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Ok girls, here it is. The sports/eye make-up thread.
discuss those sparkles to your hearts content!

From Sybarite "What are your thoughts on boy eyeliner? Should they be borrowing ours, or should they just buy their own? I've had complaints that my eyeliner pencils just look too 'girly' and that someone should really manufacture eyeliner specifically aimed at those boys who just want to use eyeliner now and then, when they go out, say.

I'm sure this is a hot topic so I eagerly await your feedback!"

Well Syb, i wouldn't want to share eye products but what we used to do when i worked at the bodyshop was just use an eye pencil sharpener between make overs to keep things clean. if he only wants to use it occasionally why bother buying a new pencil? you're supposed to throw them out once a year and i doubt he'll even get through a third of one of his own. as for the pencil itself being too girly looking, well, he's just have to suck it up won't he? perhaps he won't feel so bad if he gets you to apply it for him? that's kinda sexy anyhow.

i've gotten too old for sparkly eye make up (it just sinks into the creases) and i am so sad! anyone got any suggestions for an updated more mature but still fun as all get out look? i miss the teenage me.

Hee! just poking some fun.
*pouts* Aw pepper! I wanted to start my own totally spurious thread!

But anyway...

The boys I know get so embarrassed applying my 'girly' eyeliner that they insist on putting it on in the dark, where they can't be seen.

This of course, leads to a whole new look in 'messy' eyeliner. I continue to chart this fascinating phenomenon with bated breath, and invite you all to join me in this most essential thread. Community forum, schmunity forum, I say.

Less than 10% truth was used in the making of above statement.
Starting spite threads?? Seriously....

*shakes a disaproving finger at both of you ladies, while flashing you scornful glances*
What does rebellion taste like BUSTies?
hee! ah, these two threads are the highlight of my day.

hmm, the messy eyeliner trend you say? sounds intriguing. i'll have to investigate with some dark room applications of my own. hope i don't poke my eye out! wish me luck...
Pepper...I have taken to sometimes putting on a smokey silver all over my eyelip up to the brow...kinda sparkly plus it highligts and kinda lightens up some of the folds!
so *that's* how boys get the messy eyeliner look, putting it on in the dark! i will have to try that tonight, i think.

another question: why is it that boys look so much better in eyeliner than i do? is it because of the 'in-the-dark' application? because it's less expected? i know it's not because they look better than me to begin with, for i am teh hawt!

also, my friend and i decided that we should have the power, as women, to determine which boys will look good in eyeliner, and forcibly apply it if necessary. what do you guys think? if a boy is just screaming for some smoky eyes, should we not do him the service of applying it for him? that way he won't have to admit he put it on himself, so he looks extra-hot without losing manly points with the guys. thoughts?

this is just for spurious and silly makeup discussion, oui? the hardcore stuff will stay in don't hate me, this is for when we need to let off some steam and just be silly?
Now here's a pressing question....Why can I apply eyeliner perfectly on my left eye, but am not so smooth on the right...having been wearing makeup for 15+ years, why can I not get this down???
I love BUST so much today! I came home from errands and have laughed so hard for about 5 minutes!
See, tyger, that's the way forward. It's obvious men don't know their own minds well enough to correctly assess their actual eyeliner needs... so it's up to us women to save them from bad eyeliner choices.

Now I think about it, this should be enshrined in law. For the sake of clarity, all men should be considered in a 'pre-eyeliner' state until they can be properly assessed...

Tyger, yes; my knowledge of all things eyeliner is actually pretty scanty... not that I'll let that stop me mouthing off here! :-)
syb - you are absolutely right! I must inform turboman of his newly diagnosed condition!
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