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Full Version: "You're so VEIN you probably think this thread is about you"...(the Troublesome Vein thread)
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genetics, fair skin, your job situation, weight, and amount of activity all contribute to those pesky veins.

i'm cursed with a great deal of risk factors: overweight, not exercising enough, a job where i am on my feet ALL THE TIME, bad bad genes, and pasty skin. plus birth control contributes to varicose veins, as well as pregnancy. (i am on BC)

i wanted to start a thread for busties to discuss varicose and spider veins, treatments, remedies, and ways to prevent them sucessfully.

i'm particularly concerned because my mom and aunt both have twisty blue (painful) veins that bulge out of their calves -- limiting their skirt and short wearing, and causing general discomfort. my mom is looking into surgery, because her vein bothers her so much.

i've had spider veins since i was a kid (11 when i first noticed), and have a blue vein that hangs out on the back of my calf, that's ALWAYS been there, i remember talking about it in kindergarten.

i work retail, and recently invested in a pair of real support hose - the kind that are tight around your ankle, and get looser up the leg. (i wear pants 99% of the time, so no one sees my "old lady hose")

so, let's share and figure out ways to beat the veins....

*many thanks to raisin and seraphine for the thread name*
Yeah, can i second the praise on the name!? Genius!

I have varicose veins, both my parents have it. The worst one i was operated on a couple of years ago. I have one just above the back of my knee. I always wear knee length skirts or dresses, but that's mostly because my legs aren't all that. I saw my legs reflected in a windowsill when taking a walk last weekend, and i saw a bit of a bulge where i was operated. But i'm not going long skirt. This is something my body goes through, so fuck it.

I'm not exercizing enough currently, but i plan to get back in the rhythm asap. Walking is good for blue (swollen) veins and the like. I work parttime in a store, and when i have to do chores i try and rearrange the stuff in a way i have to walk regularly.

Also, putting your feet up after a long shift (or lying on your back on the floor and putting your feet up against the wall in a ninety degree angle). I also found that they sell minty foot and leg lotion in the body shop. It helpet my legs and feet come to rest.

What i learned from my mom; crossing your legs is bad, and sitting with your legs/ feet in ninety degree angle or more is best. But maybe that is stating the obvious, i dunno.
I've had vericose veins since my teens. Really just started out with one on top of my right thigh above the knee, like a little blue pea-sized thing, no big deal. But now I have them on the front of both calves and the upper backs of both knees, really obvious. I always wear support hose when I wear skirts, but either colored so they look like tights or pale nude so they just look like regular hose. I should wear them under my pants, but I find them hot and uncomfortable so I usually don't (although I do have one pair of pants that are kind of tight, and if I don't wear the hose under them you can see the bumps of the veins through the pants-gross!)

I also stand all day for work, always have. Also overweight and don't exercise enough, so I know that's what caused them. The thing is, they don't hurt, so I've never done anything about them beyond the hose thing, which I've really only started to do in the past year. I always see ads for vein clinics on TV, I just don't know about the cost or what's involved in getting them "fixed". I would love to be able to wear skirts without the hose, so I'm thinking about looking into it later this year....

Sonik, what prompted you to get the surgery on yours? How did you know it was bad enough to need surgery?

And more name love for the thread: too funny!!
I have spider veins, lots of them. They seem to get better and worse, more and less visible. I actually have an aunt who has a real, honest to goodness SPIDER vein. It looks just like a spider, all the way to it sticking out just a bit in the middle.

My veins don't hurt though. Mom has varicose veins. I suppose I'll get em eventually.

I used to work with a guy who had surgery on his varicose veins. His hurt.

It always strikes me, it doesn't seem like guys get them? Or do they just not talk about it or show their legs if they do?
ahahaha! Awesome. ::taking a bow::

I'll say it again: I don't know about veins. What I do know is that I have had this one annoying varicose vein ever since I was a teenager (Can you believe it?! Robbed of my youth, I tell you.), right on the spot where I would cross my leg over at my knee. I know it was from all of those Sundays spent in church, all because the old ladies would tell me that crossing my legs at my knees was unladylike. Ergo, I blame G0d for my varicose veins.

What's up with the saline injections?
I have spider veins on my legs; my skin is very fair, so you can see the veins anyway, but they're particularly on my thighs. I have a vein that will probably become varicose as I get older. Tbh, I never noticed when they appeared, but I think they're where I had muscle as a child - I used to horseride, and that put muscle on my thighs.

I'm going to get varicose veins; both my parents have them. My father had surgery on his to get it removed; it was really prominent. My mother sits with her feet up a lot of the time, and exercising the joints seems to keep things from getting worse.

I love the name of this thread
I'm incredibly overweight, (incredibly) sedentary, and have pasty white skin. So, my veins are unreal.

I've noticed them getting worse over the past few months, too. I can actually FEEL them burning in my feet sometimes. Sort of feels like a flea bite, but when you look down, there's no flea--just another freakin' varicose vein.

Anybody know how much that injection stuff costs?
Sixelacat, i'm in the Netherlands, health insurance covered the operation. My doctor said something had to be done about it and scheduled an appointment for me in the hospital.
He also said i had to exercise more. No fun to hear that, but he was right.
I'm 24 and I just got a varicose vein in my left thigh. My mom has them and has had surgery for them, but I always hoped if I didn't get pregnant I wouldn't get them. Mine hurts when I'm stressed out or not sleeping enough, or if I stop exercising for awhile (I walk, bike and swim regularly). When I first got it I started going swimming again. Swimming is good because it's low-impact, it works your legs, and the water puts gentle pressure on your veins from the outside. I really hope I don't have to have surgery, but I imagine they'll get gradually worse even with exercise and putting my legs up a lot.

My massage therapist told me that one way to prevent them is to take two large rubbermaid bins, big enough to get as much of your legs in as possible, and fill one with water as cold as you can stand it, and one with water as hot as you can stand it. Alternate putting your legs in the hot and cold water. Apparently the expanding and constricting of your blood cells is like a workout for them. I never tried it, but I wanted to. I don't think it's much help once you've actually got them.

Does anyone know if it's bad to go into a hot tub with varicose veins? I'm not sure if that counts as a circulation problem or not.
-Love the title!
I've had one varicose vein on my calf since I was 18. I've always been fit and slim, so I think it's luck of the genetics draw.
I've been pregnant a few times, which has definitely made it worse.
Now this is where it gets good...I had surgery to look at why I had constant pelvic pain, and it's because I've got bad varicose veins in my pelvis! Yuk!
I'm not having any surgery to correct them until I've completed our family.
Apparently, lots of fibre in your diet is preventative. Also, they're uncommon in cultures where people sit on the floor, instead of using chairs. -I don't thonk I'll throw the sofa out just yet...
margot, i did not know that varicose veins were less common in floor-sitting cultures. that makes sense, though -- when you are sitting in a chair, your legs are much lower than your abdomen than if you are sitting on the floor.

i should sit on the floor more often. ive also been trying to elevate my legs as much as possible, though it is a hard habit to get into.
Well, I read that somewhere...There's probably loads of other stuff to factor in though; less processed fats in diet, less sedentary, etc.

Glad I didn't kill the thread though. Or have I now?
Varicose veins are probably an entirely different ballgame and much more serious, but you can definately stop spider veins with regular cold showers in the morning, controlling your weight and exercise. I started this 20 years ago and have less spider veins than when I was younger. It is little effort for good results.
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