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holy shit i am a kelly convert! (and extra points for the Cho!)
Roseviolet! Yay, thanks for posting the new video. I heard Margaret Cho is a big Kelly fan, that is so awesome she is in it. I just bought Kelly's album. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane, but I'm totally digging it.

In case, like me, you live under a rock (aka are a grad student) and don't get television, I bring you Ok Go...on treadmills

from my wacky sister...
This is so cute! I have never seen a baby laugh like this:
I had a friend whose baby I made laugh like that. She had a stuffed toy loon (like the bird) and I was holding him, and I'd poke his belly with the bird's beak and say "loon!" and he'd just laugh and laugh. He was probably about the same age as that kid seems to be. It went on for about a half-hour and we were laughing as hard as he was. Funny thing was, he never laughed at the trick again, at least not as much as he did that night.
OMG wtf is this?!?

i don't even kinda get this. how biz-R.
Kinetic art
This starts off like an ordinary falling-dominoes sequence, but becomes much more. This guy uses some very interesting techniques!
anna k
This always cheers me up, and makes me want to download the song and do the dance:

Jean Claude Van Damme on the Dance Floor
My husband made this short about Ms. Pac-Man and how she's a feminist icon. Please check it out and if you like it, pass it along!
nice one!
WalterDogOfAction, that was great!
PMS Survival Tips
That was a great video, Walter!
Wow! That's a lot of material to get out of Ms. Pacman. That's some good writing smile.gif

Ooh! I just found TROOPS again! It's been forever since I've seen this. It's a truly excellent Star Wars spoof that fits seamlessly into the beginning of Star Wars smile.gif
Heh. I liked the PMS one too!

This one's not cute or funny. I was there, and everyone cried:
Not YouTube, exactly, but someone re-created a scene from The Big Lebowski using the bowling game on Wii, where you can customize your characters (NSFW).
Sacre bleu!

Canadian parody of Brokeback Mountain with "Bush" and "Harper".

The man who pokes his head in the tent is a politician named Andre Boisclair, a separatist. He says something to the effect of "Quebec won't get involved in this."

So disturbing.
Hehehe!!! This is cute. It's all in Spanish, but the premise is simple...cute little aliens go to earth and visit Moby.
Trapped in the CLAUSet
Real men knit:

Snafooey, that was absolutely hilarious!
Trapped in the Clauset is in 3 parts, so make sure you catch it all!
Ooo, Mary Poppins really is scary! Everyone's seen The Shining recut, right? That's my favorite!

This really made my day! I wonder if you can find out where they're protesting, so you can go and counter-protest.
Hee! the shining re-cut is great.

EDIT to add: I guess everyone has seen

Ten Things I Hate About The Commandments too? Hilarious..
Wolf Daddy, a really beautiful (and amusing) Korean animated short it still "anime" when it's Korean?
Thank you for that, Polly! I loved it so much I added it to my favorites. happy.gif
Ha! Another good movie re-cut!
This cartoon is so sad at the end (not really in a traumatic way or anything.) But it's so cute. It took two viewings to get what was going on.
This is fabulous!
This song is so stuck in my head! "My puss" by Margaret Cho and some homies.

ETA: Not entirely work safe, depending on where you work. (Everyone in my office was cracking up)
This is exactly what would happen to me if I tried robbing a liquor store.

Sorry if it's a re-post.


OOh! Shoes


These shoes cost 300 dollah!

QUOTE(ohmaude @ Oct 17 2006, 02:23 PM) *

Canadian Drag Queen! Shoes! Fire Dancers! This song has been stuck in my head all day, so AWESOME!

eta: to sell the link a bit more, I have showed it to so many people the past day.

Sorry wombat, that was posted awhile back.
First I've heard of it! laugh.gif

But it does stay in your brain.

I only scanned down one page. I guess my other source ain't as hip as y'all smile.gif

pollystyrene: I tried to watch that, but it said "video removed" sad.gif
ah who cares if something was posted already? someone might have missed it, post it all again i say. i can't be in here every day and it all makes me laugh.
Guy Love from Scrubs, the musical episode.
Seriously, how are there people out there who are not in love with this show?!
here here, "shoes" should be shared again and again.

This is all I want for christmas, ohhh if it could only be delivered by color me badd.
That is hilarious. Yeah, me and Batman have gotten into it later.
gem sweater be thy name.

and-gold pants lullaby

Lesly and the Lys! biggrin.gif
Next on your Christmas's Emo Elmo!
Aww, I was just going to post that! So funny!
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Dec 11 2006, 01:41 PM) *

Bill O'Reilly (and his "expert") respond to this....

I can't believe he's even responding....I take that back- I can believe he's responding. What I really don't believe that he's at all interested in the kid's welfare, he just can't handle someone mocking him. I love how him and his expert are so concerned that some wack-job is going to find out who this kid and her family are and hunt them down. Um, maybe not, until you mentioned it, you dumbasses! How they believe that this kid being told to say this this stuff is the ultimate form of child abuse is just offensive.

And now for something completely different. If you can figure out how this was done lemme know

Oh and Orielly is a total fucktard
I know this is not a YouTube link, but there is simply nowhere to share this hilarious pic, so my apologies for not being exactly on topic....

IPB Image
I posted this in the Okay thread, but I figured I should post it here, too. It's heeeelarious!!
sixelecat, you have brightened my day, and by extension, all my friends' days, by posting that picture. at least two of my friends have made Capt Kirk their computer desktop. fantastic!
Nice one sixel!
i like this.
and this one too. not that i understand that one, but i like it just the same.
/scratching head

I need to have my MIL the biology teacher explain that one to me....I get it. But I don't.
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