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Sorry folks, just dragging it to the top.
Speak, the Hungarian rapper:
worst rapper evah! but funny!
not a youtube but

OMG Best.Video.Ever

cross posted everywhere. pass it on.
omg, ok this one is ridiculously silly, funny and strange.

he's like captain underpants with glitter.
the NIN-Star Trek mash-up
(i know it's been floating around the interwebs for a while, but it still makes this nerd laugh)

eta: pepper, that is the most bizarre video ever. it almost looks fake, although i'm sure it's real....
I'm biased. My video channel is my favorite. I interview designers, artists/musicians... I even did a Toyota commercial. I am a Styleaholic!
Check it out.

pepper the swimming one was amazing!
Very funny [raunchy] Dutch commercial

Not visually safe for work or kids; audio-wise, no one will be able to tell what you're looking at.
I find this video very funny.

It's Slash (from Guns 'n' Roses) playing a kick-ass guitar solo, but someone overdubbed it with crappy, tinny guitar sounds.

It's kind of long, but if you are a hair band fan, you'll enjoy it.

Slash Shreds!!!
This is the best thing I have seen in aaaaaages! Yes, it's work safe, you'll laugh in a very juvenile way.
Did you get that from Dooce, rose? She had that posted on her site today. Maybe it's just going around.

We were giggling about this article today, of some very funny newscaster bloopers.

Like that Dutch commercial, visually, probably NSFW; audio-wise, no one will know except for the sound of you ROFL!

It's not youtube but still pretty nifty, DPAN click on videos and watch signers and their rendition of music videos in American Sign Language.
I don't know if anyone posted this yet. I think it's even better than the original, and wayyyyyy funnier.

Danzig and Shakira:Hips Don't Lie

ETA: Apparently the video has been removed by user.
Far from my favorite but wanted to share this mess:

I saw a youtube video on my niece's myspace page - and it very much disturbed me. It was a pair of teenagers -possibly between 13-16 yrs old dancing (if you can call it that)- gyrating and grinding on each other and it looked like they were having sex literally with their clothes on. How the hell are you dry humping to music and posting it on youtube like its supposed to be a dance craze? I chewed my niece a new one for posting that on her page. It was highly inappropriate and lewd and degrading.
New link for the ectoplasm!


I love the Blow, and I love this:

So charming and funny! And I can so relate.

But, but, Minnie Riperton wrote 'Lovin' you' about her baby daughter, Maya Rudolph, not her boyfriend...
UK Busties may already be familiar with Blackpool (or Viva Blackpool in US, but I don't know many who caught it here). Either way, David Tennant singing and dancing to The Smiths is one of my favorite clips. Especially as I've been watching Doctor Who lately...
simulated sex on the dance floor is NOTHING NEW! 20 yrs ago it was Jackin with house music which has morphed into Jukin. Same shit just not underground anymore. Why is it that adults are so afraid of adolescent sexuality? LIke you were never a horny teenager who dry humped? Please. Maybe not on the dance floor or in a video on youtube,but come on. Ever generation has something that sets off adults into a moral panic, remember Elvis?
thou shall always kill

ladyj that was great!

I am sure everyone has seen this, but this kid cracks me up everytime!
Iggy Pop Does Madonna. Literally

who ever thought of this , is a fuckin genius and my new favorite person
Maybe I'm a horrible person, but this really cracks me up.

QUOTE(kittenb @ Jun 13 2006, 10:08 PM) *

Oh poo. Comedy central grabbed it back up. I was really interested in seeing that.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jun 14 2006, 05:36 PM) *
Sometimes I actually wonder if the Phelps "church" is the best thing that ever happened to the gay rights movement....if they make even right wingers on Fox want to show compassion towards gays, maybe their hate serves a purpose after all.

I just love how idiotic they make anti-gay folks look!
Maybe I'm a horrible person, but this really cracks me up.

That looks like its from that Jesus Camp movie, which was really, really disturbing.
I know this is just a Skittles commercial, but it cracks me up.

Anyone else a fan of the Winston videos, the whuny (but lovable) cat that they post on Cute Overload sometimes? All the videos have been removed- it says the account is suspended. Makes me sad.
This just really scares me.'s a cake. It's your baby shower! Do you want a BABY cake?
that baby cake is freaky. and i can't believe people still make fondant cake, it's just a block of transfatty hydrogenated heart attack, how is that a good dessert?

ok, maybe i'm not hip enough to understand pop culture anymore but what's with that "thou shall always kill" thing? is that a new saying or something to do with that performer or something? the rest of it was very cool but that last line i don't get.
Most fondant is sugar and water.
get out, i can't find a recipe that doesn't include veg oil shortening aka block-of-trans-fatty-heart-attack. where you getting the sugar water recipe?
I LOVE this guy's videos. He's a genius.

Does anyone else here love staying up late at night watching How It's Made on youtube 'cause they don't have cable anymore? I do. But I am a huge dork. I love the pantyhose one.
I'm hoping that cake was just made for the competition (the details mention it was for a cake competition) just to show it could be done and no one actually bought it for a baby shower. Eek.

I think I've only had fondant on a cake once and it's just completely tasteless. It's like marzipan without any yumminess. If it tastes yucky and I don't eat it, I don't really care what it's made of. If there's a mostly sugar and water version out there, I hope it at least tastes better.
2 C Water
4 # Sugar
2/3 C Glucose or Corn Syrup
1/2 t Cream of Tartar
1 C Cold Water

The instructions for this crap are really long and involve marble slabs, metal bars and other bullshit, plus I'm a little tipsy. But yeah, that's the fondant. People will generally add shortening (by people I mean home bakers) to make it easier to work with but I never have cause I'm not into it. I actually really like the look of fondant and it is possible to make it taste good. You can work vanilla bean into it, or cocoa or citrus zest. It's like the tofu of pastry. Much maligned but you can do some wonderful things with it. Blerg, this thread is about youtube so I think I'll post something funny to make up for all this boring crap:

The family dog part one.
The Family dog part two.
And part three.

and i can NOT believe that you posted family dog! my friend had a scratchy video tape of the first episodes years ago that we used to piss ourselves laughing over. i totally love you for finding this, i haven't thought about it in YEARS!
Man, I wish I had found that on my own. My crush sent that to me in an email a few weeks ago.
musicfit - that baby cake is STRANGE!!! That really freaked me out. The artist is very talented but the person who requested that cake is special.


That baby cake was really impressing but really disturbing at the same time!

I loved the Shakira/Danzig one!

These are funny whether or not you've ever been to Japan, but especially funny if you have - The Japanese Tradition:
that sushi link pissed me off. who thinks it's cool to eat endangered species? assholes.

but it led me to this which gave me a pretty good laugh.
thou shall always kill, in this case kill refers to having a great performance as in after a show saying, "we totally killed".

who would eat a baby cake? or order one for that matter. creepy.
sun city girls
The Big Lebowski...the f*cking short version.
homegrown revolution
That was fuckin' awesome, epi! laugh.gif
someone has probably already posted, but THIS is funny!
I got quite a few, will probably be posting a bunch, here's the first:

This one has a real good message to it.
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