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Full Version: Keeping Us Full When There's Nothing in the Fridge: The Food Network
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augh! feasting on asphalt rules. for this alone I will pay extra for cable tv, seriously. did anyone see it last night? with the FRIED BRAIN SANDWICH? alton's a braver man than I (err, not that I'm a man, but you know what I mean).

For those who missed it, they'll be replaying the Good Eats behind-the-scenes show at 6pm Eastern tonight & then Feasting on Asphalt immediately afterwards. And thank goodness for that because I missed the show last night!
This thread was getting dangerously close to the bottom so - BUMP!

Did anyone watch Feasting on Asphalt last night? Poor Alton and his broken clavicle! You could tell he was in alot of pain but was still making an effort to be amusing. I so want to hang out in the kitchen with him, drink a few of his homemade beers and cook some fabulous meal. Sigh - a girl can dream right?

There was a repeat of Anthony Bourdain in Las Vegas the other night - it was quite amusing because there were all these references to Fear and Loathing. Since it's one of my favorite books/movies I really got a kick out of it.
october - I've really been enjoying the Feasting on Asphalt series...I knew the clavicle break was coming, 'cause he was talking about it on his website a few months back. But is it just me, or is AB *totally HOTT* in his riding leathers with crazy hair and scruffy beard? *swoons*

I would watch AB do just about anything....and ditto, would love to hang with him and have a couple beers.
[raises hand]
I watched Feasting on Asphalt ... or at least, as much as I could. For some bizarre reason, my friends feel this need to call me whenever that show is on. I have never ever been able to watch a whole episode without interruption. I keep thinking I should just turn off my phone whenever Alton is on, but the guilt would be overwhelming.

Poor Alton and his shoulder blade! I felt so bad for him. The fact that he was swerving so that he wouldn't hit a bunny rabbit just makes you love him all the more, doesn't it? And I must agree that I rather like seeing Alton a little dirty. Mrowr!

ETA: If any of you listen to The Splendid Table on American public radio, you might like to know that this week someone from Television Without Pity will be talking to Lynn about the best & worst shows on The Food Network. You can listen to the show on the website for The Splendid Table (just scroll down to the bottom of the page).
Yes! I agree AB looks mighty lucious all scruffy-fied. Much hotter than when he's all cleaned up. I really hope that he does another Feasting on Asphalt. He's such good, intelligent, witty, charming eye candy.

Roseviolet - Food TV should rerun the episode I think they ran it last week Monday at 9pm est. I'm pretty sure because I got to watch AB and AB back to back (brown and bourdain) and that made me blissfully happy. Thanks for the NPR tip!
Mmmmm, I think Alton is hot in anything. But yeah, I really do like him all scruffed up too. He's especially tempting in the motorcycle gear. He is just so sexay. Poor baby with his broken clavicle. I missed last night's epi, but will catch it when it re-runs. I really love Feasting On Asphalt, I will be sad when it's over. *sigh*

Is anyone else excited about Nigella coming to FN? I used to watch her on Style Network and I kinda have a little bit of a girlie crush on her, hee smile.gif
I bring you a FN addict's bog. If Rachael Ray annoys you as much as she annoys me, you must check it out. There is commentary about the decline of FN in general, and sadly, of my beloved Paula Deen. And I can't even disagree with it.
thanks for the blog link, yuefie - I will definitely check it out! RR really is on way *too* much. It is sad that there is so little *real* cooking on FN these days...and not even the adorable dimples on Jamie Deen can make me forget that there was a day when Sara Moulton, and David Rosengarten, and even Emeril spent their time cooking and educating their audience.

I'll definitely watch Nigella Sluts...her and Giada....that's some fine food porn, and let's face it, lots of bosom camera shots. Perhaps that's what cracks me up most about their shows - all the boobage.
It's been a while since this thread was at the top- was it here that I heard about how in the last few years, FN has specifically targeted the male audience and one of their tactics was to make the food (and the hosts) more sexual to the point of being pornographic? I think it was something on NPR, like they were interviewing some guy who used to direct porn, and he said FN uses the same visual stimulation methods as porn- the sounds, the description, the editing style in a lot of cases. When you add in the sexy hosts, *poof* you've got porn.

Sorry if we've already talked about this here!
I'll chime in a couple of months too late on one score and add it to your point, Polly - if someone is going to make softcore out of Alton Brown, I. AM. SO. THERE. Fortunately, GameBoy thinks it's cute the way I fawn over AB - I coo and sigh and swoon and bounce every time I watch Good Eats, and I was over the MOON when FoA was on. I loved him scruffy, I love that he motorcycles properly, I love his nerdiness...oh man. I could go on.

I've forgotten about this thread for a while, so I'm glad I looked in. I can't say for sure if they're going for a porn angle (heh), exactly, but then I think cooking is all around pretty sexy - when it's done well. So absolutely - food, visual stimulation, and hot hosts may very well equate to porn. I think I'm OK with that. smile.gif

I do think quite a few of them - in addition to Alton - are tres sexy: Tyler Florence (who they don't show nearly enough of anymore), Paula, Paula's bigger boy (is that Jamie?). Giada does nothing for me - GB earned major points with me the day he declared that she looks like a bobblehead because she's too skinny! And truly...AB and Tyler may have a bit of squishy going on...but you know what they say: never trust a skinny cook.

(Um, no offense to any slender gourmets hanging out in here... smile.gif )
Did anyone watch Feating On Asphalt: The River Run? I missed it.

I am SO excited about Nigella Express 'cause the more Nigella, the better.

I'm going to give the Gourmet Next Door a try since Amy Finley is from my hometown.
The River Run was charming, witty and interesting - would you expect anything less from AB? I also learned that he must have watched Chapelle's show because when they got to Minneapolis he made a quip about having Prince make them pancakes!! I just busted up laughing laugh.gif Damn he amuses me.

AB? SOFTCORE? WHERE? tongue.gif
Yay for the revival of this thread! Thanks, Yuefie.

I only got to see a few episodes of the River Run. I'm hoping that someday they'll have a marathon on when I'm not busy. The main thing I remember is that dusty porcupine. When he started saying, "This is a blahbiddyblah ..." I just thought, "Hmmmm ... that's funny because it sure looks like a porcupine to me." wink.gif

I love me some Nigella! I just wish they aired the show more often than once a week (and on Sunday mornings, too. Bleh.). Will Nigella Express be on at her usual time or will they have it on in prime time?
i am obsessed with ROSANNE re-runs smile.gif
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