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I figured that since cars are of universal interest, there ought to be a thread for it somewhere. I couldn't find an existing thread or a truly suitable forum, but I figured that this was the best I could do.

First of all, what do you find to be the most beautiful car of all time? I guess I'd have to go with the late 50's early 60's Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, although there are really too many gorgeous cars to pick just one.

Another thing I want to know is what you think of a man driving a Mazda Miata. They're really neat-looking little cars, but somehow they got a reputation for being girl cars. Any thoughts?
Yeah, I hate to play to stereotypes, but when my husband goes on about cars (or welding equipment or boats), I start to talk about makeup (just because it's the first thing I thought of that he absolutely no interest in). And then he says, "I'm such a horrible man!"

So in that spirit, I just love Stila lip glaze! So glossy, yet stays on a decent amount of time. Plus, I like their sporty packaging. (heh)
Ah lip glaze/gloss... so much better than lipstick/pencil (it doesn't cake in an unattractive way). My favourite of the moment (also in nice packaging) is Ruby and Millie hot gloss which burns your lips in a pleasant way (a little amount of pain will be endured to look pretty). I don't like how my hair sticks to it in the wind (when I am in one of those convertible things with the roof down and the wind in my face...). The smell too makes me tingle like new c*r smell. We too can get hot and bothered about things, just like macho examples of the male of the species can; make up self-propels me.

Oh, and "girl cars" - do you mean a Barbie toy jeep? Where's my Ken when I need my tyre changed... ?
hmm, that burny lip thing reminds me of something interesting.
my friend came home with a TWENTY dollar tube of lip gloss (not even glossy) that was supposed to "plump" her lips up naturally. no lip injections, just smear this stuff on a few times a day and presto, a bee stung kisser. it tingle/burned too so i took a look at the ingredients and the main one was cinnamide so i decided to just make up a batch of my own and test it out.
i mixed up some beeswax, a blend of natural oils, a drop of honey and a teeny bit of cinnamon oil and poured it all into vials. it's actually the best lip gloss i've ever had, fairly glossy, conditions the lips, tingles just enough to stimulate some extra blood flow for slightly fully, darker pink lips, and it tastes a teeny bit sweet.
can we start a sporting thread to talk about eyeshadow? i love make up.
What are your thoughts on boy eyeliner? Should they be borrowing ours, or should they just buy their own? I've had complaints that my eyeliner pencils just look too 'girly' and that someone should really manufacture eyeliner specifically aimed at those boys who just want to use eyeliner now and then, when they go out, say.

I'm sure this is a hot topic so I eagerly await your feedback!
no, no! this is the LIP gloss/car thread! i'll start an eye make up thread for you. hang on a sec.
My exhusband used to drive my Miata a lot...but then again, that probably doesn't answer your question...*shaking head and walking off*
great idea pepper! I think you may have inspired me to get the mad scientist kitchen going this afternoon and make some more gloss and bath goodies...definitely some bath bombs, maybe even some bubble bars...
Pixiedust, at least you actually addressed the intended subject of the thread. Plus, your commentary does tell me that at least some heterosexual men are not embarassed to drive a Mazda Miata.

As for the rest of you, let me point out some irony. I started a legitimate thread about a subject that affects most everyone (pretty much everyone drives) and you put irrelevant subject matter in it. It is now a mislabeled thread taking up space in YOUR website. Basically, this means that you all have polluted (or *trolled*) YOUR OWN FRIGGIN' WEBSITE! I don't know whether to be aggravated or just laugh. I think I'll do the latter. Anyway, I'll leave you to it.
Numbnuts, starting a thread without actually waiting to see if anyone is interested is akin to knocking on someone's door and then walking in on them anyway before they have a chance to respond.

Get a clue.
Numbnuts...i did not confirm that my ex is heterosexual..just that he used to drive my car. And as gratutious oportunities to innocently zing my ex dn't come along often, so I had to post on topic.
Now as for the guyliner...I have noticed that soft brown looks best on most guys. I would also go with dusty rose type of lipstick on a guy. I used to do a bunch of theater and have made up many, many men. Mine were always the prettiest without looking drag.
ETA: It has been my experience that Miata's are mostly driven by lonely, middle aged men who lack the money to buy a real sports car.
oh. lipstick on guys. this almost deserves it's own thread. but i won't, i got the finger shook at me already today.
seriously, dusty rose? if i squidge up my imagination real hard i can almost imagine it. it's the gloss that's throwing me off though. boys with glossy lips look like they're trying too hard.
All I can say is to repeat something that I was told during my apprenticeship:

It takes a hundred "atta boys" to erase one "oh, shit".

numbnuts, I'm not going to take sides here...but you've got a few "atta boys" you've gotta earn before your "oh shit" is erased. I'm just sayin'.

As for men in lipstick, I'm kinda *meh. Eyeliner can be hot.

What about the new VW bugs, with the flower vase? I like those. I had a (male) partner at work and I pointed it out that they had a vase so he made a vase in his WORK VAN. (he was so weird but I luvvved him!)
i. hate. those. cars. ggrrrr.
what was so wrong with the original version? they just HAD to yuppify them along with the sell-out ex-hippies eh? lame-o. even the flower does not redeem them, and i love flowers.
love the new smart cars though, so frikken cute and teensy. there are two in my town, a red one and a blue one, and this is a Small town!
now, if only a boy in smokey taupe eyeliner and dusty rose matt lipstick were driving one... hee!
I want this car. It is powered by hamsters. Seriously. (Some Japanese students built it for a competition. They were probably wearing guyliner at the time.)
ha ha haha!!

sixelacat, that is the best thing I have ever seen.
Well, the original vw bugs were death traps on wheels. As my mom said, "everyone of my generation knows someone who died or was seriously injured in one of those." Because the engine was in back and the trunk in front, if you rear-ended someone (which is the most common way to crash into someone) there was nothing between you and the other car to take some impact.

For my mom, she knew a girl in high school who was impaled on the steering column after rear-ending someone.

Not to say I don't love the old bugs- I just saw 2 the other day that were beautifully maintained- one in a gold color and the other in a bright metallic glittery lime green. But I would never own one!
When my mom bought a dark red Toyota Echo, I tried to persuade her to put huge black polka dots on it, to make it look like a ladybug.

I wasn't successful at that, but I did recently (delicately) persuade my mom to give up the hard pinky-red lipliner and lipstick she's been wearing since 1981.

(Nice transition, hey? Hey?)
hey, we had a rattle trap of an ancient beatle that my pops drove right into the ground. we didn't know anyone personally who got so much as injured in a bug but why take a chance eh? these days it's all about the safety. and the lip gloss, of course.
Hey, you know what's even better than a car?
A bike.
My bike used to belong to my dad. It's a mountain bike, but I only ride in the city right now, so when I had to get the back tire changed I got a commuter tire put on it. It looks funny with the thick, knobby tire on front and the thin road bike tire on the back, but I love it.

I cannot apply lip gloss while I'm riding my bike though. That's the thing about biking. Gee, if only I were just like pretty much everyone else and I drove...

I hate it when people's lipstick or sunglasses matches their car. HATE.
I also like it when boys dye their eyelashes.

But I prefer men to own their own stuff. I used to flat with this guy who was always pinching my makeup, hairdye, nail polish, etc and it gets to be a drain on the finances not to mention annoying when they flatten out all your pointy tips.

Hmm I always like minis, morris minors, vws, but then I think I could get crunched if I had an accident. No need to worry just yet, as I can't even drive and don't have a drivers license. I live in such a traffic congested city I prefer to live close where I can walk to school or work.

(was AMAZED in London that their morning rush hour started so late and really didn't seem to be hours and hours long like ours.)

Snafooey, if you're not interested in the thread, then why'd you click on it and read it? That's like going to a Chinese restaurant and saying, "Hmm, I hate Chinese food. I think I'll eat here." You tell me to get a clue? Wow.
Pixiedust, I figured that since you ex was married that he was straight. I guess it is could be that he turned gay for some reason (if that's possible), he was bisexual, or that you and he were two married gay men in the first place...that's already more though than this deserves. My apologies.
Numbnuts, I know my busties and I pretty much figured what was going to happen. I expected to be amused and I was.
Snafooey, come to think of it, it is silly of me to take it that seriously. By the way, I can't believe you're on here at this hour. You're weird. Wait...I'm here at the same time...Nevermind. :-)
Treehugger, I take it that you've read some of my *less popular* work. Fair enough. By the way, are you calling this thread an "atta boy" or another "oh, shit"? Just curious.
numbnuts, could you please learn to edit posts to add what you want to say rather than double-posting? sheeesh.

Oh, btw, this thread was another "oh shit" from you; suggesting it in the community forum, having someone tell you there was no need for it and then doing it anyway is worse than simply staring a spurious thread. Get the message numbnut (singular, as in brain).

battygurl, do you have a pretty wicker basket attached to the front of your bicycle? cos that would be so convenient, to hold bag and make-up bag or a single tube of lipgloss to reapply at traffic lights (if your bike doesn't have mirrors and you are one of those girls who needs to apply using a mirror, don't fret - shop windows work wonders.)
Oops, I forgot I even made that post in the community forum. I did some searches on my own afterwards and added the new thread. Sorry.

In my defense, however, nobody is making all of you click on this thread anyway. If you're not interested, feel free to read the other threads or start your own thread, and leave this one well alone. (As Tyger points out in the community forum, you're keeping it alive by posting in it to complain about it.) If there really is nobody who cares about this thread, it'll eventually go to the bottom, be forgotten, and eventually deleted - no big deal. It's amazing how much some of you people bitch about something that doesn't really affect you.
bunnyb, I don't have mirrors or a basket. I am so bad at this girl stuff. Maybe I could replace my water bottle holder with a make up kit holder? The shop window thing is a good tip.
numbnuts, i wasn't referring to this thread in the post you paraphrased. you shouldn't go around assuming that posts that name no names have anything to do with you at all. it's really kind of self-centered. i actually love this thread, and made a post about it, even. like i said in the community forum, i love this thread, because lipgloss you can wear without your hair sticking in it from driving around is a VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC. we're not bitching about it. we're taking a thread and using it, so as not to waste a useless thread (as has been done on various other occasions).

also, could we maybe stop de-railing the thread with actual car talk? that's not what this is for, people! also remember, the guyliner discussion really needs to stay in the sports thread where it belongs! i don't know where the boy lipstick talk should go, though. i mean, it has boys, but it's also talking about lip-region makeup. should we have a vote? or a deathrace? oooh, deathrace. with makeup obstacles! so, we're going to need two death-race participants, one who wants to talk about boy lipstick in here, and one who wants to talk about it in the sports thread. also, because it is a death race, you will have to accept that there is a chance you will end up dead in the end. of course, this is such a pressing decision that i'm sure people won't mind. :P

shop windows are great for makeup application or just checking yourself out. expecially the ones that are windows on the outside but are actually walls on the inside. they're effectively black mirrors
*snorting giggly fit* hee!

oh, windows are the best mirrors aren't they? they're like a soft focus camera, blurring out all the details so i look even better than i imagined i did. a real confidence booster whilst out and about on my bike. oh, i miss my bike. darn this hilly mountain town anyhow. pooh.
Actually Tyger, since the posts before yours were talking about this thread in terms of thread waste and how I shouldn't have added it, assuming yours was along those lines wasn't self-centered, it was logical. Come to think of it, unless you were in your own little world when you wrote that, you must have been talking about this thread. Besides, your statement is true of any unwanted thread. I suspect that you people (you know who you are) are acting dumber than you really are just to aggravate and "get back at" me, which would make you trolls. I think this is the last time I'll be feeding you.
ya, buh bye now.
I just found out my old high school boyfriend (whom I haven't seen or talked to in 20 years, till this weekend) and I drive the same car, right down to the hatchback factor. They're only 3 years apart in make. Which is a pretty odd coincidence when you think about it.

My high school boyfriend let me make up his face once - eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, the works. And he wore a skirt and we did his hair, and he allowed me to present him (as a practical joke) to our friends as my distant aunt. You have to admit, it was pretty good-humoured of him.
He just doesn't get it, does he?

my boy's hairdresser uses straighteners on his hair (the spiky bit at front) which I've always thought is cute.

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