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Full Version: He's going back to his EX Fiance - HELP
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Hi everyone,
I am new to this site - but have a really important question for all of you. I started dating this guy who is pretty wonderful. A little less than 6 months ago, he broke up with his fiance, they were together for 5 years. This guy is great, we hit it off immediately, he liked me, I liked him, we get along etc. She started calling him, telling him she wants him back. She doesn't know about me I don't think. She left him, moved far away and broke the engagement. Now she is telling him she regrets everything, made the biggest mistake of her life and would move back immediately if he gives her the ok. Her father has even called him, and she is non stop contacting him. He wants to give it another try because he doesnt want to wonder what if for the rest of his life. He wants me in his life still, because he thinks I am question is if I remain friends with him, when my heart wants more, if things work out really well then I am left in the cold, alone and upset. If I remain his friend, things don't work out I am there for him, he could realize that he wants to try things with me. Am I silly to think that there is possibility? The most important question is if i play the friend role, it will eventually hurt even more when she moves back and he doesnt have time for me anymore - if I am always there as his friend - will he look at me as more of a friend if things dont work out? Should I just walk away from the situation letting him know I will let you figure things out, and if things dont you know where to reach me....what would you do?

PLEASE HELP ME - any help would be great as you can tell I am very confused. If someone has gone through something similar - what did you do? Also, what are the chances a broken engagement getting back together will work? That is a huge break of trust....but he is willing to try it again...
I think someone suggested to you that you post your problem in an EXISTING thread rather than start a new one (again).

We are a self-moderated board. We have limited bandwidth. We try to keep new threads to a minimum, so when someone wants to start a new thread, we run it past the group in the Community Forum thread. If there's an existing thread that the issue would fit into, we ask them to post there. If there's no thread and we think it would be an interesting topic, we give the go-ahead to start it. I know it's sort of bureaucratic, but since we don't have the option of deleting threads, it's the way it has to be.

Now go post in the General Relationship/Dating Advice thread!

(Sorry, I have my crabby pants on today.)
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