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Full Version: Keeping Us Full When There's Nothing in the Fridge: The Food Network
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Heh. I meant cooked for me not cooked me. Giggle.
damn double posts.
Ah, it's Bobby Rivers that bugs the hell out of me, not Al Roker. Bobby Rivers has the most annoying announcer/narrator voice ever. Do people really talk like that?

I loved Two Fat Ladies!!! My mom used to watch it all the time. I loved how they would say "if you aren't going to use butter, then don't even bother trying to make this. It's not supposed to be healthy." And the motorcycle with sidecar was awesome! Didn't one of them die a few years back?

I don't remember if it was Cooking Secrets of the CIA, but there used to be this cute little fat chef who'd wave his spatula around when he was grilling. He was always so animated and adorable. I'd watch him whenever he was on. There was also a monk who made bread that I liked to watch.

I watched Top Chef, too. I really got into it, although Katie Lee Joel is a blithering idiot and it was more about personalities than cooking much of the time. It'd be worlds better if they just replaced the blithering idiot with someone with an actual personality who knows food.

I watched some of the burger challenge contest on FN last night. Apparently 3 hours is a real squeeze to make a burger, so much so that one of the competitors was complaining about the time it took to walk the 50 feet from the prep area to the grill. Oy.
i liked the monk who baked bread, too. he seemed so cool.
bobby rivers will never get laid, unless he has laryngitis
Yes! Brother Rick Curry, S.J. and "The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking"! LOVE him, have his cookbook, he's the only reason I can turn out a halfway decent loaf now and then....

hee, maybe that should go in the Inadvertant Inappropriateness thread....
I tried to watch some Emeril yesterday while I played hookey, and realized that he phrases his sentences into little 3- or 4-word chunks with odd pauses in between. Absolutely maddening.

Please don't let this thread die!!!!!!!
i loved the two fat ladies as well....they are one of the other reasons i really really really want a motorcycle with a sidecar. that and a huge blue AGA in my house. lol
Last night I found myself watching Ham on the Street, even though I meant to go to bed, and I just kept thinking - this show *is* for boys!! ...but I did think that his chocolate souffle recipe looked pretty damned good...
you mean like the 'deep fried anything' show? that was funny....
I think Giada should stick to her cooking show and avoid doing the "Food Network Caters Your Wedding" again... I loved how Paula Deen called her a wuss cause Giada wouldn't gamble with her. Oh Paula.. .how i heart you so
I own one of racheal ray's cookbook, because I think she does have good recipies, but I just can't watch her show. She annoys the hell out of me.

I love good eats. excellent stuff. Me and my mr. both.
and since I don't have a job I get to watch molto mario everyday at noon. which completes my day.
Mmm, Indonesia on Anthony Bourdain tonight- most of it looked pretty good except for that stinky melon stuff.

Did anyone catch the caption toward the end about his show in 2 weeks? Will he be on next week? I know they're replaying the Quebec episode, which is good because I missed that one.
Ooooh! My favorite tv network. :-)

Speaking of cooking shows that aren't on FTV .. Hell's Kitchen? I just can't decide between beating the crap out of Gordon Ramsey or snogging him to death.Ooh he's hot. Err.. yeah. He's like the british snarky version of Anthony Bourdain (who I also adore).

Top Chef was annoying at times but I enjoyed it. I was happy with the winner they chose. I think they did it too much like Project Runway (same network, no surprise) but it was good. I liked Stephen a lot because he was such a priss.

Jamie Oliver rocks my socks. He's what really got me and my bro into cooking. His TLC special was awesome. It made me want to run out and start cooking in the local schools.

I watched The Next FoodTV star and wanted Guy to win because he was the one with the most zest. We'll see how his show turns out.

I cannot stand Sandra "I can't make anything from scratch even though it's really faster" Lee. *shudder* The fact that everything in that house coordinates is enough to make me convulse.

Michael Chiarello - he's so flirpy. His food always looks good though so I do watch if he's on.

Iron Chef America is one of my season passes on my TiVo. I didn't get into the original but love this one. I'm a Bobby Flay and Mario Batalli fan. I don't watch their shows but love them on ICA. My brother now wears orange croc's all the time thanks to Mario.

Barefoot Contessa is one of my favorite shows. Can't stand Giada, she's just too plastic. Paula Deen is amazing and I can't wait for her son's show to come out. My Mom met them and apparently they are way hotter in person than on tv. :-)

Ahhh too many shows! FTV is one of the few networks that I can leave on all day and be fine with it. I like unwrapped because I'm a nerd and like to learn stuff that's useless. I've only seen Ham ont he Street once, the microwave episode and it amused me but didn't inspire me to see it again.

Rachel Ray, she is sickeningly cute and I love her laugh. She's a cornball and I like her show overall. I bought one of her cookbooks but didn't like it because it wasn't arranged like her show. How simple an idea is that? I mean people, we buy into the 30 minute meal thing now give us menu's LIKE the show. Don't lay it all out individually! That doesn't make it easy for me to make a 30 minute meal ..

Alton Brown = Geek = Hot .. need I say more?

I'm sure I've missed something but this is long enough as it is ..
I love Paula. I've actually made a couple of her things and they turned out really well, plus she's just so darned cute!
I don't get the thing with Emeril. Saying "bam" every so often does not a personality give. The shows are dull and the food is kind of yucky. My mom loves him, but God only knows why.
I've got to start watching "Good Eats". I saw one episode on jam that I really liked, but I can never seem to catch it when it's on. Gr!
polly - the new show in two weeks is Anthony Bourdain decodes some edgy chef by the name Ferran Adria. Should be interesting, of course I'd watch Anthony Bourdain in about anything -'specially his boxers:-)

kitten - Good Eats is on every night at 11pm est and Wednesday nights at 10.

Ya know I used to feel the same about Emeril and I still think that he is rather annoying, but I will give him props for raising the American taste buds to some degree. He's introduced alot of Americans to more sophisticated dishes, I'm mean we are never going to be as collectively distinguished as say the French, but every little bit helps.
Hey Foodtv fans, just wanted to let ya'll know that there was a great interview with Tony Bourdain on yesterday about his new book, AND our beloved Alton has a broken clavicle....check out his website - its fun and quirky, just like him, and I totally want everything in his online store!
AB's site

Oh, and there's a lovely NYT article posted there with a nice pic of him in his motorcycle duds...
I was checking out the Take Home Chef, on TLC. The show is kinda cute! And the recipes seem simple but yummy.

I agree with everyone about Rachel Ray. I like her food but can't stand to watch the show. And $40 a day? Seriously, I can't afford to spend $40 a day on food.
I like to zone out in front of Sandra Lee's craptastic show and make fun of her. The other day she was wearing a shirt with long bell sleeves that kept brushing into the food she was cooking. She actually had to cut things differently than normal to not get her sleeves dirty. To which I laugh and say, "Your show sucks! No one likes tablescapes!"
The worst thing about $40 a day is the shitty tips she leaves!!! If she were really a chef, she'd be sure to tell all her mindless viewers the importance of tipping and paying service staff for their time.

I couldn't decide if I liked Take Home Chef, or if it was annoying. For sure, there's something just a little too pretty about that man...or maybe I'm just jealous!

Sandra Lee is such a wannabe. I'd like to see the ratings for that show...
The thing about Racheal Ray is, she's not a chef. Bitch has never cooked professionally in her life. The closest she's come to a kitchen is working as a waitress at Howard Johnson's. She got her start doing demos at grocery stores and a local news show gave her a segment.
He is a pretty man but I don't find him attractive. He has kind of a drag queen face.

Grrrrr, I can't stand Sandra Lee either.
you're so right, ginger - he is sort of draggy looking! That's exactly it!

thanks for the scoop on totally shows that she's not a chef...her show feels like a grocery store demo. I think I'll think of her from now on telling the blue hairs all the things you can do with lil smoky links!
bwahaha--gumby! Oh, I do the same thing w/ Sandra Lee. I hate her show, but that definitely does not mean that I will not watch it if I happen across the bloody thing. I think I saw that episode with the bell sleeves -- ridiculous.

I watched one episode of Take Home Chef. It looked like there were some awkward moments that they editors had to work around, which made me slightly uncomfortable. But the jury's still out.
I have only seen one single episode of Sandra Lee's show & I think it was that damn bell sleeve episode! Hilarious! If I remember correctly, at one point she acknowledged that she got some sauce on her sleeves & pushed them up a bit. I seriously do not understand the point about the table-scapes on her show. It was my big WTF moment. That's when I decided that I don't need to watch her show again. I began to feel that she cared more about how the food looked than how it tasted.

I know I'm coming in late, but I also adore Alton Brown. I own his books, too. Good Eats is definitely my favorite show on Food Network ... even though I can't stand the weird little theme song.

So, am I the only one who is desperately awaiting the episode of Good Eats in which Thomas Dolby stops by? Then they'd do some sort of seperated-at-birth joke or something. Of course, that would work better if Dolby still had his hair, but I'd still enjoy it!
My boyfriend and I were debating whether Alton was married, and whether those kids that occasionally appear on the show are his or nieces/nephews (sometimes he'll say whether they are, but not always) and we found this (click on "AB FAQ" on the left) very informative FAQ about him.

Yes, he is married- his wife is/was a producer on the show and he has a daughter who was born in 2000- not sure if she's actually been on the show.
Does Ceci Carmichael bug any of you? She has a show, Good Food Fast or something like that. I just saw her show for the first time today and she kind of annoyed me. Not as much as Sandra Lee but she bugged a little.

I really lust Alton Brown & Anthony Bourdain both. I confess that I do lean a little toward Alton though. I am so excited about the premiere of his new show.
Hee, it says I'm unregistered.


[color="#9999ff"]So I watched the Paula Deen's European Vacation on Saturday night and decided that I want to be a part of her family. She and her hubby are just too damned cute! I want to hug that woman, she just seems so warm.

I must confess. I watched Sandra Lee today. And in between mocking her, I suddenly realized that one of her dishes looked appealing, and I think I may try it. (*hangs head in shame*) It was a smoked-salmon avacado thing -- two of my most favorite things, yet I have never combined them.

Of course, she then went on and made some ugly nachos then put some sorbet on vanilla wafers and deemed it desert. So I went back to mocking her.

(OT, but with the new lounge setup I just noticed how super-cute rosev and yuefie are!)
Sandra Lee bites ass. Big time. Who the hell has ever done a "tablescape," anyway? Or cares to try? I've been to parties in some kick-ass homes...never quite got to the "tablescape."

And the way her clothes/kitchen/dining area all have interchangeable matching decor--well--that's enough to drive you nuts right there.

What is it with the damned sponge cake and marshmallows? On her beach episode once, she stuffed marshmallows inside the spongecake hole and covered the whole freakin' thing in like two cans of frosting tinted BLUE. She topped it with gummy octopi (octopus? plural?) AND CALLED IT AN "OCEAN" CAKE!!!!!


She should crawl off into the matching "wild blue" of a tablescape and die.
Maybe Sandra Lee's "tablescapes" are to detract from her crappy food? I caught her show the other night and she was semi-making cookies and had this HIDEOUSLY craptastic tablescape with noxious yellow parasols. I really think that she spent more money on the tablescape than she did on her ingredients!
I apologize if this has already been said... and if not, what took you all so long? haha, j/k... buuut...
why is Mark Dacascos(sp?) in Iron Chef?! I remember him from Brotherhood of the Wolf and I remember when I first saw him in Iron Chef as...the host?... all I could think was "what the fuck?" It just seems a karate chop, then saying, "and today's secret ingredient is... ONIONS!" goes together. O_o meh, maybe it's just me...

Oh... and sorry for my absent-mindedness...but uh... what is a tablescape exactly? a table covering?
bwah -- an "ocean cake"!!!! It's like she's just simple-minded.

OMG, themasochistmuse, you must check out the craptastic horror that are Sandra Lee tablescapes.
/falls down laughing

Did anyone catch the Haagen Dazs create-an-ice-cream contest? I want some fucking Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream, like, now.
that does indeed sound delish, girlbomb!

I caught the new Road Food show with Paula Deen's sons last night, and I have to admit a growing crush on her son Jamie...he seems like such a sweet man, much like his momma - but those eyes are simply gorgeous....
turbo- even before i saw your post, I somehow knew you'd be posting about the Dean boys! I think they're both cutie-pies, too.
Cutie pies who love their momma, and really, that just gives me warm fuzzies as much as anything!
QUOTE(girlbomb @ Jul 21 2006, 03:28 AM) *
Did anyone catch the Haagen Dazs create-an-ice-cream contest? I want some fucking Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream, like, now.
I did, I did! YUM! I want some of that coconut cashew brittle too and wouldn't mind trying the cannolli one either. Too bad only one of them actually made it, they all seemed to be well recieved by the tasters.

Oh turbo, I must agree... those Deen boys sure are cutie pies and Jamie does seem as sweet as his mama. I sometimes peruse the Chowhound board and saw some people totally ripping on Paula, and was MAD. That woman pulled herself up by her bootstraps and made something out of nothing to take care of her family. I find her to be an inspiration and think her genuine warmth comes through. I also think those people are just mean haters, the lot of 'em!

I saw the ice cream show, too. I was so happy when sticky toffee pudding won. Sheff just rolled his eyes & said, "Well, of course!" smile.gif Has anyone seen it in the stores yet?

Is anyone going to watch the new Alton Brown show? When does it start?
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 21 2006, 08:17 AM) *
I saw the ice cream show, too. I was so happy when sticky toffee pudding won. Sheff just rolled his eyes & said, "Well, of course!" smile.gif Has anyone seen it in the stores yet?
Is anyone going to watch the new Alton Brown show? When does it start?

I haven't been able to find it yet, but I keep looking wink.gif

Ohhh man, I can't wait for Alton's new show! I think it premieres on the 29th.

I saw the ice cream contest! I was rooting for sticky toffee the whole time! tongue.gif When does it come out in stores? I want some!
Well, after resorting to the Haagen-Dazs website, I found this:

"Find sticky toffee pudding at a store near you. Call 800.767.0120, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., ET, Mon-Fri."

OR you could put the location info on your website, you dinkuses! I'm menstruating so hard my ankles hurt, and I need some STP, stat!
Update: The NYC store on 14th off 4th Ave. has it. And it is GOOOOOOOOD. The vanilla bean ice cream is deliciously offset by the (very faint, not too-muchy) toffee swirl, and the little pieces of sponge cake are scrumptious. Two yums up!
The new Alton Brown show premiere's tonight at 9pm Eastern! And leading up to it - starting at 3pm - they're showing a Good Eats marathon. Guess I know what I'll be doing later! biggrin.gif
Just had the sticky toffee pudding flavor at a store here in Atlanta. I had a new version of a sundae with it. It was delicious... I haven't been able to find it in the market yet....
PJ and I are watching the Good Eats marathon.
I can't wait for Feasting On Asphalt to begin.
Man, I Alton.
I keep looking for the sticky toffee pudding flavor, but nobody 'round here seems to have it. Having never tasted real sticky toffee pudding but always wanting to, I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Mmmm, it sounds so yummy.

I know, yuefie- the behind-the-scenes show is so fun. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the premiere tonight, but I'm sure they'll replay it.
So did you ever get to see it Polly? Anyone else? What did everyone think? I will admit that I truly loved it. I am sure I would regardless because I love Alton. But yeah, I really enjoyed the show. I missed tonights new epi though..

Oh and I really love the Dean Boys and their new show. I watched the one where they were in California and almost died when they went to Phil's for cioppino. My guy best pal goes there every week for lunch when he is on his way home from his weekly run to the Bay Area that he does for work. Phil was telling them how people line up with their pots they bring in from home and he fills them up. It's no exaggeration, we did that. GPB drives a refrigerated truck to deliver organic produce up state and so he just kept it nice and chilled on the 8 hour drive home. We had a cioppino party, I made pasta and garlic bread and the wine was a flowin'. I'm sure it can't be beat, hot and fresh, but it was still really good. It just stoked me out to see the Dean boys there, making it with Phil himself. I dunno, I think I just have the hots for both those boys and wouldn't mind being the middle of that sammich wink.gif

Nope, not yet- I need to check the guide for when it will be on next and make a point to watch it.

ETA: "The South Shall Fry Again"- was that the episode name? It's on tomorrow at 6:00- I'll program my VCR!

The synopsis says: "Alton Brown heads west from South Carolina, sampling everything from chocolate malts to pickled pigs."
Yup, that's it. Yeah, poor Alton has an encounter with a pickled pigs foot. Ugh.
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