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hmmm, how about validating members can't check out profiles.

I know guests can't, but what about that change.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 14 2009, 04:21 PM) *
What about the guests that lurk? We get a LOT of guest traffic; at any given time there may not be a legit Bustie on, but there will be plenty of guests hanging about looking at whatever they like. Right now there are 69 guests, five Busties, & Steve.

See, at work if I can sneak in here, it's always as a GUEST. I don't log in because it's a shared computer. I'm sure there's lots more Busties in the same boat.
Where is the DIY section? The natural, make it blend it cook it up section for food and health and makeup? Tips and tricks for common household foods you can slather your skinbag in
There are threads about food, makeup and DIY stuff all under "Absolutely Fadulous".
Not too sure where to post this, so I'm thinking here.

The troll thread is locked. No posting, no input...
WTF happened to the EDIT function???

ETA: Oh there it is. Wait, it's not there on some of my posts?

WTF happened to the IGNORE function?
Are there any crafting threads on here? Either I am extremely dense, or they are well hidden - I can't seem to find any! Thanks grrls.
Madame, this question would have been best addressed in the Community Forum, but considering all the recent fuckery around here, I'ma just say they are in AbFad & are usually extremely easy to find. She's Crafty has been busy like a whore in a bootcamp as of late.
Ok, I know I shouldn't be this nitpicky and I should just sit on my hands and shut up and hope that the vol-mod thing works out....but why is there a notation thing made every time I edit a post? If I misspell a word and want to quickly change it before feeling stupid, why can't I do that without notifying the world? huh.gif
WORD! I have the odd "teh" that I'd like to edit or something won't strike me right after being posted & I want to fix it. Like, my last post here has that weird notation because I initially put "I'm a" instead of "I'ma". I know it seems finnicky, but I'm particular like that. This new "edited by @" thing is fucking with my OCD.
I'm not a fan of that either. I noticed it early last week. I don't really know what the point is especially since you have no idea what was edited.
Word on the annoying little note.

Another issue: the edit function expiring in 10 minutes or so? I think people have always approached the more sensitive threads (like BDSM, anal, Sex Worker, and the overall licence to admit "who I cheated with last night" in every thread) with the feeling that they can say anything they feel like when they feel like it, and in case of "privacy decompression", if someone sniffs out their Bust habit, they can always go back and clean up the compromising posts. I've seen veteran Busties clean up their confessions months after posting them.
I feel the amazing openness and lack of self- censorship that I so enjoy about the Lounge was built up to this level partly because of this very factor - otherwise it is too open, i feel the cold wind blowing, so many eyes on us sweetly shooting it here. It's easy to forget that and feel intimate, but then it sucks when you remember, or are brutally reminded, and can't do anything about it.
So is this how it will be from now on?
I just have to make certain readjustments in my openness level if I am in a way carving in stone what I am saying here as part of my history forever. I'd like this change to be announced and discussed.
What do other Busties think?

But I admit I am a privacy freak, so I may be a minority on this.
I didn't even realize it was doing that, seven. That's totally crappy. We need to go back to the old settings.

With all the drama, I can understand why they did it. They didn't want anybody going back & trying to clean up any shit they might have said. But, I think we largely have more integrity than that & that we'd own our shit without that function being in place.
maybe they wanted us to know THEY weren't going back and cleaning up or changing stuff we had least, that's what i thought it was about.
I didn't realize there was an edit button expiry now either. As someone who works in a sensitive field, that makes me uncomfortable. I already feel like I edit myself somewhat because I'm worried about what folks may find (hence my name change in the last year and removing my location) but to know I can't change anything I post is a little unsettling, especially since I don't think any problems in the lounge have ever been related to editing posts.
Has anyone PMed TPTB about these issues?
I tried to post a thread recently, and I keep getting an error message saying I don't have permission. Have I been blocked, or do you have to have so many posts before being able to start a thread?
Yes, Issy, you have to have a specific number of posts to start a new thread. We have had troubles with trolls starting dozens of nasty threads at a time, so that safety is in place.

Also, because we are a self-moderated board, it is standard operating procedure for one to go to the Community Forum to submit one's idea for a new thread for vetting by the Community. This is done because we discourage vanity threads/most topics already fit into a preexisting thread. This solution was reached by the Community as a whole to keep from gumming up the works around here. We all try to work together to keep the clutter to a minimum. One of the nicest things about the Lounge is that you don't have to wade through forty useless threads to find the one you are looking for. So if you have an idea, do drop on by & pitch it. If there's any interest, we'll let you know!

Oh, & I know at least eight of us joined that anti-labiaplasty group on FB that you posted!
I cleared my cache (I say that like I know what I'm doing on this computer or something, ha!) a couple of weeks ago and now I have to sign in to the lounge every time I come to the site. Doesn't the cache thingy I dunno, fill back up again? Why can't I stay logged in? It's bugging me.
I'm not sure if this is the best place to post a question, but I would like to send a pm with an attachment, and I have no idea how. All I can find is "manage my attachments" but I don't know how to upload or put attachments into the manager in the first place. The help menu says that if it's activated, I can send attachments in a pm. How do I activate it? Thanks to anyone who can help me out!
angie, I don't think we have the capability to attach files to PMs. I could be wrong though.
d'oh! Oh well. Thanks!
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