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OMG Shoes! Oh. By the way, behtch...
My roommate and I totally dance around to that video. ...stupid boys...

gt- #3 is gorgeous, but very of-the-moment, i think #1 and #2 are both super cute and classic. They would all look hot with a pair of heels.

You know, that guy is opening for Margaret Cho on her current tour. Liam something. He's Kelly, betch!

I don't like the short sleeves on #1. I mean, you're in the Pacific Northwest, non, mon bonbon? You need to keep your forearms dry, too.

I'm enjoying the wedge-sratravaganza. I have some dope vintage ones. SHOES!

ETA: I bought this dress in merlot, now I need shoes!
I vote no. 3 GT, although maybe not in grey: grey seems wrong somehow for a trench. I like the sleeves.

Yeah, there's cute n' clunky, and then there's exaggerated unwearable 'quirky' clunky. Yuck. Or maybe I'm just being a fogey...
I just got this dress

and am in need of a pair of shoes. I am thinking maybe a pair of red high heels? and we can never not talk about shoes, totally okay.

GT my dad works at nordstroms he sells suits, I try not to take advantage of his discount but sometimes the shoe department calls to me and is across from his department. it is dangerous. especially when he says, do you need shoes? I always need shoes.

ladyj, super cute! i want one! very cute retro dresses....*drools*

and speaking of... i like that dress you got too aural...saucy!

now i'm completely baffled by the trench quandry.
i love the #3, but which one is more my style? #1. but maybe i'm stuck in my style and need something more femme than i'm used to. *shrugs* i've been going thru my clothes wondering why i'm afraid of the out right girly-girl stuff.
*poses like the thinker,stumped*

and i agree, shoes? how can you not talk about 'em?
Buy some girlie girl things, GT! Pretty girls need pretty things sometimes. And I've seen your pictures, you're way prettier than I am, girl. That bone structure! Anyway, the trench is a little different, which can add pop to any outfit. It can be worn on a night out with a dress or could be a perfect Saturday afternoon thing with jeans, a smart t, & fierce accessories.

I went from not girly girl to riot grrrlie grrrl to not girly girl to girly girl & again a few more times. On a girlie upswing, though. I've bought four new dresses, countless pairs of shoes, tops, jeans, sweaters, a single button cropped jacket, jewelry, etc (I came back with a handful of t shirts & jeans. I needed new clothes + retail therapy = madness!). And most of it isn't what I'd consider my style outside of a polo shirt with little skulls printed on it. Extremely BOLD colours, strong patterns. I bought a pair of royal blue patent slingbacks, fer chrissakes. I needed to breathe new life into my wardrobe spirit & I did. Follow your fashion hearts!

LadyJ, I think any brightly colored shoe would work with that. I saw a patent pink pair that would rule. What do you think of the shoes on Daddy-O's? Some of those are very cute.

ETA: I am loving Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I have always liked a good brogue for everydau wear. They have the most delightful pair with a two inch heel that are so hot!
that's the plan, aural.

so.... what say you?
yes or no?

Oh, it's simply charming. You'll look devine, GT. And for $43? STEAL!
omg yes!

(I'm so shopping vicariously. thank you)
sure, mornington.... i'm shopping vicarously thru myself...if i'm not supposed to spend $$$ i don't even allow myself to look.
and seriously, aural, $43? yes, prease!
lol...i'm being so bad, but i need a treat (or 5) considering last month...
besides, my girly-girl side has grown anemic since the welding started. we need to get back in touch...wink.gif

gt- Yes! Classic, sexy, feminine. love it. and retail therapy works (just think what you save on real therapy)!!

missladyj- omg! I looooooove that dress! I love anything by Stop Staring, but that is divine! Red heels, maybe round or peep toe would look great. You could also go vintage and do matchy-match with polka dot pumps!

aural- cute dress! I like the sharp pleating, it looks like it would move well. let us know when you get shoes

OT - I got a STEAL today! Little dingy consignment shop downtown, did not look promising. I found a gorgeous pin-up style leopard print cardigan , originally over $100, I got it for $19.
It is much cuter in person. The leopard spots are dark brown with pink centers on a camel background, and it has square pearly buttons with scattered bronze rhinestones. I'm totally going to wear it with a dark denim pencil skirt and pink/brown wedges to class tomorrow. *squeeee!*

gimme more

ahh window shopping
missladyj, love the dress! I recently bought these shoes (to wear with this dress - amen to retail therapy!) I think they'd look great with your dress too! I wore them all day right out of the box and they were soooo comfortable.
oooh, i want more pretty summer dresses!


and this which I have in black and it's gorgeous...

oh, and this (fuck me sideways, that's expensive)

is it bad that i'm wondering if i can persuade my mum to take me shopping?
Mornington, have you considered ordering directly from The website doesn't have the exact dresses you like, but similar ones for considerably cheaper. Even with shipping to the UK they have to be cheaper than what that website offers.
I second aural on ordering directly from the source.
mornington- you might be interested in this dress , it's a similar style to your last dress, and on sale for half the price. I love that halter you have in black, such a cute full skirt!

I don't know if you've worn the brand before, but I've found their sizing to be a bit different, so definitely check the measurements. I got a gorgeous red satin halter dress in small, and the waist fit fine, but the top was more like a 6/8 (american) and gapped terribly so I altered it. While I'm on the website... WANT. but, alas, I am too cowardly to actually wear those shorts.

sesame- cute shoes!! (and dress as well, love anthropologie!) I like how they're both retro and modern.

cocl- cute dress, and what a great price!!

ETA- oops, I don't think the dress I recommended comes in your size, mornington, but I think they have it in other colors for a similarly low price.
-also, I found your dress in pink, for what I think is less $ than the other site.
Crinoline, I would so wear those shorts. Damn. Though not with that top. At first I thought it was a one-piece jumper. Then I saw that the blouse is not for sale. Which is kind of a tease because it would be awesome on some people as a one-piece. Ill-advised on others (like myself).

While we're on dresses: sigh You know when you just know something would look good on you?
You know what's sadder than you not having that dress, Edie? That I, too, fell in love with it & could order it tomorrow. BUT. IT DOESN'T COME IN MY SIZE BECAUSE I AM TOUCH ABOVE AVERAGE! I'm not a behemoth, but there is no way my chest is gonna fit in that fabulous frock & it makes me angry.

The Beth Ditto interview really struck a cord with me when they said that clothing is a non-verbal form of communication & if you are above a certain size you can only speak half the language. It's like being functionally fashion retarded.
I never read that interview; that is a great quote. I can't/don't even think about wearing any dresses or tops with too much space for my teeny boobies (which is not to say I understand what it's like to be able to wear only a small fraction of the cute designs out there). The reason I thought that dress would look good on me is because it has drapey fabric over the boob area (not cups or darts or tight, flattening fabric) and a tie in the back, which creates a nice waist. I own several dresses in that style. But none with those pretty keyhole cutouts.
thanks crin!

unfortunately, I have a major problem with dresses - big hips, nae tits. I can't actually wear that dress, as it would be almost guaranteed to look stupid on me as in order to get the skirt around my hips I'd have to have new boobs to fill the top half ... I have to try these things on every time, so I tend to go for full-skirted 50s style, where I can fit the top half easily. So I know the feeling, edie. (and that quote is so very true, AP. i knew there was a reason to heart her)

and to shop on american sites, I need a credit card. and, y'know, money wink.gif

that said, I totally want this

and I'm saving up for one of these. in about eight colours.
Look at all the pretty dresses!

Sorry to be o/t but does anybody know (looking at mornington and sybarite especially as ideally a UK shop) where I could buy a khaki/green/brown/cream/camouflage print cargo skirt for wearing on holiday this summer? I hate shorts and not having much luck finding any I like/that fit; I want a nice casual skirt that would look good with t-shirt and flip-flops. I am also looking for a pair of light-wearing wide-legged 3/4 length trousers (I think my best bet is Gap). You know when you have a clear idea of what you want and have seen everywhere before but can't when you're actually looking for it? Yup, that's me.
bun, have you tried primark? they had some nice-looking linen trousers... and m&s for the skirt, I swear they have some. or maybe that was last year, but still.
Bunnyb, I second going to primark. I didn't see a skirt like one you described, but I did see lots and lots of summery skirts: plain black, polka dotted, flowered etc. There also had some great summery dresses. I plan on going back myself before my summer holiday.

I bought these yesterday to wear with my silver dress. I think they'll work, the shades complement each other. I couldn't go higher, unfortunately; I'm embarrassingly unable to walk in high heels.
not that i can afford it, but i am love with this jacket...

what do y'all think?
Um, the pleated sweater dress? Cos that isn't a jacket, doll. I like the dress, though. It'd be very flattering on me. I did just buy a pleated dress & a pleated sweater.
oop... here's what i mean...

kinda like this too...

the dress is part of the macy's spending spree that's brought me to ruin...
Both of those jackets are so chic, girltrouble... I like the 2nd one more, actually.

I just discovered the site for looking only! The prices are whack.

love these

Too bad you can't see most of the stuff on an actual human being. Some of the cuts are strange, the kind of thing you'd have to try on first.
I'm liking these with my dress:
Edie, that Jovovich-Hawk dress is gorgeous, I've been wondering what their stuff would be like. And I love Vanessa Bruno. Note to self: just keep away from that website and stick to (cheap n' cheerful) Primark...
I know! I keep going back to look at it. I think it's the kind of thing that could work on me, if the sleeves didn't overwhelm.

While I'm here: I love this, but it's way too short. Though if you click on "alternate views" there's a pic of a model wearing it with a high waisted skirt. Stunning.

I bought my first real high heels in years (3 inches), they make me 6.1 and hurt my feet a bit.
No matter! picture

coela - Girl, Julie Newmar was 5'11 barefoot. Do not try to tell me that tall girls cannot rock heels! You look great in the pics, and that's a cute skirt!

edie- I love that top, it reminds me of a 1950s cocktail top.

AP- Great shoes! They would look hot with that dress.

gt- I want that jacket, I want the whole suit! I love Nanette Lepore.

I want this wiggle suit so badly. It's lined in pale pink. ETA- this one too!
Crin, where does the name "wiggle suit" come from? I've never heard it. But Wikipedia doesn't know, either, so I don't feel bad. (V. cute, both of them, by the way!)
A wiggle dress is a term applied to (usually vintage) sheath dresses that are tapered at the hem. The narrow shape of the skirt causes a "wiggle" in your walk. (think sexy retro secretary or blonde bombshell) Here is a good explanation of the term.

ETA- I made a set using the lace wiggle suit I want.
edie, they're sometimes called hobble skirts, although that's a little more extreme (and usually ankle length)

ok, ideas. I've asked this question in here before but: weddings. Cafflick. Yorkshire in may (so it'll be chilly, but not cold, and possibly warm during the day, but equally likely to rain). The groom is my cousin, it'll be the first time I've seen that side of my family since I was six. My aunt is very conservative, stuck-up and snotty. I'll be going with my brother and my dad. I've only ever been to one wedding, I was 12 and a bridesmaid. Consequently, I have no idea what to wear. I have tattooed legs, I'm a skirt person and while I don't want to rock the boat too much, neither do I want to dull myself down for people I don't really know (or want to know, my uncle's a freaking BNP councillor, ffs) when thier opinion of me isn't going to affect how I live my life. The pink hair may or may not be in attendance as I haven't decided if I'm going to dye it again; I might not if it would make clothing choices easier.

Any no-no's?
Any monstrously good suggestions?
Any "you could..."s?
Help! *whimper*
I don't think a wiggle dress is the same as a hobble skirt, I think hobble skirts are strictly fetish items where a wiggle dress is more representative of an era in fashion. They are similar in structure, though.

Weddings- If you are concerned about your tattoos, you have several options. You could wear opaque hose (of nude or a coordinating color to your outfit), you could wear a full length skirt/dress, or you could wear a cute pantsuit. They even sell concealer that you can apply if you must be bare legged.
Some no-nos:
-When I attended "finishing school" (yes, we still do that down here, around freshman year of high school) we were told that bare shoulders are inappropriate for anything but a beach (or super hot summer) wedding. This can be compromised with a cute cardigan or shrug/wrap.
- Sequins, mini skirts, or heavily beaded items do not fly at weddings, especially day ceremonies. (you didn't mention the time or level of formality for the ceremony)
-Wearing white. This is a huge no-no, only the bride should be in white at the wedding, any other pastel colors (such as eggshell, pale pink/blue) are fine. Black is frowned upon for daytime.
-Unless the bride is super casual, absolutely no flip-flops/birkenstocks/sneakers/flat sandals are allowed. No casual wear at all, really.
You could...
Consult these suggestions at Debenhams
Pair a light full length sundress with a cardigan or wrap.
Try a flutter sleeve dress with light hose and closed toe pumps.
This linen dress would be lovely the same way.
A chiffon, or silk, or linen, or anything that isn't too formal/casual maxi skirt with a light (preferably sleeved, but if not the wide straps) shell would also be fine.
The easiest option may be a short sleeved full length dress that covers the area you're concerned about. Maybe with some cute heeled sandals.

I think pink hair would look ravishing (and wedding appropriate) with a spring-y clip or barrette! I hope some of that helps, sorry I haven't got any monstrously good suggestions. sad.gif
also, what is a BNP councillor? (not counselor?)

Thanks crinoline! Julie Newmar was hawt. I'm 5'10 and that's fine, it's just that my feet are killing me when I wear heels.
I wear sneakers most of the time.

mornington - cute knee length dress, opaque tights (in a bright colour perhaps) and a reasonably dressy cardigan should
be ok, if it's not a conservative wedding where you have to wear a long dress. It ought to be stated on the invitation?

Hahaha, I was going to suggest the EXACT same turquoise dress from Top Shop as crinoline did!
or this one perhaps. There are more precise ideas on what to wear to different types of spring weedings here. Not bad tips, really.

it's a saturday afternoon wedding (I think) and I don't know if there's a dress code as they didn't invite me seperately from my dad. He doesn't think to tell me these things, and so far hasn't responded when i've asked him. Not concerned about covering the tattoos; I'm more concerned with finding something that fits and is suitable than concealing or vice versa. I certainly wouldn't use concealer!

the topshop dresses - thanks crin and coela - are both super-cute; I plan on hitting topshop etc next week with my mum in tow as she can help advise. I'm really just looking for style ideas right now, to give me some sort of clue when I do go shopping. So thank you both, your suggestions were fantastic!

oh, and the BNP. The British National Party are a right-wing political party known for being a bunch of rascist, sexist thugs. My uncle stood for a few local council elections representing them.
morn, please, please, PLEASE, wear a fascinator! I think you'd rock one! Especially in hot pink.
What about this teamed up with snazzy tights and maybe hot pink accessories or this one with wrap or shrug?
If you decided you did want to conceal the tattoos you could look for a maxi dress, although I can only see you in mid-length for some reason (maybe cos I always have!)

eta: as for Topshop, I suggest this or this to vary it up a bit.
QUOTE(mornington @ Apr 24 2008, 05:32 PM) *
Not concerned about covering the tattoos; I'm more concerned with finding something that fits and is suitable than concealing or vice versa. I certainly wouldn't use concealer!

the topshop dresses - thanks crin and coela - are both super-cute; I plan on hitting topshop etc next week with my mum in tow as she can help advise. I'm really just looking for style ideas right now, to give me some sort of clue when I do go shopping. So thank you both, your suggestions were fantastic!

oh, and the BNP. The British National Party are a right-wing political party known for being a bunch of rascist, sexist thugs. My uncle stood for a few local council elections representing them.

-oops! I misunderstood your post! If you aren't worried about concealing your legs, I would go with a mid length springy dress (of which you will find plenty at topshop!). Everyone else's ideas look cute, I especially love the idea of a fascinator!
eta-love the floral dress bunny suggested, actually they're all cute
i love window shopping with the links you ladies post in here.

but dammit, BCBG, why. why must you be so expensive and delicious?
yes, the window shopping is fab.

so i bought my wedding dress! it has arrived and i love it! has anyone around here mentioned trashy diva? if not, i can't believe it. awesome vintage-y dresses etc. anyway, mine is the long button dress at the bottom of this page. whoo hoo!
nicklick- That is gorgeous! What an elegant, refined bride you'll be!! Such a romantic dress, good choice, and congrats again on your engagement!

I l-o-v-e Trashy Diva, it's a must-stop whenever I drive over to NO. The cut is flawless on all their pieces. I only own this blue dress , this bustle skirt , and the coordinating top. You can't see in the photos, but the skirt has a triple layer ruffled bustle down the back, and the blouse has two slits on either side of the collar. The prices are a little high for me, so I try to hit the liquidation sales. I love the vintage styling and construction.
while I'm here... WANT!
eta-darn, my links won't work, you can only see the blue dress.
OMG Nick!! That dress is absolutely gorgeous lady! Congrats again, i'm excited for you.

I've got a semi-formal dinner coming up. I recently bought a very simple, v-neck dark blue dress with a slight cap sleeve, pleats on the bottom. It has sort of an empire waist, with navy blue lace trim along the neckline and across the waist line. Im going to wear silver strappy sandals and simple silver jewelry. My question is, should I get a silver sash or belt like this one ? or would that be over-kill???

The dress is very cute, but it just looks like it needs something extra.

It's a bit different, but has the same lines as this dress but it's dark blue with small pleats. I'll try to take a picture of it tomorrow.

Any Ideas???
ditto...what kon26 n crino said....

trashy diva...*drools*

ok, it's confirmed. i am certifiably kinky... i saw this dress and all i can think of is doing a domme scene in it...

stop me.... i think i'm addicted....
konphusion- style is 1/2 fashion, 1/2 confidence. If you rock that silver belt, it will look fabulous, just wear it with confidence. It sound like a cute ensemble.

gt- love. it. What a sumptuous little slip dress, so delicate but naughty! And of course the trashy diva gown is divine,you would look like an absolute goddess in that!
and have I mentioned that I love your avatar? because I totally do.
crin- the wiggle suits are to die for

nick -I love the trashy diva site thanks for the link. Your dress is spectacular

I love the halter dresses my concern is that I MUST WEAR A BRA at all times. seriously. anytime I look at a dress the first question I have to ask is , can I wear a bra with that ? I need a new merry widow. as that is the only way I can go strapless/halter top.
nickclick, your dress is beautiful and you will look stunning on your big day.

I want this dress (it looks nicer modelled).
Another wedding question. It's a Saturday afternoon/night wedding that's formal. I don't want to wear anything too formal. I also can't wear heels, but will probably wear sandals.. This is my boyfriend's brother, so all I know is the dress code. Mcgeek is going to wear a dark suit, but weirdly enough isn't in the wedding party . I'm just trying to find something that maybe covers my arms, and something I can wear again. I've been trying websites, but everything seems sleeveless or spring dresses. I'm hoping that no one will worry about my tattoo, but this will be strange considering this is the first time I've met his family.

Any suggestions? sleep.gif

Nick, love the dress!

Something like this dress and jacket could work nicely. If all you can find are sleeveless dresses and you want arm coverage, you can use a formal jacket/bolero in a nice (fomal - satin, chiffon, etc.) fabric. Or you could do a shrug, as long as it's not too casual. A wrap is easily found in formal fabrics at most department stores, so that's an easy option. If you must wear flat sandals, please be sure that they are not too casual (ie birkenstocks) something like these would be okay. You might want to try some metallics or beading detail on the sandal to make it more formal.
I don't know how formal formal is where you are. Where I live people like to dress up, so formal = evening gowns, but elsewhere cocktail attire works fine.
examples / suggestions:
short dress /jacket
long dress/jacket
Good luck!
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