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Full Version: Does size matter
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(And, really? Thank goodness!)
Regarding that pic involving the parked cars infront of the Penis Enlargement Clinic. I was discussing it with some workmates and turns out its not the actual value of the car that determines the length. All those three cars are considered among men as "smal penis drivers" .... I don't know how this came about. It's a guy thing.

That aside. I get turned on at the sight of the above average penis. But the thought of it launched into me ripping my inners deters me. I have a bf who just makes the average size. Its great, he comments every now and then about getting an enlargement to satisfy me. But i reassure him that Im most comfortable as it is. I have total control and know where to place it for maximum orgasm.
Yes, Looking at a really big dick is hott! Just looking...
I don't know how the little yellow car says anything about the driver, except that he doesn't have enough money to buy anything decent.

Any guy who calls the two sportscars "small penis cars" is jealous because he can't afford such cars. Someone who drives a huge hummer or something when a much smaller car would suffice may be compensating for something (not necessarily his genitalia, could be muscle, intelligence, looks, etc.), because there's no way it's fun to drive a *school bus* like that.
so either someone doesn't have enough money to buy anything decent or they buy a small penis/midlife crisis mobile? that first comment was kinda catty, numbnuts. maybe the guy just decided he had better things to spend money on than some flashy car that screams 'look how cool and rich i am! i can't not show the world how cool and rich i am!'

back to the discussion of size: i saw a porn the other day with a guy with a penis so large even when it was hard it flopped quite a bit (or quite a bit for an erect penis, in any case) and all i could think was 'wouldn't you need months of practice and a graduated dildo set to get that monster in any orifice?'
I have a theory that GUYS are by far more concerned with what other guys are driving than most women genuinely are.

I also have a theory that by far fewer people care at ALL than we like to pretend.

Really, it's like fucking. If it's not your ride, for the most part, who really cares?
'...and a graduated dildo set to get that monster in any orifice?'

I guess you have a point, Tyger; some people just don't care about cars. In fact, the founder of IKEA is a top ten billionaire, and he lives like a pauper. He drives a ratty 1993 Volvo station wagon, uses his pensioner's discount card, and even rides the bus sometimes. (Although I actually like riding the bus, others act like it's really disgraceful.) Back to my point, I guess you never know.

That said, no matter what else I had going on in my life, I would be thoroughly *embarrassed* to be seen driving that crappy yellow jelly bean. I would seriously consider walking everywhere if that were the best I could afford. YUCK!!!
Tyger, I took a closer look at your quote, "so either someone doesn't have enough money to buy anything decent or they buy a small penis/midlife crisis mobile?", and it really doesn't represent what I said. I never called those cars "small penis mobiles" or "midlife crisis mobiles". You're confusing my opinions with the opinions of others. I still acknowledge your point that not all people care about cars, though.
For me size matters alot and I dropped guys for their small penises. And I am slim and never had a child. I agree with Pepper that it has nothing to do with the size of the vagina, it is simply a sexual preference, for some women it feels better and is also a visual turn-on. And for others it does not matter. And that's ok too.
I'm considering making a bumper sticker that says 'Yellow Hummer=Short Bus' (thanks for the idea, Busty!) but don't want to offend people who are sensitive about "short bus" jokes. It's a legitimate thing to be offended by, I guess, but I still think the sticker would be funny at the driver of the yellow hummer's expense. Should I say screw it and make one?
/rant on

Each time I see a hummer, all shiny and clean, I think: What a bastard to mock the military like that. To me it's almost like walking up to a soldier and spitting into his/her face. They are driving a pathetic rip-off of a military vehicle, and feeding their ego. Now if they joined the military and drove a -real- HMMV, then I would be impressed.

/rant off

Size does matter to an extent for me. Luckily I am with someone who I would consider a "perfect fit." Prior experience with a rape attempt, however, has me appreciating that men do come in sizes too large for my vagina (thank you, whoever is up there).
thanks for raising those concerns about the penis excercises, i havent been taking any crazy risks with the excercises but have decided to stop doing the excercises anyhow mainly because my SO says that i'm the perfect size for her. I'm not the perfect size for me but maybe thats something ive got to get over. As it happens ive gone from the large end of average to the small end of big so im kinda glad ive made some gains with the penis enlargement excercises :-)
That's good news MrJelq.
Size only matters to the woman. If she has had a really nice size fellow and then hooks up with a shrimp, well, throwing him back would be the best for both. There is supposed to be someone for everyone, but not everyone is for that someone. Get my drift?
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