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i'm so hooked on there are so many interesting little videos and projects going on there and i was wondering if people could share some of their favorite youtube links. bustie recommendations are always the best. thanks in advance.

one of my current favorites is "the daily soup", with a series of episodes about this guy dating three different women. it's highly flawed from a feminist perspective, but entertaining. here's a link: first episode
Dirty Dancing: The Corner'ingation of Baby

ETA: Cucumberfruit, ha: "It's not like 'You're in me, you're busted!'"
thanks, cucumberfruit, for starting this thread!

Grizzly Bear Man
Oh, how I love the wonderous youtube!!

Here's my recent favorite: Jon Stewart schools Bill Bennett
OMG, Snaf that was so funny!
Jon Stewart just makes me want to touch myself. I could watch him argue with conservatives all damn day.
Indeed, kitten. He and Stephen Colbert are the only newslike shows I can stomach on teevee.

Oh, and that dirty dancing funny! Back in the day, I watched dirty dancing nearly everyday....*swoons for swayze*
"that's the gay ceiling?"

"we are going to simulate intercourse now."

SO funny

The Jon Stewart clip makes me laugh so much. He layed into him really well.

I carried a watermelon.

This degree of corneringation of Baby is all hooey, Senator.
I hate to be the stupid one here, but could someone please explain the Dirty Dancing clip to me? I felt like it was written in code.
Kittenb, I think it was written mostly in slang from the Twenties. I had to look some of it up - e.g., "struggle buggy" means backseat of a car - or I just inferred from the context (I've seen the original a million times; if you haven't, I can totally see how it wouldn't make any sense).
yeah, it's dirty dancing turned into a silent single-reeler from the 20's.

i never did figure out 'corneringation' though...
I like this
This is not a direct link to youtube, but to a blog carrying a youtube vid.

Totally worth 5 minutes of your day.

"You wanna preach? Let's preach!"
Wow, something I can agree with on Fox News- whoda thunk it?

It was entertaining, but I have to say, arguing with those Fred Phelps wackos is basically pointless- they're worse than the tr**ls around here. I think the best you can do is hope that the congregation dies off and the next generation is smarter than they are and it doesn't continue.
Jon Stewart's Post 9/11 opening speech.
the incredible machine.

skateboarding dog.

sondra prill's nasty boys, pump up the jam, toothpaste ad, and incredibly strange interviews.

what happens when you throw boiling water into the air on a typical winter day in saskatchewan?

a unique take on beatboxing.
Doodle, that Phelps link was fun! Most of Kansas is embarrassed those wackos are here....
Sometimes I actually wonder if the Phelps "church" is the best thing that ever happened to the gay rights movement....if they make even right wingers on Fox want to show compassion towards gays, maybe their hate serves a purpose after all.
oh man, the grape lady. Save watching it for someday when you're in a really bad mood, because it will turn your day right around. I laugh until I cry every time I see it.
moxiegirl com/cute_overload/

i don't know how to do links, but you all have to see this SLEEPPY kitten...
I like how it catches itself while dozing and tries to look all alert.
great for the dancing alone
How to do a link:

backslash + the word "link" + start curly bracket + URL + comma + description of URL + end curly bracket

Looks like this:

\link{,I Will Survive (Jesus Version)}

And when you post, you get this:

I Will Survive (Jesus Version)
but how do you do it so it opens a new window? huh?
To open in a new window, replace doodle's "\link" with "\newurl"

For more formatting tips, check out:

~North "starting to spend way too much time on youtube" pole~
Aw poor Jesus!

Here's mine
Why women get divorced

I really like the Hey Clip by The Pixies and two girls having fun.
Hey Clip
"Why women get divorced" was funny- any idea what the product is? I don't speak German. :-(

Dubya does Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Polly-it's Dutch. It says 'Mercator - Reside solutions' (Mercator - Woonoplossingen)
And than they say: 'Because you ever wanna live alone again'. (Omdat u ooit weer alleen gaat wonen.)

That's the translation from a guy in Rotterdam, can't say it explains a whole lot....

Although the Babel Fish translation was even more obscure and funnier:

mercator woonoplossingen. because you only will live ever nevertheless.
Ahh, sorry about the lingual mistake. Thanks- so it's like an apartment-finder service? Hee hee!
I would translate it as: Mercator, housing/living solutions. Because you will live alone again at some point.

And yes, it's meant to be a commercial for a financial service - I think they do loans and such. And btw, it's a Flemish commercial.
Oh, cool, smurfin, that makes so much more sense! The Rotterdam guy's explanation (from another board) wasn't all that clear. I don't know why I feel like I have to know these things, but it does make the commercial funnier!

And in a universally related kind of way, I've always liked this bit....
Oh, peterbilt...thank you for posting that Sunday Bloody Sunday video! I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face!!!
Catlady, for "Take On Me" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" alone I bookmarked that link.
Here it is!
holy crap, that. was. HYSTERICAL!!!

must forward, must forward......
Poignant and amazing: anderson
I don't know how they did this
Sarah Silverman does Chappelle's show

WHAT? Yaaay-yuh!
Er... disregard the last post. I gotta take my ADD meds again :-)
I got it right this time...

Woman has nervous breakdown on Maury show due to her fear of... PICKLES.

Now I crave pickles really bad. No lie. Note the girl in the middle too, she's getting over her fear of mustard.
Oh, snap! Excellent Maury material. I've never heard of pickle phobia, although I actually avoid eating them myself (ever since I got sick from them 16 years ago). But I don't run screaming and crying if I see them.

Maybe that girl's not for real and is just a good actress. I know that a lot of people make stuff up just to get on those types of shows. One can only hope...
the whole pickle thing was just... bizarre...
at first it was oddly funny, but then it was just sad. maury is a prick. that girl's got major problems and he's chasing her around with a pickle...

side note, i wonder if she has the same aversion to cucumbers?
Juno Reactor's "God is God" played over clips of surrealist Soviet film Color of Pomegranates

German 1960's Afri-Cola commercial (with nuns and creepy music!)
hee! link on your page g.
oh how I love ye:
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