually won, either the episode challenges or the whole series.

Anyone able to fill me in & allow me to get back to work?
Hi there!

Have just announced myself i the newbies bit so thought I would pop in here before I let myself loose on the rest on the forum. I used to post briefly about a year ago but kinda gave up... to 'busy' I guess though that is a pants excuse. But the new look site has inspired me!

I am born and bred and still reside in Scotland.

And today the weather is fab!

Hello quink! And yes 'busy' is a pants excuse, but I have submitted to that too - damn you real life!

And tart, I'm sorry but I have no idea at all.

Ugh work was rubbish today. Thats all I really have to add.
Hee hee! I have NO idea what work was like today as I pulled a sicky. For the first time in about 3 years and BOY did it feel good! To be fair I was genuinely ill yesterday so just stretched it out but still, hee hee!

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