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When I try to go to "first unread post" it takes me back to April. I have been away for awhile (since April, presumably), but I tried an experiment - I actually "read" through a thread from April until today. Unfortunately, that didn't fix it.
I don't get it, why is it, when I view last post by soandso, I reach the first post?!?
I guess it's the same thing, that msp already mentioned... but it's annoying as hell.

ETA: How could I forget this?

Loungelady, I'm begging you: please ban the trolls!!!
oh, i just noticed that the "advanced poster" thing under poster names has been replaced with BUSTie and Hardcore BUSTie. cute. better than that other thing. i like it.

same about that view last post thing too. it's weird, i get shunted back to april or may each time no matter when the last time i looked at that thread was.
Okay, didn't know where to put this, so here goes...

Is it moi, or is the Mood Music thread gone? And if so, do y'all mind if I start it back up?
Community forum is the place where that usually gets asked. Just so you know.

(I don't have an opinion on the thread idea one way or another. Sounds fine to me, but I'd probably not contribute to it. How's that for unhelpful. Sorry.)
*smacks head*

Ah, yes, community forum. I looked all over the entire lounge and managed to not see the community forum! rolleyes.gif
Can't remember which thread this was answered in, but I know there was a solution...just don't remember what, or where!

Can anyone tell me how to permanently set your default log in as invisible? I know you can check the box every time you log in, but there was a way to make the box checked by default each time you logged in. I just don't remember where to find it. I can't see the options in My Controls -> Board Settings....


doodle, log out (upper left) and you'll see option, check it then log back in.
Thanks Bunny....I know that you can check the box when you log back in - I've been logging in this way. smile.gif But I am wondering how to set this so that it is permanently checked, so it doesn't have to be done each time - to make it a "default" setting. There was a way to do this, which was posted somewhere, but I just can't remember it.
Ah sorry, thought that was what you meant. I'm not sure about default setting; do you have to log in each time? I check both remember me and log in as invisible so I'm always logged on as invisible each time I visit.
Whether or not I have to log in each time depends on where I am....I don't like to leave myself logged on, say, on the work computer!! smile.gif Or if I'm visiting someone and using their computer.

*bangs head*

Why? Can't? I? Find? It?
i just don't log out at home and i'm invisible all the time. if i do log off i have to click the invisible box every time i come back. if i log in on another computer i have to click the box too. if you have your cookies setting on your computer set to clear regularly it might make a difference too, no? so says the technophobe, ha ha.
Giirllss, i wanted to ask if theres a topic that talks about diet pills?? I haven't noticed one and I would like to start a discussion about it but I'm not sure.... maybe there's one that I haven't noticed!
dani, these questions do best in the community forum, this thread is for technical stuff with the site.

there are some weight related threads in OBOH, i'll bet your query would fit in one of those and you'd get lots of replies from knowledgable and experienced gals.

(freaking i before e rule, does it EVER actually apply?)
if the community forum is pinned - can you still post in there? i don't really even know what it means when it's pinned...
you can definitely post in there. i think it means that the thread can't be moved - say from ladies to abfab.
i'm pretty sure it means that they stay "pinned" in place. in other sections of the board the latest thread to be posted in goes to the top, if it's pinned it stays put.
aaah! thanks!
Ok, so this has prolly been posted manyatimes, but how many posts must a newbie post before they can post a new topic?


10- but stop by the Community Forum thread first to ask if there's an existing thread (old archived threads can be revived, so even if you don't see them, they may have existed in the past) or if there's interest in the thread- no point in starting it if no one's going to respond. We just like to avoid redundant threads.
There's a way to hide your name from the active users list, right? Anyone know how to do it?
Logout, and then use this form to log in instead of the username/password stuff on the front page, so you can select to be invisible.
just a quick question, but i see alot of people have their picture next to their posts and i can't figure out how to make mine do that. anyone know how to fix this quandry?
*scratches head*

When y'all post a message, are all the different thingies (love my vocabulary?) like Bold, Text Color, etc. just empty buttons with red x's? And is the box where you write your message giganto long and breaks the frame?
Because I've been having computer problems, so I can't tell if it's just my laptop, or if the board is still all screw-y and bug-y from when they changed it. It's been like this pretty much since they changed the lounge, and I just haven't had the time or internet connection to find out if it's just me.

(...I really shouldn't try to describe things after a long shift at work! lol)
i don't get red x's and the reply box doesn't look particularly big to me...
as for the picture next to your name, go to your profile and add your own avatar.
check it out! there's my picture! thank you ever so much!
ok, so i have been doing some basic reformating of things on my bust blog, but i have a few questions to format it the way i'd like. what's the code for links to "last entry" "next entry", "entry index", "new entry", and what is the code for printing the last entry itself? thanks!
i'm sure this question has been asked before, but i have been scrolling for awhile and haven't been able to find it. how do i get the ignore function to work? i'm trying to avoid pictures of dead fetuses.
DJ, just click on the link below & on the page that comes up, click on the "Update Ignored Users" button. Problem solved!

Click here!

thank you so much, roseviolet! problem solved in seconds, you're a doll!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ May 2 2007, 11:38 PM) *
ok, so i have been doing some basic reformating of things on my bust blog, but i have a few questions to format it the way i'd like. what's the code for links to "last entry" "next entry", "entry index", "new entry", and what is the code for printing the last entry itself? thanks!
I'm pretty sure you can't do much reformatting with the blogs, at least not like you can with LJ or diaryland or those sorts of features. The basic skin will be whatever the reader has selected as their forum skin. That said, my forum might be using a different version of the blogging software (we disabled all version broadcasting as a way to limit hackers from finding us by googling 'invision board 2.1.7' or whatever).
any idea why I have -3 New Messages showing on my PM alert? I hadn't exceeded capacity but have since archived messages and still receiving that message. How do I get rid of it?

eta: ah, have I been sent PMs and they've been deleted before I've read them? tsk tsk.
I see now that the message disappears once I've received more PMs.
I want to start a new thread in "Friends and Family" about raising your kids without screen time (movies/TV/video games). Or, just reducing it drastically. I have a new baby, and I was first interested in this when I read "The Big Turnoff: Confessions of a TV addict trying to raise a TV-free kid" by Ellen Currey-Wilson. It's a great book! I emailed her, and then my husband and I got to meet her and have lunch with her in Portland where she lives. If we started a thread discussing this, I could get her to come on and post and I think it would be really interesting. She has a Yahoo group but I don't think the format is nearly as good as the Bust thread format.

Oops, sorry--moving this to the "suggesting new threads" area--
Quantum or Lounge Lady, Is there a way for us to do the following in one step?

--ignore a user
--block a user's private messages
--prevent them from adding to your "comments" section?

Or if there's not a way for us to do those three things in one step, can you change it so that it can be done in one step?

I already have my comments section turned off.

But I just think it's ridiculous that I have to separately add the Jesus freaks to both my ignore list (so I don't read their posts) and to my PM block list. Why would I want to do one and not the other? Can you combine these features, please?

And I'll say it again, even though no one will listen to me: WE NEED MODERATORS. I would be a moderator. Even if a few of us had limited capabilities like way in the past, I think it would do a lot to curb the troll activity here.

I was wondering if there was any interest in changing the default view to "work safe"...because when I am at work I don't save any cookies, for obvious reasons...cause my computer isn't secure and I don't want people checking my history. And then when I want to sort of quietly sneak on Bust, I end up getting the pink leopard spots, cause I'm not signed in! Not that I have an issue with them, per se. It's just...not as work safe. Heh.
Yeah, I'm having a huge problem.

Why not take a few moments to thoroughly correct the issues and keep your board members happy and here? Because without US there is no BUST LOUNGE.

Or the alternative is to allow this fundamentalist whackjob to continue his sick crusade and run off your members, some long time members, who are growing increasingly frustrated at having their pleas ignored. Something has got to give.

i'm with you, yuefie, i don't know if the others are afraid to say something or what, but this is really starting to chap my hide.
i am sick and tired of having to deal with all the horse shit trolls leave round here, and being unable to do anything other than pm the lounge lady. to me it speaks to the lounge being the red-headed stepchild of bust, and it pisses me off. excuse my anger and my language, but this is bullshit. we should not have to put up with this neigh constant invasion. i find it doubly odious that no sooner does LL post that she is going to try to keep a closer eye on things, that steve pops up and she is no where to be found for the whole holiday weekend. i have been a bustie for years, and i have had a gut full of this shit. maybe i'm the only one who feels like this, but i don't feel like it's too much to ask for a mod to delete troll posts. we have had to endure this for years, and the response is still for shit. look, LL, if you're too busy to do the job yourself, then let one of the busties do it. obviously the lounge is not a high priority, so what should it matter? shit or get off the pot.

and i'll go one further, without us there would not be not just a lounge, but there would be no bust. most people who find the lounge are the same people who buy or used to buy your mag. it makes you look bad to have a site that is so shabbily run. i'm sorry if i'm harsh, but i have had a gut full of bust ignoring the lounge. this has gone on for years, and i am sick of the same lame "oh, we will keep an eye on things, only to find y'all are still as asleep at the wheel as ever. grrrr....
but, but, but, girls... we CAN just "ignore" users and never have to see their crap.
i know they can post again with a new name but still, ignore ignore, ignore.
we never used to have that option, we asked for it and now it here.
we asked that new users have to post 10 times before starting a new thread and they do.
sure maniacs can post ten quickies and then go on with their invasive nonsense but, again, IGNORE!
it's not that bad here, it really isn't. in fact, it's pretty freaking AWESOME for a free site. it's even pretty.
and, even though i think some things could be given a little more attention (deleting thoroughly, banning ip addresses, responding sooner to reports, etc), i'm starting to get just as annoyed by all the complaining as i am by the psycho wack-jobs!
we (collectively, me too) do a lot of contributing by responding and feeding the flames. if no one talked to that psycho bitch or said AnyThing at all to the asshat they would both vanish in a puff of stanky smoke, or at least fade off into the sunset sooner than we are allowing at present.
seriously, this is as much our fault as it is anyone else's and we have just got to suck it up and put our money where out mouths are and IGNORE the shit to make it go the heck away.

*end rant*
true, pep, i could just hit ignore--

i shouldn't have to. i shouldn't have to put up with trolls using busties pix, or attacking them personally. i shouldn't have to think twice about which threads i post in, because what i say might be used against me by some troll. it pisses me off to have conversations truncated and forgotten because of some troll's interuption. you can always say, oh, well if nobody said anything, well, but that's not going to happen. someone is going to say something, we don't live in wishing wonderland, we live in the real world. and i find it all well and good to say that, but we've got steve in here on the regular, using busties pictures and talking shit about them. that's not cool. honestly, would love to hear how the busties who have had that happen to them contributed to that. by what, posting about their experience in a sensitive thread, looking or giving comfort to those with similar experiences? somehow, pep, i don't think you meant that.

maybe it's me, but it seems the minimum i'd expect from a forum, free or otherwise is to actually pay a little attention to what happens on their site. and more so for one with a product attached-- after all, the lounge is in someways a reflection of how bust feels about it's readers. so i find it not just a bit disingenuous, if not insulting, for the lounge lady to post that the interns will "try to be as vigilant as possible," and how they'll "stay on top of it," only to find a whole new wave of what she herself called a "troll-fest" starting almost the second she finishes her post.


i mean, really? way to keep on top of that. good hustle.

if this was the only forum/lounge i participated in, that'd be one thing, but we've all been a part of other site's forums, and we're familiar with how these things work, we come back to bust because we feel something different here, and it's not the ignore feature. you may feel like there's too much complaining, but i don't see it that way-- i've been a bustie for years, as have you, we care about this site, and what you call complaining, i call trying to make the lounge better. it's because we care that we speak up, that we say something. it's just a shame that bust et al don't seem to feel the same way, particularlly since it's attached to their site/mag, and bears their name. it's not like we are asking for the moon either, just someone to keep on top of the trolls. on the scale of things it's so freaking unbelievably small it's almost ridiculous, but we get this pat answer that "they can't take on more moderators" huh? how about just having one that does the job?

is that too much to ask?

is it really pep?
i'm hearing you, i am. here's a string of things i think real fast like 'cause it's off to school time.

sometimes there is nasty, hurtful, mean commenting going on that makes me uncomfortable. while it's one thing to be frustrated and to give vent to that, to reccomend changes, to insist on things getting better (all things i support) it gets out of hand with the cursing and insulting directly at the powers that be. i get it, it ticks me off too. seeing those pictures that i thought i safely had on ignore was a real shock to the system. i disliked (intensely) being impersonated by the nut, etc etc. it gets ugly in here and it can ge gross. BUT one minute there is a ton of hatful spewing towards LL (who we don't even know is one single actual person) and the next we are thanking her for the clean ups and telling her how much we love and appreciate her. gah.

perhaps i am as exhausted by the angry as i am by the troll invasion. i don't see a point to it maybe, it wears me down emotionally, it gets overwhelming. i don't expect nicey niceness here, i expect real and anger is real. it's just a bit much and i feel not very constructive. and not very effective either. i think the powers that be are more likely to respond to polite requests than they are to anger. not that there is much being done re our polite requests but i still think it's the way to go when you are asking someone for something.

as for the "i shouldn't have to" well, the power is in our hands there and i say we use it. why complain about something that we CAN change for ourselves? i CAN ignore, and i do, and it makes for a better experience here for me. which is sometimes negated by other posters responding in force to what i am trying to ignore. i don't think we need more hand holding in that area. sure, a timely clean up is terrific but in the meantime if we did our part and put trolls on ignore it would be better for us all around. the monsters here get SO MUCH FREAKING ATTENTION and since that is exactly what they are after why would they stop? we give them just what they want, thereby ensuring their continued attendance here. we are partly to blame for this, we really are. it's time to take matters into our own hands. we could present a united front to LL. be very clear and specific about what we think should reasonably happen. and then we could do a little something for ourselves and each other and stop baiting the trolls. we could and we should use that ignore function that we BEGGED for when the format changed over.
Buttah/GT, as a fellow oldtimer here, I have to say I agree with everything you've had to say over the last two posts. It has always always always seemed to me that the Lounge is the wicked stepsister of Bust, constantly forgotten about and cast aside, low low low on the list of priorities. We aren't asking for the world, but then it feels like a feast when all they are giving us is crumbs (the ignore feature).

The troll invasion is what drove me away from Bust a bazillion years ago. I came back only because I had the means to do so (computer at home, etc.). And really, honestly, WHY OH WHY would I want to spend my free time here if I constantly have to dodge the shit that comes from unwanted ignoramus misogynistic fucktards? Isn't that what the rest of the Internet is for?

And people wonder why so many Busties of yore have migrated to LJ?! Yeah. I don't wonder anymore.
Would making the entire lounge password protected help the situation?

I agree with girltrouble that we shouldn't have to put up with this crap, especially when these asshats are targeting specific Busties. This is OUR community and why should we have to deal with it? Their advertisers pay good money for us to be exposed to their ads (even when in work-safe mode -grumble, grumble-), so why aren't we a higher priority?

However, I do think pepper's right in that we give too much attention to them, which is exactly what we want. They want to see us get our feathers ruffled.

If we could completely and easily block people- posts, avatars, comments, PM's, friends lists, etc. this would be much easier. I guess it would be a little off-putting to newbies, but maybe if they were informed when they signed up that all they have to do is click a few buttons to completely block them, that would be enough.
I guess I'm the glass half-full here on this one, or maybe its just because I've sat in that hot seat, managing a forum, that I am more than willing to give LL credit for what she's done for us. We CAN block comments, ignore users, and LL et al have come a long way in meeting us in upgrading the lounge to make the site work better for us.

It doesn't make sense to password protect the site - this is a marketing tool for BUST as much as anything, and to make this viable financially, they need people to be able to look in here, and see what's going on....its not so emotional for BUST - this is a *business,* and we are here because they continue to support this site, which doesn't really have the high traffic it might, if it was really promoted well by them. I'm actually thankful that our community has remained small, that there are so many long-timers toughing it out, and that we can still welcome newbies with pies and pastries. smile.gif And I would bet that most of us hanging out here are actually outgrown the core demographic of the mag, so hurrah for the quiet independence we have here.

And of course we have crazies that come in here and misbehave and cry out for attention...this is the internet, afterall, and a niche corner of it, at that, so we draw a certain type of wacko here....doesn't mean we have to give them attention, power, or even our continued anger...its just feeding them. IGNORE is a beautiful gift given to us by LL & co.

Some of the tech asks here are simply a limitation of the software for the board as well - there's only so many options can implement some additional features, but it can get tricky on the programming end FAST, and before you know it, you've crashed the site and lost everything, if you're not careful (done it)...and if you don't have programmers on staff (as I'm betting BUST doesn't), the status quo might just be safer.

So there's my loooooong .02...the discussion continues to be so engaging, and once again - trolls bring us together for these meaty "community meetings," that honestly, I really enjoy when we grapple with this stuff together. Much love to ya'll.
pep, i know it comes across as angry name calling, but honestly, i am at the end of my rope with this. this is not the first post on this subject i, or anybustie has written.

i've written those posts thanking LL, i've written sweetly composed notes asking as politely as i could manage. i, along with others have done this year after year. i've seen people whose posts would kick my ass and inspire me, do as raisin did, and just fade away frustrated, or hurt by an attack. i've spent years on sabatical myself, having been fed up with the lack of attention those poetically written missives have recieved.

so now i'm being told now that there have been moderators, when it's obvious that it's a line? sorry, if i feel like i'm being lied to, i have to call bullshit. as i've said in other threads, this would be the easiest forum to have a troll patrol. there are 3 threads where you can always find out if there are trolls posting. it would take SO LITTLE EFFORT--so little-- to delete them. hell, where steve is concerned we even know when he usually strike. but still, there is no evidence that there is a working moderator on this board. have you noticed that steve always attacks us on 3 day holiday weekends? of course you have. we all have. he's figured out that LL is awol from midday friday morning to midday tuesday-- enough time to cover the lounge with his hate. it's always the same, but after years, has anything changed? this weekend as a case in point, i'd say not.

if i thought just ignoring trolls was possible, i'd go for that, but in the years i've been a bustie, it's NEVER HAPPENED. even if it did, do you really think that steve wouldn't be back next holiday weekend? his being noticed has nothing to do with his activity, he just knows he can get away with it on certain weekends, so he comes back time and time again, because he knows we are defenseless. by tuesday he's gone reaction or no.

but what galls me most is the reaction from bust. i am not advocating some radical program with 20 mods, i am asking for one person, a bustie who spends a bit of time here, and we all know to have the ability to delete his posts and threads. if we try it and there is trouble, we could always go back to what we have now, but i would bet my life that within 3 mos, steve would never darken our door again. but do we even get to try the idea? nope. and we are not given a good reason, only bs, IF our pms are even adressed. turbo, thank you for your perspective. if i heard something like that from bust years ago, then i'd be cool, but i feel like we are being treated like children. they tell us the trolls are gone then pat us on the head and tell us it will all be fine. i'm sorry, but if i felt like LL/bust really cared, i lost that opinion long ago. my anger is the result of years of this type of insouciant attitude from the magazine.

i know you feel like i do pep, that i love this place, so it infuriates me to see it practically ignored. like the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words," and more often than not, we are not given even words. i love the busties, even the ones i've argued with, the ones who are still here and the ones that are not. they are some of the most amazing women anywhere. it's too bad bust doesn't see that.

so yeah, i'm pissed.

i think we deserve better.
girl, you're right. i do love this place and the people here and i think it's a drag that this goes on. BUT, like you said, it's been happening for years so i don't expect it to change. i feel like we're knocking our own heads against the brick here. it seems pointless to fret over it anymore.
Being on the internet = dealing with trolls.

BUST isn't some huge conglomerate whose interns can even daily keep up with the message board. It also isn't an independently run message board that can divvy out moderator positions to posters, no matter how long they have been here. I understand the frustration, but I have to ignore idiots on an hourly basis IRL, and there is no "ignore button" here.

I value this community, I am not leaving it because of some troll.

My two cents.
What if the boards became "private" and the admins would have to activate users?
am i confused or do new posts in threads come out on top.


previous post
older post
orginal postthatstarted the thread

i dont want to sound stupid. i'm new and still gettingused to this forum. but i like it so far
Yep, that is how the treads go.
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