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*burns w/ jealousy of having a bcbg outlet near you to the point of her head essplodin'!* everytime i go to a movie i go by a bcbg store and drool at all the cute dresses they have in the window.... but i adore the jackets they have on sale.
Coveting madly.....The shoes sound gorgeous - what am I saying, everything does!
Gt I don't know weather to thank you or weep. Now I can see very clearly the under-threads I'll never be able to afford. Nevaaaaah! *is sad*
oh i'm right there with you. don't you think i'm drooling over the cubans and those cute sets? i can't afford 'em either. i'm gonna have to go to nordstrom rack this weekend for some consolation panties! *sob*
lol to "consolation panties" !!
I've totally bought consolation shoes before...
Hey fellow Bust gals

I'm a Australian Bust reader heading over to the US for a holiday in October and was hoping to pick up a Stop Staring! dress or two (avoiding that international postage is going to be great!). Only thing is, I've been googling like crazy but I can't find any stockists - just online retailers. Any ideas what shops I might be able to head into that will have Stop Staring! gear?

Any other thoughts for fab shops? I've been printing out tons from the travel pages - there are such great tips from other Busties smile.gif

Thanks gals!
it might help to know where in the us you are going to be visiting. things are pretty regional sometimes. one thing that always kills me is when people come over from other countries and they don't get how big the us is. a friend had some friends came from the uk to his place in colorado. looking at the map they were excited because they were smack dab in the middle of the us. once they got settled in, they wanted to plan the next couple of days, they said, where should we go first? new york or LA? after peeing himself with laughter, he explained it would take atleast 3 days drive to get to la, and longer to get to nyc. when he told them the best they would get would be a hour drive to denver they were heart broken...

as for stop staring! i'm west coasty and never heard of it. if you are visting a friend, you might want to order ahead to their adress or contact your hotel and have the items sent there so they will be waiting for you.
Good advice! Don't worry, us Aussies know all about the distance thing - Australia and the US are about the same size, it takes roughly the same time to get from Sydney to Perth as it does New York to LA - but tourists always come here and think they drive from one to the other!! I heard once about someone thinking they could ride a bicycle from Melbourne to Sydney... hmmm maybe if you're a Tour de France competitor!

Anyways, I'm doing LA, San Fran and New York (by plane, don't worry!). And I'm backpacking, that's the bugger of it because I can't get stuff sent to hostels. Ah well, looks like I may have to just get it online and foot the bill! It's always nicer to try things on though, dontcha think?

Oh... and Stop Staring! was featured in Bust a few issues ago, you should check it out. GORGEOUS! All designed and created by one fabulous lady, too. Ah well... the hunt continues smile.gif
bee elissa, i just looked at their site and it looks like their showroom is in LA so there ya go wink.gif

also, while you're in the fashion district, stop by santee alley and pick up approximately seventy bajillion pairs of incredible designer knockoff shoes that will last you about a month before they fall apart but they're GORGEOUS and like $12 so who cares?
Champion! Thanks so much for the advice smile.gif
Hi guys,

I need some advice. I am 26 years old and I want to revamp my style. I want to be fashionable, but not trendy and with a bit of an edge. Nothing outlandish. I don't want to look like a teenager. I like a touch of retro too. I never liked the "prissy" look or ultra trendy clothes. So to sum up, something cool, feminine, interesting, edgy and with a touch of funk retro. I am on a budget too.

Any suggestions (stores, looks, etc)?

I am not particularly stylish, so I need all the help I can get : )

I tried to post this questions as a new thread but couldn't for some reason...
Welcome, Meduza. Do stop by the newbies thread & introduce yourself.

The reason you cannot begin a new thread is because you don't yet have enough posts. As a self moderated board, we appreciate it if you don't start a new thread when there is an existing one to suit your needs. Like this one. We also appreciate it if you vet any new thread ideas in the Community Forum to make sure we don't clutter things up.

I covet these.

But I'll probably buy these. Cheap ass.
As far as revamping style goes, I love wardrobe refashion and fatshionista on flickr. I've been retooling my general style and while I'm not nearly the same general style as the kind of people who actually have style, it's been a good thing to look at what other people are doing in real life with real clothes. Fashion mags are shit and predicated on doing nothing but looking good.

My dilemma is shoes. I've got a tiny foot with a huge arch and instep (there is a gap between the floor and my foot) and huge (comparitively) calves. Which I can usually work around but I'm just about killing my last pair of boots and I need a new pair. I'm thinking of getting a cheap pair that fit my foot then putting corsetlacing in the back, but that's not really an every day librarian look tongue.gif I tried on some of the stacked wooden heeled boots today and they lookhot with jeans, but will look daft in skirts. So it's back to the drawing board - I'm just about convinced to buy the cheap-as-hell reduced Doc Martin mary-janes (AU$70!!!) though.

Why do my NZ boots need to die! The look hot with everything and are so comfortable!
auralpoison these shoes are both damn hot I love them
hmmm I might need some new sexy shoes, too! biggrin.gif
But in the moment I have to save all my money for my holiday in Bulgaria, but maybe I can find some nice stuff there,too...
<3 <3 <3
covet, covet!

$40. arden b.
cute jewelry too.
sad.gif being laid off sux sad.gif
cute top, gt! I love how they did the pattern on the bust!

I have a fashion confession... I bought some crocs. BUT they're really cute!!! and amazingly comfortable. I'm so ashamed...
I also got these
in red on super clearance (like $15), and they are also very comfy, I just need to figure out what to wear them with...
I love the colours, and big patterns like that.
what do you think of this:

i love the material below the leather thingy, but i'm not sure how i feel about the whole thing.
ok. scratch that. just looked at it upclose in a popup.
yyyeeeuuuuuuuugly. very yugly.
why you ruin nice halter with
ugly whatever-that-is?
back from the rose bowl and come to yell about new vintage finds!

i got:

a lovely autumnal floral dress, polyester so i can't wear it in this heat, but will be sweet for fall:

a sweet turquoise & white shirtdress (a style that always is flattering on me) with a sweet scalloped collar:

a light little eyelet blouse, perfect for summer (& looks adorable with new bright turquoise short-shorts & black & white oxfords to follow):

the best score, though, was two pairs of exquisite vintage shoes, in perfect condition & exactly my size, once belonging to (so said the vendors) a woman who had been a fashion designer in the 50's and 60's & had had over 100 pairs of shoes, all of which she kept in immaculate rose-printed shoeboxes, each meticulously labeled with a little green ribbon pull for a handle. the ridiculous part is that they were asking *TEN DOLLARS* a pair. you can barely buy a pair of flip flops at target for that much money, and here they were selling these immaculate, leather, perfect condition, vintage high-quality shoes. i about wet my pants. i wonder if more will be there next month.

brown suede spanish oxfords:

and black patent & white oxfords:

FUCKING SWOON. thanks for letting me brag. wub.gif
Pretty, pretty, Mouse, especially the SHOOZ!! I love the Rose Bowl flea market. Haven't been in years, though. I always come back with way too much Murano glass when I go and I don't have any more room in my apt!
*burns with jealousy* goddamn, mouse! lucky duck... those shoes are...damn! swoon indeed. ska-whore! and they all look so perfect on you, too!
Those Spanish Oxfords, Mouse! I've been looking for a pair like that in black! I found some two-tone Jeffrey Campbells that were close, but not in my size, of course. Curse you & your tiny, lucky tootsies!
eee! thanks ladies! i'm REALLY excited about the shoes. my friend scored an adorable navy pair with little red tassels. ap, they're not actually all that small! they're 8 1/2 but they're narrow. talk about tiny foot envy, though--i have a friend who works at seychelles, and just happens to be the sample/model size, which i believe is 6 1/2. she gets A LOT of shoes.

thirtiesgirl--another LA bustie! hiya! i love the rose bowl, i especially love the guy who sells all his vintage dresses for $5. i always drool over all the furniture too but my tiny apartment is crowded as it is. the pasadena city college swapmeet ain't shabby either, fyi, and you don't have to pay to get in.

ETA: gt, LOVE your avatar! love love love sylvia ji
great finds, mouse! I particularly love that little eyelet shirtdress - it's so classic and wearable!! OMG on the shoe find! I would have bought ten pairs and just went without groceries, lol!

gt- I thought you would love this amazing BCBG Jacket? that's on ridiculous sale.
also, this? is the silvery blue dress I tried to describe earlier (I got it for much less than the sale price, though!).

For my date tonight I'm wearing a (tasteful!) leopard jersey wrap dress with black open toe slides and a vibrant purple Betsey Johnson silk scarf with cascading ruffles at each end (he drives a convertible). I like the way my tortoise-shell glasses match my dress.
crino-- those are both so freaking cool. and i L-U-R-V-FUCKING-E that jacket....
and your outfit sounds ssssssuper cute!

hi mouse!!! thanks re:ji avi. i was gonna be one of her paintings for hollow-wheeny, but i think a group of friends and i have decided to be those LDS women instead...
hey, i went to your site to look at some of your work mouse, and was heartbroken to find it underconstruction... when is it gonna be up again?
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jul 18 2008, 11:17 PM) *

hey, i went to your site to look at some of your work mouse, and was heartbroken to find it underconstruction... when is it gonna be up again?

shit, gt, your guess is as good as mine. i'm not doing any "art" right now--and don't necessarily intend to, as i've learned that that's not my thing at all--but i have vague plans to either a) get my illustration portfolio organized or cool.gif start a pattern design company for something.

but knowing me, either of these things will take ages to come to fruition. sad.gif

I love your dresses, mouse. The shoes were fantastic, of course, and especially the story behind them,
but wow, those dresses are SO cute on you!

I thrifted a skirt recently for 5 dollars, looks like this:

closeup in weird resolution

It's a wrap skirt, and I'm not crazy about those, but this one is ok. Makes me nervous though,
when it's windy I tend to show more leg than I'm comfortable with. And I live in a seaside town,
so it's fucking windy ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I use a brooch, but it tears the fabric a bit when I walk.

QUOTE(mouse @ Jul 19 2008, 02:02 AM) *
shit, gt, your guess is as good as mine. i'm not doing any "art" right now--and don't necessarily intend to, as i've learned that that's not my thing at all--but i have vague plans to either a) get my illustration portfolio organized or cool.gif start a pattern design company for something.

but knowing me, either of these things will take ages to come to fruition. sad.gif

it being your thing or not, i can't help you with, i feel the same way about my work, but i do love your stuff, it's just beautiful. and i know what you mean about stuff taking ages, well i have the same difficulty. sad.gif
i do think patterns would be awesome tho! i'm a big mouse booster!

coela, i love wrap skirts, but the leg issue is why i never buy them... i like that one, although it's kinda hard to see how it's cut/hangs on you cos of the angle...
coela- instead of a heavy brooch, you could use a small safety pin and pin it loosely from the inside so it won't show. It's best to do this a little high so the skirt won't pull, but still low enough that you won't show anything too, um, personal.
that skirt is rad, coela, it looks like tapestry!

re: wraparounds, i have a dress that i sewed a small stitch to attach the bottom hems, but my wraparound is more of a circle skirt so it is more roomy...i don't know what to tell you, i hate wraparounds for that very reason.
OMG ladies!!!
Trashy Diva has an amazing sale on this dress !

Should I get red or aqua?
ETA: I got red, because it was ready for immediate shipping in my size. I think it will sizzle with my new navy metallic almond toe pumps...
niiiiiiice crino!

*sigh* why do i have to be laid off right now*bangs head on computer*

i have got a shopping jones the likes of which y'all would not believe....
I hear you re: shopping jones. I've had one since the beginning of summer and haven't been able to stop, which REALLY isn't helping my finances. Fortunately, I've managed to hold back for the past 2 weeks. But since I didn't have school today, I decided on a whim to drive over to Mervyn's. Bad idea. I ended up buying a whole bunch of cute plus sized tops. Right now, Mervyn's has it going on in the women's department. I usually don't find much that I like on a regular basis at Mervyn's. My experience has been that every once in a while, they'll stock some plus sized brands that have it going on...and right now is one of those times for me.

Here's some pics of what I bought:

Tonal red stripe top (kind of dark red, almost burgundy) with cute button detail and seaming just above bustline (which, fortunately, doesn't maximize it); and a black top with tie back and cute ruffle/button detail placket. Both cotton t-shirt material and super comfortable. (Oh, as you can see from the pics, I like to cut out my tags.)

Patterned black/white floral cotton top with another ruffle/button placket (hard to see in the pic), with tie back; fitted gauze-y cotton black top with ruffled sleeves and knit-lace detail around semi-mandarin collar, giving it a rather Victorian look, which I love. The material has more substance than cheesecloth type cotton, and is fairly fitted to the body which minimizes the hippy-ish look that cheesecloth cotton can sometimes have. It's actually my favorite top that I bought today.

Almost chocolate brown cotton tie-back top with puff sleeves, fitted seaming under the bust and another cute ruffle semi-mandarin collar neckline; royal purple cotton v-neck top with totally cute ruched sleeves that give it more shape & structure than your standard t-shirt. Plus, I look great in this shade of purple.

...Ok, I think it's time for this clothes horse to ride off into the sunset.

As a reward to myself, I bought myself an adorable tee from 410BC;
The company is independant and the people are sooo sweet.

And they give you free goodies with the shirt;
Like a plastic dinosaur and a kitchey-little-kid-dolphin ring!
Totally unexpected and made my day.
cute shirt purchases peoples!!

I got my dress today!!!! It is a beautiful rich red and so 1950s twirly cute!!
If anyone gets the dress, definitely order a size down, I got the XS and I'm going to have to take it up an inch at the waist (and I usually wear a dress size 4)! TOTALLY worth $34! The inner construction is beautiful, so vintage couture with breast cups and everything!

now back to writing the last ten pages of my paper due tomorrow. yay.
Ummm, do I insert links now!!!??? I just had it figured out and now it's gone!!

well... I made a set using my new dress if anyone wants to see...

*dehogs thread*
QUOTE(crinoline @ Jul 31 2008, 03:56 PM) *
Ummm, do I insert links now!!!??? I just had it figured out and now it's gone!!

well... I made a set using my new dress if anyone wants to see...

*dehogs thread*

VERY cute! Very 1950s. I love it, especially the color. I wish I knew how to sew, but I have no patience for it.
crin, great dress, gorgeous color.

I have spent the past two days going through my closets and washing clothes to give to salvation army. There is all this room now and I can't wait to go shoppping for new shit! It feels so good to get rid of shit. Now when I open my closet I won't be totally sick of what's in there.
as usual i am in love with aubade lingerie... sigh. i need to win the lottery. links on the right... *drool*
gt!!!!!!! why!?! why do you do this to me!? You know I have no moneys!!!
I really want the Elisa, la Muse collection.

I just scored some cuban heel back seam stockings, now I need to buy a garter belt, but it's so much money for so little fabric! Any recommendations, goddess of lingerie?
i want someone else to be miserable with me. i'm laid off. all i can do is drool crino!
oh yeah. the elisa is niiiiice.

i like:
Discours amoureux
Brume des Anges' culottes
Satin des Nuits' tanga and soft bra
Candide, L'Ambiguë's soft bra
Anémone, La Bucolique's string, because that side is sooooooo sesi!

Mathilde, La Charmeuse's culotte and jarretiere (but in pompodor pink/white)
and how can you not love this from bahia:

or this from Sophia, La Glamoureuse:

i used to be such a garterbelt whore. f'rreals. if it was pretty, lacy and held onto my stockings, i was all about it. heh. lately i'm too lazy to shave my i've probably got 8 or 9 different garterbelts...

believe it or not garter belts are best procured at department stores. no. really. because people don't buy them and they go on sale, so you get them at a good price. but DON'T look at anything but the sale rack unless you are flush. otherwise you will fall in love with something really priiiiiiiitty, and reallllly pricy.

best bets: nordstrom rack, macy's.
wow, that last tap-pant/garterbelt is like something from my dreams!!!
Alas we have no macys nor nordstroms, but I'll check online, thanks for the advice!

ETA- O.M.G.!!!!! If anyone is a medium, you MUST buy this amazing silk CORSET!!! that's on crazy sale for $38!! I'm dying that they don't have it for me! why!?!?
Gracious! Someone named a bra after me?? wink.gif
ok, check out the cosabella winter collection samatha (i'd link the exact page, but it's in flash so you have to find it yourself.... so freaking pretty!

i also like the spring/ pearl, grafitti, and lola...

so question: what are your favorite lingerie lines?
i like felina, cosabella, lejaby but i've found super cute camisoles by xoxo, rampage, and even old navy, although it's been years since then. they seem to have gone cotton simple.
lejaby do such pretty bras. I like calvin klein's wireless triangle bra, but not their wired ones as they don't fit. Princesse TamTam do pretty things in sweet prints, and I find they usually do a matching french knicker (rather than a bloody thong)... over here, M&S do my favourites for basics, especially t-shirt bras and simple pants.

I'm continually drooling over Buttress and Snatch and Fairy Gothmother (ah, to have the money to spend on expensive frilly pants)
crossposting in general knowledge:

does anyone know how much attention one should pay to that "dry clean only" tag? i just scored an awesome black shift-type shirt at my favorite thrift store and it says dry clean only, but it's a very simple cut and 100% rayon. it's very prone to wrinkling but would handwashing, air drying and ironing really be so bad? it's something i would wear a lot and don't want to pay dry cleaning costs all the time...
mouse i posted a reply in the GKT.

mornington, i love triangle bras. soooo cute. they're pretty much the only bras i like to wear. underwire is no fun.
french knickers (boy shorts over here) is all love too!
I second the love of triangle bras. I'm small busted and my favorite (comfy and cute) line for that is Honeydew.

OMG mornington!! Did you really have to introduce me to Fairy Gothmother lingerie!?! I was already drooling over Buttress and Snatch!

My favorite for practical daily wear is Intimissimi for it's affordability, sexiness, availability, and fit. I have a tiny ribcage, and they make bras with completely adjustable back bands.
My dream lingerie would come from Agent Provacateur for retro gorgeousness!!! Alas, 'tis completely beyond my price range...still dreamin'...

My Mom stopped at Trashy Diva in NOLA and picked up some cuban heeled backseam stockings for me!! Yay Mom!!
Mouse, I've never dry-cleaned a single thing with a dry-clean tag and they always turn out fine. I don't use hot water, and I make sure to be especially gentle.
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