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And VERY smart that would be! I vote yes; that's a great ensemble with the shoes and the jacket you describe.
i second maimy's vote. that is a gorgeous dress! and with a jacket AND maryjanes to snazz it up a bit, perfection!! good luck with the interview!
bun - yes yes yes yes yes.

and on the topshop... have a great piece on it. i like, but... i prefer the "lily loves" for new look stuff. kate moss' stuff is, well, a bit kate moss-ish. and everyone dresses like her these days.
thanks for the dress and interview love! I knew I could count on BUSTies.
this thread influenced my fashion choices today: i bought TWO grey tops! and a red one, and some black pants. job interviewing shopping all round!
I haven't been here in a while, so I'm waaaaaaay late on this, but missladyj, I LOVE that Betsey Johnson dress! It looks like it would flatter lots of different body types, too. Fantastic!

bunnyb, your interview is this week? Good luck! Though you could hardly miss in that outfit. Hip AND professional. Love it.

So, anyone own a pair of Silver brand jeans? I'd never heard of the brand before (but I'm so not up on these things...), tried on a pair today. I'm not exaggerating too much when I say that these might be the best jeans I've ever put on. They looked good, they were comfortable (stretchy), and they passed the squat test in the dressing room. They were a little pricey - not outrageous, but more than I would normally spend. I'm wondering, are they worth it? Are they going to fall apart the first time I wash them? It's so hard to find a pair of good jeans...

Second question: (The Fug Girls would put arsenic in my morning coffee if they even knew I was asking this - I can't even believe it myself.) What's the general feeling about wearing dresses with pants? Is it EVER acceptable? Reason being, in the same shop where I tried on the jeans, I found a lovely, summery sleeveless white dress that looked OK on, but the fabric on the bottom was a little too sheer. I was in the transition between trying on the dress & trying on the jeans, so I had both on at the same time and...I liked it. There, I said it. If it's too horrible, what about hemming the dress so it's more of a tunic-y thing?

Gah. My husband would probably just make fun of me anyway. smile.gif

thanks seasame

I have to say no , dress over jeans no, no no, never ever,

in 2000 i was rockin the dress over tight black pants but the dress over jeans seven years later is a whole lotta fug
Ha ha ha! I bought neither the jeans nor the dress because my gut was telling me, "Sesame, without a girlfriend here to tell you otherwise, you must not even think that these two items can ever be worn together. No. No no, never ever."

Thank you, missladyj, for giving me the virtual slap that I needed. smile.gif

anytime, babe, anytime. I am here for you!
i just have to come in here and gush! i just got back from a big swap meet/flea market and i ended up spending ALL the money i brought on vintage dresses.......and considering i couldn't try any of them on, i'm thrilled that most of them fit me perfectly. i got:

--pink, light blue, yellow and green sixties dress, very 'garden party", with a full skirt and a bodice that crosses in a gathered v at the boobehs
--blue sleeveless silk chiffon sheath dress with tiny collar and white polkadots (this one doesn't fit over my thighs nicely, sadly, but i can hike it up and wear it as a top easily
--light turquoise sleeveless heavy loose-weave cotton sheath dress with white polkadots allover and polka dotted lines and scalloped ruffles down the front
--exquisite lavendery/grey linen dress with a simple boatneck/capsleeve top, horizontally pleated bodice, full pleated skirt, that laces up the back above a full set of tiered ruffles down the back of the skirt. I LOVE IT. and it only cost me $10!!!!
hey ladies,

it's lisa b. here at BUST. we're going to be running a photo spread of BUST's most stylish readers in our upcoming fashion issue and i thought, what better place to put out the call than right here on the apparel thread? so here's all the info:

what we need: hi-res images of you (or your friends!) wearing your most poppin' outfit, so grab your nearest photographer pal, set your digital camera on "highest quality" (300 dpi) and start snappin'. If prints are more your speed you can mail them in (minimum 5" x 7"). Please send at least three clear, well-lit shots that show off your outfit along with your full name, city/state/country you live in, age, occupation, phone number and email address. Then describe your style and what makes it awesome in a sentence or two.

submission deadline: may 21, 2007

send your digital images to me at or your prints to:
BUST magazine
Fashion Nation
PO Box 1016
Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276

answer our call for stylin' BUSTies and let us spread your passion for fashion!

oh snap, how cool! i wish i had a decent digicamera sad.gif

i am coveting this bathing suit SO HARD right now.
My favorite store is having a going out of business(bad) sale(good).

I got a snazzy hoody tunic, which is a nice soft mint grin, with a message of peace and love. It's thin enough to be worn during the summer when it's windy of something. I also a got a purple mini-cape for ten dollars, and a one-of-a-kind shirt. I got a cheap skirt. too.

Also, my friends and I are going on a shopping trip to get another friend a whole new wardrobe( she needs one) and she wants to try a lot of new styles. If anyone lives/lived/has been in Santa Fe, suggestions would be cool.

I'm rather happy with my purchase of a new hat, which I call my muppet hat, because it made of crazy colored(Purple, lime green, and pink, oh my!) fake fur. It was expensive, but I happened to have a bit of extra money on my hands. I'm thinking of getting some arm warmers from Sock Dreams to go with it, but that may be a little to crazy.
does anyone have any favourite vintage (or repro) clothes stores? either online or in new york/PA? vintage is stupidly expensive in the uk, so i'm coming to you.

mouse, i'm looking at you, as i covet your style.
QUOTE(emtee @ Jun 25 2006, 04:35 PM) *
I'm sure we've all had occasions where we were absolutely flabergasted as to what to wear- I know I have! <BR> <BR>I'm starting a new job in a creative field in a few weeks. When I went in for my interview, everyone was in jeans or funky outfits, and I was in my very formal business suit. This is my first job out of university and I'm not sure what's appropriate- and I'll be working with the media and outside clients. Any ideas?

I would buy a few pairs of nice, well-fitting jeans and some sophisticated but professional-looking tops. I've had a lot luck finding professional but very stylish ensembles at Lord & Taylor. They practically lay out the look for you on the mannequins, so I would definitely recommend that store.
Okay, I'm either blind or the plus size clothing thread has disappeared so I just have to pop in with a quick question. Does anybody know of any good plus size stores in Toronto? It seems like there's more variety in the U.S. but I can't just travel all the way there for clothes.
Hey, girlies! I just wanted to mention that Hannah of Made with Love by Hannah (you know, the supercute girl behind the supercute threads) has been interviewed on my blog, Cultcha Vultcha Fashion. Since y'all are into clothing and my blog is pretty fashion obsessed, I thought you might be interested.


btw: I used to be duplessix
QUOTE(emtee @ Jun 25 2006, 04:35 PM) *
I'm sure we've all had occasions where we were absolutely flabergasted as to what to wear- I know I have! <BR> <BR>I'm starting a new job in a creative field in a few weeks. When I went in for my interview, everyone was in jeans or funky outfits, and I was in my very formal business suit. This is my first job out of university and I'm not sure what's appropriate- and I'll be working with the media and outside clients. Any ideas?

I think it's really hard to know what's work appropriate and what's not- I think it's safe to follow the role of your co-workers, but to always remain professional- no low cut shirts, skin tight clothing, shoes you can't walk in, etc. Think nice jeans, paired with a funky blouse, and a great jacket. You could also look into working with a personal shopper- I read an article in the Washington Post a couple months ago about Lord and Taylor's personal shopping service- it's complimentary, and would be great for incorporating some stylish, yet professional looks into your wardrobe.
so, i HATE WORK SUMMER CLOTHES. they are, in a word, foul. too casual, too cheap, too floral or bright, all around inappropriate. and as i will be seguing into normal clothes here soon and out of scrubs, i need to find some decent summer work clothes here fast. a friend suggested the limited and higher-end brands at tj maxx. thoughts?
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 26 2007, 09:29 PM) *
so, i HATE WORK SUMMER CLOTHES. they are, in a word, foul. too casual, too cheap, too floral or bright, all around inappropriate. and as i will be seguing into normal clothes here soon and out of scrubs, i need to find some decent summer work clothes here fast. a friend suggested the limited and higher-end brands at tj maxx. thoughts?

So yes... The Limited is a really nice choice for work evironment basic pieces. The things to look for -particulary for summer months- are the lighter colors, tans, golden colors, whites then add with a few summer trends with punches of color in smaller doses. Start with your basics for an office environment. Add trends like volume (a nice shirt with the girly puff sleeve rocks with slick Editor pants from Express). Accessories, accessories, accessories.
The problem that I personally have with finding work clothes at TJ Maxx or Marshalls is this: if you have a little time and are totally into searching through racks, then trying on messes of clothing- power to you! It can actually be fun if you have a friend.
QUOTE(AdviceVixensRawk @ Jun 26 2007, 09:37 AM) *
Hey, girlies! I just wanted to mention that Hannah of Made with Love by Hannah (you know, the supercute girl behind the supercute threads) has been interviewed on my blog, Cultcha Vultcha Fashion. Since y'all are into clothing and my blog is pretty fashion obsessed, I thought you might be interested.


btw: I used to be duplessix

Excellent Blog! smile.gif
catlady, kittenmiami's advice is great - and i'm with her on the whole "searching through racks and racks" of stuff. it is tedious, but if you can do it, it's sometimes worth it (or maybe that's just 'cos I have a shitty tk maxx).

On summer workwear, look for clothes with a high percentage of cotton (particularly shirts) and linen trousers are excellent (although go for wide-leg cut and be prepared for creases). I'm not much help with shops, but united colours of beneton has some good shirts, as does the classic h&m and cos. I find that a looser cut is better in the summer as well.
Dilemma ladies - I have a lovely bias cut dress in white. Fits perfect with every curve just oomphing. However, it's got spaghetti straps. This plus the kid of curves I have is an issue because I cannot go without a bra and I cannot even get a strapless one that looks good. So I'm cutting down the straps and puttin on some sheer lace backed with that flesh coloured stuff. Sort of like this orthis.

My question is this - I'm going for a high (maybe mandarin?) collar but I'm not sure about the sleeves. I was originally thinking long sleeves because it's winter and cold and my arms are all sorts of ick right now. I'm just not sure it'll look great. Any suggestions? I really don't want to take it into dowdy territory.
thanks ladies smile.gif now if only i can get you here in the morning when i get dressed to give me the ok to go out the door...
Ananke, I really like 3/4 length sleeves or even elbow length. TBH, I think, as you say, full-length sleeves as well as a high collar could end looking a bit dowdy, whereas 3/4 or elbow length is a bit more balanced.

Unless you've already cut the straps, would you consider just wearing a little fitted cardigan over the dress? That way you cover your arms but can still rock the dress. I had a lovely light dress that I used to wear with a tiny cardigan all the time--it looked kind of retro, or did to me anyway...
Sadly, cardigans end up super-dowdy on me. I don't know why. But I'm probably going to go elbow length, it looks nice without the dowdy.

I'm thinking I might go for a v-neck now - much nicer to sew. Sadly my digicam broke so there are no pictures of the dress
So, I 'm wondering if anyone can recommend me a good online shop that sells not-too-terribly-expensive vintage/vintage-style slips, with, miracle of miracles, petite sizing?

I ask because it's been difficult to "keep it goth" out here in the central valley right now, where it's 105 degrees out. *faints*
bump for missladyj
have you tried mary green lingerie? they have a lot of super cute stuff, not sure about petite.

also, after years of working i finally have my first job where i have to wear real grown up clothes. i just bought an entire winter work wardrobe in like 10 minutes on its fucking kick ass. work appropriate whimsy. kickass.
thanks again bunny for the hookup. I was looking for this thread.

Okay so I am getting ready to go back to school ( I teach high school) and went back to school shopping. I went to Steve and Barry's and found a bunch of affordable classic clothes in the Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line Bitten. I was shocked because it had gotten such horrible reviews. I bought a bunch of blouses and chino wide leg trousers plus a seersucker suit and was pleased with the quality for the price.

then I went to Nordstroms where my pops work and got his discount. Everything was way more expensive but so gorgeous that I couldn't resist. It was a whole different word. One item cost more that everything I got from SJP's line.
Missladyj, glad I'm not the only one who really liked Bitten! I bought a rather large handful of the knit tops, and all of them are cute and of reasonably good quality.
it was a pleasant surprise to find that I liked the line.
Well, ladies, it's happening again. It's like a yearly thing at this point. I am still hating any and all pants that aren't jeans. It's so frustrating to go pants shopping, I don't know why I torture myself so. All the fall clothes are out in the stores and I still can't find anything I like and that looks decent on me. And then when I do, it's like 600$ (not really) and that's not money I'm going to spend on a pair of pants that I pray to Maude don't even fit me by next year this time (weight loss once and for all). I've sworn to myself that I'm going to give up and go back to wearing skirts YET AGAIN... ho hum.

Not to rain on your parade, LadyJ & Llamas, but I can't get into the Sarah Jessica clothes. They're so cheap because they must be made in a sweatshop -- that's my gut feeling, but I don't know if it's been officially addressed anywhere in the media. She was on Oprah advertising her clothes for an hour and it was all about how cheap the clothes were and everyone can afford them and the whole time I was like, gee, WONDER WHY!, and yet it wasn't addressed. Sorry for the soap-boxedness, but it just gets my goat that she's behind this line of clothes that are most likely not being made in the best of conditions. I'd love to be proved wrong.

And speaking of cheap clothes, my god but Target has gone even more downhill in the clothes department. Frankly I didn't think it was possible at this point.

I miss shopping at M&S.
raisin girl,
No shit sherlock. Of course all that stuff is made in a sweatshop. How else would the prices be so affordable?
Dressing for a funeral in South Carolina - I'll be in black, of course, but is a sleeveless top/dress acceptable? (Probably there will be air conditioning at the funeral home so I'm thinking bring along a black cardigan.)

Are nylons customary?

I've never been to a funeral in a hot humid climate before. Can't find anything by googling. Leaving tonight. Aargh.
Hi, Anarch.
I'm from Alabama, and down here it is perfectly acceptable to wear a sleeveless (probably not spaghetti strap, though) dress of moderate length to a summer funeral. Ladies down here do wear nylons, but it shouldn't be frowned upon if you don't. If you do wear nylons, either be sure they are sandal-toed or wear closed toed shoes (the better option, IMO). Depending on the social group, we also wear hats, I don't know about South Carolina, but they do help with the sun.
I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope I was helpful.

You've been extremely helpful. Thank you thank you!
I'm from Alberta, Canada, where I was taught, growing up, that sleeveless = inappropriate for formal occasions. Course that was a couple decades ago and standards have gotten much more casual. I do know the humidity in the South will kill me.

Thanks for your condolences. It's actually my husband's grandmother who was in her 90s, so not entirely unexpected. I've met her once, after our wedding. I guess the people arranging things didn't expect that we'd want to fly down & so that's why it's so soon after the death - we had to scramble for tickets - but in addition to showing respect for her, funerals (and weddings) are really a time for gathering family together, aren't they, and I haven't met most of that side yet, and my husband can't remember the last time he met most of them - certainly he hasn't met them as an adult, anyway - so we decided it'd be worth it to rush around to get there. & I don't want to call them & interrupt their grieving & rushing-around , to ask for clues about appropriate attire. I'm sorry I'm rambling disjointedly.

Anyway, yes, your words are very useful and reassuring, and make me feel much better about what to pack.

(sending warm fuzzy grateful vibes your way)
What do people think of this new trend of cropped jackets that seem to be everywhere for fall? I saw a bunch in the new issue of More magazine and they are supercute. However, I'm kind of tall, so I'm wondering if I'll look ridiculously out of proportion in one? Do y'all think that matters?
Cropped jackets? What, to go with high-waisted pants? Been there, done that, don't wish to repeat the 1980s decade-long fashion faux pas.

Re: being out of proportion or thinking you might, I think the only way to find that out is to try 'em on.

Eh. I hadn't even noticed them in the stores.
ugh, i hate high-waisted pants. i suppose you can pull them off if you have a very distinct figure, but for most people, they're massively unflattering.

new dress!

blanche, there's always american apparel. but i get most of mine at target, either mobissimo or merona have some good variety. and cheap!

and diva, death to the cropped jacket! i swear it seems like they're trying to push it every fall. hopefully, evolutionary fashion will kill off the weak (cropped jackets, leggings and footless tights, crocs, supraumbilical jeans) and allow the cute to flourish (herringbone shoes and long coats, asymmetrical bobbed hair, imho)
i know i'm probably in the minority for not just liking, but loving high waisted pants(or hwps). i blame paula prentiss in the stepford wives, who before she went all cyborg, looked fantastic in them, and a bizarre knack for finding great h.w.p.s. i had a pair of eggshell tweed wide legs, and a pair of houndstooth plad wideleg pants-- both vintage from the late 60's that made my ass look UNBELIEVABLE!

don't blame the pants. blame the designer. hwp should give even the flattest behind shape. great shape.

and diva, i dunno, i'm tall too. and cropped jackets look great on me usually. but then of late i've been emphasizing my height as opposed to trying to minimize it.... wwhich would explain not just the hwp thing, but my heel quandry below:

so, i need somone to talk me out of buying BOTH of these pairs of shoes.

ono and object, respectively by ash.
i love menswear details, spectators, ankle boots, and if they are slightly schoolmarmish, then i have no restraint.....

if i should manage to find the maturity to buy only one of them, which one should i pick? i love the ankle boots, but the d'orsay are cute too! argh! i need advise..... or should i just get both? i'd be 300 total, i rarely but heels because they are never this cute in my size...(11)...

perhaps i should just give in...

if you will love them and cherish them and be delighted with them, it might be worth buying both. especially if it's hard to find shoes you like in your size.

if you're looking for a one-or-the-other vote, i'd vote for the second.
i also vote #2. can be worn with pants or skirt, while #1 is a little heavy for skirt-wearin', in my not-always-the-most-stylish opinion.

both are certainly pretty tho.
gt- They're both really cute. You just need to think, "What do I already have in my closet?".
I do think the second pair could be a little more versatile (really any length pant/skirt), but, do you already have some super cute black leather pumps? If not, those are fantastic. If you do, I would definitely consider the ankle boots (unless you already have some cute ones) especially now that Fall is upon us.
Both pair have such beautiful details!
I also love high waisted pants, I'm petite and they give me a much longer line than low rise. I think they are more flattering to almost anyone, if designed well. Menswear detailing is very cool. How do you feel about vests?
hee hee... y'all are terrible, but even worse i discovered there is also a pair of mary janes too.

*shakes her fist in the air angrily* damn your eyes mr. nordstrom!!!!
honestly i have 4 pair of heels a pair of strappy, a pair of monotone spectatorish cream pumps, a pair of slightly retro pumps. and some wooden 60's vintage clog/wedge heels. not nearly enough. the ones i usually love don't come in my size, so i rarely look. i have boots that i never really loved, and haven't worn in years... i think it's time i got some heels that just cry out to be worn...

crino, i love your advise, but i don't know if i can restrain myself, although i know i should. i love ankle boots (i think they are so freaking sexy) and these are some of the cutest i've seen, and the d'orsay pumps are... well.... just delicious.

a girl at my work said that if i can't control myself i could slow things by buying one pair one month and the other the next month... i don't know i can even do that...i've got it bad!!!!

nick... really? the ankle boots too much for skirts? that's how i pictured myself wearing them. y'know like with a nice pencil skirt...

as for i loved them even back when i was a boy...
2x post! sorry!
oooooo. LOVE the mary janes. definitely get those.

ankle boots with skirts would probably depend on the length/fabric of the skirt as well as your own personal style.

if you're buying two pairs, i think you should buy the ankle boots and the mary janes. if you're limiting yourself to one, MARY JANES. love those. love.
The Mary Janes definitely win over the open-side pumps. I adore the curved strap.
I think that ankle boots would look cute with like a structured pencil skirt, or a daring metallic mini (sequins are coming in with a vengeance). Since you're so tall, you can pull off any look the leggy models do, you lucky broad.
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