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Full Version: Feminist Dance
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I am a dancer and I am interested in feminist dance. Anyone know of any companies? Any information...
Bloody hell, what is it with everyone picking on the F-Word just now? Is it because, up until yesterday, it had the fewest threads, none of which were pointless?

*wanders off muttering to oneself, tired of being a nice, helpful BUSTie*
Hi Carly, ah, welcome to BUST. When you first enter the Lounge, you might notice a small blurb at the top of the fora - "Don't bother to look for rules or moderators - there aren't any! If you're looking for a specific topic and you're not sure whether or not it's already being discussed, swing by the Community Forum and ask. The links in the pink leopard-spotted area to your left are also very helpful. If you're new around here, introduce yourself in the Newbies thread. Hope you enjoy yourself here in the Bust Lounge!"

We like to direct newbies to this advice, as this is a "different kind of message board". Our being self-moderated means that waste is unappreciated, and we try to control new threads by vetting with members first. That is not to say a dance thread would not survive - but (1) it might thrive better in another forum, and (2) without asking others, interest might not turn out to be there. So check around and get to know the place before starting new threads, 'kay? As happens every summer, there's been a BS influx, so people get frustrated with one-off posts and excess thread-age easily.

Always know your audience before you take the mic.
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