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Get back under your bridge, troll. The billy goats gruff are missing you.
I found some skirts & dresses in my local charity shop. Since they were cheap, I wasn't overly picky.

the Andie MacDowell dress. I don't know if it's cute, hideous or both cute and kind of hideous. Looks like something Andie MacDowell would wear in Green Card. Anyway, I bought it, since it cost 3 dollars.

raw silk pencil skirt. Can't see much of it here, but you know what a pencil skirt looks like. I just wanted to show the fabric! It has a silk lining too. Fits perfectly, although it's custom made for someone else, which is quite a marvel. 4 dollars for that one.

I don't know about these. I haven't bought any of these. The left one - I'm hesitant about shiny pleats (I have HIPS, moi). It's a dress, but I couldn't use it as that, I would have to make a skirt out of it in that case, and I don't know if it's worth the effort.

The right one - Two friends who saw the Little House on the Prairie dress thought it looked lovely, but I don't know. I can pull off romantic dresses, but I think this might be pushing it. I'm also not so sure about the "Boobs on Display" design. I look like I'm lactating.

I also bought a very nice, wool bordeaux cardigan - no nubs! - with a V neck, for 5 dollars.
ap- the boots are ahmahzing!

coela- that pencil skirt is gorgeous, I love the colored tights you paired it with, they really make the color pop!
AP, because of the detail near the collar of the dress I'd keep the rest of the outfit simple, but still include some green which would be awesome IMO with the gold. So maybe just the green tights with the black jacket and boots, no shawl and minimal jewellery.

FWIW, my style is fairly minimal and where I live is European cosmopolitan, fashiony but slightly conservative (altho getting less so) compared to London or NYC, so that's where I'm coming from.

I can't buy any new clothes for at least a week or so and then I have to be 'sensible' and buy knitwear. *clothes envy* I may have to start doing ebay, finally.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Oct 9 2008, 02:07 PM) *
AP, because of the detail near the collar of the dress I'd keep the rest of the outfit simple, but still include some green which would be awesome IMO with the gold. So maybe just the green tights with the black jacket and boots, no shawl and minimal jewellery.

FWIW, my style is fairly minimal and where I live is European cosmopolitan, fashiony but slightly conservative (altho getting less so) compared to London or NYC, so that's where I'm coming from.

I can't buy any new clothes for at least a week or so and then I have to be 'sensible' and buy knitwear. *clothes envy* I may have to start doing ebay, finally.

Syb, I'm gonna be totally real with you here: Stay the fuck away from eBay! I've only been eBaying for a couple weeks and. I. Am. HOOKED. Who knew that people had cool shit that they are willing to part with for a song? It's crack, I tell you.
crinoline i love the tall fendi boots *swoon*!

and after looking at the jewelry links you posted 30's it made me think of fay cullen. I love the stuff they have there. someday maybe . . .
Fay Cullen...nom.

Ok, speaking of grunge and tights, I bought this dress today at lunch, and it is some cheap Target neo-grunge awesomeness (much more so in person than on the model). I'm thinking definitely black tights with it, but some much less-prissy shoes...

well, i guess if someone's gonna spam a messageboard, you gotta give them kudos for posting about credit reports and loans in a shopping thread. rolleyes.gif

anyhoo. today is the grand opening of the first Nordstrom ever in the western half of PA. and it's less than ten minutes from my apartment. and less than five from work.

i'm doomed.

DOOMED!! i tell you!

then again, i balked at goodwill last week because they raised their prices on dresses from $4.99 to $7.99, so maybe not. plus i'm always convinced people are judging me, and the make up people are secretly talking about my greasy nose when i go into those kinds of stores. being poor and having low self esteem might be a benefit in this case!
edit: oops, accidental double post deletion!
I was just bummin' around on Etsy and good golly moses! I did NOT need to know that this kind of gorgeousness is available! over the top loveliness , sleek and subversive vintage sex , simply glamorous!

I can *feel* the obsession starting...

*jaw drop*

that isn't clothing, that's ART.
It's obvious we're nearing Halloween. The trolls are out.
My Mom sent me an awesome package for my Bday, and it's pretty obvious she went to the BCBG outlet. I got:
this wrap dress in brown with a geometric print in shades of blue/teal
this cocktail dress except that mine's completely satin. The length works really well on my short little legs
this dress but mine has button pockets on the hip, not zipper. She bought this one as a "beach coverup" like I'm going to wear a $100 dress over my soaking wet Target bathing suit...
And, unfortunately, these bloomer shorts . They are so unflattering on my pear shaped body that my boy actually laughed when I tried them on. My thighs are thicker than the model's and my hips have no need of poof. I told my well meaning Mother that they didn't fit...I feel guilty...

overall, a pretty good birthday haul. I'll be wearing the black satin cocktail dress for dinner tonight with red metallic heels...perhaps this occasion calls for a garter belt and stockings...
Crino, don't feel bad. Those shorts don't even look good on the model. I'm sure your mom will understand. And I'm sure you'll fantastic in everything else.
Yeah, I just wanted to bump this shit. Retard.
Grrrrrr, f*cking spammers.
I'm almost tempted to click on Alien Movie Sex. I'd be interested to see what aliens do when they go to the movies.
trust me, you don't want to do that. i had an ex who edited porn movies, (really. no lie.), and she sent me a "worst of porn" compilation, not only were there lovely sores in freeze frame, but the feature was called "the ass alien" about an alien who comes to earth for some lusty booty sex.... (because aliens don't have poopchutes, duh.)

let's just say you want no part of that. i'm still scared. although the jingle that she put as the menu was a riot.. "it's the ass alien, ass alien, ass alien!!!" repeat ad infinitum...
Like I need a spambot who lives in his mothers basement to tell me where to look for porn.
Oh, this is so out of control. Out, out damned bot!
so, since the shorts "didn't fit", my mother gave me permission to give them to a (much thinner) friend of mine, so problem solved! I don't know if she'll like them, but once they're off my hands I won't have to worry about it anymore.

In other news, the boy has given me $60 at victoria's secret and I'm trying to figure out what I want. He wants me to get a push-up bra, but I'm also wavering between a corset/bustier (I'm into garters and stockings right now) and a silky sleep chemise. Any ideas?
oh for fucksake.... damn spambots...

i'm a sucker for western details... it's the cowgirl in me...

oh, crino, you know my love of garters, stockings etc. i'm not a big fan of VS's stuff though. using plastic clasps instead of metal, makes me assume that your stuff is cheap. the best buy for my money at VS is their stockings. they have ones with back seams that are wonderful, and not too pricey. i say you stock up on those, and give the boy a leg tease show, playing with those garters, and he will forget about the push up bra and gain a leg fetish....

speaking of legs... or atleast a segue to feet,

shoe pavilion is closing all of it's stores so i've got shoes on my mind...
very cute...
seriously cute...
just about...
lost it.
OMG. Shoegasm!
oh god, I just came on this thread for the first time in forever - and argh! Jesus. what is up with these fucking spambots? I swear, it's never been this bad. I'd be happy to have to put in a captchka each time i log in, if that would help - this is making me crazy. OK, wrong thread for this bitch, but argh!!!
gt you are wicked, wicked! these beautiful shoes i cannot afford...that ava bootie is breakin my heart, goddammit!
ha, that's just asking for spam mail.
is that...fresh spam-free air I smell in here?!? Well, almost, I guess I'll just email F*ckVideo dude with all my info so I won't have to read their post...

Vests. I am into vests this season in a big way. It's sort of steampunky but modern. I almost feel like I have a corseted look when I have a vest on, but I don't look fetishy.

I have this one and love it. It was cheap, but you can't tell, and it looks just as good with jeans as a black pencil skirt.
I want : this gorgeousness, check out the back
this sweet nothing

It has been determined that the boy will *gasp* actually go with me to the Victorias secret store to buy my gift, because their minimum shipping is $12. I'm excited to have him there to help me pick stuff out, but I know he'll be horribly embarrassed. I hope a salesgirl doesn't approach us and spook him.

Oh, and loving the shoes! I want some nude T-straps but I've had no luck.
K...I'm back to add shoes... GT and AP - check out these menswear details at fabulous prices:
These come up to an 11
so do these
and these
love these in violet
I love Betsey
Not menswear, but I WANT :
Very cute stuff, Crino. I love the vest trend, too, but I've yet to find some that I like in larger sizes. They all seem made for thinner women. sad.gif
*snorts* why not just not post the link on a message board.

Anyways, onwards with clothes!
Ok, I know this doesn't exactly fit in this thread...although not perhaps as pointless as a gazillion spam links to software sites, and it does involve clothes... but I just saw a top I bought last year on What Not To Wear. And not as a "what to wear" item, but a "not to wear" item. HaHA! I have truly joined the fashion faux pas elite. I'm so impressed with myself.
My current obsession is houndstooth. Must be a seasonal thing, but I can't get enough black-and-white checkered-ness. I'm patiently waiting for several recently-ordered houndstooth items to come in the mail. Specifically, a wrap dress and a pencil skirt with ruffled trim.
I love houndstooth, it's very classic. But, I will never wear it. It's huge at the school I go to and I will forever associate it with sorority girls. (if I lived anywhere else I'd be dying for a houndstooth fitted vest)

So...I LOVE MY MOM! She called to give me a hint on what she has waiting for me when I get home for Turkey day:
Trouser jeans , they're so classic and Katherine Hepburn!
and these boots in brown which I imagine I will wear scrunched as I'm short and they are OTK boots.

She apparently found a boutique that was going out of business and everything was a "fabulous price" (quote). She said that there may be some sailor pants, a pencil skirt, and a blouse as well, but I'll have to wait and see.

what would you ladies wear with those boots?
i have a passion for suede boots and just got these in black suede. i also have a chocolate brown pair of stiletto via spiga suede otk boot that i wear folded down. (i could not find a picture to link). i wore the brown ones all last winter and have worn them often this fall too. i like them with skinny pants and a sweater. they also look nice with a sweater dress (a look i love.) the black Kors ones are pretty dressy but i wore them over fitted gray pants with a ling pink tunic. very cute.
hey all,
i'm looking for the source for the orange gloves on the aug/sept cover. don't have the issue any more, but NEED to get 'em for a friend for a perfect holiday gift. does anyone know who makes them -- or some other itty bitty orangey glove?



I think those were vintage driving gloves she was wearing. I get everything I want in this world HERE

The ones under the link are described as "stretchy & short" which sounds about right to me...
to your garter belt question in the forum thread vixen, i think worn at the waist as in this picture
Thank you Shiny! I wasn't sure because the measurements gave a 20 inch waist, but with stretch & even the seller couldn't tell me. That would make the one I posted a garter and girdle in one I suppose.
So I finally hit the sales yesterday looking for cute knitwear as I have been freezing at work for too long. All I found were loads of short sleeved sweaters, which I love but do nothing to keep me warm. The only other option seemed to be huge long cardigans. I welcome the return of the 80s oversized sweater, but these things were beyond shapeless and in every store. Grrr.

(I did get some nice French Connection jeans though... on sale, natch!)
i just returned from a long east coast trip and while visiting my best college girlfriends in nyc we of course had to go SHOPPING!

the scores:

H&M (we have them here in LA but they are always insanely crowded so i never go) where i got a cute seafoam green slouchy sweatshirt and a really awesome brightly colored plaid-ish hoodie

UNIQLO which we do not have in LA and i was excited about...their stuff ended up being more basic than i had expected but i got a really cozy blue flannel shirt and a pair of awesome blue skinny corduroys (i was expecting to be too fat for their pants since they only go up to 12 but miraculously they fit)

random thriftstore in astoria where i found an awesome old book of ghost stories illustrated by edward gorey, coveted an amazing set of vintage flowered dishes (you could only buy the whole 50 piece set and there's no way i could've brought that home with me), and scored possibly the best thrifstore find of my ENTIRE GODDAMN LIFE: an immaculate white sundress, fits me PERFECTLY, for $15 catherine fucking malandrino. that's like a 97% discount. i almost peed my pants.

also, for some reason my work's most recent sample sale had some awesome stuff--usually our "high end" department just has shit like t-shirts that say "rehab is the new black" on them, but i scored some super cute nautical-inspired tunics and a black shirt with gold constellations on it. very cute.
Uniqlo (in NYC anyway) can be a lot of work. I got a great t-shirt there and a lovely cashmere top, but I was trawling through bins for what felt like hours.

Mouse, congrats on your find/s!
it seem like forever since i have has a good find. i have not been out of my lil backwoods paradise for far too long and am in desperate need of a shopping trip away from a store that ends in mart.
I want this as I think it's sweet but I'm not sure how cropped the front is ... wouldn't want any flab on show blink.gif.

I also like this and think it would look cute with some thick tights and ballet flats.
I'm jealous that Mouse gets to shop at H&M. I know in Europe they have a 'BiB' section ('Big is Beautiful', aka plus sizes). But here in the U.S. (at least in LA), the largest size H&M stocks is a ladies' size 16. No women's sizes at all. Bleah.

That said, I've been doing major damage to my debit card with all the post-holiday sales, particularly at Fashion Bug. I purchased this top; this top, except in a subtle chartreuse green print; and this sweater in a deep peacock blue color which they apparently no longer have online. I purchased a few other items that they no longer have on their website either, all for less than $70.

Old Navy and Target have gotten some of my money this season, too. From ON, I spent $$ on this sweater in the lovely bottle green shade, and this jacket in navy blue, which was a complete splurge for me as it's not on sale or even 20% off. Target got my $$ for this sweater in both the 'orchid leaf' shade and a deep peacock blue color. I also love the '30s influenced style of this sweater, which surprisingly fits me, even though it's a ladies' XXL, due to the oversized cut of the garment. I'll have to wear something underneath it because the openings on the dolman sleeves are so damn large when I raise my arms that anyone would have a clear visual of the side of my bra, but I'm used to that kind of thing and have a drawerful of camis for that very reason.
Honestly, the BiB section is a teeny tiny bit of a store full of stuff. But with how wonky H&M is with sizing, I've found a lot of cute stuff that fits me. I bought a full black satin skirt with tuxedo detail at the hem that was supposed to be a 12, but fit my size 16 ass just fine. And I've found some really great t shirts & jackets in their mens dept.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jan 10 2009, 06:09 AM) *
Honestly, the BiB section is a teeny tiny bit of a store full of stuff. But with how wonky H&M is with sizing, I've found a lot of cute stuff that fits me. I bought a full black satin skirt with tuxedo detail at the hem that was supposed to be a 12, but fit my size 16 ass just fine. And I've found some really great t shirts & jackets in their mens dept.

I used to do menswear shopping a lot. Back in my early 20s, the only jeans I could find to fit my flat butt, big belly and short stature were men's jeans. I'd just make sure the waist and inseam were the right size/length and I was golden. I had a lot of menswear t-shirts, too. The problem I found was, because my body is kind of guy-shaped to begin with (I have broad shoulders, slimmer hips, and carry all my weight in front, like a guy with a beer belly), I was looking kind of guy-ish with all the menswear stuff I was wearing. Which is cool if that's your objective, but it wasn't mine. I wanted to look a little bit womanly. So I finally made my peace with women's clothes again. By that time there were more plus size jeans on the market, so I was able to find more sizes and styles that fit. I still have to get some of my jeans tailored (taken up an inch or two), so I *really* wish more clothing retailers would start making women's jeans wtih different waist sizes and inseams, the way they do with men's jeans. Some retailers have started, like Old Navy with their petite, average and tall lengths in pants. But that still doesn't offer enough variety for me, and it's rare for me to find a pair of pants or jeans that fits my waist that I don't have to get shortened so they're not dragging on the ground.

Ach. Perhaps this should have gone in the Kvetch thread. Ah, well. Here it is.
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Jan 10 2009, 04:45 PM) *
Ach. Perhaps this should have gone in the Kvetch thread. Ah, well. Here it is.

Just a heads up, thirtiesgirl, despite its title. kvetch up isn't a complaint thread but a support thread; it's a "catch up" thread where [mostly] regular posters post whatever is going on with their day/life and support/vibe each other where appropriate. Your post fits here because it's about apparel but it would also fit as part of a kvetch post or perhaps as a cob instead.
bunny, i love that first one you posted--even if it's cropped you could wear it over a tank top? the print is so gorgeous. and thirties i'm dying over the ruffle neck sweater! i may have to search one of those out myself. the pink one is calling to me...

i too wish dearly for different-inseamed pants. i'm short, i got short short legs, and i'm about a size 12, and nearly every pair of pants i find is at least two inches too long for me, sometimes even more. it's a hassle an an expense to get every new pair hemmed and i'm not anywhere near crafty enough to do it myself without it looking like i obviously did it myself. uniqlo did have a cool thing though where they offered free tailoring when you bought a pair of pants--i was leaving the next day and it was a 24-hour service, so i couldn't take advantage, but i think that's such a good idea.
This finally arrived; it's a tad unforgiving but so cute. I love sweater dresses but find it hard to find a balance between ones that cling (too 80s) and ones that swamp me. I plan on wearing it with dark grey tights and black ankle boots. I also got a baby peacoat on sale in black which I will now proceed to wear with everything.

I boycotted banana republic when they first opened back in the 80s. I was an issue-driven angry young girl and I objected to their name. Now I just find their stuff fits me really well and they're good for classics. I won't ask what this means.. blink.gif

ETA:This LINK should work now...
Okay, hot on the heels of my last post... how short is too short with a sweater dress? This goes to mid-thigh but it's been so long since I wore a shorter skirt that that feels short to me.

I don't want to look like I'm auditioning for Gossip Girl, but at the same time I can see that a shorter sweater dress is less frumpy and could look cute with ankle boots or flat loafers... any opinions much appreciated!
I Think you wear short looking hot you will try

Any one tell me where i can purchase sweater?

alternative apparel
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