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Full Version: Fave Positions?
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I'm getting bored of all the same old same old, but the guides and books seem to require more flexibility than I can manage, so I thought I'd ask...
What's your favorite position?
hmm..92 views so far and no replies..
It's hard to actually describe a lot of positions without actually being able to see it. If I'm ever interested in finding new ideas I search online for actual drawings or pictures-I've found some articles on iVillage or even the Cosmo site (wretch, I know) but they do create ideas because they'll show a visual of what the position is supposed to look like.

I think we've had positions threads before, but they never really went anywhere because of this reason. Anyway, welcome to Bust, noot!
if you like it from behind, here is a fun trick to make it feel different for both of you:

have him enter you from behind while you are laying flat on your stomach. make sure his knees are planted to the outside of yours.

once he is in you, cross your legs.

you now have a ton of countrol over your tightness. have fun!
Has anyone checked out the Cosmo Kam Sutra?

"The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 77 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions" has 175 sexual positions, most of which you have already done, and if you haven't, it is because they are physically impossible. The book gives positions like doggy-style, or sex with the woman on all fours - the new, snazzier name of which is Standing Tiger/Crouching Dragon. Now, if you ask your boyfriend to do a Standing Tiger/Crouching Dragon, he may not be as thrilled as if you simply ask him to throw you on all fours and have sex with you from behind.

The names are not the only enhancements to your everyday sex positions. Each of the 175 positions comes with erotic instructions, an explanation of why you'll love it and a helpful Cosmo hint on how to get the most out of each position. Each sex style is also ranked on the top right-hand side of the page with a certain amount of flames to indicate the level of difficulty, or the "Carnal Challenge" as it's called."

The Erotic Accordion looks like fun.
IPB Image

Personally I always liked reverse cowgirl. I love getting a view of a woman's ass and at the ame time my experience has led me to believe that the odds of a woman cumming increases when she is on top. I love getting credit for itting back and relaxing...

one of my favorites is me lying on my (left, to be spesific:)) side in a kind of a fetus position. partner on upright on her knees (yeah, it's hard to describe these things). i like it from behind and this hits me in the right spot, also easier to touch myself at the same time than while lying on stomach. also this position makes me feel tighter, or so i've heard.
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