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Hmmm....probably at least one of each, raisin! I wear jeans most of the time, so I can't live with only one pair! But my job situation will be changing come the end of January, so I also need to be prepared for job interviews and possible job situations where jeans are not quite as acceptable as they are in the non-profit sector. *le sigh*

I think the hardest thing about shopping is living in such a smallish community (85,000), and being a non-standard size. It's awful! If you have any kind of belly or ass or hips at all, retailers and manufacturers expect you to remain content with elastic waistbands. BLEARGH!!!!!

Still, I do find pants easier to wear than skirts, since my big-footed shoe options are even tinier in this town.

I wish Canadian businesses would wake up and smell the internet. I'd love to be able to shop online, without paying megabucks in over-the-border duty....
i've been looking all over ebay for a black vintagey nightie for my friend's birthday, but i can only find things that are too big, because she's teeny tiny. i might have to abandon my cute nightgown/satiny robe idea for her. ebay is driving me insane.

i found a victoria's secret nightie for me though--i had a satin nightshirt of theirs for the past decade or so, and it was getting a bit frayed at the seams and needed a replacement, so yay for a cheap new one!

this site is kind of interesting me today:

they have all sorts of socks and stockings, including some fishnet and seamed stuff that would look great with garters.

ugh on the having to look for pants. i have nearly given up on them entirely--i wear long full skirts most of the time these days.

Okay, I am contemplating buying this skirt as part of a winter wedding ensemble. Am I on trend for the festive fashion goodness or part of the deluded effort to re-introduce the eighties (again)? Any thoughts would be appreciated. FWIW, the rest of the outfit would be plain and black.

Oh, blanche, I think the shoulders are set farther apart in the front, so the side where they're closer together (if I'm reading you right) would be the back. I think.
syb, tulip skirts are so nice and so now (my friend wore one for our graduation last week) although if you are wanting festive I would go for a green or burgundy one, or maybe you could just accessorise in those colours.
I need help here - I'm going to dinner with my best friend's new girl. Done it before - she's super high class. Exquisite table manners, that sort of thing. Last time I wore high heeled pumps, pencil skirt and burgundy sweater. I've now got a super nice dress, but I'm stumped for the rest.

Should I de-fuzz and buff the legs and wear my silver/grey open-toed wedges with silver jewellery? Or fishnets with the pumps and bronze/gold jewellery?
Ananke, I think it's more important to consider the weather and the restaurant. It's cold where I am right now, so I'd be reaching for anything that would keep my legs covered! What does the dress look like? Can you find a pic of it on-line?
i just had to share my gleeful sales grab with y'all. $77. 8 bras, 2 sweaters, and a nice dressy dress. $77! and i wear a 48d, yo, so you KNOW those brars are expensive.

also? i heart sock dreams' thigh highs (though on my fat thighs, they're more like OTKs than really thigh highs, but since i don't own any skirts shorter than my knees, it works out). especially now that it's winter, and i can wear sock-y and thick hose-y thigh highs rather than the skinny not so warm hose.

i like skirts, too, though i'm as likely to wear pants to work than skirts. and fwiw, anake, it's cold here and so i would be inclined to go with opaque tights over defuzzing and buffing the legs.
I'm Australian so it's hot and humid now - but turns out we're going low key and I will be going to the Tenacious D concert which changes it all. I wish I could wear the dress though - cap sleeve, deep V, false wrap style but gathered along the side. Black, unfussy and comfy.

Today, for $20AU I got two obi belts, button up oxford shirt and a knee-length pencil skirt with huge green polka dots AND POCKETS!!! I've been looking for a pocketed skirt for days. No knee-high boots though *sigh*.
Q, that's a pretty big bargain deal!

It's practically mid-January and I'm still looking for decent but stylish winter boots, maybe mid-calf, probably casual, ones I can wear in snow and ice on city streets that won't have me falling flat on my ass and that won't be ruined by trudging through diryt snow.

Have any of you bought any this season that are worthy of a recommendation?
i've gotten a few pairs of those thigh highs from sock dreams, and they're great but i'm absolutely in love with the thigh high socks at american cheap and soft and warm. and i feel good buying from them. a real life saver in minnesota.
raisin, these don't sound like what you are looking for, but...

i bought REALLY cute boots at foot locker yesterday. they are puma sneaker boots.

i don't know how to make links look nice. anyway, the picture is kinda weird - the big poofy part gets close to your ankle with the straps and stuff. does that make sense? they are fluffy on the inside too. best part was they are on sale for $30!! probably because no one else bought them, but i have weird taste. i love my new sneaker boots!
So what is the go with stockings and opentoed shoes? Never? Only opaque? Only toe-less stockings?
Hi all. I just bought some awesome new jeans that actually (gasp-!) fit me! Even the length is good and doesn't need hemming (a first ever!). The one and only issue is that they're super stiff. Any tips for speeding up the process of breaking in jeans?
anake, I wear stockings with open toed shoes sometimes, and I consider myself a very stylish person. I don't now what the fashion rules are though.
I think it depends on the colour of your stockings vs the colour of shoes. toe-less stocking sound like a good idea, and i think sometimes you can get away with dark coloured tights and shoes together, if you make it look like a statement... if that makes sense to anyone but me.

octinoxate, i find sometimes the first wash softens jeans up... and storing them on the floor in a heap aways seems to work mellow.gif
Yeah, put the jeans through the wash a few times.

As for the stockings - I was thinking of opaque with these silvery grey open toe wedges during winter. Mostly because I was trying to plan a winter wedding outfit without any black and since I own two pairs of nice heels, of which one is not black, trying to work it into a winter wedding outfit.

Not that I'm likely to need it, but mental exercises like this are fun.
i think if you are a lady who has a slightly funky style most of the time, silver open-toed wedges with black tights would look hip and appropriate. i also think i remember reading in lucky that open-toed shoes are okay only with opaque stockings.
Hey, didn't there used to be a thread for bragging about amazing second-hand finds?

Well, I'll brag here: I found a beautiful black jacket for $5 at the Salvation Army (in the men's section, though it's clearly a ladies' jacket- that's one of my digging tricks). It's almost knee length and has all kinds of cute details- darts at the shoulders and on the front pockets, curved edges at the bottom in the front and a slit in the back, fabric covered buttons, and it fits perfectly. I told my mom about it and she asked what it was made of. I said it seemed kinda like wool but was thinner and softer, but I didn't give it any more thought. Then last night as I was taking it off I spied the tag- 11% wool, 89% cashmere! Score!
QUOTE(Oose @ Jan 30 2007, 06:04 AM) *

This link is a VIRUS! Just thought you should know before going there.
I am in shoe hell. I wear a size 11, slightly on the wide side but not wide enough to wear a Wide-sized shoe. I have bone spurs in my feet and back pain, which elminates a lot of cute shoes for me. I can't find decent, comfortable, non-ugly shoes for less than $120. I'm going crazy. I've been wearing the same few pairs of shoes now for two years, and they are on their last legs (or rather, feet). Same for my summer sandals...they are dead in the water. Anyone have any suggestions?
Oops, didn't realize there was a footwear thread...will take question there.
This thread seems a little sleepy, I wonder why?
Anyway, I bought 2 dresses online, and also a bra and some panties.
Online shopping is dangerous, I tend to over-buy, but on the other hand all of that cost me about $80!
Just a bra usually costs me about half that sum. I am very very pleased!
This thread is way sleepy. Thanks for bumping it with your post! I like the dress!

I have been wanting to buy one of the shorter, semi-A-line dresses currently around for a while and finally grabbed a black and white one with a subtle-ish flower print. It's got a lovely mod-ish (pun unintentional) neckline. Now I just have to wait for the weather to improve...
coela, that dress is adorable!

i don't post on this thread usually, but thought i'd seek out some advice. a friend was talking about summer coming up (there's a while yet, but still, time flies!)

i have summer clothing problems. i hate shorts, and they never fit me. so i have a couple of dresses, and a skirt that i got at old navy a few years ago that's a lightweight t-shirt material. i end up wearing that skirt constantly when i'm kicking around in the summer, and i really wish i had more than one!

does anyone know of a place online to buy a short, lightweight knit skirt like that? cotton or cotton/spandex, simple simple? i know that when the weather gets warmer it's going to drive me crazy. i'd seen one at j. crew a couple of years ago and meant to buy it, but then when i went back it was out of stock.

try american apparel. i have a few skirts from there, t-shirt material, that are great for summer. good luck!
that's exactly the kind of thing i'm looking for! the prices are a bit more than i'd hoped but i'd be wearing it constantly, so it'll be worth considering. smile.gif

Thank you! Unfortunately, only the flower-printed dress fit me,
so I had to return the Amish looking, Little house on the Prairie-dress.
Pity, really. But the other one looks just fine, and I think it really fits my
busty self better. Girly, prim & high-necked dresses tend to look awkward on me.
Just makes me want them more... Yes, that's my dream dress there,
if you follow the link. Sigh.

Coela, that dress is so. cute. Very french somehow.
Sybarite, yes, it sure is cute. It's an Anna Sui dress, I think. If I ever become very rich & very skinny, I'll buy it. Or something like it. Sorry, this is a little off topic...
that dress is adorable! but you'd definitely have to have a certain body type and look to be able to pull it off.

i found a skirt--simple simple comfy casual skirt for summer.

and now i'm wondering if a "leisure bra" could pretend to be a camisole under a low-cut dress. (i have probs with falling out of low-cut bras.) would this work in black, with a black v-neck wrap dress?

i suppose i'm jumping the gun, since i have to see if the bra even fits first. and the lace might end up being hideous in person and absolutely not camisoleish, hard to tell.
annelise, it could work - i'd take the dress with you to see if they work together, though. something a bit more square-necked might look better; have you had a look on I tend to go for moulded-cup cami-bra things (but I'm small-boobed) under v-necks.

coela, I love that style of dress. I'd wear it with thick tights and really high bright heels... *plans imaginary outfit* although i tend to look a bit awkward in them too. and square.
annelise, I found a t-shirt material skirt at Target the other day for $18. It's actually supposed to be a bathing suit cover-up, I plan to wear it as a skirt. They had two different styles: This One and This One. (I bought the first one in a plum color. It's a lot cuter in person than it is in the picture - you can't really tell, but it has a fold-over waistband like some yoga pants do.) Super-comfy.

Has anyone ever bought anything from Amet & Sasha? Their skirts are lovely and I think I'm about to order something (maybe This or This) and I'm wondering about their sizing.

I'm into skirts for summer. smile.gif

i always wear skirts! they can be so comfy and flattering--much easier to shop for than pants, which can be such a PITA when you're trying to find a good fit.

sesame, i love the second skirt.

i'm thinking about wrap dresses because a friend just bought one and recommended it as something i'd seems like it, but it's damn expensive. it's the j. peterman black wrap dress, i don't have the link offhand. it looks great, but i'd hoped to find the perfect black wrap dress that was sleeveless rather than short-sleeved.
I always wear skirts too, haven't bought a pair of trousers in three years..

Annelise, if you want more cotton jersey skirts, have this one:
It's $28 & comes in a couple of different colours. And btw, why does the pretty bra have to pretend
to be a camisole? Isn't it ok to show just a little bit of a pretty bra? wink.gif

mornington - Yes, or white, round-toed high heels could be really cute too. Or ballerinas. Or any maryjanes.

sesame - I love the first skirt!

My favourite kind of skirts are circle skirts/peasant skirts at knee length. Not too frilly, though.
This dress is also way cute. A bit ragdollish.

I just purchased a new Betsey Johnson dress. It is so fabulous.

I have never been so excited about a dress before. I ordered it sunday night and it came on Thursday. I have not done alot of ordering online but it was worth it to not have to deal with idiots in a store or the hassle of driving to the store.

I only purchased this dress cuz hubby won some money bowling. otherwise I don't think I could regularly spend that kind of cash on a dress but it is totally worth it and it looks great on me! I asked him if he wanted to see it before I bought it . He said no but was secretly thinking he would hate whatever I bought and he even likes it!!!
I have been a fan of Betsey Johnson from way back and that dress is gorgeous (although much simpler than I would have expected from her). The other dresses on that site were lovely too but too pricy for me I'm afraid!

I bought a black and white minidress two weeks ago but haven't worn it yet. Does anyone here ever get that disconnect between trends in magazines/newspapers and what actually appears on the street? According to the media these dresses are everywhere but I've yet to spot one IRL.

Of course, this means I'll be spotlessly on trend when I do wear mine out...
Thanks Sybarite,

It is simple but that is part of why it is so fabulous there is a tie that ties in the back. Another great feature is that the tatoo I have on my back is visible. Can't wait to wear it. We have a wedding in May
I always love the idea of Betsey Johnson, but unfortunately her execution tends to be MINUSCULE. I can't even begin to wear most of her clothing. (And, much as I love her ideas ... for the price, her quality of construction ought to be higher. Oy.) I have one BJ dress, and can only wear it on my thinnest of thin days. And one strap *will* not stay up. Still. Foxay.
Oh, me and Betsey go way back. I still have a wine-colored semi-crushed velvet stretchy sleeveless dress with a plunging back (size medium) just begging to be worn for some semi-fancypants event one of these days when my arms are a little more toned and my stomach is just slightly concave. It was kind of a demure little number for Betsey even back then.

Syb, do you have any pictures of your minidress?

I'm on a mission to banish polyester from my wardrobe -- or, should I say, I am on a mission to not acquire any more polyester. It doesn't matter if an item is 1% polyester or 100%; I don't want any part of it. It's harder than one would think. I see these beautiful linen pants in the stores and what are they lined with but 100% POLYESTER! Who designs this shite? I might as well wear trashbags for leggings, you know?! blink.gif

I don't know, maybe I just need to shop in better stores.
missladyj: just want to say I la-HOVE. that dress!! Nice eye! It's simple...all about the 'cut'...very elegant femme! Um, what color did you get it in?
thanks jan, and it is of course, black!
I have just bought a bunch of sweaters, as I realized after the first heat-wave of winter let up that I didn't have any good "home" sweaters. When I went hunting for thick, warm, nubby and slightly longer tunics, I found a WONDERFUL mandarin/notch neck sweater in heather grey in a beautiful cashmere blend. It arrived today (yeah, eBay again), and it is fantastic. Very sort of nehru in shape, but soft and gorgeously tailored. Seed glass beads at the neck and cuffs. Just really lovely.

I also bought a couple other cheaper sweaters, and have concentrated on shades of grey.

Grey is my new black. I so love grey.
Hi all. I've never posted in here before, just lurked.

Betsey Johnson is fantastic. I have a black raw silk slip dress I bought in 2000 and wear it all the time. Her prices can be excessive, though. And ya'll are right on her sizing- Her clothing has always fitted me beautifully, which is unusual because I am a petite!

Anyway, take a look at these shorts:

I want them soooo badly, but they are a little out of my price range. (however, Pierce jeans does donate 50% of their proceeds to a charity that feeds children across the really they only cost $70...the rest is just a donation, right?)

I'm only comfortable in shorts with at least a 4" inseam, these are 5"and they look FIERCE! Imagine them with metallic wedges and a blousy top... Maybe I could sell something to raise the money...
Unfortunately not, raisin. It's got a retro-style pattern of black and white flowers on it. I plan to wear it with black opaques and black mary janes... if I can find an occasion to!

I am so unused to patterned clothes, having been a slave to plain knitwear, tops or t-shirts with straight jeans for a couple of years now. I am easing back into them though, applying the principle of one patterned item per outfit. I hate my clothes to look 'busy'.

Spring has finally sprung here which means I can give my 2 new swing jackets an airing at last!

Maimy, that sweater sounds gorgeous. I'm a big fan of grey; it's a cooler (and on me, more flattering) neutral than boring old beige/camel or navy.

Crinoline, those shorts look stunning. I could never justify spending that much on shorts but where I live I could only wear them for about 2 months. If the money goes to a good cause though... wink.gif
Syb, exactly! I can wear cream, and I can wear brown, but khaki, camel, tan, taupe - hideous on me. My skin seems to demand some manner of contrast, a value or hue difference from my natural tone, which is olive enough to be too close to all those neutrals. But gunmetal, pewter, silver, winter-grey, ice, blue-grey; I can wear all of those. Love them, too, especially in different textures and fabrics. I have a really beautiful pair of silk blouses, one very light and one very dark; the sweater is a cool heather-grey; I have some nubby chenilles too.

I love grey! Heh.

Okay, shutting up now.
This is a little off topic but I was wondering if any of y'all know where I could find decent bathings suits online. Preferably one pieces. It's so hard to find cute or attractive looking one pieces!
jinjin gorgoeous retro looking onepieces. Have ordered from them and the suits I have are the best I have ever had. Last for many seasons. worth the price. good luck
I liked some of the dresses on Betsey's site, and hated others. I really hated the tacky, shiny ones with big sleeves with ruffles on them. But I loved the non-shiny, flutter-sleeve tunics.

I saw new Wranglers in Nylon. They looked so pretty, but I bet I won't be able to find them here.
thanks jin jin smile.gif
busties, I need advice: I have an interview for a university course (postgrad) in teaching next week and I've been considering wearing this dress - what do you think? Is it the right mix of smart but not over-dressed? I think a suit would be too formal and I HATE blouses (the only one I have is black to team with long black skirt and I don't want to wear all black and look morbid). I was planning to wear the dress with grey heeled mary-janes and a jacket... It is a three hour interview with a lot of sitting around and discussion so I need something comfy as well as smart.

I am with maimy and loving grey (hence the outfit above).

UK Busties, what do you think of the Topshop collection by Kate Moss? It seems to be advertised everywhere and I've fallen in love with the floral tea dress.
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