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Full Version: Boyfriend put on my bra & panties
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The other night while I was folding my laudry, my boyfiend of 3 months started playing with one of my lacey pushup bras. He had had a few drinks. I finally told him that since he liked it so much that he should have to put it on. Well after some wrestling and prodding he was wearing the bra stuffed with some handy socks. Much to my shagrin my boyfriend is about my size. Soon after that I spied the matching full back panties and before he knew it he had those on also. I almost died of laughter he looked so funny, and pretty. Soon I had him dancing to some music. Unfortunatly because of the music neither of us heard my roomatate come home unexpectedly. She caught my boyfriend red faced in my lacey attire and squeled with joy and laughter. They don't get along very well so She had a field day teasing him.

Anyway I don't want anyone to find out about this. She thinks this incident is fair game.
I am worried about what people will think about my boyfriend if this gets out.
In retrospect I don't think many normal guys have put on their girlfriend's undies
Hi, monht, welcome to BUST!

I'm sure you didn't know it, but it works much better if you don't just start a new thread if you have a question/topic, but instead look for an existing thread to see if it will fit somewhere your case, this could have gone in the General Relationship Advice thread. You could cut/paste this post into that thread.

This way, we don't overwhelm the software and end up with a huge backload of dying threads!

If you have something that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, come on over to the Community Forum to ask if there is enough interest to start a new thread on that topic.

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and in the meantime, i don't think i have had a boyfriend that i HAVEN'T dressed up in my bra and panties. isn't that just a given at some point in the relationship? if someone catches me out doing something strange and bizarre i just counter with "ooh ya, our sex life is da bomb, he is So Freaking Kinky!" it always makes him feel like a king. Let that Freak Flag Fly i always say!
check us out in the general sex thread.
What is normal? Not a word I'm crazy about.
My boyfriend put on a cotton nightie I had, and I thought it was sexy as hell. Especially after a pulled him into the shower and got it wet.

I hope that he can take the sting out of your roommates teasing by refusing to let it bother him. He should laugh and admit to having a silly fun time with his girl.

The roommate though, should respect your privacy if asked too.

Oh well that's my two cents and then some.

Thanks for making me feel better. I am not sure if I can take you seriously though.
How did you get all these boys into your undies ?
Do you really think this goes on more than most would think ?
I know guys will never admit to it!
Anyway, I will admit it was lots of fun before my roommate showed up.
I pm'd you.
monht - You can definitely take *pepper* seriously and I must say that I have had more then a few boyfriends, back in the day, that liked to goof around by trying on my bra's or panties, hell, trying on all sorts of my clothes! I used to have a boyfriend that wore skirts (out on the town) on a regular basis! I even have pictures of my 1st hubby prancing about in this horrendous cropped hand knit, bright ass colored mini sweater with some huge flower things on his head and a full face of makeup looking like Chiquita Banana and NO it wasn't Halloween..... it was like a tuesday afternoon of a very normal week in our very normal, military life......
playing about like this is just not a huge deal and it doesn't change your fella's sexual orientation in the least, no matter what other peoples opinion of it is..... I would just have fun with it and be GLAD you have a fella who LIKES to have FUN with you! Alot of women aren't that lucky, I know.....
Oh yeah, AND welcome to BUST! :-) :-)
how DO i get those boys to do freaky things with me anyhow? i could tell you stories about my shenanigans that would curl your hair! i guess my boys have always just aimed to please. that and i pick freaky sexual wierdos as the lucky ones i let into my pants. wouldn't have it any other way in fact. i lurves me some kink. if he can't be brave and daring how the heck is he gonna keep me entertained? and if he minds what other people think, well, let me just say that he'd have to gag me every time to keep the whole neighbourhood from knowing what we was up to. heh heh. i just ain't that shy.

boys in panties are sexy. didja check out the manties?
The great fear of guys when it comes to "letting go" is that they'll go a step too weird and offend / repulse / frighten you off.

"Those boys," Pepper, need to know that the worst reaction you'll give them is "Nah, I'm not into that" and they won't be mocked, condemned or belittled if they share something kinky with you.

Convince them of that, and the freak floodgates will burst open. Guaranteed.
Um, reread Pepper's post in context, Alligator. She was explaining the secret of her success, not asking.


Well, it's still good general advice, just the same.

I need to stop posting while on drugs.
i have to say, this feeling that boys in panties is hot has me completely baffled. is this a generally widespread feeling among women? because if i found my BF in panties i dont think i could run fast enough in the other direction. i like my men all manly in boxers. panties makes me think hes hiding something from me. just the thought of that is kinda grossing me out, i wonder why.
As long as he isn't stretching out my pricey LaPerla, I'm down. I think it's crazy hot. I've dated 'crazy boxer short guy' & hey, 'I'ma put your draws on' guy is hotter. Silky draws feel good on my shit, it's gonna feel good on his, too. If his dick feels good, he's gonna make my yoni feel good, dig? You always see silk boxers, why not silk briefs? Better than tighty whitey, any day. Gimmee that Eddie Izzard action!
Right on, alligator!
silk boxers are one thing i think i could handle, but in my underwear nooo way. maybe i am just a big prude in that department. in fact, even boxer briefs are far from my favorite although it seems like the older guys i like prefer those. i also think its reminds me of strippers which completely and totally gross me out.

maybe i should try and get over these things, or maybe its just a personal preference i cant change. oh well.
Not trying to change anyone's personal preference -- far from it -- but my wife agrees with auralpoison. When she puts on her fancy undies and invites me into the bedroom, she often lays out a pair of her silk panties for me to wear, too. She says I feel good to her through the silk, same as she feels good to me through her panties. I ain't fighting it. It's incredibly sexy and I wish I had thought to ask for it years ago.

Which reminds me: many years ago, a girlfriend told me that one of her favorite ways to masturbate was through her panties. I asked why, thinking it would be better to touch yourself directly. She answered, "Because it's sexier through the nylon." I didn't think to ask for details, like if she meant the way it felt to her fingers, to her pussy, or both, or what. At the moment, I was too excited to frame any questions....
Maybe I'm a perv (Okay, yes, I'm a *total* pervert & admit it freely. I let my freak flag fly.) but I think it's cool. I say boxer briefs or commando. For some reason I think it's really hot to be able to take a guy shopping for lingerie. I've tried on/let boys buy me stuff, & for them to to get in on the action is groovy like a record. Sexy is sexy is sexy is sexy. I don't have gender issues & I figure a garment is a garment. If it makes us both feel good so be it.
word, AP

We don't have this problem (? issue? kink?), since neither of us particularly cares for underwear of any variety. Eep! No coverage for my ladybits...except the large boobehs. Can't go without bras. Hurts too much.

I'm picturing Mr.Luci in something sheer right now, and frankly, it's not sexy, because I know he would be striking some sort of Captain America hands-on-hips pose and I would fall on my ass laughing at him.
oh well ill let them take me lingerie shopping, now THAT is hot. letting them pick it out for me and stuff, i am SO there. i am also thinking that if a guys junk could fit in my underwear, that would present a whole other problematic issue:-)
I can't actually think of anything that an erect penis wouldn't look good with. They're just damn sexy, and if they're wearing something it's like unwrapping a present.
ooh, the last time i had a boy in my panties (ha ha) it was a red lace side snap (stripper panties, quick release!) thong and it was F-ing HOTT! yowch! i think i even posted that story here. hmm.
they did NOT fit all of his package, thank the goddess, and they got mighty damp and damaged over the course of one hot sweaty raunchy evening of debauch. gah, i miss that boy, i do. he would do Anything. he was so nice.
What venetia said. Sometimes a bit of nice fabric can be your friend.
ahhh maybe my issue is that i dont find penis's attractive at all. i mean dont get me wrong, i love what they do, but i generally find them to be ugly. i am more about the entire package, not just the one downstairs, so i rather see him all manly in boxers than his ugly penis hanging out of my underwear. and i agree luci, any guy i know would just make a joke of it in that capt american sort of way. if he tried to be serious, then I would laugh and be like dude, you have my underwear on. lol.
yeah katiebelle, if my dude wore my bra/panties, it'd probably just be funny, not sexy. I just can't imagine it.

I also agree that I don't necessarily think cock's are all that attractive. I mean, I love seeing a hard on through a pair of jeans, or in his sexy underwear, but not so much in mine. I dunno...

Maybe I'll have to experiment and report back :-)
See, now I think funny *is* sexy. I like a laugh in the sack. And I like cocks. I think they're neat. They're like snowflakes!
Because each one is unique, or because they melt when you touch them...?
Because it's fun to catch them on your tongue, of course.
Thanks for all the comments.
Other than my girl friend buying him some lace trimmed Hanes her way panties things have settled down.
Even though I am embarrased For my boyfriend for some silly reason I actually respect him more.
He really looked pretty feminine in my undies and it took a lot of courage.
I agree with the person that posted that what was sexy was that he was being funny for me.

I do have this babydoll that I am dieing to see him in, what are the chances ?
I bet pretty good.
Ven, I think you maybe my sister from another mother, you sexy thing, you...

Monht85, hey, he already wore your draws. A couple glasses of wine & some encouragement, he'll be doing the babydoll shimmy shimmy in no time... just make sure your roomie is out of town, 'cause humiliation ain't sexy!

The last time a boy wore my panties they were hot pink with black trim, they laced up the sides with black ribbon & had a Chinese fan printed on the bootay & a fortune cookie on the crotch. There was some wicked-good foreplay as I undid each side to get at his package.

I went home with a guy from a Halloween party once (Oddly, the same night I introduced my friend to make-up, but that's a story from another thread!) that I found cooking me eggs in the skirt I'd been wearing the night before. He hadn't been able to find his pants/underwear, but didn't want to risk burning his weiner whilst making brekkie & my skirt was the first garment he came across.
Alright Aural, you mentioned makeup, which made me think of this. One time my ex-boyfriend let my daughter and I put makeup on him. It was funny at first until we got to the eyeliner. Then we both just looked at each other and freaked out. We could not get that makeup off of him fast enough. It was some truly SCARY stuff. He thought it was funny.

Yes, and then later on that summer he put my bikini bottoms on when I was in the shower. It was kind of funny seeing my purple leopard print bottoms on a guy that's 6-5 220.

That's all I have to contribute to this converstaion. There's a limit to the extent of my experience with this! Is that a bad thing? ;-)
After Aural's post about the babydoll shimmy shimy I had to go for it last night with my boyfriend. He already knows my rooomy is gone for the weekend Let me know what you think of the setup:
After several glasses of wine I told him I was thinking about slipping into some lingerie. He was very excited about the idea. I waited about 5 minutes and came out still dressed but with two babydoll nighties in my hand. I told him I just couldn't decide. I showed each to him.He said either one would look great. I could tell he was getting impatient. Anyway I said here help me you hold them up. So he reluctantly got up and I made him hold out the nighties in front of him. I then got this look of inspiration and said " oh my god you wear one and I will wear the other " pause " We'll have a girls slumber party " Before he could think or talk much he was in his nightie. Oh it was so much fun I made him pretend to be a girl for over an hour!
The sex afterword was unbelievable !
I just don't know where we go from here.
holy crap. that is SO awesome.
colour me jealous already. yow!
Before this thread dies out altogether, I just want to note that whoever named boyshorts wasn't a boy. Regular women's briefs or bikini panties fit boys better.

But use whatever's handy...lingerie has probably saved more marriages than the entire counseling industry. As Pepper said below, Let that Freak Flag Fly.
I dated a guy who was into putting on my clothes. I didn't feel one way or another about it until he gave my back a pair of my panties he had worn with a big skid mark on them. Ewwwww.
lingerie would entirely ruin my marriage if i was married, and most other girls i know as well. clearly this is a entirely different demographic. I am just not seeing it, part of me wishes I did, and part of me is glad i just like men who are thoroughly and completely men all the way around. maybe its socialization but i seriously cant think of a bigger turnoff than a man in womens panties. except maybe a man in women's panties who leave skidmarks kittenbonanza! yipes!
I appreciate a man that's confident in his sexuality. Wearing my panties doesn't make him any less masculine in my eyes, it kind of actually makes him more. It tells me he appreciates the duality of his person & isn't afraid of it. We're all female in the womb until biology kicks in, right? A man is a man is a man is a man. As long as he's got the necessary plumbing & is comfortable with himself, I'm cool with just about anything but pedo/beastiality/waste. To me a garment makes little difference. It's a piece of fabric, nothing more nothing less. I dated a stockbroker once that used to get turned on by me wearing his boxerbriefs & his unbuttoned, pinstriped Brooks Brothers shirts. Why is it okay for me to do that, but a guy isn't supposed to wear my things? I call double standard!

Cleanoldguy, *I* mentioned the freak flag, not Pepper.
auralpoison, sorry about the mistaken attribution. And I agree with your comments. A long-ago lover of mine went nuts if I wore a certain shirt--she wouldn't let me take it off while we made love. I had the good sense not to ask her to explain why. If the magic works, you don't necessarily want to know how the trick is done.

What makes sex "sexy" varies for every person and couple. At our house, play is a very important part of our love lives, and play takes many forms. The current topic is about just one of them.
Totally. Attraction is subjective & cannot be quantified.
yeah, AP do you think this is something you (meaning I) can work on, or do you think its a matter of individual taste that is just inherent in a persons being? Cause I wouldnt mind being a little more open minded in that respect. The question is can attraction be forced?
'I had the good sense not to ask her to explain why. If the magic works, you don't necessarily want to know how the trick is done.'

i love that.
Katiebelle, I don't understand why you would want to take on other people's kinks? If you're bored by your sex life, maybe it's more exciting for you to work on finding out more things that you yourself like? Much more fun than than trying to make yourself acquire a taste for something that you don't like at all and that seems to disturb you...

I have found that I can't predict all the things that I'll like, until I try them. There's a few things that sounded blah or even ewww that it turns out I really enjoy after all (who knows why), and other things that I thought would be the hottest things ever that turned out to be not as fun or exciting as I thought they would be.
It's definately about trial & error, but you do have to at least *try* something to see if it really squicks you out or turns you on. On a scale of one to five (for me at least) cross dressing isn't as squicky as, say coprophagia which is a dead solid five. I think as long as it is an occasional thing & not a full blown, "I can't get off unless I'm wearing your panties" thing, it's not wrong to indulge a lover now & again.

I also think that in Katie's case she's not wanting to take on anybody's kink, I think she'd just like to be a little more open minded & tolerant of alternative sexual practices. All in all, in my book cross dressing is pretty vanilla & non-threatening. I'm just about willing to try anything once & if I don't like it, it won't become a regular part of the repertoire.

See this is where that kinda double standard thing comes in again. When a woman comes into one of the sex threads bemoaning that her boyfriend won't go down on her because it's icky, 90% of Busties scream DTMFA & tell her what an insensitive bastard he is for not meeting her needs. In situations like this it's 'why would you want to take on other people's kinks?' Because I wish to be a considerate lover & show him the same courtesy he shows me. I dated a guy that liked to lick my armpits during foreplay. Did I like it? No, not really, but it was a small concession on my part for his pleasure. We didn't have to do it every single time, but it turned him on so much that it turned me on to know that my letting him lick a part of me that's generally ignored drove him wild. I just made sure to wash off the deoderant before we started.

Also, I think age has a lot to do with it. Katies's damned near ten years younger than me & I have to say that it has taken me time to cultivate my inner pervert. There are a lot of things that at twenty-three I couldn't have imagined doing that in the years subsequent I have done & enjoyed. Just look at the anal sex thread. A lot of girls are timid about it, but through the support of ass lovin' Busties found it to be a pleasurable addition to their love lives. If you're not with a careful lover, anal can result in tearing, bleeding & pain. Panties never hurt anybody.

I don't appreciate you suggessting my boyfriend is less of a man than yours. Being confident playful and fun does not take away from a guy. He wore lingerie, we had fun ! The turn on was not in how he looked in panties but in how he was willing to be playful with me at the expense of his ego.
The double standard thing really pisses me off! If I go out and put on grubby clothes to change the oil in my car, I am thought of as smart and indpendent woman. If a guy acts feminine he is a homo.
Until your man is willing to do something as brave as my man, don't try putting mine down
WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! I don't think Katie was trying to suggest that your man is anything less than a man, Monht85, I think she was just expressing her own personal discomfort with the idea of a man in women's undergarments as far as her ideas of gender identity go. Her concept of masculine leans more to the John Wayne type, while we lean towards a more fun/fluid/secure type. She wasn't trying to insult you or your baby, she's just trying to wrap her head around an idea that completely contradicts her thoughts on masculinity.
I would love my boy to do this. Now his boxer briefs are as sexy as hell, but.... well, shit you all know what a big crush I have on Eddie Izzard... nudge nudge. wink wink.

May have to have him take me lingirie shopping... I did mention that I liked some bras at Target today (as a big hint... in fact I wore one of my new ones today, and the other one I wore on like Thursday, and got free coffee from Starbucks crush. Guess it makes the girls look even bigger....). Hopefully, he'll get the hint.

Then again, have another friend who is now married, who just likes to buy me pretty things, and sees me dress up in them. I love my lingerie fetish friend.
Auralpoison, I wasn't wondering why anyone would do some stuff a lover might like! I completely agree with you. Besides, if my partner is turned on by something, that goes some way to make it seem exciting even if it isn't in itself.

I just get the impression Katiebelle isn't being asked to do this particular thing by her partner, so I wondered why she was focussing on it. It also sounds to me like a total five on her scale: "lingerie would entirely ruin my marriage if I was married". Anyway I'll stop conjecturing - she's the one who knows what she means.
Aaaaaah! Ven, I see, my error! I misinterpreted the gist of your post. A thousand pardons. Like I said, I think she just wants to be more open minded to kink. I say give it time. She'll be just as big as a perv as I am.
tee hee. Yeah I think you're right. Good things take time, all nice things to those who wait, etc. :-)
Whoa I leave for a day and it seems i started a fight! Allow me to explain even though the wonderful AP pretty much hit the nail on the head. Moht, I was in no way saying that my man (and I dont have one thanks) is more of a "man" than yours. I was just expressing that this is how I view a certain thing and trying to figure out WHY exactly I feel that way. Also, in no way would it make me view a man as a homo, thats not why it's unnattractive to me. My lingerie comment was, as I thought people might realize, a hyperbole, much like cleanoldguys assertion that it has saved more marriages then therapy. It was toungue in cheek and I am sorry if it came off the wrong way.

And AP's right, I DO want to be more open minded about stuff, and I think for me to abe able to do that includes figuring out why i feel a certain way to begin with. This is especially true with feelings that I personally think are reiterated and enforced by societal norms (like "real" men dont wear panties).

What is even more confusing about this idea for me is that I KNOW about gender identity and how it is fluid, and I also happent o be a very sexual person, so its very surprising to me that i don't find these types of things attractive. It could possibly have something to do with the fact that while i dont look down on people gender bending, it's just something that doesnt personally turn me on. I dont think it's wrong or anything, it just doesnt do it for me.

I think AP is right about how people need time to embrace their inner perv. I did just turn 24, and college (where i would say most of my sexual experiences happened) is not exactly the environment to really try and find yourself sexually. Maybe because hormones are racing and you basically are just wanted to get laid, not necessarily experiment bc everyone is insecure about finding different ways you can enjoy yourself sexually that are out of the mainstream.

who knows, now i am just rambling and its 3am, but, the bottomline is that I wasnt trying to offend anyone (if anything i admire everyone here!) but instead trying to figure out why I feel a certain way, and perhaps try to change my narrow view of things.
katie, I don't think attraction can (or should!) be forced, necessarily, but I definitely think it can change and evolve over time. There are a lot of things that I never used to think of as sexy but instead embarassing and just silly that I think are totally hot now. It just came from experimenting, either in fantasy or with a partner, and more exposure to the kink in question in a sexual situation. For instance, in this case, it might help to look at porn or read erotica featuring men in panties. Seeing them turned on and turning on their partners can make it sexier than just picturing a man in panties which might make you laugh/freak out. You might end up finding it sexy or you might not, you don't know until you try, right? But hey, don't be hard on yourself. There's nothing wrong with saying "not my kink" and leaving it at that.

Edit: I cross-posted with katie. And I have to add that I think it's really important, interesting and fun to question what turns us on. So yay!
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