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Hello Florida Busties!
I know you're out there...let's get this started.

It's a typical summer day in Tampa; thunderstorming as I'm writing this.but at least it isn't 97 degrees.
Tell me again why I've lived in this state all my life.

(shuts down computer to protect from lightning strikes)

Shoulda proofread...
The word Florida should be capitalized in the thread title.
(slinks away embarrassed,after shutting down computer,for real this time)
hi sillygrrl! i'm up in jacksonville. no thunderstorms here today. yet...

come on, florida BUSTies! come out and play with us!
Hi! I'm in FL. Hating it though. I'm fantasizing about moving somewherethat actually has fall. Ahhh, fall.....
I'll come play! I'm in south Florida, near Fort Pierce. Being a native has made me so sensitive to cold that I need a sweater when the temperature drops below 75. At least, I blame my un-hardy nature on that. wink.gif

Sillygrrl, I think you've lived here so long for the same reason I have; I'd be so freaked out by semi-predictatble weather that living anywhere else would cause my complete breakdown. Yeah, that's it....
Hey, Florida Busties- (Uh, all 3 of you,uh..)

Atomic Holiday Bazaar is coming!
"Not your grandma's craft show"

Sunday, December 10, 12-6 pm.

Sarasota Municipal Auditorium

60 exhibitors, 2 bands, fashion show with the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins roller derby squad & BEER!

$5.00 admission

I'm going to be volunteering there that day. So psyched!!

It would be dope if some of you Busties could come for this. I'd love to meet you!

Florida Busties:
If any of you gals are coming to the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, stop by & say hey!
I'll be working 12 to 3 at the concession/beer area. (I'm the tall, Vintage Bustie that could almost look like Joan Jett, if you squint.LOL.)
See you soon....

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