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Full Version: dishing the dirt and getting rid of the dent
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i've recently parted ways with my spouse and while i've gotten over the shock of being single, i could use a few pointers regarding the questions below.

first, how do you answer the inevitable "what happened?" questions. i don't really know how to approach these. i don't want to make my ex sound like a bad person, but i don't want to seem like i don't care either. simply shrugging and saying "it just didn't work out" seems... weak.

second question, any divorcees have pointers on getting rid of that annoying "dent" on your finger where your ring used to sit?
Hi laluna!
We are a self-moderated board with limited bandwidth and crappy software (hopefully, that will soon be changing!) so we try to keep threads to a minimum. Before we start new ones, we get other member's opinions on it in The Community Forum thread, just to see if there's any interest in it, or if people think the topic would fit in an existing thread.

Your question will probably get more replies in the General Relationshop/Dating Advice thread.

Also, stop by the Newbies thread and introduce yourself.

Welcome to Bust!
Sorry about that -- I used to post here a few years ago and I guess things have changed a little. I've posted in the thread you recommended, thanks! Can you please delete this thread?
Sorry, we can't delete threads- that's why we try not to start superfulous new ones. As long as people don't keep posting in here, it will drop the the bottom.

We're supposed to be getting new software *someday*- they've been talking about it for about 2 months and nothing's happened yet- hopefully it will allow people to delete their own threads that get started in error or don't seem to get any responses. Also, we want "ignore" buttons so that we can ignore the trolls around here and eliminate them all together.
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