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Full Version: Can Rough Sex Lead To Bladder Problems In Any Way?
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I truly didnt mean for this to be my FIRST post... but after reading the Urinary Tract Infections thread in another forum on here, it made me really want to get feedback on this and whether I should be pretty concerned...

I like my sex rough a lot of the time, lol, and I've noticed that when my boyfriend goes as what feels is "too far" when he thrusts, afterwards, I end up having a very irritable bladder... I'll end up going to the bathroom every ten minutes with barely any pee... I SINCERELY apologize if all this sounds too informative- telling strangers about my sex life and bladder habits, lol... but as said- it makes me wonder if the two are definately connected and could be serious? Has anyone else gone through this?
Yes the two are related! I believe my doctor used to call it honeymooners cystitis. You boyfriend is essensially bruising your bladder. Cranberry juice can help soem with the inflamation, but the best thing is to just not let him get too deep.
I have had this problem, too. I am sleeping with a guy who is out of town a lot, so I don't have sex for a while, but when he comes back, we do it a whole bunch in a short period of time. He is on the big side, and I like it rough, too! I try to "premedicate" with lots of water, cranberry pills, and a ton of vitamin C, and I think that helps. This also has happened when he is doing a lot of G spot stimulation on me. It's funny, my therapist also called it honeymoon cystitis.
This also has happened when he is doing a lot of G spot stimulation on me.

That's because your G-Spot is made of paraurethral (para=around, urethreal=urethra) tissue. Because it surrounds your urethra, it makes sense that when it's stimulated you'd experience irritation when you pee.
MasochistMuse, don't feel you should apologize - that's what this forum is for!

Pixie is right about cranberry juice. My partner will be home in a few weeks (we hope) from two years abroad, and I'm advising all my girlfriends to invest in Ocean Spray now. It works both before and after.

So does Biaxin. If you are in serious discomfort, get thee to a Doctory, they can relieve the symptoms in a trice for you.
Thanks you all... I didnt expect them to have a name for it, haha. Interesting.
I'll definately have to invest on getting lots of cranberry juice, because he does try not to go that deep, but when we get further into it, sometimes it accidently happens. :\

Maimy: thanks, I was worried about putting something so personal... and I was hoping it wouldnt be too much info and scare you all away! tongue.gif And congrats on your partner coming home from abroad! Two years is a very long time- I'm sure you two will have A LOT of catching up to do... ahem. biggrin.gif
ehhh..... i have been having this problem also. i'm very prone to urinary tract infections and when i'm sexually active i get them a lot. the guy i'm with now is also very rough, which is good, but sometimes too much. last week when i left his place and got home i started getting horrible pains, was bleeding, and had to go to the emergency room. they gave me the medicine i needed and i'm fine now, but i'm not sure how to go about explaining all this to my partner.... i'm embarrassed about it and i don't want him to feel bad, but he is very understanding and i know that i really need to say something. any advice on how to go about doing this would be awesome... thanks
phatttkattt, maybe say something like, "I really enjoyed the last time we had sex, but I ended up bleeding quite a bit, which tells me we need to tone it down. Let's try ______ and ______, and use lots of lube. I'll let you know if I'm feeling like it's too much, okay?"

If you bled that much, you really do need to be extra careful. Using extra lube is never a bad idea, either. Maybe come up with some gentler activities (oral, or mutual masturbation, or something) to do together until you're ready for intercourse again, and/or just make sure you're communicating during intercoure so you can tell him if/when it's too rough.
phatttkattt, listen to the red head, she knows of what she speaks!!! smile.gif

i've had both the honeymoon cystitis syndrome as well as bleeding because the man in question was just so frelling HUGE.

i'm not sure why you were bleeding, phatttkattt, but it could be because you weren't wet enough, in which case you should ask for more foreplay, or use more lube, or both. it could also be because he is just big in comparison to your size, and he is either bruising your cervix or your vaginal walls or both. being on top gives you more control over how much you take inside yourself and how fast/hard the thrusting is. a lot of guys love being able to see more...especially with reverse cowgirl. they don't normally get such a great view.

you could also just tell him, simply, that he is so BIG that you need to do these things. he probably won't mind hearing that, since many men seem to think that size is an issue.

best of luck!!

Wow. sad.gif Don't ever be embarassed to tell someone what you need when it comes to your health! If you're having to go the emergency room for godssake then by all means put your foot down about the roughness. Tell him! If he takes that badly, so be it.
It seems like everytime CR and I get together I end bleeding a bit. I'm not sure if he's just bigger than what I'm used to or if it's because I wasn't active for about a year and 1/2, could it be both? Any suggestions?
There are lots of explanations for bleeding during/after sex, dynamite. There's an article here that might be helpful for you.
Theredhead...Thanks so much for the website info...glad to know I did the right thing.
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