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Maims, dahling, Tahari suits are pretty fab. And those dresses, I know I've seen those kinds in stores around here, but I can't remember exactly where right now.

Does anyone know where Speedy has been? Seems like he hasn't posted in the new Lounge. I had to go back to his old posts to find the link to this clothing company, Mark Shale, that he had recommended. I remembered it from a while back and he seems to have a good eye for women's clothes. These are sassy but sophisticated clothes. Too bad I can't afford much of anything right now.

So let me just come right out and ask y'all for your expertise: what would you wear to work if you had the freedom to wear pretty much whatever you wanted? I am having a hard time with this, but maybe it's just the insecurities of being at a new job at a company where I've worked before. I didn't think about what I wore so much when I was in my 20s and worked at this company, but now that I'm in my 30s and back there with a job with way more responsibilities (and a bigger need to prove myself, I suppose, even when I am just sitting in my office minding my own business), I feel like I need to pay better attention to what I'm wearing. I don't want to dress all juvenile-like, but I don't want to be all stuffy, either. I know I could get away with jeans, t-shirts with funny sayings on them, and my funky purple sneakers day in and day out, but I don't think it's really the look I want to go for. That's fine for the weekends or running errands, but I still feel like I want to make a distinction between work clothes and non-work clothes, even if the line is a little more blurred than it's been for a long time.

Prior to this I wore suits for work. I got away with only, like, four suits, and I rotated everything. And prior to that, I was in school where absolutely no one cared if I dressed like a slob (so I did!) -- I didn't care, either, because I was so consumed with classes. Prior to that, I was in a business casual work environment, but also 30 pounds heavier. Those clothes I used to wear are long gone because I grew out of them.

So, basically, I have not a lot of things to wear in general, aside from loungewear and gym clothes. Oh, but I have scarves, as you all know! Hee.

Combine all this with the following problems:
1) I don't have a whole lot of disposable income right now.
2) I'm still losing weight, so I don't even know what the hell to buy that isn't going to be a waste, unless it can take me from fall into winter in the northeast.
3) I'm short and have an aversion to pants unless it's a pair of jeans.

It's like this whole "I don't have a thing to wear" crisis is and isn't about clothes, you know? I'm just feeling inadequate because I feel like I should have had my wardrobe "together" by now, but everything has morphed, inside and out, personal taste changes (I used to be into preppy-type clothes, but I'm more rock&roll/artsy now, SORT OF, I don't know), and all I have to show for it is a big box of interesting scarves. I'm torn between buying throwaway-type pants from Target that are the right length that I'm not crazy about but will do for now and saving up for something costume-y like this that has no practical value whatsoever (but is so cute!).

I guess I have been full of these thoughts for a long time, but now I'm forced to confront them. How to build a wardrobe? I do like the idea of having key classic pieces and not have a gigantic closet full of crap but still feeling like I have nothing to wear, but I like novelty-type things like that green dress a whole lot, too. I don't want to look like everyone else and wear the latest trends, but I don't want to be a caricature of myself, either. My company has a lot of forward-thinking people for employees, so I can probably still wear dresses over pants (the few that I have) and don't have to wear twin sets or think about going down that road. ::barf!::

I feel like a superficial idiot for writing so much about "just clothes," but I think you understand where I'm coming from. Clothes are fun! I want that fun back. I bow down to Trinny and Susannah. Like I said, it's not just about the clothes. I really like my new job and I want to give it the respect it deserves without wearing the same pair of jeans five days a week. I'm sorry for the novella here, but I would really appreciate your thoughts, Empresses.

(ETA: I recently looked around in H&M, but didn't buy anything. I have such a love/hate relationship with this store and the whole concept with throwaway clothes v. investment pieces. Also, Maimy, wow, some of those dresses are less than $10! Whatta bargain! See, I'm all over the place.)

I have no idea what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Gotta love it. blink.gif FOUND SOMETHING! Black & white graphic flowered skirt with a boring black pullover shirt, probably with strappy black sandals. Works for me. Phew.
Raisin, the first dress I ever got like that I bought at the State Fair, and STILL every single time I wear it, I get compliments on it. I think it's like nine or ten years old now.

Glad to hear Tahari is fab, they look good, and the seller's sizing/make guide was incredibly helpful and detailed.

If I could wear anything, I'd invest in a whole bunch of good knit pants. Pair 'em with boots you like and stylish sweaters in winter/fall, and in summer, longline t-shirts and sandals or whatever is comfortable. On Casual Fridays, I wear something like that rayon dress, or my black slinky-knit pants and moonboots, or longish skirts with nice-looking but comfortable fitted tees. If I were let loose, that'd probably be the week-long attire. I know you say pants aren't your thing, but knit ones that fit fairly close might minimize the silhouette issues you have, and the right length t-shirt or peasant blouse would (a) balance the line, and (b) draw attention upward, if you choose something with a special detail or pattern.

Oh, and you should totally hit Beqi's site and see what she's got in dresses, tops and skirts that are cute, fab, and not too fussy. She kicks exceptional ass.

At the end of the day, I'm with you - I actually prefer "having" to stick to a professional dress code. I *like* suits, and kind of enjoy heels and all that stuff. It is, in its way, less effort somehow. Because I'm hardly ever confused about what will be appropriate. *Grin*
I actually prefer "having" to stick to a professional dress code. I *like* suits, and kind of enjoy heels and all that stuff. It is, in its way, less effort somehow. Because I'm hardly ever confused about what will be appropriate. *Grin*

EXACTLY! I haaaaate being inappropriately dressed in any situation. I used to not care, but funny how things change.

Beqi, yes yes yes! She doesn't have the fall collection up yet, but I'm so going to look there! Awww yeah! You hear that, BG? Keeping it in the family!

Knit pants, huh? I'm going to have to think about that.

Yeah, I like Tahari. There is something about those suits that catches my eye when I see them in a store. They have really nice lines and don't look uber-cheap, but also don't look like boring old suits, either.

I'm going to have to poke around in the stores up here where I might find similar rayon dresses. I think those are the kinds of things I'd HAVE to try on in person because of their length/my height. Dresses that sweep the floor can be really neat. Isn't it cool to get compliments after wearing it for all those years? I love stuff like that.


I love this thread. THREAD, GET IT?! haha

Keep it comin'.
I don't know if I could manage a professional dress code, as I'm very fussy about what I will/won't wear, and I hate to feel restricted by my clothing.

I also have a job where pretty much "anything goes." Mostly I wear jeans, but I'll also wear really good black pants, depending on the day and the event. I can look pretty business-like and professional if I need to! Usually to work, I wear my jeans or pants with a nice blouse, and maybe a jacket or cardigan, depending on the weather. I've started restricting myself to the "sillouettes" I'll buy, since I've finally gained an understanding of what's flattering on me and what's not. So it's mainly empire waist and wrap blouses, with a few knit tunics and semi-fitted shirts thrown in. I also have a couple of sweaters and a couple of shell blouses, though I find I don't wear them as often. Sometimes I'll wear a t-shirt or camisole, but usually only if 1) it's summer and a casual day, or 2) I wear a jacket or cardigan over top. I tend to wear jackets/cardis most of the year anyway. And then I play around with scarves and jewelry and hair. I keep my makeup pretty simple and "natural"-looking....mainly 'cause in feminist circles, I'm often the only one wearing it!

My mama, who has always been really well-dressed, told me always that the "secret" to work dressing is to buy separates and mix 'n' match them, and to buy black! Black is the secret. Or any neutral, I suppose, but black seems to be easier because you don't have to worry about matching, plus it's less "memorable" (you can wear the same item more often), and black always seems to look more "expensive." I also like charcoal grey. If you buy your basics in black (or another neutral), then you can jazz it up with a coloured top or scarf or other accessory. I tried doing warm neutrals - browns and taupes and beiges - for awhile, but it was really complicated to coordinate, and then I realized I felt "invisible" in taupe/brown. I feel sophisticated and "hip" in black.

My basic working wardrobe is: 2 pairs of black pants, 2 pairs of good jeans, 1 charcoal grey semi-fitted blazer, one black cardigan with nice, feminine detailing, and a huge variety of tops/shirts/sweaters in black, white, and various colours. I try to avoid patterns, though I do have a couple of patterned tops, and a couple of striped ones. If I want to wear patterns, I usually don a scarf. I also have some other, more colourful cardigans, but I could manage without them. Currently at the top of my "on the lookout" list is another pair of good black pants (one pair is just about "done"), a pair of good charcoal grey pants, perhaps a black blazer, and some really good black boots. I'd also really like a pair of black low-heeled pumps and a pair of dressier shoes, but with my 9.5 EE feet, I don't hold out any hope at all.

Thanks for the link, maimy!

raisin, I have a problem with pants, too, because I wear petite sizing in the waist, but I'm 5'7"....very frustrating. Regular fit pants come up almost under my boobs, but petite pants are often too short in the leg. Plus either way, I have to take in the waist band - it's weird to have a belly and still have to take in the waist!

Thank heavens we at least KNOW how to sew, pepper! smile.gif

I have this one sales clerk at my favourite clothing store whom I really trust, and usually I tell her what I need and she ferrets it out for me...she even calls me when something I've been looking for comes in. I've finally decided I'm willing to pay a lot of money for pants - well, clothes in general - that fit PROPERLY, rather than having a bunch of stuff that looks or feels not quite right! It helps me to be more confident in work situations if I feel comfortable and know that I look my best.
Why are my posts always so long? *sigh* I'm sorry. I seem to have verbal diarrhea.
poopy poopy poopy poop. ha ha. i feel that way sometimes too. but i like your verbal diarrhea. keep it up.
I work where there is basically no dress code (no tank tops, shorts, or open-toed shoes) and I usually wear my nice jeans (dark denim, simple boot cut levi's 515s), a cute t-shirt, and sometimes a hoodie or nice cardigan (it's always freezing in there!). Occasionally I'll rock out the knee-length skirt, but that tends to go in phases per my mood.

As far as shoes go, I usually go with my black and turquoise Pumas, but sometimes I'll wear my black ballet flats (usually when I get my feet tattoos touched up-an ongoing process).

On another note, I got my hair cut short a week or two ago and realized that it looks really cute with a headband. While I have a few bandanas and scarves that look cute as headbands, I needed some more. So I picked up a pretty black, wide Alice band at Delia's today, as well as a sheer black scarf with skulls & crossbones on it. I can't wait to wear them!
Ooh, fun thread.

So my office is business casual, which I absolutely despise. Basically anything but tank tops, shorts, and jeans goes. I'd much rather have virtually no dress code, like my old office, or actual business attire. As such, getting dressed is a pain in the ass, trying to match my interesting mix of preppy and rocker-ish tops with what few dress pants I have. Methinks I will have to break down and buy some khakis and cords that can be worn in the same context as jeans, which I used to wear almost exclusively.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Aug 16 2006, 11:39 PM) *

Why are my posts always so long? *sigh* I'm sorry. I seem to have verbal diarrhea.

Same here, woman! My fashion emergency post was wayyyyyy too long.

A proper post to follow with responses, but two words about the one item of clothing I just bought: DENIM SKIRT.

Two more words: LOVE IT.
yeah second hand store!! faboo black dressy pants that make my ass look Great! only $4.98, yah you heard me right.
I think I may have posted this when the thread was started, but it seems like it's a good time to re-post:

The Clothing Chronicles

Lots of tips on building a wardrobe, and especially one for work. She is selling some kind of wardrobe e-books, but there are tons of really good, free tips.
Doodle, that link is awesome! Thank you so much for posting it again. I looooove the concept of personal uniforms; it seems to be the same one that Trinny & Susannah talk about, building a wardrobe around what works for YOU, not what the fashion magazines are telling you to buy. It's common sense, but it's good to be reminded of these things.

Llamas, I'm hating the business casual look right along with you. Khakis are awful. I vote for cords instead. I'd always rather be in the current situation I'm in now (anything goes) or business conservative. I can NOT stand the wishy-washy middle ground of business casual! Ugh. I feel your pain.

I really think I need to print out some of these recent posts. There are wonderful ideas here!

So, the denim skirt that I got: it's long, to my ankles, a dark indigo with back pockets, front pockets, and it's got a triangle of extra fabric in the center, both front and back, so it's got some swing in it. I wore it once last week and I got a compliment from someone whose clothes I often admire. I think it's a keeper and I'm happy I'll be able to wear it until the snow starts to accumulate on the ground. Hell, I like it, it makes me happy. But being complimented on it the first time I wore it, that's icing on my Boston Cream Pie!
I'm getting my back to school clothes together and went to Devon Ave ( this is a street where there are tons of sari stores , Indian/ Pakistani food etc) and got the most beautiful black wrap skirt with gold and orange and green designs on it , it was inexpensive, gorgeous and one of the few work clothes that I could wear out with a cute pair of heels and a tank. So excited about this skirt.
I don't think I really know what "business casual" is supposed to mean, but I've never worked in that kind of environment. I think I'd probably do well-fitting, good trousers and a nice top or shirt, leather shoes, and probably a cardi or's hard to go wrong with that combo. It's what I usually wear when I'm not sure...I guess it's MY "personal uniform"!

Just because the word "casual" is in the description doesn't mean you have to do khakis or even cords if you don't want to. There are lots of pants out there now made of comfy materials that look really best pair are made of this slightly-stretchy material and don't have any fasteners....the waistband is wide and sort of stretchy, so they fit properly...not elastic waist or anything. Hard to explain. They fit really well, and I love them to bits. I even wear them to my meetings with government! But I don't feel at all out of place if I wear them to help women who come into the Centre, either - it all depends what I pair them with. Plus they are washable, which is the BEST. They cost quite a bit, but it's been totally worth it. I think I paid $60 CAD for them, and they were regular $100, but the stitching had come open on the seam, so they gave me a super deal. They're so great, I'd totally pay full price for another pair.

I'd rather have fewer pairs of pants that are better quality. They totally pay for themselves in wearings. The nice thing about buying good quality pants in neutral colours is that you CAN wear them over and over and no one really cares...most times they don't even notice; they just notice that you always look good. I think what's important is to dress consistently at work, and if that means dressing "up" a little more than other people, it's fine, as long as you always make a similar effort. Your employer will just think you're interested in a promotion...and might actually consider you for one!

My mom just told me she bought a pair of pants for $90 CAD, which is definitely more than she usually pays. And she says she LOVES the way they fit, feel, and look...she loves them so much, she went back for another pair in a different colour. She says she has no interest in wearing any of her other pants anymore, since she bought these. I am starting to feel the same way about my clothes....I have fewer things but most of the newer items are much better quality than I used to buy, and they fit really well. There are a few pieces - usually the more expensive ones, and/or ones I didn't wait to buy on sale - that I always reach for when I'm not sure what to wear.

YAY for new clothes!

I don't actually like shopping. I shop about 4 times a year. I have one store that I love, where I buy most of my clothes. Usually I go in with my "list" of things I'm looking for, and I ask for help finding them. I don't worry a lot about whether or not they're on sale, if they are flattering and fill a hole in my wardrobe. It's like buying the healthy, meal-making groceries at the store - you have to eat! If they ARE on sale, bonus. (Heh...I feel that way about boneless, skinless chicken breasts...I'll always buy them, but if they're on sale, woo hoo, stock up!) Then, I'll browse the sale racks and see if there's anything that might be flattering....I always consider these "extras," like buying snack foods at the store. I'll try on TONS of clothes, sometimes just to see whether a style or colour is flattering or not. But I still won't buy stuff that doesn't work with what I have already, and I always buy separates - I have to be able to do that old "mix 'n' match" thing, otherwise even the best "deal" is like throwing money away. Usually I end up spending between $250 and $400 CAD on a quarterly shopping adventure, but that includes bras and underwear, as well as sale and regular items. (That doesn't include my scarves, jewelry, bags, or shoes though.)
oh yes, second hand store, you are my very bestest friend.

scored SIX shirts for less than $40 Woot!!

take that The Bank, mwah ha ha ha ha!!
Well, I did the dreaded work-pants shopping this weekend, and was successful; two pairs of nice cords, one pair in grey and the other, completely yummy, in black. As much as I complain about the price, I always end up coming back to J. Crew pants, since they fit me and are professional-looking. So word to doodle on that being a definite worthwhile expenditure, and also on finding a personal 'uniform' and dressing consistently at work; most days I wear neutral or black bootcut pants, a simple button-down or knit top, a jacket, and heeled leather sandals or boots. Kind of a balancing act: fitting in with the casual environment while still looking put-together.
i have to second the second (heh) hand stores for work clothes. one of my staples is an exquisite grey linen skirt, banana republic so i'm sure it retailed around $40 at least, that cost me $4 at the goodwill. woooo! it is about luck, though--you can't necessarily be guaranteed to find what you want, but i suppose that's the trade for cheapness.
For the rest of my Canadian Busties- check out the "Joe" line at...wait for it... Superstore. You know, the one owned by Loblaws. I was shocked.

Great business casual/work clothes, as well as athletic wear and 'trendy' pieces, for cheap. Dress-pants-for-19-bucks cheap.

Checking in to say that my Tahari arrived today, and the seller - - is every inch the professional. The suit was so carefully packed, it doesn't even need ironing. And it is fantastic. Just very, very lovely.

It's a 3-piecer, but I bought it mainly for the pants suit - which is good. For good or ill, "professional" skirts are not designed for my body. More often than not, I have a waistband-pulldown in back, due to excessive booty. This skirt, however, suffers my other ubiquitous tailored skirt problem - the butt would be okay, but the THIGHS won't fit. Seriously, how does something which appears to be cut so straight fit over something as big as my ass, and manage to be unable to accommodate my effin' legs?

Mom tells me to hold out hope; I've lost ten of the twenty pounds I gained after kog3100 moved, and held it off for a couple weeks now. If I lost ten more, the skirt WOULD probably fit.

Still, my actual shape doesn't change that drastically - so I'm still left with the baffling question of how the heck these things come to fit the way they do.

For what I bought it for, however, for what the seller had to offer, and for the price (easily 60% less than the same suit at other places I peeked into), I am supremely happy, and left the highest feedback I can imagine: the promise to return for more when I can. "Meilingw" is totally bookmarked on My eBay.
I just started a new job this week, and found out that I may have to wear the only suit I own, the one I only wore for interviews, on a somewhat regular basis, when there are important people visiting occasionally.

I hate suits. Hate them. Maybe Stacy on What Not to Wear is right- maybe I've just never found one that fits well (she says this to everyone who says they don't look good in suits.) Nevertheless, I think I really just don't like them. Do I have other options? I have a dark gray, long, pencil-cut skirt, that's basically made out of the same type of fabric my suit is made of- could I wear that with a nice shirt and nice jewelry? Problem is that the two things I hate about wearing a suit are the jacket and having to tuck in my shirt (and even if you take the jacket off, you can't untuck the shirt because it would be wrinkly and look bad) and if I wear the skirt, I'd still have to tuck in the shirt, so it doesn't solve that problem.

Any suggestions? I'm at the smaller end of "plus-size", so that complicates it a little.
polly i think your solution is a nice shell or maybe a long sleeved. some sort of knit material that would look ok not to tuck in. i've gotten a few from ann taylor/ann taylor loft.

i think you could totally rock that without a suit jacket and look ok as long as you kept the rest of your outfit really nice.
I found this on Lands' End:,,1_2_...127496094122912
I think it's doable. I can't find any pants on their site that go with it, though.

ETA: I love sites that offer live chats with customer service! Here's the pants, but my waist is a little too big for the 16. Grr. if they had the black available in a larger size I could get that. I'll check eBay.,,2_17...p;CM_MERCH=SRCH
So I'm going to post these in a couple of spots... This is a link to the set on my flickr page of the dresses for the emmys and the assorted parties... Just in case you guys were wondering.... hugga hugga lova lova WB aka Zoob
Polly, and here I am with a few suits in my closet that I no longer need because of my new job! Funny how we are going through parallel situations. They're a little more unusual, but have you tried suit dresses?

Maimy, congrats on your acquisition! And do you want to lose 10 more pounds? Because, you know, I'm already showering you with praise for losing 10 already.

I shouldn't be typing a lot since I have a wounded finger, but I looked hard and got lucky this weekend. I bought a few long skirts and I'm really happy with them. I purposely made sure they are solid-colored and don't stand out a lot so I can wear them every week. One of them is swingy and really great. I don't think it will be too warm in the winter, but I can certainly wear a pair of those dreaded leggings that are back in style underneath the skirt and no one would be the wiser. I also bought a pair of black pants, but I'm not as thrilled with them as I am with the skirts. I feel not so great in them, but I got them because they fit. I might return them this week just so I can be all anti-pants this fall and winter. I also have a few tweed-like skirts last year from H&M, so I just might be all set as far as bottoms go. I'll still make an exception to my no-pants rule for jeans. This will be a fun experiment, huh? Doodle, it really is all about finding your own "uniforms" and working within those rules. There is something really liberating about doing this.

Next weekend: More shirts!

There's a ton of fall and winter stuff in the stores now. I imagine the selection is better right now than it will be in November.
i x-posted this in the Crimes of Fashion thread, but i need all the help i can get.

I've been invited to a party at the creative writing school of NYU. It's a chance for me to network with other writers, to meet people who may be involved with the administration at my top-choice grad school, and possibly meet Famous Poets from the faculty. In addition, it's a first meeting with a guy from the personals. He says it's after work, so it'll be a "casual" event. WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR? I'm trying to figure out what "casual" means for NYU people. Can I get away with a very dark-washed denim, a nice top, and heels? Is a skirt required? My mother says to just wear my job interview outfit, but I'm hanging with artists and I'm on a potential date, and I'd like to look slightly more glamorous and less corporate, y'know? Please help me, I'm clueless.

i'm thinking of getting this shirt:
and pairing it with dark-washed jeans and heels. but i can't find nice, dark-washed jeans for less than $80 anywhere! help!

try these.

levis 515s. i have a dark pair, and i love them. they could easily be dressed up for a "dressy" event. i have big hips ("Irish birthing hips," as my brother calls them-ha!) and I'm fairly curvy, and they're fantastic.

HTH some!
lowredmoon, that kind of outfit sounds spot-on for the event you are going to. that is exactly what i would wear. you'll look fabulous!

i am starting my student teaching job in two weeks. i mostly bought all of my new work clothes at the gap - their pants fit me nice, and i bought boat neck t-shirts in every color. but i did buy a pair of dkny jeans at macy's that i hope to wear every other day. they are real dark blue, cut likes pants, and are not super low rise or anything. i think that's an appropriate wardrobe for an elementary school, as long as i wear non-sneakers and do my hair nice.
Raisin, given that I've gained about 25-30 pounds since kog3100's been gone - yeah, I think losing a total of 20 would be pretty good. I actually didn't gain more than maybe 10 or so for a year after he moved, but last August was a bitch, and things didn't get better for a long time. I lost eighteen pounds in three days at one point, then PILED it on and haven't really done enough to get myself back in good physical shape. To be sure, I'll admit that vanity (and The Big Reunion) are a part of my desire here. However, I'm physically uncomfortable, so The Big Reunion is partially just an excuse. (I also hope the restoration of a sex life will be helpful. I'm quite convinced losing that went at least half the way to the gain in the first place.)

In actually-relevant-to-the-thread thoughts - I have been having problems with tucking in general of late, because I like pants, and all the good pants seem to be lower and lower slung than they used to be. Solution - tunics and long, fitted tees. Just today I wore my summerweight taupe pants (with VERY subtle metallic pinstripes) and a chocolate brown sleeveless knit top which skims but doesn't hug my torso. Being long-waisted, I like a longer top in any case, but ones which hit about mid-hip are IDEAL for lower-waisted pants, and I have been eBaying again. Tonight, I bought a really wintry-cool-cream tunic sweater with very subtle beading around the neckline and cuffs. This will go with skirts and pants, and won't frustrate me in the can't-keep-it-tucked department.

Tucking shirts in lower-waisted pants looks TERRIBLE. The point at which the tuck must occur is a wide point, and I think a tuck not occurring at the natural waist looks very very strange. This makes dressing professionally VERY frustrating, as so many dressier pants no longer come within several inches of the natural waist. And most shirts aren't even long enough to tuck well at that point in any case.

[/Ongoing long-waisted frustration]

Anyway, so Polly - would something like these work with that skirt?
#3 gets my vote, i like that colour and a neckline like that is one of my favourites. i am long waisted too, actually i have a long torso in general and am slim so the bust point on most shirts is way above my own. that rounded scoop neck looks just right on my kind of figure, it isn't so low as to show much but low enough that my boobehs look like they're in the right place.
Yes, I like a good scoop neck too, Pepper. (Funnily, #3 is the one I *didn't* purchase, though, because it's late in the season for investing in tees unless they're on dirt-cheap sale.) I've seen this year that v-necks are also quite flattering on me, if catching-a-view-in-a-window-reflection is any indication. Which is nice, as I like v-necks.

I'm actually hatching a plan on three of my v-neck t-shirts right now, to take in the waistlines. I bought them as fitted tees, but they're not really "fitting" as closely as I'd like (not TIGHT, but still skimming to look slimming, you know?) and they have no lycra. So logistics are on the brainpan, and most likely on the drawing board in the next few days. Having caught a reflection today, in one of them, I am NOT happy with the boxiness.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Sep 5 2006, 12:29 AM) *


Is this the thread to bitch about the annoyance of having most pants not fit right?
hey, do y'all know about comrags?

from my home town, in the biz for so many years now 'cause their shit is classic.
Xexys, this is mostly a conversation about clothes to wear to work (professional, casual, and otherwise) - but, as tailoring comes into that, it's as good a place as any for pantwear bitching.
Yeah, okay, it's clear to me I so need to get laid. I saw that as "cumrags," Pepper.

But those clothes, so much prettier than a cumrag!

I am seriously salivating over those clothes. Damn, why is there no store in Montreal?! I've been jonesing to make a trip up to Montreal.

I've been getting compliments on my denim skirt. I swear I'm not going back to pants until I'm within 10 pounds of my goal weight. I'm sure they'll still look ASSY and not ASSARIFIC on me, though. Whatevs.
Raisin, you're not the only one. I did a double-take when I saw the name of the link. And you're right, those clothes are beautiful.

Also, raisin, where did you find your denim skirt? I've been looking for one for some last had this bunching effect at the bottom of the zipper that made me look, uh, manly.

I've been doing lots of vintage shopping lately. I just acquired a fun and audacious long skirt with cowboy scenes--Shootout at the OK Corral, if you will. I can't wait to wear it.
hee hee hee! best damn laugh of my day!
Score! haha

Tempest, I've been going all over the damned place for clothes. I've seen denim skirts in stores like Marshalls, believe it or not. You just have to have an eye for what you like and then just hone in on it no matter what store it's at. I say this because there are a lot of tacky clothes at Marshalls and the like. Some of the skirts have a little bit of Spandex in them, too, so you won't get that man-crotch effect.

Okay, maybe I should make a trip to Toronto. I was kind of wanting to go back to Montreal first, though.
motivation to travel to the fashion mecca of canada:
the website is a bit frustruating but her hats are to. die. for.
you have to actually get up close and see one for real to get the whole picture.
don't hate me for this. sorry. irresistable.
so hip it hurts.
check out Eza Wear. they haven't got a website for some reason but their clothes are awsome.
watches. check out her lighting too, wow.
go here, this place is Packed with amazing stuff.
eat here. do NOT miss it.

if in kensington market drop by vibes on augusta. yvonne keeps very limited hours so you may need to phone for an appointment but it's worth it. she has the best quality essential oils and does custom blending right on the spot. seriously, not to be missed. she is the best smelling person i know.
also in the market, drop by courage my love. in fact, check them all out, the stores there are fab. one street over on augusta is a great hidden gem, shoney's. really, another not to be missed.

now that i've spent all of your money and then some...
have a fun trip!!

can you tell i miss it? the shopping and food anyhow...
i'm a big fan of thrift stores for staples like jean skirts. they always seem to be around and usually denim wears pretty well. i just scored a really cute denim pencil skirt for $7.

i have a question. i'm trying to actually have a more adult wardrobe and want to start rocking the flats with cute pants but don't really know what sort of socks (?) i should wear to make this an ok look for fall/winter. i don't know if that question makes sense but it just seems like the exposed skin on the top of my foot would get really cold if I didn't cover it some how...


not very grown up but what the hell. i rock the crazy socks.
So.....being that I'm basically going to be losing my job at the end of the year, I'm very hesitant about spending any new money. So....I have this pair of brown leather winter boots that I wore for a season and then put away. I am thinking of dyeing them black so I can wear them with my current wardrobe. Anyone done this? Does the dye job last? And if I do dye them, is it better to have them professionally dyed than to try it myself? Seeking input!
professional dye job. it lasts.
ooooooh, kensington market....... <3 <3

re: flats and pants, i find they look fine (and cute, professional, and slightly retro) if worn with thin white ankle socks--the kind that stop right under your ankle bone. cute socks are awesome, and i think these can even be seen as professional if they are very clean and paired with darker, solid colors. a friend of mine's girlfriend was one of the first people i saw to start rocking flats a few years ago, and she would pair them with these adorable printed ankle socks--i remember one with sailboats--and always looked cute and pulled together.

since this is a thread about clothes I thought I'd mention my blog: Thrifty Mama Loves Her Kamali.

danka* tongue.gif
oooooo! pepper! i love the sock link! thanks!

i love the crazy sock look too. i'm so glad it's the sock time of year again!
sweet, thanks mouse. i just bought some leopard print flats and im going to attempt to rock your look.

i love the crazy socks too pepper. i think i'm going to buy some of the smaller star ones and use this as an excuse to get some solid colored flats too. nevermind the fact that im using one shopping trip to justify another...
Ferraro, you could also try trouser socks for a non-retro look. wink.gif

I like the silky texture of trouser socks and they'll keep you warmer than ankle socks when it gets to be too cold for ankle socks (unless you live in Miami, right? hee).

(Not that I'm wearing pants these days or anything; still on the skirt kick.)
I just ordered this coat. I'm pretty much obsessed with blue and thought I'd never find a really cute blue coat. So psyched!
that coat is totally sweet duplessix. i like the oversized buttons but a crazy ex-girlfriend burned it after we broke up. i was way sadder about losing the coat than i was about losing the girl. that was a nice fucking coat.

yeah, im going to have to try to the trouser socks.

are you doing long skirts raisin? i'm impressed with people who can pull those off. for some reason i always end up tripping over all the fabric when i try to wear them.

also, does anyone know where i can get cute, cheap jeans in long sizes? i tried target but sadly all the jeans there were too short.
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