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Full Version: How long can you go?
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I've been single for five and a half years. I've dated some men during that time but most of them were cads. Is it strange to go this long without having any sort of relationship?
is it strange? i have no idea. it sounds nice, actually, esp if your life is full enough without a significant other.
I suppose it's not strange and it is nice much of the time- never having to check in with anyone, Not feeling guilty for being at school 'til three in the morning. It just gets a little tiring to always be alone. Sometimes it just seems like it would be nice to come home and have someone hug me after a hard critique...
It's not weird at all i think, i've been single for 4 and a half years it can be lonely but in some ways its made me a better person. I sometimes wish i had someone but hey there will be someone who i'll click with one day and then it'll be much better!
I am a relationship camel. I can go a looooong time without a solid committed thing.
Coppergonzo, I've been almost seven years without an actual relationship, and I'm quite happy about it . I date when I feel like it, but I'm too selfish with my time to spend that much on someone other than myself (and a few friends). Or at least I haven't met anyone worth committing to yet (same thing).
I haven't had a relationship in years either. Most of the time I love it. Like sixelacat, I am selfish with my time. I'm also just really busy with work and volunteering and school and a relationship would be really draining. I'm happy with my life and where I'm going. Every once in awhile I do wish I had someone to hold me, though. Someone I didn't have to explain to why I need holding, because they've been there with me and know.
I've been single my entire life (well, all 27 years of it that is tongue.gif ) and I don't forsee myself getting into a relationship any time in the future either. I'm a pretty private person and I need my space and solitude; the idea of living with another person is mindboggling to me.
i'm not "miss experience" but as far as i can tell, i prefer being w/ someone. i don't like being alone really. hazard of being an only child, i always feel lonely. friends don't really make me feel any less lonely, i haven't really had a steady group of friends since highschool. i sorta lost interest in the "super best friends" thing (yes, that's actually what we called each other, lol). now i mostly exsist between close aquaintances. i like being w/ one person i can really open up to and get attached to. i love floating through the world w/ someone by my side. relationships often feel like ownership to me though (anyone else know what i mean?). casual relationships are hard. i like serious relationships, w/ an element of understanding. i think a person can have many soul mates in one life time. letting go is really hard tho.

but i don't think it's weird to go a long time w/ out a relationship. most of the time all those "happy" couples parading around are miserable and too scared to leave. but being single all the time can be a trap too, i don't think it's good to never let anyone in. but it's up to the person to decide if they're afraid of getting involved, or if they're happy going solo. the pressure is heavy to *always* be w/ someone, and i don't think that's fair.
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