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Full Version: Those PMS bars
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Okay, I'm creating a new thread for this, so I don't have to get in the way of the heated discussion that is going on in other threads. Does anyone know what happened to them? I particularly love the raspberry kind. Any post about this on an unrelated thread can be ignored.
What other threads are you referring to? I really think this could have gone somewhere else...anywhere else!

Threads always go off on tangents, get derailed, and have several sub-topics going on at once...I certianly prefer that to a new thread that isn't really needed.
word, amilita.
yeah, starting a new thread for something like this really isnt a good idea. didnt someone in another thread give you a few options. sorry is we sound bitchy but a new thread for PMS bars seems a little rediculous.
You guys really sound encouraging. Sorry I meddled. The thing is that I posted it on the feminist anger thread in the middle of a discussion about rape. I created this thread in an attempt to be courteous and it appears that I have stepped on a few toes. I certainly was not trying to be offensice or rude by creating this thread. I feel a little miffed that you guys would show anger at my creating a thread. I just won't write on it anymore. People are getting so angry about thread creation. My advice...chill!
I can't speak for everyone but I for one am not simply angry at pointless thread creation but at the blatant disregard for one of the lounge's "rules". What chance do we have of discouraging newbies and tr*lls running amok and cluttering the boards when a "seasoned" BUSTie posts such tripe?

Sorry to be harsh: but posting it in the middle of a discussion about rape was thoughtless, insensitive and reads as if you randomly chose a thread and blind-posted. Are you suffering from such really bad PMS that you had to know that instant?

Inappropriate original post, or not, it was still a pointless thread to start when there are COUNTLESS threads (not engaging with urgent dicussion of rape and outrage) where your post would fit, not ruffle any feathers and probably be answered.

At least you've drawn attention to your NEED.
Peace...wouldn't this discussion, new thread or not have gone better in our bodies, our hells? It could have gone into the genral discussion thread, bloody girls, something along that line. Frankly, as harsh as it may seem, you have been around here long enough to have known better.
I would have gone with "where can I find?" in ABFad, myself. If you're looking for something, that's the place to go...
Telling people to chill is the ultimate in condescension.

I guess you don't go over the ATWT ever? Thread creation is kind of a hot button issue - has been for a long time.

And I agree that even a cursory glance at the previous thread would have alerted you to the current topic's inappropriateness.

I wouldn't say anything except Bust stalls constantly on my computer - even more so than usual - and I'm guessing the crazy-clogged bandwidth (or are they already in the process of switching over to the new software - how does that work?) may have something to do with it.
ok, how dumb am i? this whole time i was thinking she meant pms bars, like a club where women go when they're having pms. lol. whoops:-)
Apparently I am dumber than you, What the hell is a PMS bar?

Sorry to keep the thread alive, amidst it's controversy. It can die after someone fills me in.
Evidently it is like a health food bar that helps with PMS....but she tried starting the discusssion in our daily dose of outrage and got chased out of there so started a new thread.
(and posted in "Where Can I Find...", where she should have just posted in the first place- it's been determined that the manufacturer doesn't even exist anymore.)
hoo! i'm laughing so hard right now. i just read this from the beginning and it's FUNNY! sorry to keep this thread alive but it's good to have a laugh now and then. ok, die thread, die now. ha ha.
it is all a tad ludicrous pepper lol
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