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Full Version: Menstual Periods.....choose to have them when you want to!
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Yeah, reversing a vasectomy would be messier and more painful than the initial procedure (which, incidentally, is really quick and, for some men, relatively discomfort free), if it is possible at all. Especially since the method some urologists use now is far more permanent than simply cutting and cauterizing the vas deferens; some take out a wide piece, then fold, then suture. Pretty permanent and not simple to patch up. I'm trying to wrap my brain around some dude saying "Hey, they're going to cut into my sack! And later on in my life, I'm going to have them do it again! Awesome!" Anyway, yeah, permanent. (Yay!)

Ick, speaking of uterus is attempting to claw its way out of my abdomen. Need.heating.pad.
I had heard of RISUG and it sounds good to me for our contraception needs.w

What is it about men that they are so testey ( ha ha get it , testy, I kill me) when it comes to even suggesting that they do something unnatural to their bodies?

I have heard that incesticides and pesticides can get into the water supply and when ingested mimic horomones. Also the growth hormones in milk affect us as well. It isn't just the piss of women on the pill that are to blame for giving little boys boobies.

I enjoy the pill, the world is going to hell and I am gonna have a good ole time in the process. It's bloody mary time! some grey goose, olives, extra spicy. mmm sunday here I come.
Why are little boys growing boobs, and I'm not??
LOL, kidding.
I know very well where water goes when it's flushed. My deal is, why aren't they doing anything to properly treat the water?
Luckily it doesn't effect me, personally. The water in my area is more like.... sludge.....
So I don't drink it. Most people here don't.
Only bottled for me.
There is absolutely zero guarantee that bottled water is free from hormones. There are hormones in tap water and the standards for bottled water are NOT higher (and in Canada there are none at all). Much of the bottled water is only retreated tap water in any case and even if it is spring water there are no guarantees, pollution is everywhere.

As for vasectomies, it seems many people here are oversimplifying. The mister and I looked into it and there is a not insignificant chance of persistent, chronic pain for men in their testicles. This is not something that most urologists will admit unless pressed. We did a PubMed search to find this out (we are both scientists so we are used to picking through the jargon) and decided that it wasn't worth the risk--for us (we use NFP at the moment). I'm just saying that vasectomies are not risk free and not guarenteed to be only a few days or weeks of pain.
well, that's disappointing about the vasectomy business. but really, i still think there should be SOME sort of equality with birth control. right now a woman assumes all the responsibility if it's chemical contraception that gets used. not that fellas wouldn't be pissing out their hormone doses too, but still. i have a feeling if it were Men taking the pills they'd be a bit safer all round. i know it's an old joke but can you imagine if it were men who had the periods? i can't even imagine what this world would be like. red tent anyone?

tatiana, nfp as in the rhthym method? if so, me too. but i don't mind if i get pregnant again, i love kids (though it's been effective for almost 15 years for me with several partners, and am i Ever fertile!).
i do have an ovutrac though so i can clearly see when i am the least bit fertile if i care to use it regularly. it's absolutely foolproof as far as i can tell. amazing little thing.
Well, Mr.Luci had his over a month ago, so I was speaking from his experience. I made him take it easy and ice like crazy and we had sex three days post-op and he was fine. (In fact, he's already tested clear of swimmers). Again, simply anecdotal, but I'm not speaking about something I have no familiarity with.

edit-pepper, NFP isn't exactly the same as the rhythm method. It involves mucuous observation, temperature taking, and calendar charting. A little more involved than the traditional vatican-approved stuff...
No, as I said, it isn't just the piss of women on the pill that has affected our water supply irreparably.

Let's not forget that the birth control pill is not the be-all, end-all, "reliable" form of contraception it's reputed to be, either; and it's effectiveness can also be interfered with by other drugs as simple as anti-biotics. They're over-prescribed and often used in combination by women on long term bases...who are hardly ever warned of the increased risk of pregnancy while using the conflicting medications.

For the record, NFP's just as effective as the pill's supposed to be. You can get yourself some kind of computer like the ovutrac and save a lot of effort, too.

lucizoe, I didn't mean that it couldn't be complication free (I wasn't actually thinking of your post when I wrote mine, but I didn't specify either), just that the complication rate is higher than most people think (the pain I was talking about can show up months later).

pepper, as chachaheels points out, the rhythm method bears absolutely no resemblance to NFP (even though the media rarely distinguishes between the two). I have a little computer that gives me either a green light or a red light so it's less work for me.
that's pretty much what i meant, mucus tracking and such. anything less is just guessing in my opinion and not even worth mentioning. i found nfp a bit too iffy for me as well though, so many variables that can affect temperature and mucus, even with a computer. the ovutrac is different, it measures body salts in saliva and the reading are not affected by anything. it really is fool proof.
(although at this age i myself use nothing at all most of the time, but i know my body, can feel ovulation coming on and occuring, etc)
what does nfp stand for?
nfp=natural family planning

There's a thread about it somewhere, I think it is called 'not your grandma's birth control'--although it probably was ;-)
I don't get it-if this nfp thing is really so effective and there are no drugs or anything involved, why aren't more women doing it? Myabe I should just head over and ask it in that other thread....I'm confused!
Because it means that there are plenty of days when you can't have sex (or have to rely on the iffiness of a condom). With the pill you can have sex any day. I think that's the main reason. Also, it does involve more work than popping a pill (actually with my little computer it doesn't, but most people put more work into it).
I am going to defend myself on thinking this was spam. A newbie who does not post often, who starts a thread about a subject that has already been discussed, whilst recommending a product by name, is 97% of the time SPAM.

With that, I found that switching to organic dairy products and meat products really helped my cramps. I stiil have one day, where it can be intense, but not the whole duration of my period.

I do like having my period, I am not a huge nature girl, but I know I would miss it if it were gone. Plus, I researched supplements, etc. to help ease the discomfort.
i hate my period. i've always hated it. i don't want kids, so to me it's just a sucky pointless part about being a woman. to me, it is a curse. i've always dreamt that someday (before menopause i mean) I could live period free.

But, it's also kinda creepy and scary. i mean, what is your period good for other than babymaking? is there something about it that is important to our bodies other than fertility stuff?

it sorta creeps me out when i hear dr's saying things like 'there's no reason for women to have periods anymore." but maybe it's true, unless you want to have babies?

i have to say, i don't appreciate the judgement put on women who are on the pill or iud or whatever. we all make our own choices, i'd much rather my boyfriend got snipped, but he's my boyfriend, not my husband. plus, it's really different to say that when you don't care if you have a child or not. Birth control is VERY different for people who NEVER want to have kids-we can't be so blase about it.

birth control is also not something to be blase about when you have not only bad cramps, etc. but also endometriosis--it really helps slow its progression.

i agree wholeheartedly on not appreciating the judgements being handed out to those who choose to use hormonal birth control, it is an individual choice that we all make, based on our bodies, which only we can know.

i'm finding more posts lately on a lot of the threads that used to be more supportive have gotten very judgemental, bickery, and condescending... it makes the bust forums a much less welcoming and enjoyable place to be!
Good evening ladies. Went away on vacation, come back and all have sparked up some interesting points. Yes, there is a thread call "bloody girls", but it not specifically about "period suppression". We all have our
own opinions and we're entitled to them...but don't attack people because they may not feel the same way you do about a subject. That's childish. Hopefully, we're all adults here. For gaggagirl: get your ass of your back! No, I'm not a spammer or doctor recommending products. I'm a human being just like you who has an experience to talk about preferably with "like minded" people...and not some activist. Moving right along.....I'm on my second pack of the "LoEstrin", skipped the row of inactive pills (brown row) in both packs and so far have had no break through bleeding, or mood swings like I used to, depression like I used to. I also have fibroids, so my menstrual bleeding was extremely heavy. At work, I would frequently have to leave a meeting or discussion because a big bloody clot would fall out of my vagina, soak the pad in an instant and stain my clothing. In my opinion, having sex while on my period was in no way sexy...not to mention that my period would last seven to eight days. I feel so much better with suppressing my periods right now. I am 41 years old and already have two children of my own, plus six stepchildren. So, hell more children for me and my husband.

Good evening ladies. Went away on vacation, come back and all have sparked up some interesting points. Yes, there is a thread call "bloody girls", but it not specifically about "period suppression". We all have our own opinions and we're entitled to them...but don't attack people because they may not feel the same way you do about a subject. That's childish. Hopefully, we're all adults here. For gaggagirl: get your ass of your back! No, I'm not a spammer or doctor recommending products. I'm a human being just like you who has an experience to talk about preferably with "like minded" people...and not some activist. Moving right along.....I'm on my second pack of the "LoEstrin", skipped the row of inactive pills (brown row) in both packs and so far have had no break through bleeding, or mood swings like I used to, nor the bouts of depression. I also have fibroids, so my menstrual bleeding was extremely heavy. At work, I would frequently have to leave a meeting or discussion because a big bloody clot would fall out of my vagina, soak the pad in an instant and stain my clothing. In my opinion, having sex while on my period was in no way sexy...not to mention that my period would last seven to eight days. I feel so much better with suppressing my periods right now. I am 41 years old and already have two children of my own, plus six stepchildren. So, hell more children for
you know what? if this thread had been started with something along the lines of what sheunique or midge wrote just below (or even a brief heads up in the community forum, come to think of it) instead of

"I'm starting this thread because I recently started period suppression with LoEstrin birth control pills. I feel sexy....not moody....I can have sex every day if I want to. I feel a sense of freedom. I am 41 years old and am definitely not planning on having any more children, so why have periods!"

there would have undoubtably been a very different response. drug use to treat fibroids and endo aren't on the same level as moodiness and wanting to have period-free sex. just saying. we all have a responsibility to try and keep communication clear here.
it's really a shame that people can't focus on the discussion instead of taking Everything so personally. i don't even Know any of you, how can you take anything i say personally?
You know sheunique, I asked my doc to put me on loestrin. But the pharmacy gave me junel (generic). I'm kind of mad about that.
Not to mention that the thread's "birth day" happens to coincide with what amounts to a continent wide media splurge announcing the "freedom from the period" medication that's being touted as the best thing to happen to women.

I'm hearing and seeing advertisements everywhere about this topic these days...lots of interviews with doctors all shilling this new long term hormone use to suppress the menses.

So the timing and the wording was bad.

Just read a terrific book written by an MD who happens to be an expert on women's health and specifically on hormone activity and interaction in the female body (a far better resource than an oncologist, who does not study hormones at all...just how to treat cancer using radiation and chemotherapy). Her name is Dr. Susan Rako. The book I read focused on long term use of birth control hormones, particularly (but not restricted to) Depo-Provera. In Canada, it's called No More Periods?...but on the website, it's called The Blessings of the Curse...No More Periods?

You can read more on her web-site at

What she writes about the interplay of hormones on all the glands of body, especially as a result of menstruation, is fascinating. Her list of the effects of birth control pills and hormone "therapy" drugs is exhaustive and very well researched. Hope you find it enlightening.
I've been meaning to ask - you you ladies have subsidised birth control in Nth America? Canada does, right? Do they subsidise some things and not others, and some more heavily than others? Can you apply for extra subsidies?
I have no idea what they subsidise in Canada, or to put it another way, if you don't need a doctor for it, you have to pay for it. I have never used doctor mediated birth control, so I pay for my own.

What is covered depends on supplemental insurance as well; I had much better coverage when I was working. Our basic health care is free, definitions of basic vary from province to province. You cannot apply for extra subsidies (you can move to another province if they cover something that you need but you have to become a resident there). You can appeal, but good bloody luck.

As for the whole skipping periods thing. It hasn't been done long enough for anyone to say that it is safe. You would have to have a study covering people from adolescence to menopause because that is the way pill usage is going. The pill has changed so much since it came out that past performance is no indication of what today's drugs will do long term.

I'm not saying 'do it' or 'don't do it'; I'm just saying that the long term effects are not known, and will not be known until most of us are old and grey and have been participants (some as controls, some as users) in a very large, unregulated experiment. The same can be said of the pill when it first came out, so every woman has to judge the risks for herself. You cannot know that it is safe; you cannot know that it is dangerous. You have to know that you can't know either way.
Re: subsidizing in Canada--

they're not exactly covered unless you have extended healthcare through work, etc. but you can get the pill dirt cheap at PP, like $7/mo. i think... but i'm on the evra patch, and it's more, i think it's down to about $20/mo (used to be $30), so i'm happy!
I am 46. I wonder if there is anybody around my age who represses menstruation with the pill or with any other means. I am still menstruating quite regulary and according to a recent hormone test I am not in menopause. My periods are heavy and painful and I am of no use on the 1st and 2nd day of my periods, totally tired, cranky and exhausted. I fly and travel alot and it is always a nightmare when I have to travel during my period - it exhausts me so much. I would be open to look into new options. Any insights? Love, Tatina
Excuse me, Shenuique, but I explained why I thought your post was SPAM, plus to reinforce what Pepper said, your first post sounded like a sales pitch.

With that, I have no ill judgements towards women who use the pill, but for discussion purposes, I would liek to know why some women would not want to have a period, and why some would , plus cost benefit, etc.

I am fortunate that my partner has a vasectomy, so I don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancies, etc. But, I used to experience HORRIBLE periods and went on BC and it was not a good fit for me. I tried several kinds and it was hell. So, I had to resort to research, diet and exercise to ease the discomfort. I love this discussion, especially now that I know it was not started to promote a product by someone being paid by the maker.
But Pepper,

For people with depression, "moodiness" can be a big deal. Also, why do you get to decide what are "good" reasons for being on the pill?

You don't see how we'd be upset when people start blaming women on the pill for peeing hormones into the water supply? Um, ok. I was upset when someone on another board accused everyone who was on anti-depressants of doing the same thing. That's just a mean thing to say, and it's not true.

I also think it's a bit silly to say "you don't konw me so how can I offend you" again, um, ok? This is supposed to be a safe space for feminists to discuss very personal issues. Personal issues being subjected to judgement leads to being offended.

YOu really did come across as angry and judgemental. Of course you are 100% entitled to your opinions-but they are just that- your opinions.

also, i've always thought the government should subsidize pads and tampons. I've always thought it was unfair that I have to pay for that stuff when I don't even want a period or kids to begin with!
About the estrogene in the drinking water theory: There are actually very few studies which support this and many scientists consider it as an urban myth. The real problem with hormones and steroides in our systems seems to be the massive doses that are habitually fed to cattle, chicken and other mass-production animals - even if the animals are healthy. These doses are a thousand times higher than any residue of modern birth control pills in the water or even the dose we get if we take the pill. We daily eat these hormones even if we are vegetarians. You find them in eggs and milk too. I find this very concerning. So no reason to get on the case of the women who chose to take the pill - the real problem is industrial farming.

I agree with you Maddy about the tampons and pads. But I guess it is not going to happen. If men had periods too, we would all have a four day holiday once a month... hehe
maddy29, not only do they not subsidize pads and tampons, they tax them because apparently they aren't a necessity. And I've found out that they aren't (for me).

I have been using cloth pads for years (really not much trouble at all and cheap, cheap, cheap). I occasionally buy disposable if I'm going to have to change the pad while I'm away from home, but other than that I use cloth.
In addition to tatiana's suggestion of cloth pads, I'd like to mention menstrual cups. I bought one last August and haven't had to buy any disposable products. It's a small investment in the beggining (~30-35 dollars) but it pays itself off QUICK. Aside from that, once one gets the hang of using them, they're much less mess, a hell of a lot more comfortable, and they contribute NOTHING to landfill.
I'm with jasminth on the mestrual cup LOVE. Seriously, it is the best thing to ever happen to my period. I use cloth pads occasionally as well. good stuff.

And yeah, I've heard the same thing as tatina about the hormones in water supply - that agro business is the largest culprit, and its not too suprising.

Personally, any reason you want to be on the pill is 100% valid to me...for whatever miniscule downside it *may* have for the environment, think of how much *good* BC does for the environment for those of us choosing not to have babies...the diapers alone...we're saving hundreds of tons of space in landfills ya'll!
yeah to the cup, keeper or diva cup. yeah. i've had mine for about four years, it's terrific. before that i used a natural sea sponge and cloth pads too.
and i used cloth diapers so no potty landfill for me.
all in agreement about the industrial farming contributing to unnatural hormones in the environment but once again, those animals are pissing them out into the water table too. there most certainly is an excess of estrogen in the water, from that and from plastic manufacturing as well. case in point for avoiding eggs and milk along with meat. that's easy for me, i don't even like those things.
Which scientists would those who actually denounce the "theory" of hormones in the water be? I'd love to know.

As for who is putting it there--the synthetic estrogens now widely used by agri-business were initially used to formulate the pill. AFTER the pill caught on, agribusiness began to use them in our foods en masse.

AGAIN--no one is blaming women: hormone "therapies" (which, yes, include the offshoot industries of hormone use in agribusiness) are multi-billion dollar businesses. Hormones are given to women as if they are the answer to all health problems, and they have been ever since the potential for profit was realised, over 50 years ago. It's really easy to sell women on such products when you tell them that's the only choice they've got (and conventional medical pharmaceutical businesses thrive on cultivating and mining this kind of ignorance). To actually blame women for this is asinine, and no one who's posted here has done it (though a lot of people here are quick to say it about pepper though, oddly).

There's no reason to condemn people who make choices we don't agree with, but let's stop pretending that these pharmaceuticals are all about feminist freedom to choose--they're about pathologizing the menstrual period, ignoring the reality about hormones in the body and how important they are to our health, and simply ignoring the reality of the way our female bodies are designed to work, all in order to reap profits. There's no "free choice" if the choice is made in ignorance; there's no "feminism" here if our bodies and our real health concerns are always "swept under the rug" and being ignored in favour of solutions that make profits at our expense.
so, i just read through the archives. imo if you're going to take a generalized (True) statement personally that's your problem. there's a lot whining going on in here, it's a Discussion, it's not about YOU, it's about hormones and drug use and how menstruation is seen and dealt with in this culture and about the environment. seriously, if i can suck it up over being cyber stalked on this very board y'all can set your stuff aside for the sake of the arguement. there isn't ONE post that i've made where i've targetted another poster here by name or inference, it's ALL been about this idea, this practice, in general terms. and yes, i do think that there are certain things that are more important than others. depression is NOT moodiness, blood clots that soak your panties instantaniously are not a mere inconvenience, cramps that render you useless and aching are not simply a hinderance to sex. the post i made was about how this thread was started, not about taking the pill at all (as it clearly says in my post) i'm not presuming to decide for anyone what is or is not important, what i SAID was about how things are presented and about communication so get it together girls! you're not a bunch of pansies, i don't think anyone has to tip toe around any of you to protect fragile egos. you think it's harsh, i think it's straight forward. the truth can be harsh. taking what gets said here personally is up to you and is therefore your responsibility. most of the time i don't even read your NAMES, just what you said because it's about the arguement, not the person.

blah, some people come across to me as really whiney and in total denial but i don't (usually) go round saying it.
Chachaheels - cool name! - this was widely published about two years ago in the European press and should be also available in English, if you google it. I really think we should refrain from blaming women at all, if they chose to take the pill. If we look globally - and not contionously at our own issues - the most important thing right now is to stop overpopulation. And the pill/injection is for now the only option for many women in developing countries. Many women in Asia and Africa live in patriarchal societies where men simply refuse to wear condoms and many of these women see hormonal contraception as a true blessing. It is not fun to have to give birth to six or seven children. Whom we should target - and there I totally agree with you - is science who can fly to the moon but is so far not able to develop a contraceptive device that is as safe and convenient as the pill.
i don't think anyone here is saying the pill should be banned, or that any woman who choses to go on hormonal birth control is an evil monster.

i can't speak for anyone else, but my issue with menstrual suppression (and to an extent, the pill in general) has to do with cosmetic uses. in other words, people who want to stop having their periods because they think their periods are icky and annoying. because they have been sold on the misguided notion that you can't be active or have sex during your period. that periods are unsexy and inherently disgusting. which, whether we like it or not, is how these drugs are being marketed. 'get rid of that pesky period!'

i also chafe at the notion of women who go on the pill to improve their complexion or because their partner doesn't feel like using condoms (in the western world, i mean). some idiot boy doesn't feel like taking responsibility, so you have to pump your body full of chemicals?

yes, i agree that women should have the choice to use these things or not. but i am sick and goddamn tired of seeing pathologies invented to sell a drug. i feel the same way about all the 'erectile disfunction' drugs that are marketed with slogans about how half of all men over 40 have the occaisional erectile problem. yeah, that's what happens as you get older. it's not a medical condition, it's a natural fact of life.
A couple of y'all seem to be stuck on people taking things personally. I think it's safe to say that no one has recently mentioned feeling *picked-on*, exactly. All I'm seeing is people standing their ground.
Why don't we drop that and get on with the discussion? Some interesting ideas may not be getting the attention they deserve.

ETA: Just in case it isn't clear, my tone is not intended to be belligerent.
I basically would love to be able to chose when I menstruate - it is physically and emotionally almost impossible for me to function in an important meeting or to travel when I have my period. I always had bad cramps and dizziness, up to vomitng. I tried to repress my period when I was on the pill but it totally backfired - I was bloated and premenstrual for an entire month and I hated it. I feel it would be great if women had access to a technology that gives us control over our menstruation without making things worse. Or - the other option - that menstruation is seen as a sacred time when a woman is left in peace and she can rest as much as she likes.
About the condom suggestion, bklynhermit. Basically a good idea but I don't think only the men are to blame. I know lots of women who don't like condoms once they are in a stable relationship. I am one of them. And what else is there? Diaphragma? Unsafe. Counting? Unsafe. Spermicides? Unsafe. IUP? More dangerous than the pill. Sterilisation? Tricky and final. I think contraception is such an individual decision, It depends on the woman's age, her partners cooperation, her financial means, the risk she is willing to take and so on. I simply trust that every woman will make her own decision.
I think what a lot of people don't realise, is that the pill works for 65-70% of women. 30-35% is nothing to shake a stick at. If I mess with my hormones at all, it drives me bananas. (Is it said that I have to quote "Holla Back Girl" sometimes to remember how to spell bananas?:-))
That is why I researched food ingredients, etc. Diet and exercise has helped my periods calm down emmensely.

It was also really hard tog et the energy to go work out during my cycle, but when I did, the results were astounding. Also, sex during my cycle eases a lot of discomfort for me as well.
It's true that our periods are totally medicalized and profited from, in one way or another (pads and tampons, douches for that "not so fresh feeling", special wipes for that time fo the month, pain relievers specifically for menstrual pain, etc.

Re: this statement-
"misguided notion that you can't be active or have sex during your period."

I just think a statement like that doesn't apply to all women. Like Tatina showed, she has extreme pain and difficulty doing her job. And I think her point about the options is right- do you take a pill to help you function at your job during those few days a month? Or, do you find a job where you have flexibility to take time off? (Ha ha, where are those jobs?)

So I think it's really understandable for someone to want to suppress their periods, or have less. Especially if you can do it with the same thing you are using for birth control.

But, there's so much we don't yet know about what this will actually do to our bodies, and we really won't know for a long time, probably. So there is a lot more risk involved, with all of these technologies. In some ways we ARE guinea pigs, which is scary and sucks that people are making TONS of money off of us.

At the same time, I gotta say that I appreciate technology. I wear contacts, and I love them. I don't think just because something is "natural" that it is neccesarily good. Naturally, I can't see for shit. But how am I supposed to function in THIS world at THIS time without being able to see?

ANd like, sunscreen? Everyone says how bad it is for you, but skin cancer is bad too. Horrible burns is bad for you too.

I guess I just think these issues are so not black/white. There are sso many things that go in to a person's decision.

What upsets me is that so many women and men are so ignorant about birth control and the importance of having some kind of method (natural or not), and the risks of it. People need to at least be fully informed about the risks and options, and I doubt that happens in a lot of places.

Ok, whew, long post!
Also (as if I haven't already blabbed enough) :-)

I don't take the risks lightly. My therapist who was like my lifesaver, she had a stroke at age 35, when she had a 6 mo. old daughter. She almost died-was in a coma for a long time, was blind for a long time, etc. She's survived and has healed a lot, but is still really different, and it messed up her life a lot, and was totally scary.

She was a light smoker, and was on the pill for a long time, and I know that that can make you more susceptible(sp?) to having a stroke. Not in any way to blame her, but just to say yeah-these drugs are powerful!
i'm going to mention the anaprox again. it Saved me during highschool when my periods we so bad i'd throw up and pass out from the pain. i've found other ways to deal with it as an adult, diet exercise, etc, but it was a godsend when i was younger. and ONE pill per month instead of 28. much easier to swallow.
it's weird, for me, when i discovered aleve-which is like naproxen, whatever. it was the only thing that ever helped my cramps-but now if i take it it makes me sick and pukey. very weird.
Believe it or not but the trouble I have with my period was one of the main reasons that made me go self-employed. There are still situations where I have to deal with the pain and still have to function and perform (can't plan my whole life around my period) but I least I don't have to smile at a boss anymore while my uterus is going crazy... Ibuprofen works ok for me, although only for the pain and not for the dizziness and nausea.
It is still my dream and grande vision that menstruation would be respected and honoured - in an ideal world...
yeah, i feel like overall, we aren't supposed to actually have feelings. or get sick. or have an emotional flip out and not want to go to work.

cause it's not just about having your period, it's about not feeling well, and how most work environments and just overall, aren't accepting of "weakness" or showing how you actually feel.

i don't think this made sense:-) i'll try again later.
Maddy29, I'd like to ask you about something you mentioned before (has nothing to do with menstruation, so sorry y'all, for the derail).
The bit about sunscreen, why is it supposed to be bad for you? I've never heard that before, but I'd like to be enlightened :D
The jury on sunscreen is still out. In theory it helps prevent skin cancer. There have been lots of other things that sound like they should work, but end up not working because we don't understand the real mechanism.

Instead of promoting wearing UV protective clothing and cutting down on exposure to sun, we (society) just tell people to slap on sunscreen and things will be a-ok. Another unregulated, long-term experiment, the results of which are not yet in.

(I know you weren't talking to me jasmith, but sunscreen is a pet peeve of mine ;) )
I love to hear from anyone who can inform me ;)
Has it been known to actually cause problems?
Sunscreen is a lot like the pill- there are people who it works for and people who it doesn't work for. It needs to be used in combination with other preventative measures. It needs to be applied 30 minutes before you go out. It needs to be broad-spectrum, meaning it needs to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

There's a theory that it prevents your body from absorbing the beneficial rays of the sun, but it takes very little exposeure to get what you need. After that you're risking damage. As someone who is fair skinned, Irish and has a family history of melanoma, I don't go out without it.
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