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omg, i saw that a few days ago and all i can say is oh my gawwdddd.
ok, here is one to make you laugh.

butt biting bug
I don't think her new answer is much better.
Am I soooo fucked up for thinking this is funny???
Pugs, if being fucked up is wrong, I don't want to be right. What a great U.S. American you is.
and because we're not quite done beating the south carolina horse biggrin.gif
the music is painfully bad but check this guy out.
This is funny!
seen this one? tune is addictive...
WOW!!! and double WOW!!!

snarky, that's what that guy gets for getting a bengal. They're notoriously snotty. Still a cute song! tongue.gif
ha ha, thanks for that snarky.
Honestly, Snarky, that video describes exactly what we go through with our kittens.
I know I'm late but those Miss Teen SC spoofs were cracking me up! Then I heard her say on that Today show that she wants to move to LA and be a graphic designer, and I was like, "Omigosh! She wants to be me!" tongue.gif So now I feel like I should write her a letter of support or something. That was a stupid question anyway. I would have been like, "Huh? Are we talking about America's three year olds here?"

Someone introduced me to Bollywood sexless-sex scenes recently:
Yowza! Talk about erotic!


I wonder if the kid Chris Crocker knows he is ripping Tarnation (?)
G-d Bless Cornell West, Mos Def and Bill Maher

this is part one. watch all five parts
this is so awesome. really, really cool.
(cross-posting in the moms threads)

Thought y'all would appreciate this!
loved yours, pepper... thanks!

More Mr Safety - see if you can figure this one out....
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 27 2007, 10:41 AM) *
(cross-posting in the moms threads)

Thought y'all would appreciate this!

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Mike Atkins Entertainment, LLC"

Ha, Mike Atkins thinks he can beat me, eh? Try this! tongue.gif
i've watched this thing at least 50 times and it still makes me laugh, especially the part with the bear. enjoy!
greenbean, I really, really needed that laugh! Oh god my stomach hurts laugh.gif
and I couldn't watch the original for more than 30 seconds-what a freak show...
make a ring out of a coin!!!

oh, and i think i'm in love with this guy wub.gif
This may be totally boring to a lot of you, but I think its so sweet that Morrisey did a rare (albeit short) interview for telemundo:
He obviously appreciates his huge latino fanbase. A lot of times I hear people mention their surprise at all the Latino Morrisey fans here in LA..but I feel like, "duh, why wouldn't they be fans?". Heres part of a short doc on the subject:
One of my favorite clips!
If you check out the related clips to the left, he's done two others that are equally brilliant.
hey, my mom send me this
powerful music

thanks Pepper. Your mom is cool as hell
she is cool. big ole crazy hippie cool.

this bird is so flipping funny!
laugh.gif OMG---Pepper!!! laugh.gif

I was just about to post that very same video!! I love Snowball! He's the greatest bird evaar!

Time to Wake Up!!!!! This is so freaking funny. I watch it over and over and it still makes me laugh.
More fun with cats. If you love lolcats enjoy this
This is very strange, funny or be the judge:

Japanese toilet training video:
wierd Japanese commercial with an obese cat doing aerobics.
Sorry if you've seen it before, but I thought it was a funny and creative routine.
lorewolf - that video made me laugh so hard. it is so funny.
OMG! These guys are geniuses!
Just search YouTube for Umbilical Brothers.
Since seeing that first one, I've wasted way too much time checking out their other stuff.

Now I gotta see if they're doing their live act, "Twack!" in Seattle sometime. Probably missed the boat on that one sad.gif
this is funny! drawing
This is the funniest short punk ass horror film I've seen by some bored boys in an apt:

laugh.gif tongue.gif ohmy.gif huh.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Here's an oldie but a goodie from The Muppet Show: Beaker sings "Feelings".
For the Geeks only:

I've xposted this in the Sci-Fi Thread. I've been having a mini-Doctor Who fest today. On one of David Tennant's video diaries, I saw that the cast appeared on The Weakest Link. Guess what I found on YouTube?

Doctor Who on The Weakest Link

Thsi will link you to the first in a series of 6. It is pretty fun to watch if for no other reason than the pretty factor.
Does anyone remember the Yip-Yip monsters from "Sesame Street" they were some of my favorite characters. I loved when they put little mouths over thier eyes. Anyway here are my two favorites;


that's a very disturbing video.
they play that on TV here. it's a bit too much imo.
yick, that kitchen accident was a bit much. on a lighter note, has anyone else heard of the newest health craze?
"I'm out there, I'm out there for the kids, you know..."

bahahahahahaha! hoo *wipes tears from eyes*. darn funny.

hey, can someone help me find the ikea commercial where the guy is at home and things start to go wrong in his kitchen and he ends up outside naked trying to stop his car from being towed. the last scene is a fire bursting out of his apartment window while he's outside on the street below. it's the funniest damn thing ever but i suck at searches. i don't know why, i could find a needle in a haystack but i'm blind online.

here it is, pepper, heehee!
There are a lot of hilarious Ikea commercials-just search for "ikea commercial" on youtube~
this made me laugh. i found it while watching ikea commercials.


This brings tears to my eyes, both because it's so beautiful but also awkward, somehow.
The soloist Max Emanuel Cencic is 31 today, but here perhaps.. 15? 16 even? He looks
too old for his little Sängerknaben sailor suit.

It looks like John C. Reilly is touring as Dewey Cox and performing with his band to promote Walk Hard. This video has definitely made me excited for the film’s release next week! Check it out!
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