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Full Version: FREAKED OUT!
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My ex-boyfriend ( we recently broke up ) and I kind of had sex. Not really. I didn't really want to, but I felt bad. It was last weekend. He just stuck it in and out maybe three times and then we stopped. He said he didn't pre-cum or anything like that so he "knows I can't be pregnant." but I'm still worried. I had to take an Emergency Contraception pill or whatever on April 17th because I thought he ejaculated inside of me then too. It messed up my cycle so instead of getting my period in the first week of every month, I think I get it around the 20's. At least in May I got it around then. It's only June so it might mix around, but.. I'm still worried. When do you think it will come? Could I be pregnant? :-O!?
hi ally, i really doubt you can be pregnant if you took the ER contraception pills the next day They are pretty effective. I want to tell ya, though, that even if your boytoy only "put it in, maybe three times or so", you certainly CAN get pregnant from that. How does he really know if he "pre-came" or not, after all, he seems pretty young, to be so non-chalant about the whole thing. If you took the Emergency Contraceptive, you are almost positively NOT pregnant. Your normal period cycle will probably be off, since you took the pills, and you are also very nervous about the whole situation. The stress, alone, can delay your menstrual cycle, bigtime. It is very, very unlikely that you are pregnant. I have to give you kudos that you have been so responsible, and are even wondering if you could be pregnant. You are wise beyond your years sweetie! Continue to take good care of yourself, and you will be fine, my love.......LG
AllygatOrr has alrady re-posted this in the "Do I need the Morning After Pill" thread about this, where she should have posted to begin with rather than starting this thread. Maybe you should reply to her over there, lawyergirl.

Also, lawyergirl, I'd suggest you take your real name and email address out of your profile- otherwise you're at risk of being harrassed by tr*lls. Go to "Edit Profile" and the options are in there.
Hey, Pollystyrene,
Thx for the advice. It is not my real name listed in my profile, and just an alternate email addy. I appreciate your concern, really, sweetie! I hope no Trolls latch onto me, but I have enough unbridled frustration and hostility built up inside me, that I can kick any unwanted man's (or woman's) a$%, if need be. I am not afraid, love! I do thank you so much for even being worried about me, in this day and age......You are awesome, girlie!!!!! Have a phenom weekend!!!! LG
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