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sixelacat, that is fucking AWEsome. I'm going to follow your lead and break the youtube monopoly, too.
I actually like Throwawayyourtv better, anyway: there's a lot less dreck to sift through than youtube.
Or you could bit torrent, right tommy nomad!
Excellent crop of videos!
LOL! I hilarious parady of the hilarious video:
Those are all great!

Here's a good SNL "music video" that never aired.
Oh my christ, Poodle, I am actually crying over here!
"One: Cut a hole in a box ..." laugh.gif
That is now my favorite Justin Timberlake song.

I know. It's right up there with Dave Chappelle's "Piss on You" song.
Pink, I posted that last month!!

That video reminds me sooo much of this one.
I just saw that SNL clip the other day and laughed my butt off!
"Step three: Make her open the box!"

I think I've watched that ten times and it just gets funnier. "Over at your parents' house, a dick in a box!!"

Pinkpoodle, that video you posted of the oh so fun dancers/singers had my MySpace friends in tears laughing. Thanks! I needed a laugh like that.
Blanchedeveroux, that is SO true! This was the dick in the box Christmas! It was the running joke of the season. We went to a Yule vigil at a friend's house and her 17 year-old daughter was watching dick in a box on her computer as we came upstairs at 5am to go to bed. Hilarious!
Whenever you want to cheer yourself up, just watch this:
Ok, well, it's been taken off YouTube already due to copyright issues, but you can still download it elsewhere....

Did anyone see the clip of the recent Saturday Night Live, which has Jake Gyllenhaal in drag and singing a song from Dreamgirls?

Died. Laughing.

Love that boy.
This is just hilarious and incredibly cute. A bird that can mimic...anything:
I'd have never thought someone could get this much material on Hot Pockets, but somehow, comedy gold!
I really don't have a favorite youtube video. Well actually..

Slippery Dick
The L Word (Dana & Alice)
Paul Mccartney with rappers?

I tend to like the music ones versus the ones people make and upload.
This is friggin awesome!
musicfit, that is pretty cool! I'd love to see something like that live!!
Apologies for cross-posting, but in my favourite online guitar instructor's blog, there is this video where....well, you simply must see it, that is all.

Wild Thing Video
Thanks for posting Connor. He made me laugh and smile. What an amazing kid! If he's that good when he's that young, imagine him when he's old enough to have his own band. All I can say is wow!
anna k
A touching and sweet retrospective of film stars who died in 2006.

TCM Remembers
That's really nice. I totally forgot that Shelley Winters died. sad.gif
Bill O'Reilly thinks that the kid from Missouri who was kidnapped 4 years ago (and found a couple weeks ago) enjoyed being kidnapped.

He should be deported. Him and Rush Limbaugh.
i'd like to see bill o'reilly kidnapped and put in a deep hole somewhere where he'd never be found.
It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told.

please forgive if this has already been posted:

MAC parody.
Apologies if someone has posted this before - it's paxilback!!!

perhaps O'Lielly could be put on an ice flow and set adrift?
As someone who is on Paxil, I totally appreciate the hilariousness that is Paxilback...I heard it long before I heard the Justin Timberlake original, and I say that Paxilback is superior by far.

And that 8 year old girl that pwns O'Reilly (quite a few posts back) is priceless.

Here's a vid I love: Fan of Doctor Who
Two of my favourites:

The first, because one day I am so going to get caught doing this one day, and it totally cheers me up whenever I need cheering up...

And the second, because well, sometimes its just nice to set up some sexual consent beforehand cool.gif (Caution, this vid does talk sexual content, but it's PG rated - its all about the funny)
Grand Theft Mario

Fast Food Final Fantasy 7
Well, after doodle's post, I just HAD to see Jake doing his Dreamgirls Drag, so...

I hunted it down.

This has quite the surprise ending. Has given me a new fear...and it's outright silly, which is always good.
Heehee..we all watched this with our friend named Charlie, and no on has have stopped referring to him as Chaaaaarrrrrlliiiiieeeeeee ever since.
For fans of old-school Doctor Who, slash, Justin Timberlake, or any combination of the three, I bring you this:

Sexy Back--Patrick Troughton style!
Cute and funny:
I don't have sound or anything on my crappy computer so I don't use youtube but the other night my boyfriend showed me this one video called "tits in a box" and it's so fucking funny.
Here it is, Tits in a box:

this is too much! it was on andrew sullivans blog and is totally worth watching
Shiny, that's hilarious! That Chisum fellow and his "They'd hang you in my county for that" was too much!
Yeah. It was hilarious. And it shows how idiotic right wingers are.

We might have to move after I graduate, since I'm in a field that is doing poorly in my state. I will be sure to steer clear of Texas.
Damn, I miss Molly Ivins.

I prefer to youtube, though.
*bumps thread in the bum*
Those conservatives "They was afraid they'd be a bunch of preverts if they didn't vote no." Hilarious. I didn't even know what she was like until now. Such an excellent sense of humor.
This made me want to wet my pants, I giggled so much!
OMG kel, i was OBSESSED with that video a few months back, i would sit there and watch it over and over and think, "who are these immensely witty people, and why am i not having a million of their babies?"
Did you see the one they did for JFK? Not quite as good, but it holds up.
Check out the adorableness that is my older brother.


He's the pizza delivery dude.
Crazy, I haven't seen it, but I will scamper off to watch it tonight! *scamper*
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