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Yep always a sucker for maryjanes - those are seriously sexy - they win hands down!!!! Who's the designer?
gak! i was trying not to look too closely at the mary janes incase i'd fall in love with them, and you guys made me take a second look.... damnit... i want all three now!

i can't discount the pumps, cos of the toes... they are just so freaking cute!!!

o sky--they are by a company called "ash"
i found them at the nordstrom website here:
ash ankle boot w/ links to mary jane and pumps
why torture yourself by choosing? Now I have to say


but if want to deprive yourself and only get one pair, the mary janes have it.
ooh, yes, the mary-janes is if you have to have just one. otherwise, all three... spread out a little. especially if you can see them being versatile.

I desperately want a waistcoat (vest), but can't find one that fits... so far. I love slightly man-ish tailoring, but I'm never sure if it looks good on me.

I know it's early to be thinking about this, but... I have fallen in love with this coat. Thoughts? Best tactics for fighting my mother for it?
Thanks for the link girltrouble!!! I really thought they would have been much more $$$, given the style and such I think the price is fairly reasonable. Though they might have sale - Nordstrom's doesn't tend to very much but I have seen 20% before that would help ofset any guilt.

Plus I love the name of the maryjane design "opium" 'cause shoes are VERY much like a drug - they sedate and make me happy laugh.gif
i'm glad y'all like em as much as i do. i never know if i can trust my taste...i always feel like i still have training wheels on...

and o'sky, i'd wait for a sale, but i find my size disappears pretty quickly...

but i am thinking, i really will have to get them all. i love the idea of wearing one pair, and then the next pair, and seeing if anyone notices the differences. and they are super cute too.

mornington, i can so see you in that coat with your spunky hair! and personally i think that short hair ALWAYS looks good with menswear details.

quick question, has anyone seen any spectacular pencil skirts? i've been a tomboy way too long.... i found this one at topshop, but i don't know how i feel about rucheting... i actually ordered it, but they sent the wrong one..argh!!!
sorry, 2x post again...
nice, gt! if i had a booty i'd consider filling that thing out.
GT- *fans self* That skirt is, as my grandmother would say, "Sex on the hoof"! Foxy.

However, if the ruching bothers you, Mode Merr offers some simple, beautifully fitted pencil skirts in different fabrics and details. (Satin included) Their clothes can be a little costume-y, but they know how to make a skirt. My favorite thing is that you order the skirt by YOUR measurements, to ensure a bombshell fit. I'm petite, and I got a nice basic black twill pencil skirt that fits me perfectly. They also come in a high waist style.
I have to second the mode merr recommendation, I have a pencil skirt from them and I want one in every color they make. great skirt. It says dry clean only but you can wash them in the gentle cycle. which is a total bonus.
ummm.... my new favorite shoe site...gravity pope? i still blame chacha, but now i'm on a shoe buying tear...

i'm curious if y'all have any super secret websites that you know you'll find something good on? i love the mode merr...
Those maryjanes are gorgeous. If I wasn't a starving student with a maxed out credit card I would be all over them, definitely.
morn, I saw someone with your coat yesterday and it looks stunning on and very cosy.
i'm still waiting on my loan! aaaaaargh! (and now I want one of the skirts from mode merr)

gt -

mm, shoes... I have underground's "cute" jolly canvas girls boots, and they're my babies...
I bought this skirt
yesterday, for 30 bucks!!!!!
It fits like buttah, and is perfect for casual outfits. I love the kick pleat in the front, instead of a slit. I feel like I have more freedom while sitting.
Sorry, I'm just super excited.
mornington - I love peep toe shoes. I have also become recently obsessed with boots, as I live in a place where winters are not very fun. I am definitely looking into getting some more. Awesome things to get with your loan!

Crinoline - that skirt looks very comfortable. The only jean skirt that I have is too short and I'm always uncomfortable while wearing it. With that skirt it seems like that problem would be eliminated, very nice.

I would love to have something like this:;Nu=Product+ID or this:;Nu=Product+ID

sorry, I don't know how to do the underlined links:S
um.... cuuuuuuuuuute!

and sassy!

i kinda like these, but int the black or purple suade;

and i sooooooooooo want these:

oh so sax-say....
sadly, none come in my size.

sigh. i suppose it's for the best... i'm 6' and i seem to gravitate towards 3.5-4" heels. this is me making like godzilla: i am gigantor!!! grrrrr!!!

Cute shoes, gt! I'm 5'10 myself.. but I'm not comfortable wearing shoes like that.

Speaking of amazons, I bought myself some cheap bras in, um, a more voluptuous size.
Not super cute, but since I'm a DDD, I can't be too choosy when the price is right (16 dollars).

I'm also considering this dress, although I'm afraid knitted and clingy
isn't the best option for my body type. Hella cute dress, though. And only 28 dollars. Hmm..

i'm 6 ft. i'm so jealous of people who can wear heels
coela, could you wear a shift (underdress? I have no idea what they're called outside of the uk) under the knit dress to stop it clinging so much? I find that really helps
Mornington, hmm, yes maybe, except the sizes from that particular site are generally 1 size smaller than in other stores,
so I'm already on the tight side as it is. Good idea though. I'll think a bit more about it.
coela,that dress is beautiful

cranky, you would be so fuckin badass in heels.
That dress is really pretty. I understand what you mean about the clingy factor though, I can't wear anything that clings either because it will highlight all the wrong places. That shift idea is brilliant though, I should try it out.
How do you get rid of wet wool smell?

I bought a bloody expensive black wool dress and washed it by hand with Ecover Delicate wash (the tag said Dry clean only but the salesperson said it was ok to hand wash). Wore it once and noticed the smell when I started to sweat a bit. Now after googling, I see some people recommend putting vinegar in the rinse water, washing with "eucalan," washing with castile soap like Dr Bronner's...(there's "wash with Kool-Aid" too, but I hate Kool-Aid). Also, "Hang it up to dry in fresh air and sunshine," but then I found another site that warned, "Don't dry wool in sources of direct heat including sunlight." Hmmm.

Also according to Google this question has been asked before in the Lounge, but I couldn't find anything searching "wool" and "smell".

Anybody have a method you think is most reliable?
anarch: Not sure about the smell (although I heard a little hair conditioner in the rinse works butter than vinegar
- heard but haven't tried, I might add) but generally you should avoid washing woolen clothes as much as you can, even in
low temperatures. Only wash it if it's really dirty. Wool is a "live" material in a sense, and it self-cleans pretty well when you
hang it out in the fresh air, so you should do that after every time you use it. It makes the fibres more "bouncy" and fresh, too.
Sunshine is A OK as long as it isn't too hot. Hang it in the shade if you're worried. The smell will probably never go away
entirely - after all, it is made out of the hair of a sheep - but if you hang it out in the air a lot, it will lessen in time. Just make
sure you use a hanger with wide "shoulders" or the dress will easily lose its form. Also, never ever drip dry wet wool!

I can't help with wet wool...

on a different note, I bought this today:

very exciting.

lananans, it looks super cozy! I especielly like the sleeves. In oatmeal or chocolate?

oh my god... so super cute lana.. i want one!
I got the chocolate one. The only thing is, I think I'm going to return it tomorrow because I *really* shouldn't have bought it. Perhaps I can ask my mom and dad if they want to buy it for me for Christmas, as they like to be told exactly what to get. It is super cozy and everything, but I have to take a trip to Toronto this weekend for a test to see if I'm fit to work for the government next year and that costs money. Sadness.
coela, thank you thank you for the wool care info. The only reason I bought it was I figured the price wasn't too bad if I'd get multiple wearings out of it over the next 10 years or so, but I won't be wearing it at all if I can't get the smell to at least go down! sad.gif Well at least now I know better for next time. Thanks again.
So...I've been attempting to pick an outfit for a wee rock club show in NYC next weekend, and have come to the conclusion that I apparently missed several memos regarding fall fashion. blink.gif Thus any advice or guidance would be appreciated--I definitely trust Bustie taste far more than that of random magazines! For reference, I'm generally a jeans-and-cute-top kinda gal but will do skirts too under duress, and I like to emphasise the boobage. laugh.gif
sorry llamas, i never pay attention to new fashion trends anymore as they generally irritate me and i like to do my own thing (currently a french pop 60s thing) so i am afraid i can't much help if you want to do something by the book. :/

ebay continues to be such a place of scores. i love it when i know my sizing for j jill or style&co. i can grab the best steals there and be sure about the fit (and the resale value when i get bored!).

re: wet wool...wouldn't it perhaps go away if you actually took it to get drycleaned? my other suggestion is to put it in a drawer with a bunch of incense. i keep all my undies with my incense to scent them and that works well, and way more subtle than that febreze stuff. trader joe's may have some lavender sachets if i recall correctly. you could try packing it in a drawer (or a plastic bag if you are short drawer space) for a while and see if that helps. but i would think drycleaniing should for sure do it.
QUOTE(gluelita @ Nov 3 2007, 04:04 AM) *
re: wet wool...wouldn't it perhaps go away if you actually took it to get drycleaned? but i would think drycleaniing should for sure do it.

First thing: drycleaning is very very bad for the environment, with all those chemicals.
Second, cold water is better for wool than drycleaning. Drycleaning is not only hard on nature,
but on fabric/fibres too and should ONLY be used when a garment is really, really dirty and can't
be washed in hot water. It's not something you do to refresh your clothes. And third, it will still
be wool. Wool will always smell a bit like... wool. It doesn't smell because it's dirty,
it smells what it is made of. I still say hang it out in clean air.

I begin to sound like THE INTERNATIONAL WOOL REPRESENTANT. Pardon my enthusiasm.
I wear a thick Icelandic woolly jumper all winter. It's cozy, it smells slightly like sheep, i love it dearly.

is that glowy????? /hijack
oh, and btw tall girls? everyone will either 1) think you are a model 2) curse you because you look like one 3) envy your height or 4) simply drool.
interesting re: the wool and drycleaning. thanks.

ophelia, it is indeed glowy. but stickier smile.gif
I handwash my wool and wool-mix sweaters and dry them flat, or doubled up over a hanger so they don't go out of shape. Why shouldn't you drip dry wool?

Coela, my mister has an icelandic sweater too: I love it, and it does smell nice, kind of earthy.
sybarite, yes, aren't they lovely? : )
You shouldn't drip dry it because then it loses it's shape. But if you fold it double, then maybe it's alright,
if it's not too heavy. I dry them like you do, flat on towels.

Hah, my bra came the other day, turned out the colour wasn't bordeaux like in the picture,
it was more.. um, bordello red. VERY VERY red, in fact. I now have stoplight red boobs.
I haven't had a red bra since I was 19, but I'm slowly getting used to the idea.

I'm weeping over these shoes. Partly because they are lovely and little-girl dream shoe perfect and would go perfectly with my Christmas party outfit. But mainly because I will never have them. Even at 40% off I can't even begin to think about spending that much on shoes. I can almost think about drowning my sorrows with these ones but it's just not the same...
Plynn, *drool*. Those are truly gorgeous shoes.

And you gals have inspired me to attempt to handwash my wool sweaters!

Glue/glow biggrin.gif , no prob, I've ended up with an outfit that's more me than trendy, which I'll be far more comfortable in, I think. smile.gif
plynn- gorgeous! I love the heel detail. Have you looked at They have great deals on shoes sometimes. Here are a few examples:
Mary Janes
These have gold detail
Metallic Mary Janes
Suede, very pretty
Peeptoe Mary Janes

Now I want to go shoe shopping!!
I'm going to go look at boots, I'll post if I find anything.
PLynn, awesome shoes!!!

Thanks for posting that website crinoline. I will definately be heading back there. I try to tell my husband that when I go shopping I actually save money. Like the 5$ bag sale at my favorite thrift store.

Plynn, the red shoes were to die for. I mean really, I'm not that crazy about shoes, but wow..
Made me want red shoes too. These maryjanes from Topshop perhaps. I love that shade of red.
And it looks like you could actually walk in them, which is a big plus.

Went a little crazy b/c the store had a sale..

* black & plum striped top (and a brown & black as well)

* black godet skirt (wanted grey, but it was sold out, alas)

* 1 wine red & 1 black cardigan

Very basic stuff, but I need basics. Oh, and I bought
these black leather maryjanes too. I figured I'm in
more need of outdoorsy shoes than cutesy party dito.
Vegetable tanning, leather bound sole. And a small
family company, very environmentally aware.
Clumpy shoes are in again, right? ;-) If not,
I just have to dance to my own tune.

Ok then, I'm off to eat porridge for the rest of the month!

oooh, I like those red maryjanes from topshop! I have similar ones, same shape with heel and ankle strap but they are dark grey with embroidered flowers.
Those Topshop shoes are super cute - the look kinda sixties and modish. I've been looking for an interesting pair of shoes to wear to my Christmas party, but there's just nothing - I feel like I've looked at the same three pairs of shoes 500 times. Which, of course, just makes me pine all the more for the red velvet princess shoes

re: red shoes, I found these Naturalizer Voss shoes really cheap,
but they don't ship to where I live, so.. They're not super dressy,
but I've heard good things about them, that they are very comfy.
Since I'm not much of a heel girl myself, I figured there must be
people in here who like cute shoes, but not with much heel. :-)

oh ya! coela, those are super cute! i wouldnt expect them to be from naturalizer! good find.
I need to buy a dress for a spring wedding and am looking for suggestions. I may be briefly in the US before then, so my first thought was to hit up banana republic when I'm there. I've liked their formal dresses for a while and they usually fit well. Also, it's cheaper for me to shop in dollars.

Does anyone have any further suggestions of good US staores for formalwear? And/or formal shoes? Cheers, in advance.
sybarite- I don't know your size/style, or the degree of formality the wedding is, but here are some online formalwear bargains:
Full length silk chiffon gown
Little black dress
Cute cocktail bubble dress
Beautiful green lace cocktail dress
THE best price I have ever seen on a Betsey Johnson, but extremely limited size choice
Dress sandals with cute flower
Pretty black lace pumps
These are beautiful in gold

If you enjoy Banana Republic, you may want to check J Crew, they have a similar preppy style.
As for actual stores, besides formalwear boutiques (which is where we buy Mardis Gras gowns here), I would recommend looking in whatever local department store you encounter, such as Macys, Saks, or, if you are unlucky enough to be in my area, Belks.

I want This , but I can't think of where I would wear it, besides our third anniversary, and it's highly likely we won't go anywhere for that. *sigh*
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