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Brad Neely, the guy responsible for the "Washington" video, is also the brains behind "Wizard People, Dear Reader," this book-on-tape type narration that you can play along with the first Harry Potter movie.

Here's where you can download the "Wizard People, Dear Reader" mp3:
Wizard People, Dear Reader

And here's some YouTube vids of what it's like (possibly NSFW due to use of fuck words):
The Wreched Harmony vs Ronnie the Bear

Harry vs Snake

Sorceror's Stone Properties and Dragon Pregnancy

The Cribbage Match

The Happy Pizza

Harry Buys a Wand
Check out this thoroughly misguided investigative report about The Dangers of Emo. All of the sources the reporter and the police officer site are satirical websites, making this the most unintentionally hilarious thing I've seen in ages! smile.gif

This has probbaly been posted before, but it brought a tear to my eye...
By Far The Best YouTube Video I've Ever Seen!

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

Turn the volume up real loud cause this is such a great song. Sure to cheer anyone up.
Bwahahaha!!! That totally cracked my shit up, roseviolet!! It reminds me of when newcasters began talking about "rave parties" in the last couple years of the 90's, even though the term 'raver'(etc.) had been part of youth culture lingo at least 5 years before that. The good thing, is that you know a fad is falling out of fashion when there are news stories on it.
lol... aw North Dakota, gotta love it.

Next potential news story fad: Gay Cowboys
Best video in the entire fuckin' world--a parodic song about Karl Rove, to the tune of Eminem's "Stan":

bump tongue.gif
geiger I love love love this! thanks
oh my goodness. I don't even know what to say about this...I've only watched a couple of the clips so far. two girls "squat" in an occupied house for five days. ballsy.
I've watched the first 5 segments....I dunno. There's part of me that thinks it would be kinda cool to do that if I knew I wasn't going to get caught; mostly because I'm incorrigible snoop and I'd love to just go through stranger's houses. But part of me wants to smack the crap out of those girls and their sense of impunity (that's the homeowner part of me!)

I'll watch the rest later....
Those girls are fuckin' crazy. They seem like a couple of naive kids who will soon realize that living by mooching off of others just does not work.
music i so agree here.
I know- wouldn't it be easier to just get a fucking job?!?!? I don't have a problem with the freegan movement- it's not something I would want to do, but I acknowledge the hideous amount of stuff (food, clothes, etc.) we throw away and appreciate that someone is doing something about it. These girls are just lazy and obnoxious, though. I still haven't finished it (I'm on part 11 or something) and I keep hoping it's a joke.
I am totally with you on the get a fuckin job tip. That is just obnoxious.
/begin rant[I have my doubts that the videos are real, but regardless, they say they do this because they don't want to work 9-5 jobs, which I respect, but they are basically prisoners in someone else's house-they couldn't leave when they wanted to, they were constantly terrified of being caught, they slept under tables (which conveniently had a long skirt all around it--which is one reason why I have my doubts about the authenticity of the videos-who the hell puts floor length skirts around their eating tables?)..anyway, what kind of life is that? To constantly be in a state of fear of being caught? And they'd go to prison for breaking and entering, easily! Not worth it. And 9-5 office jobs are not the end all be all of work-there are tons of other possibilities which don't involve set hours or sitting in front of a computer. They could sell drugs! It can't be much more risky than phrogging! Not that there is anything wrong with 9-5 jobs, but if you don't want to do that, the alternative isn't invading stranger's homes to mooch off them without their knowing. Don't they have families they can live with? Sure, people move out of their parent's houses because they want their own space and privacy, but do they get any of that while phrogging? Where do they take a date? Who would want to date them? Is moving in with parents or other family really much worse than sneaking around a stranger's home like a ghost, in a state of fear, sleeping on the roof/under tables/in the bathtub? Plus, where are they getting money for cigarettes or clothes or anything else?

They didn't seem smart at all-ballsy, yes, but fucking stupid. Not to mention obnoxious as hell. And what if the homeowners, or someone they know who's been in the house saw those videos? It couldn't be that hard to track the girls down and have them charged with breaking and entering, not to mention burglary for the stuff they took. What really made me doubt this also was that, the first night, when the couple were out really late, and by 9:30, 10 pm, they could've walked in any second, and that bitch is sitting on the computer checking email-if someone had come home, they might have gone straight upstairs or to the computer room (they did come home, but fortunately didn't immediately go upstairs-something a lot of people do when they come home) and there's no way she could've signed off, closed the window and turned off the computer and monitor before getting caught. That's either really stupid or fake. I observed little things in the videos that made the whole situation seem unlikely. There's just absolutely no way they could be that quiet. The couple would have to hear something-and I mean, you can just SENSE another person's presence. And that roof couldn't have been blocked from all 4 sides-it had to have been facing some other house or yard where they could've been seen-unless they were out in the woods, but this was a suburban neighborhood.

I believe that people do this, but I doubt this footage was real.]/end rant
AP, thanks for posting.
Humanist, I don't think it's real, either. There's a very fake-y, LonelyGirl15-y feel to it. In the 3rd video they mention some "really cool" guy who gave them the video camera & frankly, I think that guy is the director who has written & staged this whole thing.
I agree.
I agree. I looked through all the videos really fast up to #13 and I think it's all in the same house. And besides, if this were a real crime, why would they post their videos all over the internet so they could get caught?
Very Cool Video
This is on Cute Overload right now- cutest video EVER! I'm tearing up in my cubicle right now! You have to watch the whole thing for the "re-grab"!
That is just freaking adorable!! The 'regrab' melted my heart! I love
Someone in the CO comments noticed that when they re-grab, the one with the darker hand kisses the other's hand. Awwwwwww.
thanks for posting that one. made my day polly
That hand kiss makes the clip unbearably precious. Hooray for otter love!
anna k
This is Metallica's video for their cover of Turn the Page. I first saw it in 1998 and was very affected by it. I kept thinking it looked like a documentary of a real mother and daughter. I later found out the woman was Ginger Lynn, a famous porn star in the 1980s. It's a sad but fantastic video.
Karl Rove gets jiggy wit it/busts a move/kicks it oldskool dry.gif at last night's Radio And Television Correspondent's Dinner in DC.

His dignity seems to have gone the way of his honesty and integrity.
OMG! how, how . . . shit, this is so bad i don't even know what to say. all the politlcal blogs are having a heyday with this.
while this is an ad, the little boy is too cute
oh. my. sweet. baby. jebus.

herculesgirl, you so owe me a vat of eyeball bleach.
Lily, that was fabulous!
alanis morrisette does fergie...

*goes back to watching otters*
French and Saunders spoof of Harry Potter

French and Saunders
mornington, I saw that video.....all I could think was WTF?

this is great! made me laugh!
j'ai un vagin
oh thank you shinyx3, that had me laughing so much I was in tears! smile.gif
That Karl Rove one was painful to watch, but sad kermit totally makes my day.

Here's a hot Torchwood/Doctor Who fanvid:
Jack Harkness: It's In His Kiss
It's Acid Flakes, Charlie Brown!
*Sigh* Capt. Jack.
Thanks geiger!
You're welcome, kittenb!

For all the fans of political satire out there, as well as fans of innovative sexual innuendo (you'll know what I'm talking about when you hear it) I bring you Dick Cheney, Sexiest Man Alive
even a kitten cans use a mac

You know you're a geek when the first thing you think of when watching that is, "Ahhh! Kitten claws on an LCD screen! Noooooo!"
totally out of it's realm, but what do you think of this one?
it's my son sending me loving vibes to help get me thru my divorce and court proceedings...
Any and all of the Potter Puppet Pals, but especially "The Mysterious Ticking Noise."
Neil Cicierega is a genius!

Oh and I really enjoy this one, although some may find it boring.

I just wish he was my Grandpa! His voice is amazing.

come on eileen
Happy Slip! This girl Christine is a one woman show - does all the characters in her skits. SO funny! It's on YouTube but she has her own site now: Happy Slip Productions Check it out. Hilarious.
arcadia, i loved that! thanks.
j'ai un vagin
im still thinking on this one...
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