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polly that was weird but i still lol
Roseviolet, I checked out that uke woman's video and then went to her blog, very cool lady. She was hilarious when she pointed out that there is a label on the ukelele that says cigars damage your sperm. Lol. Beautiful voice.
snow white
i love this, lol (rap video parody featuring 'octomom')
just casually taking the tank out for a drive.....

what are you gonna do about it
"Take Time To Be A Dad"
Simple, sweet and totally effective I think.
I suppose I am old and lame because I recognized only about half of the things on this list (most of which are YouTube videos).
99 Things You Should Have Experienced on the Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something
rose -- My boyfriend was watching that and judging me because I didn't know half of them. Apparently I only started being aware of these internet phenomenons since we started dating three years ago. Anything before that, I'm lost.

Something to make you smile
Aw, that baby is hilarious
Sweating to the surreal
I couldn't decide whether to post this here or to edit it into my Paul Rudd droolfest over in Starfucker. I decided to put it here, even though I would have felt like a total badass putting Sesame Street clips in a thread called Starfucker. Right?! That would have been cool. Oh who am I kidding...I'm about as badass as a newborn kitten snuggled into a vat of cotton balls, so here it goes tongue.gif

Earth Rocks

It's Easy Being Green
Ha Mermeg I love it! It led me to this:

Neil Patrick Harris on Sesame Street
This is pretty awesome check it out.
Okay, so this is old, but I didn't see it in the last few pages of the archives so here goes: One man. One dream. One chance.

And one really creepy video about the obsessive torch this guy has been carrying for a girl that broke up with him two years ago that he hasn't seen since. It's way too long, the music is bad, & his actions make no sense until the end. He does have an extremely hot ass & nice arms, though. He's got that going for him.

The comments are priceless! I am baffled at the number of women that think this is sweet & creative. I think it's weird, invasive, & kinda stalker-y.
Blushed This one cracks me up every time smile.gif So adoreable.
Craig Ferguson and his puppets dancing to "Oops...I Did It Again". here
This gave me a laugh. It's a clip from The Soup about Good Morning America.
I could watch this all day Techno Kittens
Stephen Colbert Dancing Seriously one of the best videos on youtube, truly!!!

Among many music videos but we don't have time for that.
So...someone just exposed me to the simple hilarity of The Farting Preacher. I can't believe I hadn't see these until recently! This guy is such a creepy freak!
I am so not a toilet humor person, but this had me in stitches. It's just perfect :D I hope this guy has seen these!
Here are the other ones-they're all hilarious:
#5...this one is the best because the dude starts speaking in tongues... :P
#7...not sure where the 6th one is...
I love the Farting Preacher, he makes me laugh every time.

I think the tone of this video is what makes it funny to me. That, and the whole idea of a guy shaving his crotch to make his dick look bigger cracks me up.

How to Shave Your Groin
I had to share this gem with you all.

Eddie Izzard clip enacted by Lego characters: Death Star Canteen
Lay off me, I'm starving!!! This one has always made me laugh but also this is how I feel right now.
Mitchell and Webb take on female beauty ads (courtesy of Jezebel).
Frivolous, but pure, mad, shepherding genius.

Yup, I said shepherding.
That is beyond fantastic! Shepherding genius indeed.
Slapfest i think its called. check it out, talk about stupid....Thats on youtube somewhere or, check out the techno viking, lol, funny funny funny.
I'm pretty sure you all have seen this by now, but it is one of my favorite videos.

Buffy vs Edward
I came across these awhile ago, here's a surprise I'm not watching them for Ellen but for Josh! I wouldn't refuse him if he was propositioning me despite my lesbianness.

Josh Groban and Ellen DeGeneres Duet "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Josh Groban and Ellen DeGeneres Play Guitar Hero
this is a video a friend of mine filmed. It's funny and probably not safe for work. You have been warned.

omg missladyj I almost died.
girl logic ,it's so bad it is good.
I wonder how many takes it took - between laughing out loud while filming and like, dry barfing. It's brilliant!
this has been making the rounds on the internets today.

i gotta admit, i thought it was supercool and sweet and made me happy for 5minutes 9 seconds
aw geeze, that was very very sweet. i like happy weddings.
This is hilarious:

Modern Scooby Doo

Here is a video of my husband's AC DC tribute band Black Angus. He's the cat in the Angus Young get up and why they are called Black Angus.

Here is a video of my husband's AC DC tribute band Black Angus. He's the cat in the Angus Young get up and why they are called Black Angus.

not youtube, but it's occupied me for about a half an hour:

between two ferns with zach galifinakis

"you're on the cover of Details magazine, which is a really good magazine, if you've run out of cologne."
I had this sent to me today at work.

Dramatic Reading of a Break Up Letter.
Ultimate roller muscle legend. it's vaguely NSFW & extremely weird. I want some of whatever this person was on.
The Shake Weight for Men

Because yes, I have a dirty mind and a filthy sense of humor. tongue.gif
This is a present for the old-time Busties- remember on the old software when we had a Bust "radio"...somewhere at my parents' house, I have all the songs written down that were on there (there were about 30 or so and they didn't change- cod, I used to listen to them over and over)...anywho, I was listening to this and it reminded me that this (neither one of those is SFW, btw) was one of the songs on Bust Radio.

I've gotta find that list with all the songs. There was some great stuff on there.
Oh sweet jebus! The Yeastie Girls! I remember throwing down with my friends at the club to that one.

Spongebong HempPants
oh yeaaaah... i was totally rocking your yeastie girls video at 6 in the morning today, polly tongue.gif
This frigging kills me. I love when people translate music songs into something silly because they just can't understand what the singer is saying.
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