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That Afri-Cola was weird. It looked like a Swedish student art film.
Have you seen the connie chung singing bit? chung

I saw her on Leno the other day saying that it was all a big joke, but it still cracks me up.

Just funny.
"I enjoy being a girl [who pays less than $90 a month for my car insurance!]"
I know the first guy is scripted (he even says so), but is he talking to a real auto insurance guy on the other end or is that scripted too?
i can NOT believe that guy stayed on the phone for so long. what a dedicated employee.
If I wasn't an auto insurance agent, I would have thought that was funny. But I have to deal with people like that all day...not fun. And you'd be surprised at how many people we get like that on the phone. It sucks! However, I don't know how the insurance guy kept himself from laughing, cause even though I would have been annoyed, I probably would have laughed my ass off.

And what the hell was with the connie chung thing? It made me sick a little bit.
During an after dinner discourse on gender stereotyping in children's media; my partner suggested that he man was gay he was right
I worked for customer service for a car insurance company, cstars, so I feel your pain. I had some wackjobs call, but the one that came to mind when I saw that clip was a 21-year-old guy who called in. He had a brand new VW Beetle and the agent quoted him $1500 for the whole year. He failed to mention to the agent that he had 4 tickets on his record, so when we ran his MVR, we increased his premium to $7000 for the year. Oh, was he pissed. Well, 21-year old male, car worth about $20K and a bad driving history- duh! Shouldn't have lied to the agent and you would have saved yourself some trouble!
i like cartoons.

yea...that sucks. But it's kinda surprising how many people just don't understand that logic. And you feel like screaming, "MALE! YOUTHFUL/INEXPERIENCED! BAD DRIVING RECORD! THESE ALL EQUAL HIGHER PREMS!"

But of course, people just will never get it.
Just my $0.02, but I've always thought that giving men higher premiums, even if based on statistics, is very unfair and should be illegal. If it were the other way around, I'd be screaming bloody murder. Inexperienced and bad driving record I understand.
I saw this a while back and went looking for it again today. It's amusing... but I actually found the information to be useful!

how to put on a bandaid so it stays on all day
QUOTE(lot49 @ Jul 14 2006, 03:44 PM) *

Just my $0.02, but I've always thought that giving men higher premiums, even if based on statistics, is very unfair and should be illegal. If it were the other way around, I'd be screaming bloody murder. Inexperienced and bad driving record I understand.

I couldn't agree more. When I first started driving, I DID scream bloody murder. I was as cautious as anyone, adhering to the road rules to a pedantic extent, but those loathsome insurance companies ASSUMED that I would hotrod and drive like an idiot just because I was a teenage male. I didn't care if it was based on statistics; I knew how I drove and they couldn't have been more wrong.

It also angered me that these insurance companies (legal robbers, as far as I'm concerned) lobbied to get the no-fault law passed, so that everyone has to buy insurance, thus they can jack up the prices to even more absurd rates and there's nothing you can do about it. If you do wreck or get a ticket, they simply jack up your rates even higher so they get all their money back and then some anyway. The only way they can possibly lose money on a customer in the long run is if he or she gets sued for millions of dollars or something. Considering how rare that is, and how commonly customers pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year without any claims, they can't lose.

I fumed about this much longer than what would be healthy, but I couldn't help it. Discrimination hurts. To this day, after years of driving, I have never had an accident or traffic violation. I think you can guess where they can shove their statistics as far as I'm concerned.


I loved the band-aid thing! It's funny how easy it was to get the ideas they were conveying without understanding a word they were saying. I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I cut myself. Thanks, Angelle!
omg! He-man WAS gay!
go to YouTube and search for "human space invaders". I can't supply a specific link because the creator of the video is all pissed about copyright violations, and any postings of it on YT might be taken down at any point-but if you look now, you might still be able to see it. Trust me-it's worth it!
Oh, how I wish I spoke German....
Humanist77, that Space Invaders thing was probably the best You Tube thing I have ever seen! Thanks for posting about it.
I was looking all over for a video of this before I found youtube. It's a video of Ashlee Simpson getting cought lip syncing on SNL. I actually saw this when it first aired, but it's nice to be able to watch it again whenever I want. It's not too often that you get to see a celebrity screw up on camera THIS blatantly!

Ashlee Simpson's BIG Faux Pas
This one is too bizarre to describe. All I know is it's a Columbia Pictures Presentation! A Columbia Pictures Presentation! And in case you didn't catch that the two times, it's a Columbia Pictures Presentation!

seriously. how rare.

The sad thing is that I catch myself singing this song.

Also this one:;search=gunther

Oh, you touch my tra la la...
Oh, Bollywood Disco Fever! Awesome Rose!
anna k
That guy is the party.
Ah yes, gunther. I get that ding ding dong song stuck in my head from time to time. And his shining, glossy lips. What a stud.
I'm a big fan of Gunther's dance moves.
Sixelacat, that German woman looks like Dolly Parton on acid if she was German.
DJ Weezy! So cute!
Cross-posted with "What Song is in Your Head Right Now?":

The King of Glory
The King Of Glory, heh. That was rad.
ah! tears in my eyes! that was beautiful!
all I kept thinking was "damn, colbert has a wicked sense of balance!"
Because there was a discussion a while back in weird crushes about your favorite people for a cocktail party, and this is why these two are at the top of my list....

"we're judging you right back...." laugh.gif
Oh lordy, and this is why I Henry! Oh wait, here's another reason here. And yet another here.
Everybody pizza slice!
That bandaid one was was useful and funny.

Here is a good one.

Pug bowling

I have a pug and I want to try this.
This is awesome! Now Google has something like Youtube that allows you to search for videos. It looks like the videos are directly posted to google, rather than google searching other websites for the videos. Also, the videos are shown in a larger screen, so they take longer to load. It sure is nice to have another option if Youtube doesn't have what I want.
Carrie Brownstein interviews Saddam Hussein
Get ready for some major cuteness!

Baby monkey falling asleep:


This is just hilarious...Darth Vader's younger brother, Chad:
Music, those kittens were so cute I almost burst into tears!!! The little mews & everything ... oh my!

Here's a cute clip of a fluffly puppy chasing its leash.

Yes, I have a thing for cute widdle animals. And there isn't anything wrong with that tongue.gif
OHG those kittens! It hurts how cute they are!
First, extremely important issue!

Second, another cute attack:
NO f'ing way!
Music, you're getting carried away! Perhaps you should lay down & rest a spell. wink.gif
This guy is awesome:

Here is his reply to other people doing youtube replys:

This kitty is way too facinated with flushing toilets:

This is just cute:
Apocalypse Pooh.
Bunnies with the munchies as seen on Cute Overload.

Turn up the volume.
wow, kitten, that was painful to watch. but it just made me love john even more.

ETA: raisin, i totally thought of you when i saw that vid! biggrin.gif
Doh! I just posted that video in Kvetch Up! So cute, though- I love how you can hear the munching.
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