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Full Version: Keeping Us Full When There's Nothing in the Fridge: The Food Network
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I hope everybody likes the title. So I wanted to start this thread cause I feel it would defenitly thrive with the Busties.

So I guess to start the thread off I will give you a run-down of my personal opinions of some of the shows.

Good Eats (of course I'm going to put it first! duh!) - I really love this show. I LOVE Alton Brown and I have recently learned I am not alone on this with fellow busties. He/the show are so quirky and so unlike the other shows.

30 Min Meals - I don't mind Rachael Ray and I even have one of her cookbooks (I recieved it as a gift and i've actually cooked out of it). Some of her recipes are odd, and some seem like they would be tasty. It kinda sucks that those meals only take 30 min. if you have mad knife and multi-tasking skills.

Paula Deen - I wish was part of my family! Her food always looks SOOOOOO good and she seems like the sweetest person ever.

Iron Chef America - I like it better than the original. I HATE how that one food critic with white hair always eats like a pig.
I love Paula Deen--she seems "real!"

I'm an Emeril junkie, though. There. I've said it--I'm officially out of the closet.

I guess I like Emeril and Paula so much, because they use EVERYTHING in the kitchen on their shows. I like to "multi task" in the kitchen--and everywhere else.

Now that damned Sandra Lee just crawls up my ass. She TOTALLY chaps me. Something about a store-bought angel food cake and cool whip gives me the skeeves.

Just my two cents.

Hope this thread ROCKS!
i loooooove good eats and alton brown. it's so different than any cooking show.

rachael ray kinda gets on my nerves with her incessant talking. it's like her mouth is on speed.

and iron chef america is awesome! far awesomer than regular iron chef

i'm in canada, so i get slightly different programming. i love nigella lawson, and the barefoot contessa, too. though my hips grow wider just *watching* them cook! :P
Yay for creating this tread. :-)

Damn, where do I start? I love Emeril. He opened up a restaurant here in Atlanta, but I haven't been yet. I heard it was too pricey. I'd still like to go though.

I want Paula as an aunt. I had no idea she was in that crappy movie, Elizabethtown. My parents went to her restaurant in Savannah. They said it was really good.

I want to marry Alton Brown (he films the show in GA, so I keep thinking one day maybe I'll run into him at Harrys or one of the Krogers). I love that his show is quirky and educational.

Rachael Ray is a good cook, but sometimes her perkiness bugs the shit out of me. But, her meals look fun, and I'd like to get one of her cookbooks.

I had the chance to go to Mesa Grille last time I was in NY. My mother and I were such the Food Network groupies. Apparantly, there's a Bobby Flay clone that works there. We thought it was him. I had one of the best cheeseburgers in my life. We went for lunch. Highly reccomend it.

Iron Chef America, I also like better than the original. I was a fan of their reality cooking show better than the Bravo one.

"that damned Sandra Lee just crawls up my ass." bwah! I *hate* the intro to her show. None of the other shows need to explain the concept behind them -- why does she?

I like the food porn shows -- Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Paula Deen.

I Emeril okay, except when he's live. Emeril: "and now, we add salt." Audience: "AHHHHHH!!!!!!" People, it's salt, not the Beatles arriving in America for the first time.
Oooh, I'm gonna piss some of you off here.
But first, thanks for starting this thread!

Let me preface this by saying I am a cook.

Good eats. I looove alton. I have learned countless things from him.

Emeril. I know he can cook, but he had basically downgraded himself to hack in my eyes. BAM! What the hell is that?

Bobby Flay. Squirt some red pepper sauce on something and call it southwestern. Yuck. Plus, he seems like the kind of the guy, when your giving him a blow job, he would push your head down and say, "keep sucking." I couldn't believe that he beat Rick Bayless on ICA. Rick's food was far better.

Rachel Ray, and that Sandra Lee. Don't get me started. I find it hard to believe RR has never had a bad meal at any of those places she has visited. My restaurant was on one of her shows, It made me sad. But, after the episode aired we were packed every night.

Paula Deen. Her food looks sooo yummy. I adore the woman.

Giada. She never seems to really even eat her food. Don't trust a cook who won't eat their own stuff.

I miss Sarah Moulton.
but taloo, if giada ate her food she would lose her bobble-headed appearance :P nobody would want that, would they?
taloo! You are SO SO SO right - where is our beloved Sara Moulton - that was the best show ever! And what about "Ready, Set Cook!" that shows my age old food network love!

And Tyler - I need my Tyler to come back - I've cooked alot of Tyler's stuff.

Oh, and even though he's a little too Napa for me, Michael Chiarello is my boyfriend. Mine! So hands of chicas, 'cause when I grow up, I'm going to be his household sous chef and live on the vineyard with him. I loved Michael when he was on PBS, and I'm glad I get to see him even more often on food tv. And hands down, I have cooked more of Michael's recipes than any other chef. ever. I have both of his cookbooks, but I'm more likely to watch the show and get inspired.

Emeril is a troll. I've never been able to stand him...but like with my dread of Rachel Ray, its more a personality thing than anything I have against their food.

We love to watch Giada Sluts (that's what we call her here), almost more for the cleavage than food. Its a beautifully crafted show, but I've never been tempted to make anything of hers....but then I'm a non-dairy/wheat girl, so Italian can get kind of hard that way.

Alton....there is not enough love in world for that entertaining mad scientist! I really appreciate the actual educational nature of the show...I actually LEARN something there...its not just all food style.

Uh....I'm a junkie. I can't help myself. Thanks for giving us a space to share the addiction!
My boyfriend's brother met Alton Brown at a food industry convention. He said Alton is a really nice guy, stayed around to talk to him, let him get a picture with him.

Alton even ended up ordering a bunch of the food dispensers that the company my boyfriend's brother worked for manufactured. Ever seen the episode about rice, and he has all the different rices in these things? Yep, those are what the company made.
Yay. I love that this thread is taking off!

I think that Giada can be annoying when she's just SOOOO "Italian". I get it Giada, you are really Italian. I don't need you to use an Italian accent to say anything remotely Italian.

Bobby Flay kind of bothers me but I am happy for him since he recently married the old ADA from L& O: SVU.

I don't watch Emeril. He's too showy.

Matio Batali - I wouldn't really want to try most of the things he makes, but i really like him. He makes me smile for some reason. Has anyone seen the old Molto Marios with Jake & Maggie Gyllenhall as his "friends"? It was pretty surprising, but awesome.

My boyfriend and i used to play this game when watching Food 911. If it was a woman that Tyler went to see, we would basically try to figure out whether he banged them or not. haha
Lot49, I have to agree with you on the Emeril thing. People think he's like a God. My folks went to one of his restaurants in New Orleans, and said the food sucked.

I miss Sara too. And, where's Tyler?

Oh! Sick of fucking Al Roker on every damn hour!

Oh goodie, I love this thread already! My two cents, or three :-)

First I have to say that I call it food porn too, Lot49!

Mmmm, Alton is just plain geeky hawtness. So damned smart, so damn sexy. My cousins gf (the lucky bitch!) got to meet Alton too. She said he was super nice, stayed after talking with the crowd. He was at this mall doing a cooking demonstration. She worked at the Cheesecake Factory that was in the adjacent parking lot, so she walked over when her shift was over. I had to work that day and was soooooo jealous. She didn't even really care, or think that he's hot. Some people have all the luck!

Next to Alton there is nobody I would rather meet than Paula. She's so engaging and warm. I made her cheesy tomato pie with fresh basil, and it was a huge hit. And the cobbler she made, I made it for Easter Dinner dessert. Also a huge hit. I just want to hug her!

I enjoy Ina too, the Barefoot Contessa makes it look so easy. I learned from her to roast brussel sprouts and let them carmelize. Now I can actually enjoy them instead of choking them down.

Giada Sluts, heh. Yeah, it's all about the cleave. My brother loves Italian food and generally loves the stuff she makes, but has a hard time watching her. He also says it is because she doesn't really eat. Her food always looks great though.

Rachel Ray's dorky-perky-annoyingly-lame-brand of cuteness makes me want to hurl. She is such a motor mouth and I hate the way she refuses to say complete words. Everything's simply "delish". And you gotta use some "EVOO". Ugh. STFU and cook, and take the jabber jaw down a notch. Or ten. Please, stop finding a way to work "Adirondack Mountains" in to every damn show. And you are so right taloo, there is no effing way that she has just *loooved* every last meal she's eaten at every single place she's been to. Sometimes you can almost tell when she is struggling for something kind to say. Yeah, and could she please leave a REAL tip?! Argh. Yet I am still compelled to watch her.

Emeril grates on my nerves, but again I am compelled to watch if I happen to catch him on. Mostly because my mama had a mad Emeril crush, so watching him reminds me of her. But yeah the whole "kick it up another notch" makes me wanna kick my foot another notch up his ass. I've heard several times that the people of NOLA don't really care for him and to me seems like he's bought too much of his own press.

I'd much rather watch Mario, even though he is a bit know-it-all at times. I may not want eat a lot of the dishes he makes, but I always enjoy watching and learning. He is a wealth of knowledge, that's for sure. And also looks quite huggable too.

Koala, I used to do the same thing w/ Tyler and the women. Sometimes it really did seem like it, heh. I liked his food but sometimes he was a bit cocky. Not as balls out cocky as Bobby Flay though. Anybody remember when he stood on the cutting board while battling Morimoto? He seems like such a jerk. And yes, Rick Bayless was far and away better.

I must join in the chorus and say that I miss Sara too. I loved when she would take the phone calls and it would be some dumb ass who couldn't follow along or get what she was saying. She would get so annoyed and try to so hard not to show it, tee hee.

Sandra Lee irks me to no end. I have no use for her. None whatsoever.

Oh tyger, I just *adore* Nigella. I wish it were easier to catch her program here.

I guess that about covers it. For now!
I'm a total remote flipper and I just somehow always end up on Food Network!
I'm in Boston and Sara Moulton is on at 12:30pm every week day here. I actually find that interesting that so many people in this thread say they like her because watching her makes me want to fall asleep.
I like Alton, too. My boyfriend did NOT cook anything before he met me and when Alton did his beef jerkey episode, my boyfriend went crazy! Now he makes beef jerkey once a month! I don't touch the stuff but he says it's the best he's ever had.
I can't get through a whole episode of Rachael Ray because she is so annoying. Actually, I'm super picky about the personality of the chefs on a lot of the shows. Being a TV chef though must be even more of an ego boosting job than a regular chef.
My boyfriend once ate at Emeril's restaurant in Vegas. The bought the $14 scallop appetizer and there was just two on the entire plate.
One thing I don't like about Food Network though is that it really doesn't delve deeply into any "ethnic" foods unless someone's doing a "special show" or it's like Italian Week or something. Like some chefs will try Mexican because it's safe enough cuisine but you really can't find much else.
I just had to stop in and SQUEEEE at all the AB love! I am a slavering devotee...have told GameBoy that it's a good thing AB is married, or GB would be in danger of losing me. But since GB would just about marry him too, that doesn't seem to be a problem. I'm going to try AB's chili recipe this weekend and I'm way jazzed.

(Psst...those of you on LJ might want to check out the good_eats and we_love_alton groups, if you haven't already.)

I'll be back!
turbojenn are so right - there really are no specifically ethnic food shows on the network anymore....that's kind of sad. Of course so many of the dishes have ethnic notes, but it would be really nice to see maybe a Thai cooking show since Thai is really picking up popularity here.

And it would be nice to have a Rick Bayless show too....I do watch his PBS show, but I find it hard to catch. I've been pretty lucky, in having eaten at both of his restaurants here in Chicago, and they are my absolute favorite restaurants, and where we go for special occasions. (But I make a better, 'rita. Sorry, Rick)

I like Sara Moulton because she *actually* cooks on her show, and she's sweet and caring, and when she'd have guests on her show you could tell she actually read their books, and knew about their work. I want her to be my mom, I think.

Heh, I like the idea of Tyler sleeping with his 911 rescuees....hey Tyler, wanna come over to my house?? I think he has a new show in development....

Oh, and the guys who won Food Network Challenge last year - Dan and Steve....they're neighbors of ours, and adopted their son from the adoption agency I work for. They are totally great guys, and I am very happy for their success...and their restaurant, HB...YUM.
I love this thread! Whenever there's nothing on TV (which is always lately), we always end up on Food Network, and sometimes I play hookey on weekdays just to spend the day having it on in the background.

Count me in with the Alton Brown love. I don't usually go for quirky, but I like how he speaks to real people, not above them.

Al Roker can bite me. He's got the most annoying host voice ever.

I actually like Giada quite a bit. I think I've made a couple of her recipes, actually. But I don't trust her. She's too thin and perfect and she doesn't eat. I also think she's a bit too pampered and can't really speak to me.

Love Barefoot Contessa, but can she quit saying "good" every 5 seconds? "Use GOOD mustard." "This is so GOOD." Blech. But I do want to be her when I grow up.

Paula Deen has really grown on me. She's got a lovely personality and looks like she genuinely enjoys food and family. I've made a couple of her recipes, too. Her peanut butter crunch balls are really good.

I don't think I've ever watched Tyler.

I avoid Emeril. The audience hanging on his every last word makes me want to retch.

I've never really liked Sara Moulton very much. She seems really middle-school-home-ec to me and falls kind of flat. But I really can't stand that Sandra Lee. Buying all the ready-made stuff at the grocery store doesn't count when you're hosting a show about actual cooking, not just assembly. And she looks like a cheerleader.

Rachel Ray is probably my favorite chef on the network. I don't mind her talking so much, and she seems like a lot of fun. I guess she was in my city a little while back doing one of her shows. I don't know why she picked a couple of the restaurants she did, but whatever. She just seems really accessible.

Mario Batalli is one of my favorites, too. I really like his temperment on ICA, and seems like someone I'd really like to work with. And my philosophy is to always trust the fat man's food. :-)

Does anyone watch Sugar Rush? It has the potential to be a really great show, but for being about something that's supposed to make you hyper, the host is incredibly boring. His montone bores me to tears. It is nice to see a show all about desserts, though. I don't cook a whole lot, but I love making desserts.

Alton Brown - YES!!! gawd I love him, I'l even watch when he's cooking stuff I don't like. His pop culture references just kill me.

I can't believe that nobody mentioned Ham on the Street. I don't always watch it, but I like the host he reminds me of a friends brother in a good way. Some stuff he does is weird, but I like him all the same.

Rachel Ray I like her, but she's much too perky sometimes, everything is "delish" or the whole "evoo" grates my nerves. That said though I like her recipes simple yet gourmet type food. Her travel show bugs the crap out of me I call it "Rachel Ray and her cheap tips." Seriously I would eat less on $40 a so that I could tip better.

I know this isn't on the food channel, but it's semi related - does anyone watch "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain? It's on the travel channel and he sort of eats his way through a country. He is SO FRIGGN' HOT! Perhaps this belongs in the weird crushes, but oh how I want him.

Awesome! I love this thread.

I am not sure I know who Alton Brown is. Maybe I would recognize him if I saw a pic. I'll go look one up.

Sandra Lee...Blech!

My favorites are Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian, & 30 minute meals.

lively, I have noticed the same thing about RR. She is an awful tipper. I know she's trying to keep it under $40 a day, but damn, don't screw your waiters in the process.

I drool over Ina's garden & house every episode. Soooo nice. I watched her 'chefography' and she seems like a really amazing lady.

I don't really have an opinion on Emeril. He's ok, but I never watch his show.

I hate that show Good Eats, mainly because of the camera shots. They are always extreme closeups of his face. ?
Yeah, can't say I like Giada either...but damn, they make her food look yummy. Even her chopping garlic is an experience. It's more about the production value of that show than the host.

Barefoot Ina seems overly tickled with her life in the Hamptons. But I would be too. And production values of that show are also way up -- it's escapism.

Rachel Ray IS a bad tipper! And she's promoting that other people be bad tippers too, which chaps my hide. I do like her $40 a Day show otherwise though. But all the food on her 30-minute meals show seems so boring... like it's a chore that she's racing through. Which cooking certainly can be, but it's just not what I want to see on tv. And 30 minutes doesn't seem like such a time-saver to me anyway -- if I'm having a hectic day, I can spend about 10 minutes on dinner.

What is Evoo?
EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rachel can't spare the extra 4 syllables.
oh, that's pathetic.

(thanks diva.)
Kari - Alton Brown in the host of Good Eats....its actually the only cooking show turboman will tune into on his own. I usually make him walk the dog on saturdays and sundays when my boyfriend Michael Chiarello comes on so I can have him all to myself! ;)

Yeah, Ina has had a very charmed, interesting life....her chefography show was really great. And she and her husband Jeffrey are so sweet....I want to be still in love with my husband when I'm 60!

Damn, I love my food porn.

October....I command you to listen to the audio book of Tony Bourdain's book "Kitchen Confidential" - it is so fucking funny, and read by him, so I pretended Tony was just telling me stories while I cooked dinner every night. Mmmmmm. I can't wait til his upcoming book comes out on audio.

Oh, and yes, I am a food porn fanatic when it comes to audio books too....if there's a food memoir out there, I've listened.

I do like the Ham on the Street show too, and Dave Lieberman, but they're both more "food style" than actual cooking...and I'm a chef at me real cooking. And Dave's cooking on a budget schtick is so can't make what he's cooking in NYC on his proposed budget - not without a gourmet stocked pantry.
Oh no! Alton Brown is on the show I don't like. It is not really him though, like I said, it's the way the shoot it. Maybe I'll give it another go.
i love love love the food gb says its my fav channel (its not but its one of them!). he will watch AB with me...cuz its scientific but he won't watch any of the others...i love Ina, i wish i could watch nigella, and paula deen is great...tyler is fun for the sexy factor but i think he's gay...but you can tell he's melting more than butter on those shows...hehehehe. there used to be a show called 'the naked chef'...jamie oliver....he's fun to watch throw stuff together...he even cooked for the band jamiroquai once on the show...very cool.

michael chiarello a know it all of food...bobby flay is a bit cocky but he has mellowed since getting married and it shows...i loved that revamping the restaurant show he had...RR bugs me cuz she repeats herself over and over again. although i am envious of her knives. and that sweet kitchen set up with the retro appliances...grr...

totally in to food porn...yes i am....

giada, mario, and emeril i am on the fence about...somedays i like them...and some i don't.
I wish Nigella was on the Food Network. I don't think I've ever once seen her show. I thought she was on the Style network. But still, I love her. Talk about sexy!

I tried to watch Naked Chef, but the camera constantly moving around the way it did gave me a nauseus headache.

I've always thought Bobby Flay was kind of cocky, too. I've only seen Ham on the Street once, so I don't really have much of an opinion of it yet.

Does anyone remember the Surreal Chef? I hope he's off the air now. I wanted to jab that man with a fork.
ooo the sureal chef!! with his toaster trailer!!! i loved that it still on??
I think the surreal chef is was quirky and amusing, but the foodwas novelty, and I never once thought that I would actually cook something from the show.

I loved Jamie Olliver...he's getting a show on TLC, I think...I have his first cookbook, and I've made a few things from it.

Yup, Michael Chiarello comes off a little know it all, but I *love* his flavors, and his house, and so I cook a lot of stuff based on his recipes. Same with Flay, who's definitely cocky, but I've cooked alot of his stuff too.

Unlike Emeril the troll who is SO cocky, but I've never even been tempted by his food. Its over the top, and mostly just not the way I eat.
Ham on the street is one of my favorites now too. I can't believe I didn't think of it on my original post.

Oh, this isn't food network related, but there are some other really great shows on other networks.
Fine living, has "opening soon" The chef on it is insanely talented. " the thirsty traveler" it's hosted by Kevin something or other, who is also the commentator on ICA. Andrea Immer the sommolier has a couple shows that I really like as well.

Back to the Food Network.

I love Mario. He knows his stuff. I have one of his cook books, and I love that he uses organ meats.

I do kind of miss Jamie Oliver. His show was fun, and his food is good. One thing that drives me bonkers is that it seem that he has this big doughy tounge that he has a hard time using.

I would love to see Nigella on the food network.

The challenge shows they have are either super or the lame housewives baking the best meatloaf variety. I wish they would keep it to the serious food competions.

Get rid of unwrapped.
Mr.Luci looks like AB - the silly short haircut (cuz nothing else looks good for really thin straight hair), the big eyes, the geeky glasses...

And if they ever ran into each other they would have like, a million billion babies, because apparently AB is the one man for whom he would leave me. And that's okay. I would understand.

We don't have a tv anymore, so we don't watch the episodes, but we do buy them on DVD. And of course have his books. And worship from afar. Mr.Luci wants to stalk him.

that's all I got...

Blurry pic of my boyfriend - see? see??
I can not stand Racheal Ray.

As for Sandra Lee. I think her show is fucking insulting. It's like saying, "Here America, you're too dumb to cook. Let's show you how to open a can of pineapple and put it on angel food cake."

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on right now with the food network. They have a new director and she's trying to move it away from cooking shows and more in the direction of things that the 18-35 year-old male population will watch. Sarah Moulton's shows are going to be phased out and she's going to PBS. The Sara thing is good and bad. One, she's probably going to get more veiwers on PBS but I think it speaks poorly for the network.

I really prefered the orginal Iron Chef. "Bang a gong and we are on!"

That said, Ben worships the ground Alton Brown walks on and I like his shows too. I like Giada, mainly because she knows how to cook and seems like a personable woman. I like Ina Garten because she's somewhat no-nonsense. And Mario Batali? I want to hug him so much. I miss his old show with the bright red stove, the one where he used to drop things, mess up his words and just generally be cute.

Octobersky, In total LUST with Anthony on "No Reservations" on the travel channel. HE IS SO HOT! He is apparantly coming to Portland for a book signing, and you can go eat with him.... I am so wanting to move out west!!
Sassygirl, when?
It's on there. I can't make it back to Portland yet, and I just went on his website. It doesn't say that he's doing a national book tour. Anyways, I think you can pre-order an autographed copy. Drool!
Well, the dinner is entirely booked, but the signing is free. Hurrah! Thanks sassy!
Welcome! Tell me how it goes! I plan to get a copy of the book.... :-)
How in the world could I have forgotten to mention Anthony Bourdain? Sheesh, I was remiss in leaving him out. Anybody read any of his books? I liked his FN show, even though I could barely stomach it and at times couldn't at all. There was this one episode... oh never mind. It's just too gross. But he is so hot with his no shit taking 'tude. Yum. I did not realize he had another show on a different network, yay! I like how he called Emeril out, but suspect that is why he is not as prominent on FN as he deserves to be.

I've only watched Ham On The Street once and thought it was cute.

I cannot stand Unwrapped either. Or Top 5, Bobby Rivers bugs me. Not as much as Al Roker does though.

I'm with Zora. While I enjoy Iron Chef America, I am partial to the original. "This dish reminds me of my childhood... in my mouth" Hee hee ;)

Heh luci, you and the mister are cracking me up.

Thanks for the LJ heads up plummie!

My sister gets really annoyed with my neice and I cause we will watch show after show. She is the one that originally told me it was like porn and that if she had to watch it, I best be creating a meal as fantastic or taking her out somewhere fabulous. My neice wants to be a pastry chef, so she is always watching for the competition shows. She adores Gale Gand's show Sweet Dreams, oh and she used to love Chocolate With Jaque Torres. She has so many strong opinions about the shows, worse than me. She loathes Rachel Ray far more than I do. I still watch her, I just sometimes want to smack her. Sandra Lee on the other hand, no. Just NO. She will run screaming from the room if she even has to see her. So dramtic, I know. But she is 11 and I think it's cool that she would rather watch these shows than MTV crap. She teases me about my AB crush but I think she secretly crushes a little too.
One of the things that the original Iron Chef (OIC) had that ICA doesn't is the amazing pagentry of the whole event. The challenger marching in with their team, the challenger pointing to the chef he wanted and Chairman Kaga's outfits. He's the japanese Liberace. Sure, the actresses they have on there are all giggly, but the woman food critic they had was tough as nails. Plus, they had a challenger one time who made it big doing house-wifey cooking. She was cool and calm while the Iron Chef was sweating and freaking out, she made a fifth dish because she had time left over and to top it off, she won! I think she was the first woman to win Iron Chef, but I'm not sure.
If ICA is on, I just don't watch it.
Oh, and Unwrapped and Secret Life Of.. can bite my ass. I can't stand the shows or the hosts. They are like the shows on HGTV Rezoned and Generation Renovation. All four shows have chipper and weird hosts that don't actually know anything about the topic they are discussing and all four shows have the same, tired formula.

I almost forgot. I met Anthony Bourdain a few years ago, the last time he came through Portland. He was really nice and drew a little picture in my roommate's books for him. (I didn't actually own them at the time.)
Holy crap, Luci, he *does* look like AB! What a cutie! :-)

Rachael Ray: Used to tolerate her. Started wanting to choke her after a 30MM where she was doing "Cajun" food. She was making a dish she kept calling "jamba-like-a." And I got to the point where I'd scream every time she said "PEE-can PRAH-leens." A pee-can is what you use when your dad won't stop on road trips! Say it with me, Rach: <peh-conn>.


I dislike Bobby Flay far less than I used to, too - and I too attribute it to his being married to the lovely and talented Stephanie March. He kind of rocks on ICA.

Admittedly, I do miss some of the camp of the original Iron Chef, but AB and the Chairman's "nephew" more than make up for it. I think Cat Cora is adorable too. A lot of the critics are really asinine.

Unwrapped: Does anyone else remember when Marc Summers was doing Double Dare on Nickelodeon?

Tony Bourdain is pretty cool. Sometimes he's too much of an asshole, but GameBoy and I still talk about his previous show, when he ate a still-beating cobra heart, *then* drank its blood, in Vietnam.

Not a fan of the Batali, but much like Bobby Flay, I can handle him fine when he's not talking.

Hee, GameBoy totally thinks Giada looks like a bobblehead! He says he'd probably find her really hot if she put on 50-60 pounds. (These are the kind of statements that make me love him more.)

I miss Jamie too! I caught a bit of "Jamie's School Lunches" a couple of weeks ago on TLC. Cool documentary-type stuff about his efforts to change over the quality of school lunches in the UK.

And Tyler - oh, what a cutie. Is he still doing Tyler's Ultimate?

Finally, I agree with whomever said they wanted to be Paula Deen when they grow up. I bounce and clap and giggle like a fool whenever I watch her.
Gah. That is the episode I was referring to. I have the worst kind of phobia when it comes to snakes and just seeing a cobra in a cartoon is enough to send shivers up my spine. I had to turn the TV off, it was too much for me.

I do enjoy ICA, especially because Alton is on it. I just love the original so much. My best guy pal and I had a little game we used to play while watching it, so I am sure it is for sentimental reasons as much as anything. He will still call on occasion and when I answer just shout "Go!", which always makes me giggle. He and I share a fondness for Chen-san and his humble manner. We both agree that Sakai seems like he was probably quite the ladies man in his day. And we love to hate the 'photographer' and laugh our asses off at the giggling bimbo actress of the day. I love when Doc tries to be a know it all and is proven wrong. Ah, I do miss that show.

"A pee-can is what you use when your dad won't stop on road trips! Say it with me, Rach: <peh-conn>."
I about sprayed the monitor with my drink laughing so hard when I read that. I agree that Giada *would* look so much better if she did, in fact, eat the damn food she prepares. And GameBoy deserves extra huge hugs for that statement he made. Hehe, to cute.

True, Bobby Flay does seem to have mellowed a bit. He isn't as obnoxious on ICA as he used to be. And yeah, I remember Marc Summers from Double Dare too.

I just went and looked at Mr. Luci and I second what plummie said :-)

ETA - What took us so long to get a cooking show thread? It's hoppin' right along!
Bwah ha ha! 5 halloweens ago I was Chairman Kaga and I carried around a pepper to bite into.

Turbojenn I am so freakin in love with Rick Bayless, I would fly to Chicago just for a night to eat at his restaurant. I love his show, too.

I liked to watch 2 fat ladies when they were on because their food looked so nasty and they were so weird. I remember they were smothering something with cheese and one of them said there is a type of cheese called Monterey Jack that would be nice if you could find some somewhere.

I love Michael Chiarello.

This is a little off topic, but did you guys watch Top Chef on Bravo?
gumby - I assure you that coming to chicago to eat at either of Rick Bayless's restaurants would be well worth your time...they actually share the same building...but the tamales...OMFG, amazing. And Duck tacos al carbon forever have my heart. MMMmmm.

I'm sad to hear that the network is gearing more toward a younger male demographic...I guess that explains all the food styleish shows - Dave, Ham, now Guy makes me sad. I want MORE shows with real actual cooking. I want to learn something new...and I would like to see more women chefs getting new shows.

And I will be looking for Sara Moulton on PBS....PBS cooking shows are so fantasatic, but they're pretty inconsistent with scheduling, so I have a hard time catching them.

I did watch Top Chef on Bravo.....I liked it, but it was hardly about being a top chef. It was about selling shitty products. I would have liked to see more challenges that were more demanding of higher skill levels.

And I love Mario too...I miss Molto Mario....again, I like the shows where the chefs are really cooking, and I liked the interaction with his guests, and that often they would ask questions that I wanted to ask.
Zora, insanely jeolous about you meeting Tony! He just seems like a cool guy. And, I love that he's always referencing the Simpsons. And cussing on his show.

I also watched Top Chef, but it was just boring to me. I also wanted them to have more challenges.

I've watched Ham on the Street once. They did this cool microwave episode.

Ah. Two Fat Ladies. Funny. One of my old college professors told me about that show, and I thought he was making it up. I always got a kick of the one of them smoking. And the motorcycles. There was this horrible British chef I think on Lifetime in the late 90's who was like that. He would throw fish on the floor, and not clean it up. I swear I thought it was a Monty Python skit. My mom and I would watch him and giggle.

Luci, he does look like AB! How rad is that? Lucky girl!!

I also remember Marc Summers from Double Dare. Heh.

I miss Jamie too. I have one of his books, and have made a few of the recipes from them.

Love Mario as well. I've been meaning to check out his cookware line. He just seems like a really fun guy, and someone I want to go drink with.

There was an old program on PBS called "Frugal Gourmet." Anyone remember it? The chef's name was Jeff Smith. I think he died. There was some sex scandal. I just remember watching all the cooking shows growing up on Sat mornings on PBS prior to FN.

I love Anthony Bourdain- I never had cable at my parent's house, but I have it now, so it's like a Monday night ritual with me and my boyfriend. I recently read Kitchen Confidential too. Did everyone hear the NPR interview with him last week? It was really cool, and he went off on vegans...they go a bunch of letters from pissed off vegans. ((sigh))

I watched Top Chef- it was entertaining as a reality/competition show, but I didn't put much stock in the participant's cooking skills. I still haven't seen the finale, so no spoilers, please!

Unfortunately, I can't say much about most of the chefs that have been discussed because their shows are usually on when I'm at work- I get home just in time to see the end of Rachael Ray. Her food usually looks good, but I can only stand her perkiness for a minute or two.

I avoid Emeril at all costs, even though I have his pots and pans- they were the only stainless steel with glass lids I could find! And they're made by All-Clad!

I remember the Frugal Gourmet. My parents still have all his cookbooks. Kinda sad. I wonder if the allegations were true.

I like watching Rick Bayless- he's enthusiastic wthout being annoying (like R.R.) I live in Chicago, but have not had the opportunity to partake in his restaurants yet :-(
I'm not ashamed to admit I've had a naughty dream or two about Anthony Bourdain.

I watched Top Chef, but I think it was only cause of the drama, and Harold, the guy who won, was super hot.

I don't know if i'm too happy about the new formatting ideas, but i'm hoping it will make them stop showing those awful housewife cooking competitions.
i remember the frugal gourmet! he used to do themed shows, right? like a banana show, and a canned beans show....i loved watching him when i was home sick.

i like watching america's test kitchen on pbs. and i used to watch cooking secrets of the cia, though it was pretty mediocre. i just loved that the cia had cooking secrets, even if it was the culinary institute of america.

okay, i don't know if it's a canadian show or not, so i don't know if it's on the us food network, but has anyone seen 'food jammers'? it's so amusing. three guys who modify things to make food. like a carjack pasta press. and modifying a fridge to be a massive ice cream maker. they're just so funny, and something always goes wrong, and they usually end by doing something really ridiculous. it's not really about cooking, per se, but it's really quite fun to watch
Jeff Smith was in a sex scandal?! I can't imagine. I used to love watching his shows growing up. Does anyone remember the Galloping Gourmet? Not the remake with Graham Kerr sober, but the originals where he would get sloppy drunk during the course of the show? Hilarious! "A little wine for the chicken, a little wine for me...."
Thanks for the spoiler, Koala! :-(

Yes, I think Jeff Smith was also a minister (don't know if it was before or while he was doing the TV show) and a couple of kids (don't know how old they were at the time of the alleged act or at the time of the accusation) from his congregation accused him of molestation or something. I don't think anything was ever proven, but Jeff Smith dropped out of sight really fast after that and died a few years later.

ETA: More details about Jeff Smith Apparently in 1998 he was accused by two male assistants of sexual harrassment, then several men came out and said he assaulted them in the '70's when they worked for him. He disappeared from the public eye, then died in 2004 of heart disease. Where did I get the minister part? I have no idea.
I have great challenges for the next Top Chef create a vegan gourmet meal or make them cook in my teeny kitchen! THEN we'd see who can really cook! Yea!
Sixelcat, maybe that was the drunken chef on that Lifetime show I remember. It was crazy funny. It was similar to Galloping Gourmet.

My new semi-boyfriend cooked me for this weekend. Okay, it was only stir-fry, but it turned me on something fierce. Something so SEXY about a man who can cook :-)

Polly, thanks for the link to the NPR interview...

Heh. I meant cooked for me not cooked me. Giggle.
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