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yes, and all your base are belong to us.
yes, and all your base are belong to us.

lol, wow, teh internetz...

sybarite- I think a short sweater dress is fine, especially when worn with opaque tights. I could see booties being really cute with it, or ballet flats if you want to channel Audrey Hepburn.

I got so many clothes for Xmas, i don't even know where to start...
I so love this swimsuit by Betsey Johnson. It's modest, but super sexy and pinup!
What do you think of these shirts ladies? Be gentle. LOL

The environment is sort of business casual (more casual from the looks of it). I figure I can dress these up or down (jeans or slacks) and cute accessories.... Since I'm on a tight budget I need multi-functional pieces.

they're kinda plain but, thats me.. plain jane Tam. I got the following colors: Bright white, blue glare, radiant red, blue floral

then these : Baby Spinach and Cyclamen

Got this one in Yellow ; but I got a black one and olive green one for Christmas. Very comfy!!!

And a few basic camisoles...
Those shirts are pretty, konphusion! I really like the first one in the white and the florals; the colours and designs make it look like a different shirt.

mouse, you are an enabler wink.gif. I have the perfect olive green ribbed top that would look good underneath that one but I doubt I'll be buying clothes any time soon ... I need to lose a few pounds around the middle and gain a few in my purse.
Konphusion, those are all seriously cute, but I luuuuuurve the printed versions of the first top!

I got these today at J. Crew after I just wandered in for a pair of gloves...nom. Way too long, of course, but hemmable. Incidentally, they were only 21 bucks in-store.
QUOTE(llamas @ Jan 15 2009, 08:17 PM) *
Konphusion, those are all seriously cute, but I luuuuuurve the printed versions of the first top!

I got these today at J. Crew after I just wandered in for a pair of gloves...nom. Way too long, of course, but hemmable. Incidentally, they were only 21 bucks in-store.

DROOL over those jeans. I have such a hard time finding jeans because of my height and the way I'm shaped. Everything gives me muffin top LOL! Those are really nice though. Very classy. I'm starting to look more at the dark trouser jeans kinda like those (versus the more casual denim).

I agree, llamas and polly! I thought the shirts I scored were nice. I may go back and order the other floral prints when I see how they fit. That blue floral one just screamed "buy me!". My husband always jokes with me that I tend to lean towards floral patterns, so i've been trying to get some solids too.
I just purchased some rings from Kim's and thought I'd share her website here. For those of us who need larger size rings (she goes up to size 15 in some styles), she'll make rings in any size you request. I love her collection of cabochon rings (click on the 'rings' link), and just purchased 'foil opal 1' (a kind of pinkish faux opal stone) and 'yellow givre' (a sunny opaque egg yolk yellow marbelized stone). She also has semi-precious gemstones (I almost purchased the gaspeite cabochon ring and coral fossil ring), and faceted stones as well. She also has Etsy and E-bay stores, which are linked from her website.
I found a Katasha's Unusuals skirt in the thrift store today- with pink peacocks. It's too weird and COF-ey to wear with anything but a black tanktop and a pair of sandals or something, so I have to wait till summer.

I also found a light pink pillbox hat in perfect condition. A while back I posted a picture of the green and yellow cocktail hat I got- well I wore it a few months ago and got caught in a sudden downpour and it's trashed. The feathers look like shit. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do to "fix" it? Maybe a fine-tooth comb and some sort of spray stuff?
Once a year I go to TopShop on Oxford Street in London and blow all my money on as much as I can carry, I can't wait till summer comes and I can do it again!!!
hellotampon -you have amazing luck with finding hats! I'm still looking for a perfect pink pillbox! I don't really have any advice for reviving feathers, but don't throw it out! You could always remove the damaged part and replace it with vintage (or new) feather, tulle, or trim.

I love OTK socks. They are warm and cute and awesome. Does anyone else like them (I know shiny does!) ?
I am lusting after these , but i could never pay that much for socks. Maybe they'll go on sale eventually...
What do you think? And if you like them, do like black or ivory?

hmm, I need to try and crochet some of these out of chenille elastic sock yarn.
he he you called it! i have been watching these and looking for knock offs. i love how they are slightly bulky but look lacy. i would go with ivory because i have a black and a brown pair of suede boots that would be nice with them. they are really pricey though! here are some alternatives. These are cute. and come in ivory and black and ave very affordable. not nearly as lacy though. i think i am going to get these lovely sox as they are a happy medium in price and i think they still have that nice lacy look to them. i really like the dove gray color too
On the subject of overpriced socks, you have no idea how much I want these. I may just have to suck it up and pay the $30 plus shipping!
Funny you should mention Modcloth, Llamas. I saw these & immediately thought of Shiny & Crino.
Ooh, pretty! Those are awesome over the black tights.
so much sock loveliness! I want them all...*sigh*
I got a black cotton Betsey Johnson sundress this Xmas. It's amazing, it has button straps, a sweetheart neckline, button down front with crochet lace seaming, and a lace-up back. The style is very like a cross between 1950s and a classic dirndl.
This dress is very similar, but mine is a little longer, knee length, and the buttons end at the waist.

How should I wear this this spring/summer, and how would you dress it up/down?
I wear a cardigan with it sometimes, but I can't really come up with anything interesting.
I know...I'm a terrible thread hog!

I'm sorry to do this to you ladies, but I made the mistake of "glancing" at what Agent Provocateur had for Valentines . It's all gorgeous!!
My impossible wish list:
retro jammies!
classic set
droolworthy corset

I also love the new "Virgins" line (though they are all wonderful)
crinoline, that dress sounds all kinds of cute! To dress it down, I would try a simple fitted t shirt in a bright color underneath.
*continuing her posting rampage*

Ooh, how about over jeans or other trousers? I've liked doing that ever since I was told it makes short legs look longer as you can't see where your legs start (though obviously I'm totally secure with my leg length and general short-arse status.....)
Hi fashion smarties,
How much would you pay for this dress? It's on ebay, I really want it, but I dont' want to go overboard..

It's dolce gabbana, silk nylon blend (so it has stretch but is smooth to touch) Also, does anyone know anything about Dolce Gabbana's sizing? This one is a 42. What does that mean??
damn you, crino. that's why i never even look at agent p. now i've got a bad case of the covet, covets.

ETA:vixen----W O W ! great. now i've got a case of the gimmie, gimmies...hmph. i need to swear off of this threat when i'm broke.
@vixen within: d&g are using italian sizes. an italian 42 is a european 38 which should make it anywhere between 6 and 8 in US sizing.
Wow, Vixen, that dress is gorgeous!!! I have no clue about pricing, but it's bound to be expensive. Is there a Buy It Now option? If so, how much?
Ooh, Crino, I just saw your post with the link to the black dress. I love it, it's totally something I would wear. To dress it down, I would pair it with a loose cardigan and some flat, casual boots (I'm thinking almost cowgirl-inspired? but still hip). For dressing it up, I'd play with accessories- long earrings or a striking necklace, and fancy heels. For a in-between look (like a dressy summer day date-type look), I'd wrap a vintage silk scarf around my head or neck, with big sunglasses and brown leather sandals. Oh, and it would also be so cute with ballet flats.

Of course that's just what I would do. I love fantasizing about clothes.
Thanks indiechick! Roseviolet, it's on auction and at $75 dollars now with about 2 days left. Wah. I have a feeling it's going to get out of my league soon since I'm already at the "okay what'll I give up in order to own this dress!" stage.

Edie, you're a wizard of style.

edit: if anyone else wants to try to win it i can PM you the link
laugh.gif $835 US (aka a whole wad of Canadian money) I never had a chance.
i know, i know, it's sooooo wrong....
oh, bar maid!


i am so tempted to get a pair of chippewa motorcycle boots...
i've wanted a pair for the last 10 years....
i'm so dumb. i get all girly then i
swing right back into 'tuff girl.'
Oh my god I want a pair! I don't care if they all laugh! I noticed they're having a sale on little hotpants and eyelet boy short drawers too, but I don't think they're the kind that would fit over my booty.
oh.... those are cute!

i love to hate ht, but truth be told, i'm a goth at heart-- esp. these pants or these because they are cheaper (not like i've got any money anyways)

and my inner domme wants these soooooo bad (but my poor feets are too beeg.)
corset heeled boots! lord have mercy. they actually remind me of those lace up piercings some gals get on the back of their legs, very striking.
gt, these came out a while ago but after your post i went in search of them to post here. corset heel that is totally fine to wear out. hhhhawt! sorta like parading you inner dom on the outside with being too in your face. (not that in your face is bad)
lust lust lust!

oh, this probably should have gone in the tread thread.
ooooh... gee tee likey!
Is it wrong that I want a onesie for summer? I've got my eye on this one but it's a bit more than I'd want to spend on this sort of thing (especially after conversion to Canadian $$). But it's so cute! I could see myself wearing it most of the summer, with leather sandals. It'd be like a dress in the sense that you put on one thing and you're done, but more convenient for biking around and lying in parks.
edie- me too! I want this one . I like rompers because they are so 1940s summer casual. I also spend a lot of time with small children, so I need that bending over coverage.

for cheaper options, you could look at Forever21 I'm considering this one as a substitute.

I just got this dress in coral, and I plan to wear it with cute wedge sandals.
I love the dress, it's both casual and structured (with the boning, and all). And the first romper you posted- the top part looks like a vintage bathing suit that I have- small bust friendly, as well!

We don't have Forever21 where I live. I'm going to check H&M, though, I bet they'll have some. I haven't tried any on yet, either, watch them be too short and give me a wedgie (I'm pretty tall).
I am dying over this crinoline by Betsey Johnson.

Her collection is all so wonderful and frickin' expensive...geez...
I am so depressed at the clothes in the shops around here. Top Shop has racks and racks of dull pastel knock-off AA separates and would-be 'grunge revival' gear and everyone on the street is wearing this crap. And I'm sorry, but I can't get on board with the romper chic you guys are into...

The good news is I have a wedding to go to soon and the opportunity to (finally) buy a flattering frock that suits both me and the occasion. I never get wedding guest clothes right.

I ordered that, and it should be coming on Tuesday. I hope it fits/looks good with my big boobs. Looking at the size chart, it seems like it SHOULD fit alright. And it won't be too long either. I luuuuuuurve the fabric.
Hellotampon, I LOVE the dress!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!
HT, that is such a cute dress!

I gots big problems. I have NO CLOTHES for the summer. That's barely an exaggeration. I have one pair of jeans that fit me (and who's going to wear jeans in 80-degree weather?), I hate all my summer skirts, and I have a few t-shirts I like. All I really want to do is wear t-shirts with, like, pants that aren't dress pants. I've been on the hunt at thrift stores for new (to me) duds, and it's been more miss than hit. I don't want to invest a lot of money for clothes I'm only going to wear until September (losing weight), but I'm really not finding anything I like. I don't even know what kind of style I have anymore. H&M and Zara bored me the last time I visited. Help? I feel like I'm a lost cause.
raisin, i freaking HATE summer clothes. and trying to find "professional" summer clothes is even worse.

i will wear jeans in the summer over shorts any day. H&M would have been my suggestion for classy/trendy/comfy. there's also tj maxx and marshall's, which i've been whoring myself out to as of late, but it's inconsistent and you have to have patience.
HT, that dress is flippin' adorable.

Raisin, I just happen to love summer clothes. (I live in AZ, so it is sort of a neccessity). I would hit up the thrift stores for a pair of jeans that fits well in the bum and then just hack those into cut-offs. I made a super cute bermuda length pair the other day out of a dated pair of jeans, and oh the compliments I've been receiving! You get the jeansy feel still, without all of the weight, and can play with the length to find something comfy and flattering. That said, I'll still wear jeans out in 120 degree weather, which is normal for us here, but also probably crazy.

Not sure where you are, but I bet that you can find a decently cheap and fun summer dress somewhere (old navy, nordstrom's rack, etc) that is perhaps billowy and airy and could be cinched at the waist with a cute belt, which thrift stores are notorious for having. That's a look that I think is pretty flattering on every body type. Good luck!

No, no, no. While I appreciate the suggestion, I ain't doing cutoffs (I did that in college and I can't go back to that again) and COCL already knows I won't wear shorts! (unless I'm working out) Luckily I only need a few items of clothing that are professional looking. Why have I never looked at the belts while thrifting? That's a good one.

I love summer clothes, too, but there's a world of difference of summer clothes that are beach/vacation appropriate (which I already have) and those that are city/work/school appropriate. I can't exactly wear a sarong on the subway, dig?

Okay, maybe I'll give H&M another chance. I haven't been in TJ Maxx/Marshalls in a while, either, so I'll add those to my list. I just can't deal with the polyester or rayon blends. Sigh.
perhaps you should try outlet stores, raisin. most states/big cities have outlet malls so you can get cheap(er) clothes and not have to face poly/rayon.
Good call, GT. I always forget about the outlets and there are some that are an easy drive away.

I'm not going to question what happened, but since my last post I went thrifting again and I came away with six items of clothing for under $25. All summer clothes. I suppose it makes up for all the bad luck I had been having as of late! tongue.gif
It's been a bagillion years since I've posted here, but I'm trying to remember the name of this catalog, and going crazy, and hoping someone here may know what the heck I'm talking about.

It's this catalog I bought some gifts from about 5-6 years ago. It has mostly women's stuff - and they have mainly clothes, but also jewelry, shoes, some small furniture items, etc. The style is pretty romantic--like, I could picture an Amelie-type wearing it.

Anyone have a clue what catalog I'm talking about?
*waves furiously* hi super sci! sooooo freaking glad to see you back! (i used to go by 'butta') how have you been? do come back. i meeeeece you!

could it have been newport news?


so seriously in lust with these: black velvet moschino booties w/bow.
Hi butta!!

I'm good--except for this catalog mystery!

Not Newport News--it's more romantic and high-end than that. I wish I could remember something more. I've been googling all day, dang it.

Thanks, though!


QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 8 2009, 06:21 PM) *
*waves furiously* hi super sci! sooooo freaking glad to see you back! (i used to go by 'butta') how have you been?

could it have been newport news?

so seriously in lust with these: black velvet moschino booties w/bow.

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