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Full Version: FREAKED OUT!
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My ex-boyfriend ( we recently broke up ) and I kind of had sex. Not really. I didn't really want to, but I felt bad. It was last weekend. He just stuck it in and out maybe three times and then we stopped. He said he didn't pre-cum or anything like that because it wasn't getting him off or something so he "knows I can't be pregnant." but I'm still worried. I had to take an Emergency Contraception pill or whatever on April 17th because I thought he ejaculated inside of me then too. It messed up my cycle so instead of getting my period in the first week of every month, I think I get it around the 20's. At least in May I got it around then. It's only June so it might mix around, but.. I'm still worried. When do you think it will come? Could I be pregnant? :-O!?
ally -just so you know, there's a myriad of other threads you could have posted this in, rather than start 2 duplicate threads to clog the board. You know how it rolls in here.

You could post in - the general sex thread - or - do I need the morning after pill - or - I'm a birth control moron....any of those would do.

There's always a chance you could be pregnant when you have unprotected sex. PLEASE use condoms, and get yourself on the pill. Find a planned parenthood near you, and get what you need to be safe. Take care of yourself, and let this ex go....if you don't want to have sex with someone, and you do, he's not respecting your feelings, or you're not expressing them, but either way, as Dan Savage would say, dump the mother fucker now.
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