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Check out J Crew blazers, I find that they were made with curves in mind (at least most of the styles were) and come in a range of styles. They also last a long time too, I got 3 years out of one blazer, and it just started looking ratty towards the end of the third. I'm going to be sad to see it go.
I dashed off back to my favourite store today and bought two more of those camisoles. (They are on sale.) One is a nice warm blue, and one is a soft caribbean green. I really don't want to wear the white cami, because colour seems a little more "camouflaging."

"Very feminist thoughts you are having there, doodlebug."

Fuck off, you little bastard. *flicks little bastard (who usually resembles dead grandfather) off shoulder*

Plus the blue and green ones don't seem like underwear, like the white one does - which they are not! But still...EEP!
I so dig you, Doodle.
Aw, maims....*blushes profusely*

So I'm here to report on the success of the outfit. I wound up wearing the BLACK camisole, and I found these wonderful scarves really cheaply in Vancouver. The one I wore was black crepe with these huge blue and turquoise flowers on them, very sophisticated, in a tropical kind of way.

I am please to report that I caught the woman we were meeting with (who wore Chanel, I think) checking out my outfit. AND the meeting went well.
I love scarves but never quite know how to wear them. My fave is this huge piece of square fabric that someone just cut a slit in the middle of and hemmed so you can wear it kind of like a poncho over a cami. It's black and silky with a very pretty green and pink pattern.

I have several other scarves that are the longer rectangle shape (like a muffler) because I can't resist buying them, but I hardly ever end up wearing them because I'm not quite sure how. Any suggestions? How do you guys wear yours?

I often have the same problem with scarves. They can look great when arranged well and silly when not. My default with scarves is looping them around my neck and pulling tight, worn with a v-neck top. This only works with medium to small lightweight scarves though.

I always think French women are *great* at wearing scarves.
I love wearing scarves. I have a huge collection of scarves and shawls, and I keep adding to it. I love scarves so much that I wore one with a t-shirt and jeans yesterday!

I especially love really long scarves, and preferably not too skinny. I often just wear them hanging loose around my neck and down my body, which I am convinced makes me look taller and thinner, LOL! If it's windy, I might tie the scarf in a loose, low knot, or fling one end (or both ends) over my shoulder.

I also have a lot of Indian shawls that I wear similarly as scarves, OR I wear them as shawls, OR I wear them tied around my hips like a sarong...if they are transparent, I wear them OVER my jeans or pants....I don't wear the shawl-as-sarong into working situations, though. Mainly around home, and occasionally to a celebratory-type event.

Sometimes, I take a really big scarf/shawl and wear it draped over one shoulder, European-style. I used to have a lot of big, square scarves, that I would folded into triangles and wear over my shoulders, knotted in the front, or held closed with a brooch. Similarly, I will sometimes take smaller square scarves, twist them into a kind of loose "rope," and wear them instead of a necklace. I also wear scarves in/around/over my hair on bad hair days.

If you have a neck, which I don't, you can do a lot more things with scarves, like wrapping a long one around your neck once or twice, and leaving it hanging loose, or knotting it...that looks pretty good (if you have a neck). Also, on people with necks, I love the little '50s kerchief look, where a small scarf is tied around the neck and the two ends stick out to the side. Also cool, taking a long scarf, folding it in half (lengthwise), wrapping it around your neck, and pulling the ends through the loop - men do this with mufflers. Looks great.

There are books on tying scarves and doing fancy things with them...and websites, too, I imagine. Generally, I think scarves look better if they don't look too fussed over, and I also think it's better to keep the size of the scarf, and the pattern, in scale to your size.
Doodle, I want to have a scarf slumber party with you! You covered a lot of stuff I would have said.

What I hate most about the humid summer weather is that I have to put most of my scarves away. I do have some summer-weight scarves (I just bought one, a Schiaparelli pink/fuschia, relatively long and wide, but not super large) it is really bright and looks AWESOME against my medium/olive skin tone, if I do say so myself), but the humidity is just too much and I don't want anything around my neck, loose or tight or anything in between. And I so rarely have a scarf with me for that "just in case the AC is too high" situation since it so rarely happens for me. I must really have boiling blood, har har!

And all this talk of scarves, yes, I think there is a French connection here. I lived there for a while (okay, hell, on and off a couple of times) and the best weather ever is that time of the year where the fall air is crisp and breezy, where it's enough for me to wear a big scarf and no jacket. There is something so delicious about keeping my neck and shoulders warm (that a bulky sweater or barfy turtleneck shirts can't do) and wandering around outdoors for hours on end. I love that time of year. Le sigh.
Oh thank maud I lurked in here before I posted in CoF a thought I had yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I love scarves and have several (and pashminas), but I just *don't get* the trend I've noticed recently of people wearing as few layers as possible (summer dresses, skirt and top and jeans and t-shirt mainly) and then a huge scarf knotted sveral times around their neck (sorry doodle!) Lighter material or not, the only thing I can bear to have around my neck in the summer months are bikini straps or beads/necklace.
I have a few 70" silk scarves I am lusting for right now, but haven't bought them yet. I've spent about $400-$500 on clothing in the past couple of months, and nearly $200 on research texts for the novel-to-be, so with kog3100 (hopefully) coming home soon, I want to put the brakes on getting too spendy ...

But the clothing I have bought has been wonderfully successful, so go me. Rah!
Oooh, Maims, dying to know what you bought! Got any visuals or, uh, verbals to offer?

BTW, I like the new picture. Not that there's anything wrong with blue eyeshadow... har har!
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Jul 21 2006, 02:29 AM) *

Oooh, Maims, dying to know what you bought! Got any visuals or, uh, verbals to offer?

BTW, I like the new picture. Not that there's anything wrong with blue eyeshadow... har har!

Aw, thank you, honey. Here's one of the scarves I'm looking at with eager eyes (in orchid/copper):

The same seller also has solids in about a dozen or so colors, and the solids are $15.

As to things I've already bought, there are a lot of casual clothes. I tend to wear my clothes for many years, and realized I've beaten the hell out of my slouch-wear, and it looks *unforgiveably* slouchy. However, I also got a BCBG MaxAzria dress, a funky 70s-retro brown wrap dress, long black silk skirt, an icy-silver-grey silk blouse which is FANFOOGOOTASTIC (easily a $100 nabbed off eBay for UNDER $10), and a whole pile of fitted tees and other tops which can go to the office, but are washable, casual, easy to repurpose ...
I just bought a pair of Levi's 515s. They're fantastic-they make my butt look fabulous! (confirmed by the husband, before I even said anything)

Why did I not own a pair before now?
Maims, wonderful choices. You are such a grrl after my own heart!
So....if we ever get around to having our Bustie Conference that we've all been planning for two years, we'll all have bring our scarf collections and have our own special slumber party! Hee!

It's been so hot that when I'm home these days, all I can bring myself to wear is a cotton cami and one of those new scarves tied around my hips. But they are not wide like the shawl ones, so they look more like sarong miniskirts! Luckily I don't have any neighbours looking in at me.

maims, that scarf is GORGEOUS. I want that lavender and olive one. Purple and green is my favourite bad taste colour combo...why, my whole apartment is decorated in purple and green! (And turquoise.) I actually have a purple and olive square scarf, with a paisley pattern....only big enough to wear on my head, or as a neck thingie. I've kept it for ten years....I think I paid $3 for it at Zellers!

I only own one silk scarf/shawl, though. It's quite lovely, in autumn colours. I suppose I'll have to have it dry cleaned...I'm scared to try washing it.

I think I've been inspired by this thread to start hunting down winter weight shawls again. NOT ponchos. Just shawls. My only winter jacket is a polar fleece one, and it's lovely and warm, but not very good for dressier occasions. I used to have a bunch of serapes (the kind where you fling the end up over your shoulder) that I made myself, like, 20+ years ago, when they were going for a hundred dollars or more in the stores. I've still got one, in b/w tweed, though it's prolly high time I have it cleaned. Heh. They are so EASY to mom and I went into the Hudson Bay Company with our measuring tape and measured them...then went home and whipped our very own up!

Ugh, it's so hard to think about winter weight ANYTHING, when it's so farking HOT!

brett, it's a rule that if you find jeans that make your butt look good, you absolutely MUST buy them. Someone on BUST told me that...
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jul 25 2006, 03:42 AM) *
maims, that scarf is GORGEOUS. I want that lavender and olive one. Purple and green is my favourite bad taste colour combo...why, my whole apartment is decorated in purple and green! (And turquoise.) I actually have a purple and olive square scarf, with a paisley pattern....only big enough to wear on my head, or as a neck thingie. I've kept it for ten years....I think I paid $3 for it at Zellers!

You would so love my pad. My fireplace is a jewel turquoise green, the bathroom is bright blue and yellow, the bedroom is an icy-light silver grey, with one light purple wall ...
Delurking: I love this thread.

I am in the process of rebuilding my woredrobe. This my 30th year, and I feel that I need to get my "Style" together. I also feel the need to figure out what actually looks good on me, and reconcile this with what I actually love wearing.

I tend to shun advice like "What not to wear" on BBC and TLC because I feel that so much of it seems to be about making women look like other women, and not like themselves. I do like the books based on the BBC series though because most of their advice seems reasonable (i.e., how to choose the right underwear and such).

I recently figured out that I am an autumn/spring person (remember that 80s classification?), and that I have a H-shaped body, that is virtually impossible to dress with mall clothes. I love big big accessories even if they make my neck seem shorter.

So my question is: what are your favorite jewlery place in New York city?

QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jul 11 2006, 05:38 PM) *

Aw, maims....*blushes profusely*

So I'm here to report on the success of the outfit. I wound up wearing the BLACK camisole, and I found these wonderful scarves really cheaply in Vancouver. The one I wore was black crepe with these huge blue and turquoise flowers on them, very sophisticated, in a tropical kind of way.

I am please to report that I caught the woman we were meeting with (who wore Chanel, I think) checking out my outfit. AND the meeting went well.

The next time you are in Vancouver, I will definitely show you where the trannies buy their shoes. It's right near my house and if you are in the market for yellow patent over-the-knee boots with lucite heels, you will be in heaven!
QUOTE(loli @ Jul 25 2006, 08:57 PM) *

The next time you are in Vancouver, I will definitely show you where the trannies buy their shoes. It's right near my house and if you are in the market for yellow patent over-the-knee boots with lucite heels, you will be in heaven!

Hee hee! All I want is one pair of respectable looking, black leather shoes that I could theoretically wear to a job interview, and that DON'T look like old lady shoes or make my feet hurt, in size 9.5 EE (WW). (How it's possible to have flat feet AND a high instep, I'll never know, but I do blame my father, whose feet kept him out of the army.) TWO pairs of respectable looking shoes would be preferable - one pair of low-heeled black leather pumps, and one pair of dressier black shoes that would be serviceable with evening wear. *le sigh*

maims, I love your pad already!
I got all excited about the scarf talk from last week... I just recently got into scarves... I went out of province with no scarves, and came back with 5- a sheer leopard print one, a black and white polka dot one, a satiny brown and white polka dot one, a kind of Pucci-inspired one in peach and green and brown, and my favorite, a big silk vintage scarf in ivory with big, detailed red and yellow roses on it (it's about 2 feet by 2 feet, very big for the style, it's so delicate and old-seeming).

Doodle, I love how passionate about scarves you are. I'd never thought about it, but it makes sense when you said "generally, I think scarves look better if they don't look too fussed over, and I also think it's better to keep the size of the scarf, and the pattern, in scale to your size." My (aforementioned) new favorite scarf probably works on me because I'm tall, and I wear it tied simply around my neck to the side with one long end hanging down the back, and one in the the front. I can also wear it on my head tied under my chin, and the pieces under the chin hang down almost a foot, but it feels a little too costumey. Like I'm tryna be Jackie O.

I am looking forward to the fall just so I can wear tights and coats, and pants with socks with heels.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Jul 26 2006, 05:17 AM) *

I am looking forward to the fall just so I can wear tights and coats, and pants with socks with heels.

Amen sister!

Summer clothes just don't look good on me.
Okay, Maims, that's it. My bags are packed. When do I move in?! Bahaha!

Oceandessa, what's an H-shaped body? That's the first time I've heard that term. Are you all arms and legs or something? unsure.gif

So here's a twist on all the scarf talk: what do you do to clean them? I'm talking overall cleaning, not spot-cleaning for a stain. I've got a faux pashmina that I've worn too much and it needs some freshening up. It was inexpensive and I've had not so great luck with dry cleaners in general, but I'm hesitant to hand it over to a DC just because I like it so much. Suggestions? (I mean, I suppose I could hunt down a primo DC that knows what it's doing and has a reputation for not fucking shit up... just wondering what the other options are, depending on the fabric.)
Faux what, Rais? It likely depends, especially on what is used to create the faux. If it's faux cashmere using acrylics, hand washing could be a problem, because even those yummy, creamy acrylics DO pill up something fierce - you might take it to a cleaner and request advice (or service) ...

Most of my own scarves are silk or cotton, with maybe one or two polyesters, so I simply wash 'em in the sink and, for most, iron 'em carefully. I do not wash the Indian silk hip scarf, because (a) it has incredibly long fringe, and I would not trust against its becoming tangled and/or actually damaged, and (cool.gif it fortunately does not incur any sweat or messiness. The dirtiest contact it ever has is with the leather seat of my car, and that isn't exactly the nastiest place in the world. So far, it has survived without notable funkitude.

As to moving in, sistah - I know you are teasin' me. You always SAY you're coming, but I never have seen you yet ...

QUOTE(raisingirl @ Jul 27 2006, 01:49 PM) *

Oceandessa, what's an H-shaped body? That's the first time I've heard that term. Are you all arms and legs or something? unsure.gif

I can't remember where I read it, but I believe it means someone without a waist, which is definitely me.
So....does that mean I can wash my silk shawl myself? I'm a-scared to...

edie, I kind of feel the same way about the scarf bits hanging down my neck when I wear one 'round my head! Sometimes I can pull it off, if I'm feeling "kicky"...but sometimes I just double-tie the scarf so you don't see the knot. If you loop the scarf back around itself (I don't know quite how to explain that), it stays on better than just double-wrapping it.
I wash anything silk as long as it's not like a fully lined blouse or dress or something. Check the dyes on yours - but silk is often washable, yeppers.
Doodle, scarves are absolutely PERFECT for bad hair days. I really need to increase my collection, though because I really only have 2. I hope to find one like this blue one with teacups on it that I left at the apartment of a one night stand about 5 years ago.
Aww, Maims, I know, I don't mean to be a tease, but I don't think it's in my cards to move to DC anytime soon. Sniff!

Okay, the scarf I'm talking about is 100% viscose (rayon) and it says right on it "DRY CLEAN ONLY." Bite me.

And speaking of "dry clean only," my sister works PT at a clothing store. She was telling me about some cute sundresses they have on sale and how one of them was "a Raisin dress and you should come in and try it on," and so I prodded her about the fabric, etc., finally look on the store's web site only to find that these sundresses are dry clean only. Instant deal-breaker for me. I said to her, "Why would anyone even DESIGN a sundress that is dry clean only? What is the point of that, given that a lot of us work up a SWEAT from just SITTING AROUND because it's SUMMER?" Sheesh. I don't know, maybe I'm just too practical sometimes, or maybe it's just the inner designer in me railing against POOR DESIGN. Never in a million years am I going to buy a knock-around everyday sundress in a fabric that's dry clean only.

Next up on my list of sartorial goals is to slowly eliminate polyester from my wardrobe, as in not buying anything polyester ever again. I should have done this years ago. I'm such a frelling snob about certain things.
See, but I wash my rayons too mostly. Machine wash, even. I have several rayon dresses without which I would be so unhappy (this sort of thing: ). One is eight or nine years old, and it gets washed regularly. Looks every bit as good as it ever did - and I get compliments every time I wear it.
I washed a rayon dry-clean-only dress once. It had a black and white pattern, and it ran and ran and became ugly and I couldn't wear it anymore. *sigh* I was only 19 or 20, and it cost me a lot of money, in the $90 CAD area. (That was a lot of money for a 19-year old in 1988, especially considering the minimum wage was about $4.25.)

music, as someone with a serious case of hair vanity, I actually try never to have bad hair days. biggrin.gif
Awww, man that sucks, Doodle!

Speaking of dry-clean only, I have heard dry-cleaning is harmful to the environment. Is there an environmentally friendly way to dry-clean or to wash wool (I usually don't even wear my wool since cleaning it means dry-cleaning). But I know there's an alternative way to clean wool. Any ideas?
yeah, i hate dry cleaning. musicfit, not only is dry cleaning bad for the environment, it's even bad on the clothes that you dry clean. i mean especially jackets and many sweaters HAVE to be dry cleaned because they would lose their shape, but the dry cleaning fluid will suck the life out of the clothes. i have worked at a place where in dealing with suits (i am talking about 5,000 dollar suits) they recommend that the whole suit gets dry cleaned only once a year - but that you spot dryclean yourself on the collars and cuffs every few wearings.

for sweaters, there is that no rinse eucalyptus wash that they sell in knitting stores. i love that. but you have to just be delicate with handling it - squeeze it out in towels, and lay out to dry in the shape you want it afterwards.

i hardly wear anything that isn't handwashable. even if it says dry-clean only, i mostly wash it. not on suits or anything with lots of layers sewn in or embroidery, etc. but did you notice even like some cotton pants are "dry clean only" on the label??? crazy, like raisin girl's sundress comment. why would you buy things that are not fancy, for everyday wear that you're supposed to dryclean?
I handwash all of my wool and wool-mix sweaters (including an angora one) then carefully squeeze them out and dry flat after shaping them. I also handwash a lot of my tops. I do dry clean my winter coat and all my jackets, but only about once a season (winter coat probably about once a year).

I read recently that machine washing jeans too often wrecks their shape as well, so I wash mine a little less than I did. On balance I do less laundry loads, but more handwashing, which can be tedious and time consuming, but for tops I find it keeps their shape much better.
I handwash wool things usually. The odd round in the washing machine hasn't done some of them any harm, but I don't want to risk it. tbh, I tend to air my pure wool/cashmere jumpers for a few wears as I heard that washing them too often causes problems. I also handwash my nice bras as they last longer, and the jeans go in the wash... every now and again. And I never tumbledry them. I avoid dry-cleaning, unless it's on certain things like ballgowns, but more because it's too expensive to justify.

My wool pashmina shrunk in the wash, so I'm wary now. That was a painful day.
mornington...if you take your pashmina to a dry cleaners, they might be able to block it and stretch it back into shape. (I used to work in a drycleaners, years ago. We corrected a lot of people's wool-washing mistakes. smile.gif )

I didn't know that about washing jeans! I usually machine wash in cold but hang dry...I always thought it was the machine drying that wrecks jeans. Actually, I still think that's true, mainly b/c most jeans have lycra or spandex or something in them now...heat will destroy that shit (and any stretchy stuff) faster than anything.

I always wind up hang-drying at least half of my things - and ALL of my underthings - even when I machine wash others find that?
Definitely, doodle. In fact, the only things that really end up in the dryer are towels, and a pair of cotton pants I'm hoping to shrink up a bit so I can continue wearing them. It's nice, though, because I have to use the apt. laundrette and it costs so much! (Does anyone else remember when a wash was $0.50?)

And I am loving Woolite for Dark Clothes lately! It smells quite nice, and I miss putting fabric softener in the wash. I used to use it (softener) for everything, until I realized it was ruining the shape and fading the fabrics. As my chemist friend put it "uh, yeah, it breaks down fabric fibres to make them soft, hence the name..." D'oh!
I hang-dry the majority of my stuff. I have some marks&spencer t-shirts and pants that are tumble-dry safe, and the whole towels and sheets thing gets tumbledryed too...My halls charge 20p for 12mins in the dryer... you're spending about £3 on a wash & tumble dry (about $5)... washing just becomes an expensive chore. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to hang big stuff, so it's a matter of balance.

Doodle, this shrunk on a cold handwash. It was a couple of years ago, so I'm not going to suffer too much. I might turn it into a cushion cover or something, it's still soft.

I can't remember where I heard the whole "you shouldn't wash jeans too ofter" thing, it was a couple of years ago. But I have found my jeans have kept thier shape better.
I have nothing to add (yet), but am enjoying this Pandora's Box... heh heh...
sneaking in to ask what you think of this dress. i would probably be wearing it as a tunic over jeans.

i keep coming back to it, but am a little wary. i'm a little on the heavier side (a size 10ish) and have large breasts, so i'm afraid that the empire waist will make me look pregnant. i don't carry my weight in my stomach, though, and it does have a wideish waistband that comes almost to the natural waist.

it's also a bit more unusual or attention-drawing than my usual clothes. but that's something i'm trying to change. i'm a fitted grey t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. i'm wanting to expand into more hipper territory. it's just a bit uncomfortable for me. but, that's my problem, not the clothes' problem, of course.

anyway, now i'm just blabbering. opinions anyone?

i love that shirt/dress! it's awfully cute. go for it!
altargrrrl, if you keep coming back to it, it's calling your name. i say go for it. then again, i'm biased ... i adore all things mocha.

can't get the link to work for maimy's cute rayon dress. *pout*

i avoid 'dry clean only' like the plague, but when something is too flattering to pass up, i succumb. the latest are 98% wool/2% lycra & spandex slacks that are lined. of course i got an slight oil spot on them the first time out. how should i spot clean - with what?

also, what might happen if i hand-wash a 75% rayon/25% nylon sweater? it's a little big, and i wouldn't mind some shrinkage. but would it shrink drastically?
Oop! The parenthesis got in the way of the automatic coding - sorry about that! Have edited the original post, but here's the link without excess gunk anyway:
thanks for the input, ladies. i even found it on another website for cheaper, but it's currently out of stock. sigh.
altargrrrl, I think that dress is beautiful, and I hope you get it!

I don't think empire waists make people look pregnant, although I guess some people would disagree with me. I am a double-D with a tummy...I have about five empire waist tops, and I love them to bits! I feel more "feminine" and sexy in them than in anything else I own....except maybe for wrap tops, which are very flattering to just about everyone.

maimy, that is a very beautiful dress!

mando, if you take the pants to a drycleaner and tell them what the spot is, they can do a spot clean for you, without having to do a full clean. If they were expensive, I wouldn't risk doing it yourself....but that's just me! I think you can buy drycleaning fluid and try it yourself....

I'm always getting oil spots on things like t-shirts. Pisses me off....I lose more t-shirts that way! Me and spots are one of the reasons I prefer to hang dry my clothes....just in case I didn't get it all in the wash!

My favourite spot cleaner now is this 2-in-1 stuff that has Spray 'n' Wash and Oxi's two "separate" bottles sort of stuck together as one product, and they mix together when you pour them on the spot. It's the first spot cleaner I've been really happy with.

One other thing I am really fond of now is that Tide pen. I keep it in my purse and especially like it when I travel. It's terrific for food splashes. One of my friends got red wine all over her white shirt by accident, the last time she was over....that little pen got it all out! Not so great for things like blood, though.
I need to get one of those Tide pens..have heard so many great things about it. Seems like I'm good at getting something on myself.

Went shopping the other day for a newish fall wardrobe. No...I've never been that girl who buys all new stuff each season. Wish I could be...too poor for that lol...but I gave in and got quite a few new things this year. Wow..had forgotten how nice it was to actually have clothes that felt like ME instead of just wearing stuff because I felt like I had to. The shopping girly girl side of me was supressed for far too long, I'm afraid I started something bad lol

oh, i have been so terrible, terribly remiss. i voted for the creation of this thread and haven't posted in it once (i haven't posted in it once, have i? if so it was so long ago that i've forgotten).
i've just been feeling so wardrobally depressed lately as i have to "dress" for the bank and find myself saying "Ooh, now isn't that cute?!" whilst out shopping with my little sister who then looks at me with a curious sort of expression on her face and says "Uh, kinda..."
it's sad, really. my nickname used to be Rainbow Brite for a reason. oh well.
yesterday and today i was working in a friends funky import shop and i got to wear some of the lovely things that i've bought there and haven't been able to wear even once yet. such a relief to look like me once again. several people commented on how lovely, colourful and fun my outfit was. i felt gorgeous. i even bought a new belt, something that i would never actually go looking for but i thought would be nice with the outfit i had on so i tried it and then kept it. cowrie shells and flower shaped shells on black cord with dangley ends, really quite pretty.

now it's back to the grind though. it's the bank tomorrow and, ugh, i'm trying to avoid thinking about my outfit until the last moment. it's doesn't actually work very well to do that though since everything has to work around the clothes. jewlery, shoes, makeup, and my impossible hair. i swear, this year i Will get it chemically straightened. grr. messy mop of unmanagability.

the problem i am having right now is with pants. i seem to have a thousand pair of jeans but only six pairs of decent work pants, two of which are capris (i can actually wear those at the bank in summer, it's such a casual small town place), and two others are pinstriped so can't exactly be worn over and over again without it being obvious. i guess i'm just loathe to shell out the money for nice, wearable, well fitted trousers and that'll be the day when i actually have time to sew some myself (ha!). i'm still working on fabric i bought for simple two hour skirts for work. it's all stuffed into my closet but it hardly matters since my skin has been freaking out every time i shave my legs so skirts are pretty much out unless the reach my ankle. the capris too. poo. plus the air con keeps it so cold in there that i need a sweater. it's all about layers these days as it's mostly humidly hot outside and the pants kill me once i hit the door.

aliboo, i have one of those tide pens (for work, of course). the girls at the bank swear by them but so far i haven't been able to make it work for me. red wine on the table cloth was my first experiement but no luck, it stuck (ha). maybe i used it wrong? who knows, i'm sure i'll have plenty of chances to try it again.

maimy, i LOVE the idea of rolling pants in the drawer so you can see everything without rummaging. oh, that is just brill! i have SO MANY t-shirts and i can't ever seem to find the one i'm looking for and once i've put all the laundry away so nicely it sucks to mess up the entire drawer because i'm in a hurry. i imagine that it makes it super easy to pack when you have to go somewhere too. i'll have to do that.

doodle, i have so many scarves too. and bags. i've tried to minimize them but the best i could do was to give up ONE bag at my recent yard sale and one scarf to a co-worker who just retired. i wear them all, i just love them. i have them hanging around the house, as runners on surfaces, i wear them around my head, as skirts, as a dress sometimes, every which way. i just like fabricy things that can be worn or used all over. i'm struggling like crazy right now not to bring home a whole whack of the $20 saris and awsome hand loomed silk scarves at my friend's store. i know my land-lord beige walls are boring but how many hangings can one girl justify? (a lot, apparently). but they're only $20!!! how can i not buy them?!

i promise to post pictures of the skirts once i finally make them. i picked out such cute fabric, hopefully i'll have tops to go with them all. (i will get them done before the season is over, i will, i will! hafta justify this new sewing machine somehow!)
pepper, if it's any consolation on the pants issue, aside from sweats and jeans that are for exercising/painting/cleaning in, I own exactly three pairs of jeans and three pairs of black pants in varying degrees of casual/dressiness. And not a single skirt. I'm lucky, though - I can often wear jeans to work. When I eventually move on from this non-profit job, I may have to change my ways!

I do like buying nice things to wear to work, though, and for travelling for work. When I can find things that fit properly and don't look hideous on me. I have the shoulders of a linebacker, so it makes fitting difficult!

Does anyone else have fitting problems that make them crazy like that?

I bought two more scarf shawl thingies yesterday at Value Village. One is an Indian shawl, purple with a narrow gold embroidered band all around. The other is kind of grey-blue, like washed out denim, and has a "mod" flower pattern in turquoise, navy, and tan on each end. It's not transparent like so many of my others, so I might actually consider wearing it out of the house as a sarong!

pepper, I've seen your sofa slipcover. You are a sewing genius! I haven't sewed actual clothing for years. The last thing I tried to make was a real lined jacket - I got an amazing deal on this taupe Armani fabric - but even though it was collarless, it was a hideous experience that I wasn't ready to tackle, and I've been too frustrated to sew anything but home decor stuff since.
well, thanks for the compliment doodle. perhaps i could hang onto the title of "sewing genius" if i'd actually sew something once in a while. i did just make three little fairy dresses for my friend's girls though, that was fun. no finishing though, just costumes. ah, if only we could all dress like that all the time eh? what fun.
i have fitting nightmares too. my torso is very long and i'm slim so the bust point on garments that fit me around is always about two inches too high for my actual boobs. that and i have a really narrow back and a big handful of boob so nothing that fits me around is right in the cups. bra shopping is a frustation to say the least. and i have a waist And an ass so things that fit my hips never fit my waist.
no wonder i sew my own stuff. i have to alter anything i buy anyhow, might as well do it all myself. blech. thank Goddess for stretch fabrics.
Pepper, I'll buy your friend's $20 saris! Hee.

I've been mainly posting about my recent clothing woes in Kvetch. For work I used to have to wear suits. Now I'm in an "anything goes" (well, almost) environment. I swear, I did better when there were strict rules I had to work with. Now all I want to do is wear jeans to work 5 days/week.

Doodle, I have problems with pants because I'm 5'2". For the most part, I also hate how pants look on me (my ass just looks too close to the ground), so I gravitate more towards skirts and dresses when I'm eventually wrestled out of my jeans. Even then, I'll still rock the dress-over-jeans look. Yes, you can all feel free hate me now for making that confession.
Hello, fellow professional-dressers!

Pepper, it has totally eliminated rummaging from my in-drawer life. *Grin* And, yes, it's good for packing. I learned rolling from my roommate from Finland my freshman year of college, and she knew her packing bidniss, she did.

Just purchased a suit from this seller on eBay:, whose sizing guide goes so far beyond mere "sizing", and whose meticulous attention to detail (and FEEDBACK) appears to make the online gamble more than worthwhile. I got the black shadow pinstripe three piece suit, with skirt AND pants, and am VERY excited. I'll keep y'all posted once it arrives, and let you know whether it's a good buy. If it is, she had a taupe suit I hope to see reappear in size 12, as I'll snap that up in no time flat.

I also purchased a black satin double-breasted suit for $15 a couple weeks ago. Fits very well, is clean, and has every appearance of never having been worn at all. I got it mainly for the jacket, which I think will make a fun sort of gothy looking piece for evenings; but I might be willing to get frisky and actually wear the thing to the office if I'm in a terribly frothy mood one day. ( )

(Doodle, if you're interested, the seller for those dresses - I've gotten three from them so far - is slow to ship, but reliable. Their store: That dress is TO THE FLOOR, but the way the hemline is constructed creates a LOT of motion, and it's uber-comf, very girly, and I think it's quite pretty. I love some of the colors they have.)

Okay, I will stop eBay whoring now ...
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