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It's not Anthropologie is it? I know they have stores, but they send me catalogs in the mail.


(sorry, i don't know the catalogue... )
Yes! Anthropologie!!!

Thank you - Thank you!

(and HOWDY everybody!)
gals, can anyone help me out?! i am totally short, tiny and yet oddly round: think bette midler during the chubby years. i know exercize is the key...and i am doing that but sometimes i just want to slap a girdle on and pretend for a night. i have never worn nor bought a girdle, and i am not looking for anything uncomfortable...just something to make me feel more tucked in while wearing light airy summer dresses. any suggestions ladiez?
turner - Spanx!!
I scored this great bikini! It totally fits my style. Yay!


QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 8 2009, 01:21 PM) *
*waves furiously* hi super sci! sooooo freaking glad to see you back! (i used to go by 'butta') how have you been? do come back. i meeeeece you!

could it have been newport news?

so seriously in lust with these: black velvet moschino booties w/bow.

Those are freakin' delicious. Mmm...*sigh*

And...GT, when you went by butta...did you sometimes change your username to varariations of butta? Because I'm having a vague memory...

And Anthropologie could get me into so much trouble if I let it. I have to make myself stay out of there, or I can convince myself to sale-shop.
I made my first post-partum shop today, since my pre-pregnancy jeans are not only ugly and worn (in a bad way) but too big. I think they're stretched rather than me being smaller than before the pregnancy. So, inspired by a Thom Yorke on SNL, Lillipilly and the fact nearly every single shirt I own is three-quarter sleeved and/or maternity I purchased a new pair of wide-legged jeans (rigid, to hopefully avoid too much stretch), a red cableknit long-sleeved shirt and two plain long-sleeved shirts. I'm loving the jeans, although they were tagged boyfriend jeans, which I tend to think look awkward, but these just had the wideleg thing going on.

Now i need to find a decent shirt dress or something similar. And more plain shirts I can breastfeed in.
QUOTE(futura @ Jun 27 2009, 03:25 PM) *
I scored this great bikini! It totally fits my style. Yay!



I love those bottoms! Very cute!
QUOTE(ananke @ Jul 14 2009, 11:44 PM) *
...inspired by a Thom Yorke on SNL, Lillipilly and the fact nearly every single shirt...

Who is this Lillipilly girl?! I love her blog! She's gorgeous, and I love her clothes. And her haircut is ridiculously adorable.
i LOVE that bikini, futura. veeeeery cute! covet!

GT, when you went by butta...did you sometimes change your username to varariations of butta? Because I'm having a vague memory.
oh, my yes, beez. a kazillion times. i added new butta clones almost monthly. there was buttacup, butta, buttabean, babybutta, bad bad butta, and i don't know how many others.
QUOTE(TheBeesKnees @ Jul 16 2009, 07:04 AM) *
Who is this Lillipilly girl?! I love her blog! She's gorgeous, and I love her clothes. And her haircut is ridiculously adorable.

I know! i just adore her style - I found her blog through clicking about on a fatstyle community on LJ and just fell in love with her outfits. So freaking cute! She lives in my city as well, which makes it awesome.
GT...sweet! I remember you. Well, I remember the name changes. Not anything else really. But yay me!
So I'm goofing off this morning, looking at buy a new bra maybe. And I was looking at the matching drawers & something came to me: What exactly is the appeal of the crotchless panty? The whole idea just seems weird. Like maybe your toxic vagina juices ate through the hooha piece. Isn't it just as hot to pull the crotch aside or rip 'em off or go commando in the heat of the moment?
Is it sad that I set an alarm in my phone to remind me of the exact date Vera Wang's line is coming to Target? And is it even sadder that I plan on getting there 20 minutes before the store opens and ravaging the racks? (I don't know how it is where you live, but in my small Jersey town, Target is where it's AT. All the cute stuff barely lasts a day).
i will be travelling to the US this fall (actually in the first two weeks of october) and this might very well be the only time i get the chance to buy one of the trashy diva dresses without wasting most of the money on custom duties and shipping and handling (since i can have the dress sent to the people i will be staying with).

however, i cannot decide which color to order. i am interested in the trixie2 dress (scroll all the way down to the bottom) since it has an awesome style and is incredibly cheap and might work as a starter. :-) however, i hardly wear green or blue and now am unsure what to do. i have reddish dark blonde hair and blueish-grey eyes (proof #1 and proof #2). which color should i choose? or should i not order at all? your thoughts would be much appreciated.
indiechick - I adore TrashyDiva!! I have that dress in red, and I will warn you that it has a little bit of a long torso (but I'm petite). I would recommend the aqua-ish lighter blue, it would look stunning with your coloring
snow white
i'm going to a friend's wedding on saturday and i have the prefect outfit!!! but, i'm also afraid it might be inappropiate. i'm wearing a black quater length sleeve cling and drape in all the right places top tucked into a high waisted navy blue mini-skirt paired with pink faux crocko pumps with simple bangle bracelets. we're going to a nice place for the reception so i know it's a dressy affair. and i was thinking of wearing sand colored 2.5 inch heels to the ceremony (in church) and putting on the pink pumps on the way to the reception (i don't want to offend jesus!). does this sound like the kick-ass outfit i think it is? i never know what's too "young" or too "old".
As a general fashion rule, if you have to ask, then it's probably not kosher.

What time of day is the ceremony? That makes a huge difference in what is/isn't appropriate to wear. If it's day, you need to nix the black for something more soft. If it's after the cocktail hour a little black something is fine. That is, if these folks are traditional.

Is a mini-skirt ever considered appropriate for a wedding? Isn't that like wearing white or red in that it draws attention away from the bride on her special day? I'd stick with knee length or slightly above the knee. No more than three inches.

I don't follow the normal fashion rule against navy & black being paired, so I'm down with that part. By "quater" length do you mean three quarter length sleeves or shorter, like caps? And BOTH pairs of shoes sound weird with the proposed ensemble. Are you going nekkid legged or wearing hosiery? I don't see it being very chic in my imagination. Perhaps if we had pictures so we could see more where you are coming from?
I've got to agree with auralpoison here - I'd be rather wary of a miniskirt at most weddings, same with the pink shoes. In fact I'd be kind of wary of those at a dressy sort of reception venue.
snow white

sorry about the cell phone pics but it was all i could get ahold of. looking at the pictures the skirt doesn't seem as short as it feels. and the heels are are the more neutral ones. the reception is at 5 (the wedding ceremony at 2). how do i not know how to dress for a wedding, lol! but, hey, i like it.

(and yes, the pics were taken in a closet... happy.gif )
The ensemble is fine, the skirt doesn't look too short. BUT. Gurl, I am not feeling the shoes. At all. And I don't think the pink ones are gonna be right either. I'm pretty sure you were wanting the shoes to add a little festivity, but they just don't look right to me. You need a black shoe.

Nice gams, BTW.
snow white
hey thanks smile.gif your right about the shoes, i might have to look in my closet to see what the shoe situation is in there. buuut, anyway, i'm excited to go even if the shoes aren't perfect.
thanks, crin. i am still torn between the kelly green and the aqua blue. i am a little bit afraid that i would just look incredibly pale in either one. green would work well with my hair whereas blue will bring the color of my eyes out. argh, the decisions... ;-)
Hi ladies. I just bought some dark grey jeans and I have no idea what to pair them with. The first day I wore them I paired them with a light pink t-shirt and it looked soooooooo 80s! And not in a good way. Mostly all I can think of is to pair the jeans with a white shirt and some kind of cardigan. I'd appreciate any tips. I don't want to become a CoF.
I just bought the cutest little black dress for the "formal" dinner night of our cruise. I'm hoping the darn thing fits!!

Lookie Here!

ETA: my boobs and rib cage were a bit too much for the Goddess dress. LOL I must send it back. sad.gif 3 weeks till cruise.
Cute, Kon!

Thanks for hipping me to Pacificplex. There's a faux leopard skin jacket that I think I must have!
Has anybody seen any cute gloves? I'm liking the longer length ones because I have a couple shorter sleeeve jackets/coats.

I like these Affianced gloves, but $88 seems a bit pricey for something I could probably recreate myself with $10 at HobbyLobby & some crafty Bustie inspiration.
hi ladies! I've been trying to find an alternative place to purchase good bras other than victorias secret. I really like the fit of their bras but dont like the price or some of the company's stands on things. I've tried looking around other places but other bras just dont seem as well made or as supportive. I'd prefer a place that i can actually go to and try on the bra rather than just looking online, but if any of you know of an amazing online store too i'd be willing to try it out. any suggestions?

It's hard to give recs when we don't know where you are. Major city or small one? USA or Canada or elsewhere? I always suggest Macy's when I don't know where somebody is & there are a lot fo great places online.
So I went shopping with my mom this weekened, and she bought me this yeti hat.

Oh, and does anyone have a membership to
I didn't until I typed "beyond the rack invitation code" into Google & it gave me the access code of "BTRACCESS". It worked. Give it a shot, if it doesn't work for you send me your email & I'll invite you.
AP, I never thought of that. I used the code you posted and it worked!
Honey, I am the QUEEN of internet bargain shopping. I don't check out of any place without searching for promo codes & the like.

I wish I'd have known about BTR sooner, they had the JS boots I wanted on fantastic sale, but they've now sold out.
The fuck is up with the snood? Are people really wearing these?

So I ordered three pairs of gloves from & am going to make my own bedazzled gloves for the season. Hooray for me.
Re: snoods -- Fashion-editor wishful thinking, Aural, although big, clumsy, funnel scarves will probably flop around a few fabuluous necks until said necks look in a mirror.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 13 2009, 08:55 PM) *
The fuck is up with the snood? Are people really wearing these?

So I ordered three pairs of gloves from & am going to make my own bedazzled gloves for the season. Hooray for me.

I already saw a bunch of those at H&M! I have to admit, here in a cold climate having a snuggly hood/scarf thing is a bit appealing, but I can't see how it would work with my black and grey houndstooth coat.
Well, this looks like the best thread to put this in:
There's a website called the Silver Jewelry Club that sells you their promotional pieces for 6.99 (in the US). They tout the items as free, and the 6.99 is for shipping. I've bought a few pieces from them, and they're all surprisingly quite nice.
Mind you, I don't think the pieces are actually worth what they say they are ($50 and $60 and up), but for 6.99, it really is a great deal, especially with christmas coming! I've picked up a peridot necklace, earrings, and ring for my mom, a necklace each for my aunt and cousin, and a topaz ring for me (yep, I'm broke, and a bit parsimonious because of it). The site insists that their materials are genuine (gemstones and sterling silver) and there is a standing $1000 offer for anyone who can prove their materials aren't what they say they are.
But the thing is, a piece will only be up for 15 minutes. And if you're looking at a ring, it's only available in the size listed. You can't go through checkout and change the size. If you pick out a pendant, it doesn't automatically come with a chain - you have to buy one (but it's only $4, so it's no big).
If you're on a tight as hell budget like I am, check them out! Just google Silver Jewelry Club. I'm not posting a link because I don't want it to look like I'm trolling. If you like, I can try to post pictures of what I've got.
I think the snood is going to be one of H&M's misses this season, CandyCane. Although I expect to see a few fashion gals trying like hell to make them work with something (cropped leather jacket?). H&M will prolly have better returns with the Jimmy Choo line.
Your coat sounds elegant!

QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Nov 16 2009, 01:34 AM) *
I already saw a bunch of those at H&M! I have to admit, here in a cold climate having a snuggly hood/scarf thing is a bit appealing, but I can't see how it would work with my black and grey houndstooth coat.

Man snood? Although they are calling it an "eternity scarf". Yeah. Man snood.

I always thought that this was what a snood was. Back in my rockabilly/swings days I used to put my hair back in a clip with a big black grosgrain bow that had a little snood attached. Kept my 'do under control.
Yeah, they're calling that a snood AP, but from here it looks like a hairnet...

Okay internet savvy shoppers. I need at least one great pair of jeans. I have been lazily buying jeans as and where I find them, but I am sick of jeans which are still lower-rise then I'd like them to be (seeing also as it's 2010 I have been amazed they're still available).

I think I'm going to bite the bullet, try on some designer pairs at our posh dept store, then try and find them online for cheaper. Any suggestions/inherent flaws in this plan? Any sites to visit/avoid? Thanks, in advance...
I've been having a fashionable week. Got a few really awesome scores at the Uni clothing swap that I'm stoked about: cute grey sweater with a huge, wide, low-cut neck; a cute, black, very slimming 3/4 sleeve stretch knit scoop-neck top with a large sort of keyhole in the back, fastened at the back of the neck with a couple of ties; a really funky pair of tall, black, platform, round-toed pumps with a chunky wood heel and a wide leather band that buckles at the side, which I totally can't walk in but they were free so I took them anyway; a white belt with little cone-shaped studs that I initially wasn't sure about but which seems to be growing on me; a nicely tailored crotch-length black corduroy jacket; and a cute little brown plaid blazer.

Then I went and blew a $50 Visa gift card on hair accessories at Icing, which I'm super excited about. Got a big floppy red rose barrette; another red flower barrette made of feathers with whispy ostrich feather bits and rhinestones in the centre which I'm not too sure about but got anyway; and two of those little headbands with the accents on the side, kind of like these. I have one with red and black feathers and black tulle, a bit like #2 in the picture, and another with a big black flower with a few feathers poking out, large but a bit more subtle because my hair is dark. I can't wait to wear them!
Me too. I'm having a fashionable winter, actually. I think it's because I wear scrubs to work every day so when I'm not there I've been dressing really nice. Usually a skirt or dress with a cardigan and my tall boots or something like that. And lots of great colors. I just got 3 dresses from Tulle. One is a weird green/grey/pink/white pattern and it has this bib thing that's all pleated, another one is blue and has two sets of buttons running on either side of the chest down to the waist, and a bow at the shoulder. It looks sailor-y. And the last one is kinda plain, schoolbus yellow with a keyhole neck w/ some pleating around it.
Total score at Value Village yesterday. Never worn Tommy Hilfiger argyle hoodie - not that I give a shit about brands, but it fits beautifully (it's plus size, too - I didn't know he did plus sizes), and it's grey, lime green and turquoise - my favourite combo! (Matches my kitchen and my bedroom. tongue.gif) Never worn black MXM jeans. Worn before, but comfy as hell, purple corduroy zip jacket. Also worn before, but sexy as hell, black crocheted pullover.
my husband just bought me this!

I am a lucky lucky woman
Beautiful DVF dress!!! I've always wanted one of those. Just so amazing and flattering, on everyone.

I think I might go to Value Village tomorrow. I haven't been in a while and I love the thrill of thrifting.
I just got the Jantzen Vamp retro bathing suit in red!

It's like the holy grail of bathing suits! My boyfriend was against it at first, because it's a "old lady" suit, but we've been watching madmen, and he's changed his mind.
I had to get a size up to get it for $50 at overstock, so I really hope it fits!
"old lady"? Oh, no. It'll always be sexy. Congratulations on the find!

I came in here to post this link to a 50% off sale on feminist tshirts (US site called Coyotes Corner, offer only good until the end of Feb). The page that comes up gives the regular price, but when you go to checkout, the half price comes up (so, $9 instead of $18). I have a Pat Robertson quote one for myself and got a "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" one for my sweetie.
Thanks for the tip!

I just scored this Felina Bodysuit for $15!!
I needed it for my bridesmaids gown. Once again, I got the wrong size to get the right price. It's a problem for me, I just can't resist the bargain!
I got this vest online and I LOVE IT. I wore it today with a floral dress, navy tights, riding boots, and an old turban I got from an antique store, but it even looks awesome with jeans and a white tee shirt.
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